The engagement part 8

“I want our wedding to be meaningful, to be properly planned not thrown together last minute. I love that you’ve caught up with me and are fully committed to it but I think we both want our day on the beach, relaxed with family and friends, celebrating with us and having fun. Low key.” I say.
“Okay. I’m sorry. Now I’m ready next May feels like forever away. I’m sorry for not being more understanding when you were complaining.” Peter says snuggling me closer.
As usual I sleep so well, I wake and move my mouth straight on his. I’m so excited that he finally really, really wants me to be his husband, finally. I feel so sexy and loved,


“Love you so much.” I say kissing him harder.



“Love you too sexy. You want me?” Peter asks.



“You know I do. You look so good with your hair all fluffy and your face all crinkly.” I say running my hands over him and enjoying the softness of his skin, the feel of his hair. I kiss him gently all over, running my tongue down his body, running my hands over him, settling on his ass getting him ready.

“Yeah baby, let me have it.” Peter says.



“You want me?” I ask again, teasing him.



“Give me.” Peter growls at me.



I take him gently at first, on his back, looking down on my beautiful man who loves me so much. Pushing in and enjoying that slow slide. He smiles up at me and pull me into the sweetest kiss as I’m deep inside. We stop for him to flip over, ass high in the air I slam back in and fuck him hard. He wants it hard, he wants all of me, he’s loving every moment. He feels fucking amazing.


“When will you be back?” Peter asks when he catches his breath.
“Late again. I’m sorry baby, I miss you too.” I say nuzzling against him, not wanting to get out of bed and have the day start.
On the drive I think about the land and the idea of the house. I really, really want it. I totally understand Peter’s position and I know what he was saying, he feels we’re being greedy. My place is great and its fine for having family and close friends visit but not really a place to entertain on a bigger scale and I would like Peter to have a pool. Short term we don’t need it but long term maybe we do.


I run through all the options, I could buy it and not tell Peter but he’d hate that. I could negotiate a better deal, and see what I we can do ourselves during construction.

I’ve set up 2 meetings with architects next week anyway and I plan on following through. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to convince Peter eventually, hopefully it doesn’t sell to someone else before I do.

Today I have a bunch of meetings for me and a couple about Peter. A dinner with the director of the movie I’m going to do and a potential co-star, which is being kept quiet.

Everything goes well. I’m always surprised and proud at the interest in Peter. I meet with Blair before the dinner to check in, he’s super keen on the project.

“Is Peter on board? I really want to get a deal inked soon so we can get started. I wasn’t planning on the show happening this soon but you’re right the level of interest is too high to ignore. Whatever he might think I never took Peter as a client as a favor to you or for our past, I’m rarely that altruistic, I knew he’d make money, I knew we could get some good endorsements but he is actually a far bigger hit than I expected.” Blair says.

“I’m so proud of him. He’s not completely on board. We need to go with the family options, getting families learning together is the thing that will get Peter hooked in. He isn’t going to be the crazy science guy or the topless scientist.” I say.

“Agreed. Thanks so much for doing so much of the groundwork. The feedback coming in is great. Is he getting a lot of attention out and about? I’ve not seen many pictures.” Blair asks.

“We’ve been pretty lucky. He’s not teaching right now so he’s shut in his office or lab all day and so far no one has caught him running or swimming. I’m relieved. Please don’t do any tipping off. We love being normal at home. Are you worried the interest isn’t there for the public?” I ask.

“No I think it will be, the tour proved that. I know with you two less hassle is better, I won’t make those mistakes again but you do need to start thinking about doing more public appearances.” Blair says.

“Tom has a premier in a couple of weeks which we’re planning to go to. We can after party if we get to bring some friends.” I say.

“Of course, I’ll get the PR team to draw up a list of other options and you have to agree to at least half. It’ll do you both good.” Blair says.

“Okay. I’m actually fine with going to things now I’m not stressing over Eric. Make sure it is more openings and award shows than parties and clubs.” I say.

“Old before your time, you’re both still very hot, show it off a little.” Blair laughs.

“I’ll see you in a week for Peter’s campaign. We’ll catch up then.” I say as I leave.  I’m happy with how things are going with Blair, I still feel weird about the whole Jay situation and like Peter I have a small worry in the back of my mind that he’ll get some sort of revenge. I decide to drop by his office to see if I can clear the air.

“Is Jay free?” I ask his assistant.

“Go on through Mr Green.” The assistant says with a smile without even checking.

“Hey.” I say as I go through the door.

“Wow, Peter finally allowing you to see me?” Jay asks.

“I just wanted to clear the air. Check you’re okay.” I say trying to be friendly.   “I’m fine, things blew over quickly here I only lost you as a client despite Blair’s threats. I’m hardly the only one to sleep with a client and given our past it was hardly a casting couch situation.” Jay says.

“Yeah it was a bit of an extreme reaction. I didn’t intend for that to happen. I just wanted to make things easier for me and Peter. But you didn’t have to go so nuts.” I say.

“I know. I still find it hard when things don’t work out with you, I am always going to be jealous of Peter. You should have married me not Eric, if you couldn’t have Peter I mean.” Jay says.

“I should never have settled for anyone else. Why did you f things up with Harry?” I ask.

“I don’t know. It felt like Groundhog Day, everything he was saying was things you had said. I felt like Peter had set it all up to get me back.” Jay says.



“Peter is a really, really good guy. I know he didn’t treat you well in the past but he changed and you know it. He’s not at all vindictive, unlike you.” I say.

“Well maybe I just judge people by my own standards. I’m sorry for all the mess. Things with Harry just wouldn’t have worked out. I need to find someone who isn’t part of our back-story. I’ll never forget that you asked Harry out when we were working on getting back together. I know he wasn’t the reason we didn’t and we had so many chances later on. I was pushing things too fast with him because I saw a chance at life I want and not because I was in love with him.” Jay admits.

“You’re so crazy. If you were just you, the way you can be you’d be married and happy.” I say.

“But not to you.” Jay says quietly.

“No, that time is long, long gone. We tried a hundred times Jay and we never lasted more than a few weeks at a time. We both loved the idea of us more than we loved being us. I love Peter, I have for so long and I’m finally getting my real shot and I’d not do anything to put that in jeopardy. You’re my oldest friend and I really do want the best for you, despite how awful you can be. I really hoped that it would work out with Harry but I suppose that would be too neat, all my friends getting together.” I say.

“We could have worked this time. If I had pushed for more we’d be trying now.” Jay says.

“I wouldn’t have wanted that. I should never have used you the way I did. I was already back in love with Peter, or at least finally admitting to myself that I still was. I would never have taken things further with you because I was already waiting for Peter. We would never work out, not just because I love him but because we’re just not suited. I don’t want kids or pets even. I don’t want an LA life. You know this. You have to stop romanticizing what we had 10 years ago and find something real.” I say feeling desperately sorry for him.

“At least you admit you were using me.” Jay says.

“I thought it was pretty mutual.” I say honestly.

“Oh it was, but I still hoped it would turn into more. I really thought it was our time. I am happy for you and Peter, I might not show it but I do want you to be happy too. Just maybe not before me.” Jay laughs.

“You must have guys after you.” I say.

“I get lots of young actors and not so young offering me favors but it isn’t real. I totally understand now why you were so paranoid back when we met. It is so hard to find someone genuine. Maybe I did mess things up with Harry too soon when options are so few but I really did feel used.” Jay says.   “He just needed more time. He really liked you. I guess I shouldn’t have suggested you so soon, given he and Bobbie were only just split up after so long together. I just wanted everyone to be as happy as I am.” I explain.

“You are forgiven and please don’t hesitate to send guys my way. I promise I won’t mess up like that again. I was really, really low.” Jay says.

“You’ve not had the best year. How are Mart and John doing really?” I ask.

“Not great, they are so stubborn neither of them wants to be the first to go. They will tell everyone they’re fine and they still throw parties but less often and they basically stay in bed for 2 days after. I guess they hinder my search for someone too. I could never leave them, not really. I was looking at places with Harry but I’d still need to be at home at least half the week. They have been so good to me.” Jay says quietly, clearly very upset.

“They’re your family. They were from the minute you met, I was super jealous at the time but I could never have looked after them the way you do. You’ll be a great dad when the time comes.” I say.

“Thanks. And thanks for forgiving me again. I’d have cut me off years ago.” Jay says.

“I should have. For whatever reason I never can.” I admit.

“Will Peter be okay with us talking?” Jay asks.

“No.” I say curtly.

“So I still am the thorn in your relationship.” Jay says with a smirk which worries me.

“I best go, have dinner with a director. Thanks for getting that script to me, make sure Blair gives you your cut once we sign.” I say.

“Thanks.” Jay smile and we hug goodbye. I feel good we’ve cleared the air and no longer worried that he’ll do anything stupid. I’m glad I’ve not damaged his career too.

Peter will not be happy that I’ve done this. I hope he agrees it is better to be Jay’s friend than enemy.

At the restaurant the others are already seated.

“Tom! I thought you were away for another 2 weeks.” I exclaim as he jumps up to hug me.

“Surprise. I finished early and came over to get a head start on publicity next week leading up to the opening. I am coming back with you tonight by the way.” Tom says.

“Peter will be so glad to see you.” I say.

“I know you’re just back together and might not want a houseguest for too long so I can go and stay with Felix when you need your space.” Tom says laughing.   “Oh please, I think Peter owes you months of hospitality. We will adore having you.” I say meaning it. I know just how important Tom is to Peter and how much Tom has helped over our years apart.

“Jack is Tom my potential co-star?” I ask.

“I think so. Seeing you in conversation like this I don’t even need to set up a reading.” Jack says.

“Cool. This means we can have the wedding then get started on filming.” I say.

“Sounds great. Will it be okay if we have tans or will we have to be pale?” Tom asks Jack.

“We’ll see it’s all a way off yet. Once we know rough shooting order I’ll let you know.” Jack says.

The meal passes quickly. We talk loads, catching up and asking Jack lots of questions.

The thought of working with Tom is very exciting, though we also bring up how it might be weird for Peter for us to play lovers.

“How is Peter doing?” Tom asks in the car on the way home.

“A lot better. Loads better. He finally wants to be getting married and I think things are okay at work, though I wish he’d quit.” I say.

“I do too. Lots of people were asking about him today. I know he isn’t us and is wired differently but man he should be making hay.” Tom says.

“I agree but he is adamant he is staying another year. The offers just don’t mean the same to him. He’s got better advertising deals than me and he’s barely done anything.” I say laughing.

“He’s hot and he doesn’t want it. He’s the ultimate catnip.” Tom says.

“How are you doing? Did you really wrap early?” I ask.

“Yes, well I have some ADR to do while here. They’re still shooting but I’m done. Are you really okay with me inviting myself?” Tom says.

“You’re always welcome. Seriously Peter might not be here if it wasn’t for you. I owe you everything.” I say meaning it. I am forever in debt to Tom.

“I couldn’t live without him either. My next picture has fallen through, would you be okay if I’m around a bit longer?” Tom asks.

“You can stay as long as you like. And Harry or Felix will have you if you tire of us. Have you a lot of meetings lined up? You can borrow a car, I’m happy to drive Peter to Work.” I say.   “Thanks. I think I need a change of direction.” Tom says.

“I love taking time off.” I say.

“You look good. I’m excited we’re finally working together. I’m currently free until September and I might just enjoy 6 months off. I have a few things coming out. Like you I guess.” Tom says.

“Yeah I’ve a couple more still to come out but no more big publicity pushes.” I say.

“You’ve not released a number 2 movie in 10 years. I can’t imagine you need to do too much.” Tom says.

“I’ve worked hard for those winning weekends. It’s time I let someone else be at the forefront.” I say.

“Oh I know. I’m jealous of your results, even if not the material.” Tom says.

“That is set to change and so will the takings and I’m okay with that. Peter will be keeping me in check, making sure I only take jobs I’m really passionate about.” I say.

“He is great at that. I rarely take anything he doesn’t approve of.” Tom says.

“Hence I am jealous of the parts you’ve had. I should have known you had Peter as a reader.” I laugh.

“I was lucky you had him trained.” Tom laughs.

“He’s going to be so happy to see you. He is honestly doing so much better. How did you feel about Jorge?” I ask.

“He was pretty star struck when I met him and seemed to adore Peter. Spoke to him rudely at times though. I thought they were in it for good. I know Peter’s parents weren’t keen but I had no reason to share their view, until the end of course.” Tom says.

“I’ve been a bit hard on Peter at staying with him I think. I mean if you couldn’t see anything wrong.” I say.

“You need to let all that happened before you got back together go. You can’t be mad at him or he at you for decisions you made apart, you’d go mad.” Tom says.

“I know, he is mad at me for a few. Why did you never tell me he was coming for me?” I ask.

“I have asked myself that a thousand times. I told Eric because I was gloating, you know in a, my friend is going to win you loser, kind of way. I wish I hadn’t, I’ll regret that every day. But I had never known Peter to bottle anything before. I thought he would still come and stake his claim, I had no idea he was in such a bad way and that he’d give up on himself as well as you.” Tom says.

“I’m not mad at you. You’re right it was so out of character for him not to at least try.” I say.

“You’re together forever now. You just took another detour. I know he’s happy that you’re finally settled. However many roadblocks he throws up he’s in for good. Don’t let his little tests and tantrums sway you.” Tom says.

“We have struggling with some of that.” I say.

We walk through the door and Peter jumps out of his seat not knowing who to hug first.

He leaps on to me and kisses my face off.

“I missed you so much baby.” He whispers in my ear. I’m delighted.

“Tom, Tom, Tom.” Peter cries hugging Tom and lifting him off the floor.

They share a kiss much too long for my liking but it is to be expected.

“I thought you were away for 2 more weeks. Are you staying with us?” Peter asks as happy as I’ve seen him in a while.

“Finished early. My next project has fallen through I’m free until September so I figured I’d stay with you for a few weeks while I sort out what to do for the next few months.” Tom explains.

“We can get married this summer.” Peter says looking at me.

“I’ll be happy to help with organizing. It isn’t like you two need anything for a wedding gift.” Tom says

“That is really nice of you. I’d appreciate it. Now Peter is actually on board to have a wedding, I think this year rather than next would be perfect.” I say grinning, so happy that everything in my life is so perfect.

“I am so happy. I have my boo and my bestie here and I’m getting married.” Peter says laughing and kissing us both. I just look at him and smile. My man being so happy is the best thing in the world.

“This is a really nice place. Are you going to show me round and to my room?” Tom asks.

“Sure look there is me young and nude.” Peter says pointing out the photos before taking Tom by the hand and leading him through to the bedrooms.

I lie back on the sofa listening to the chatter of an excited Peter. I’m exhausted after such a long day and I just want to be in bed with Peter. I slip to the bathroom.

“I know you’ve been apart for ages and have loads to catch up on but Peter has work in the morning.” I say when I find them out on the deck.

“And I’m super jet lagged. Thanks so much for letting me stay, sorry to just land on you like this. You know how I feel about hotels.” Tom laughs.

“Tom we are so happy you’re here. Stay as long as you need.” I say.

Tom heads in to bed and I kiss Peter slowly before looking out to the ocean.



“The view would be better if we built that house.” I say quietly.

“I know. Baby I know you really want it. Don’t worry about trying to change my mind back. I want you to be happy.” Peter says quietly.

“So I can go ahead?” I ask.

“Yes. I’ve thought about it a lot. I see that you need more privacy than this place gives you, long term the new place makes sense. I just felt so greedy. I’ll sell my place once Felix is sorted.” Peter says.

“I’m happy for us to keep the houses as rentals.” I say.

“I want to at least feel I’m contributing, even if I only cover legal fees or something.” Peter says.

“You had the idea. I would never have thought of it. Now take me to bed, I need you to show me I’m still your number one man now there is competition in the house.” I say with a grin.

Peter gives me a huge grin, scoops me up and carries me through to our room and throws me on the bed. He lies on top of me for a moment taking his time to kiss me gently before rolling off me and undressing me quickly. Pulling me all over the place.



“I love my baby.” Peter says kissing me, biting at my nips. I groan in delight and grin up at him. My handsome boyfriend. I really do feel so lucky, I still don’t believe he’s mine.



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