The suite saga part 10



“How come you slept out here?” Spence asks a stirring Blue as he walks back from the bathroom.
“Robin was being annoying. You seemed to have a fun night.” Blue says.



“I did. Not so good this morning though.” Spence says.

“Hangover?” Blue asks.
“Yes but also it hurts when I pee and there was some gunk that wasn’t just dried spunk mess.” Spence says.

“That sounds bad. Want me to come with you to student health?” Blue asks.

“Will they be open yet?” Spence asks.

“It’s llam.” Blue laughs.

“Oh man it was a good night. Missed you and Andy though. But it sounds like you had fun. Glad you’re back to yourself.” Spence says.

“You should have called me on being a bore.” Blue says.

“I should. I guess Andy and I take our lead from Robin and Gervais and we should treat you as our friend too.” Spence says.

“Please do. I realized last night I really need more friends.” Blue says quietly.

“What happened?” Spence asks, looking at Blue properly and seeing some fear there.

“I’ll tell you on the way. I need some air.” Blue says.

Blue quickly slips into his room grabs some clothes and changes in the bathroom, Robin doesn’t stir.

On the walk to student health Blue quickly outlines what happened with Robin.

“Are you going to report him?” Spence asks.

“No, he was drunk and fooling around and took it too far. I’m sure I was safe at all times. I just didn’t want to stay in the room. I was actually worried he might accuse me.” Blue says.

“I believe you.” Spence says.



“Are you okay?” Blue asks Spence when he comes back out.

“Can we go somewhere? Lets go to your café, I need to get away from campus.” Spence says.

“Sure. Are you okay to drive?” Blue asks.

“Uh maybe not. Here.” Spence passes Blue the keys as they get to his car.

“Hey Cheryl, this is my friend Spence, can we take the corner booth?” Blue asks as they go inside.

“Of course. Do you want lunch or just coffee and cake?” Cheryl asks.

“Lunch please. I’m actually starving now.” Spence says surprised at himself.

“Can we have 2 of the specials, some waters and the mixed juice. A side salad too.” Blue asks.

“Of course, go and get comfortable, we’re not too busy yet. The art class gets out in 15 minutes so it’s the calm before the storm.” Cheryl smiles.

“Thanks so much.” Blue says giving Cheryl a hug and guiding Spence to the table.

“This place is really cute, not what I expected.” Spence says.

“What you thought it would be all weird art and full of smelly people?” Blue laughs.

“No, I don’t know. Just different.” Spence says.

“I spoke to your Momma this morning. She was so pleased to hear you are teaching. You need to call home, I can’t believe you hadn’t told her.” Cheryl says as she brings the drinks over.

“I know. I will. Thanks.” Blue says.

“You miss her but don’t call?” Spence asks.

“I try, we have different schedules. I also feel more homesick after I talk to her and hear about everything at home. Did Andy tell you I was homesick?” Blue asks.

“Yeah we share most things, even when wasted. Is that okay?” Spence asks.

“Totally expected. So what did student health say?” Blue asks.

“I’ll get the full results in a couple of days but likely gonorrhea. I have antibiotics to take.” Spence says looking green.

“Wow. From that threesome??’ Blue asks.



“I don’t think so, we were safe. Well I guess it could have been. I think I have to face it that Andy is cheating and I need to decide what to do. You’re the most neutral friend I have. I know you and Andy get on well but we do too. Did you know?” Spence asks.

“I don’t know for sure. He was totally well behaved last night. We danced together a lot and with a bunch of guys we met but that was it. If I knew for sure I wouldn’t cover for him. You can trust me.” Blue says.

“But you have suspected he’s up to something?” Spence asks.

“That guy we met at climbing, they hit it, off really well and the first week I thought they went for dinner with the group but I found out by chance they didn’t. Could have been innocent. Had you suspected anything?” Blue asks.

“I thought we were totally back on track after I rejected us opening up. Andy said he’d be really jealous if I went with anyone else so I thought he saw my side and was dropping it. I guess he just went ahead and tried to hide it. I don’t think he is dating anyone else, just sleeping around.” Spence sighs and his eyes fill with tears.

“Just cry. Let it out. Cry and cry and then we’ll talk options. No need to be strong in front of me.” Blue says quietly.

Cheryl brings over the food, Blue thanks her and Spence barely looks up. She comes back a few minutes later with a box of Kleenex, slips into the booth and puts her arm around Spence.

Blue smiles at her and hands tissues to Spence.

“This is so not me.” Spence says through his tears after a few minutes.

“Ah it happens to us all. I’m sorry the hoards are descending. I have to go.” Cheryl says, giving Spence a squeeze and standing up.

“Thanks for lunch.” Blue says,

“No problem, you’ve already earned it so no asking for the check.” Cheryl says and leaves them to it.

Spence slips to the restroom to wash his face. He comes back feeling calmer already and starts eating his food.

“I love eating here.” Blue says.

“It’s good. I won’t be giving up steak any time.” Spence laughs.

“Will you talk to Andy today or wait for the results? I guess he needs to go and get tested.” Blue says.



“Yeah. I can’t believe he’d put my health at risk like that. It could have been so much worse.” Spence says.

“I think I’d be more annoyed at that than the cheating. Especially if as you say he’s not dating anyone else.” I say.

“Would you be happy with an open relationship?” Spence asks.

“I have no idea. I get the feeling I won’t ever have a relationship, or at least not long term. If I did I wouldn’t want my partner to feel hemmed in.” I say.

“I never felt hemmed in. Maybe I spent too much time getting Andy to see my view that I forgot to see his.” Spence says.

“Will you end it?” Blue asks.

“I think I’ll suggest a break. Take some time apart to decide what we want. 3 years is a lot to throw away. It’s good timing for you, if we all swap rooms. You need to not be sharing with Robin. Not just because of last night.” Spence says.


“Yeah. Not sure I’d be able to turn him down again and then I bet I’d be up on a rape charge.” Blue says.

“He would never.” Spence says.

“Do you think it means that deep down he wants me? That drink brought it out?” Blue asks hopefully.

“No. I’m sorry but you really have to put that thought out of your head. Robin really, really likes girls.” Spence says.

“Want to head back or shall I go and get us a coffee?” Blue asks.

“I’d love another juice, it was so good. I don’t want to take advantage.” Spence says.

Blue smiles and heads towards the counter. It is much busier now and several people stop Blue to speak to him. Spence looks on in surprise at just how popular he is here.
He has liked Blue since they went TV shopping but backed off since Blue rejected the dating app plan. Yet Blue was more than happy to help this morning and has been great listening to his problems.

“Sorry that took so long, they all seem to want a piece of me.” Blue says sitting back down with the drinks.

“No problem. They clearly love you here, I’m not surprised, and you’ve been a great with the gymnasts too.” Spence says.

“Ah now that is where you are the hero, they love all your ideas. They’re all so flexible already that I don’t seem to have much to add.” Blue says.

“It helps mix it up. I love doing it. I’m looking to work with the team more and I’m trying to see if I can help with other sports.” Spence says.

“You could come to my classes here. Gervais helps out with the kids and we can always use an extra pair of hands there. Maybe set you up doing a wrestling class too, though that might be too combative for the peace loving Moms.” Blue says.

“Wow you’re looking a lot brighter already.” Cheryl says coming back over.

“Good food has cheered us up. Thanks so much.” Spence says.

“Spence is a wrestler. I think he should teach a kids class here but we’re not sure if it’s too violent for you guys.” Blue says.

“Let me think on it. I love the idea, Ocean is so full of energy, and anything to wear him out would be good. He likes the idea of dance or gymnastics but both are expensive.” Cheryl says.

“There is a kid’s gymnastics class on monday afternoons run by the college team, its part of their community service. I think it has spaces for boys.” Spence says.

“How much is it?” Cheryl asks.

“I believe it’s just 5 bucks a session. It is used to get the kids hooked and as talent spotting for local clubs but you don’t need to commit to that.” Spence says.

“We could take him if you need to work. If you need a sitter any time I am available. I’m happy to take him swimming or to the playground to get him out your hair.” Blue says.

“No, you do enough already and should be enjoying college and making friends your own age. Take advantage of the time before responsibilities. You’ve had 18 years with no real peers, no siblings and a lot of isolation. You must make the most of your opportunities.” Cheryl says.

“Taking Ocean to gymnastics won’t leave me with a life of loneliness. Let us do this for you.” Blue says.

“Really it would be no bother.” Spence says.

“Okay, okay. Pick him up here on a Monday? That would be great. Thank-you. What will he need to bring?” Cheryl asks.

“He’ll just need shorts and a t-shirt for kit to start with.” Spence says.

“Thank-you.” Cheryl says again.

“She’s really nice.” Spence says.

“Yes, thanks for the gym idea. Will you be volunteering there too?” Blue asks.   “No, it’s the team’s thing. But they have guest coaches from local clubs and picking the kid up will give me a chance to network a bit.” Spence says.

“You’re really going after the sports career.” Blue says.

“Yeah, I’m going to need a lot of distractions over the next few weeks, might as well make them help my career. I might see if the wrestling club can offer what the gymnasts do to local kids, easier than starting a club here.” Spence says.

“What a great idea. Hey I’ve been working out a little. I realize not doing chores is making me weaker and I want a strong upper body for climbing. Could you help me? I’ve been following a preset program but I worry about my form.” Blue says.

“I would love to. Want to go on a hike again tomorrow? I enjoyed the other week.” Spence says.

“You are so upbeat. I’ve been moping around for weeks after a bunch of small issues, your relationship of 3 years could be imploding and you’re making all these plans.” Blue says amazed.

“I am a wreck but want to push through. It isn’t the worst thing that ever happened to me. I was naive to think I found my one true love at 15. I’ve had 3 great years and I feel very lucky to have had those. I’m not going to let a break up mess up my future.” Spence says.

“What a great attitude. You’re really inspiring.” Blue says.

“Thanks. Have you any climbs coming up? I thought you’d have invited me camping by now.” Spence says.

“In a couple of weeks. Want me to put your name down?” Blue asks.

“For sure. Can we borrow camping stuff or will we need to shop?” Spence asks.

“I’ll find out and see if the others are coming. You’re rich right? I mean you bought the furniture without blinking and the cost of the tv didn’t faze you.” Blue asks.

“Yeah I think so. Though I’m keeping my career plans quiet so I don’t get cut off.” Spence laughs.

“Would they do that?” Blue asks.

“No, actually I have no idea. My brothers are super wasp’s with, big careers, prefect family life or heading that way, country club you know, picture postcards. I’ve already broken the pattern by leaving boarding school and going to college here.” Spence says.   “I bet when they see just how fired up you are and understand you’re intending to study biomechanics and nutrition and psychology that they’ll see you’re going for a really serious long term career.” Blue says.

“Thanks, remind me to invite you to have dinner with them if they come to parents day.” Spence laughs.

“I’d bet taking a vegetarian, son of a hippy to a steak house will more likely get you cut off than your career choice.” Blue says with a grin.

“Oh boy, there would think you were an alien. My parent can be so old school.” Spence laughs.

Blue is truly amazed at Spence’s resilience. What a great guy, there is so much more to him than the spoilt rich kid Blue judged him as the first time they met.

“I guess you need some alone time with Andy. Call if you need me and yes I’d love to hike tomorrow. I sure am feeling like myself again.” Blue smiles.

“You’re looking better, your glow is back. Thanks for everything today” Spence says.

The two guys hug for a few minutes before Spence heads to his room to wake Andy.

Blue instantly feels at a loose end. He’d clean forgotten the drama of last night and doesn’t know what to say to Robin if he’s here. He opens the door and Robin is pounding some random girl. Blue backs straight out shaking his head. Well that makes the room switch easy Andy and Robin the cheaters can share Blue thinks.

He hears raised voices from Andy and Spence so heads downstairs to see if anyone is around for a game of pool. The room is deserted. Blue switches on a TV and vaguely pays attention to a cooking show and plays with his phone. He’d like to go for a run and feels all the more frustrated with Robin.

He messages Mac from last night and is shocked when he gets a reply. They message back and forth for ages before Blue summons the courage to ask him for coffee. Mac agrees, they back and forth on a place and time and settle on next Friday. Blue feels good. All his clouds are lifting and he feels he can cope with anything. As he’s heading upstairs he gets an SOS call from Spence who sounds awfully upset.

“He said he hasn’t got any symptoms so it must be me that is cheating.” Spence cries.

“Is he getting tested though?” Blue asks concerned.

“Yes he’s complaining that he doesn’t need to but Robin has gone with him now.” Spence says.

“He’s been caught and is being defensive. It doesn’t change anything. I believe you.” Blue says echoing his friend’s words from this morning.

“Thanks. Robin was with a girl.” Spence says.


“Yeah I walked in on them. Think he’s asserting his straightness.” Blue says.

“So we’re going to be roomies.” Spence smiles.

“I think so. I really love my room though. I don’t know if Robin will move out.” Blue says.

“Hmm I hadn’t thought of that. Is Gervais around? We should all hash this out together when they get back. However I feel about Andy right now I do want everyone to be happy.” Spence says.

“Me too, I’m move if I have to. No idea about Gervais. He was with Jesse last night.” Blue says walking over to Gervais door and knocking. Blue shrugs at no answer and Spence texts.   “He says to message him when we need him. He’s only down the hall.” Spence says.

“That’s easy then. Are you okay?” Blue asks.

“I will be. I’ve not cried in years and today I can’t stop. Let’s go work out, get you strong and let me get rid of some anger.” Spence says.

“Okay. I wanted to go for a run before but couldn’t get my stuff. Hey I made a date for Friday with one of the guys I met last night.” Blue says.

Andy and Robin sit waiting to be seen in the clinic.

“What were you thinking not being safe?” Robin asks Andy.

“I’m on prep I didn’t think about the other things. Are you always careful?” Andy asks.

“Yes! I don’t want to get some random pregnant and I could never forgive myself if I gave anything to Jenna.” Robin says.

“You not ended that yet?” Andy asks.

“I will next weekend when I go up. I’m dreading it, not because she’ll be mad but because she’ll probably be relieved.” Robin says.

“Why waste the gas, just facetime and be done.” Andy says.

“You might be okay treating Spence like shit but I do love Jenna.” Robin says irritated.

“I love Spence, loads, I did this to keep us together. I hate that he’s ending it.” Andy says.

“Did the one thing you knew he would hate to keep him?” Robin asks sarcastically.   “I kept it out of sight. I was going mad being restricted to just him and we’d have fought all the time if I’d been faithful.” Andy says.

“But he said no when you wanted to fuck around. You should have ended it then.” Robin says.

“I still love him. I wasn’t ready to end it. You’re not doing anything different, it’s not like this is the first time you’ve cheated.” Andy says.

“I know, I know. I’m sorry. It’s hard when I’m friend with you both and I know how much Spence will be hurting.” Robin says.

“So you okay with Spence moving in with you?” Andy asks.

“I guess. I really like Blue as a roommate.” Robin says.

“Sorry I’m messing it up for you. That is one of the reasons I didn’t break up with him before. When we last argued about it he threatened to start seeing Blue if we split and I was so jealous.” Andy says.

“Of Blue or Spence?” Robin asks.

“Both. Blue is seriously hot. I doubt Spence has a chance. Last night so many guys tried to feel up Blue. He could have taken anyone home.” Andy says.

“Really?” Robin asks.

“Jealous? Latent feelings coming out?” Andy asks teasing his friend.

“No, I just wish he’d hook up with someone and stop being so miserable.” Robin says.   “He wasn’t miserable last night. I think he’s getting over the homesickness and will be back to normal now.” Andy says as he’s called in.


The guys all sit in the living area.


“Gervais you get to be referee. Andy and I are breaking up and so need to be apart and so do Robin and Blue. Blue and I are happy to share so as far as we’re concerned it’s just about which room we have.” Spence says setting things off.


“I’m not moving rooms.” Robin says.


“No way are you two sharing. Or was this always the plan. Have you two been fucking this whole time? The virgin thing is just an act isn’t it.” Andy shouts.


“I would never cheat on you.” Spence says.


“And I would never mess with your relationship. I like you both as friends and I cannot believe you can think so lowly of me.” Blue says.


“I’m sorry. Look just because this break up is my fault doesn’t mean I’m not hurting and you two sharing a room would make me feel worse. Blue we’re friends I don’t see why we can’t share.” Andy says.


“I don’t want to share with Robin.” Spence says.


“Why not? We’ve been friends forever.” Robin asks confused.


“I’m not too happy with how you’ve been behaving and I don’t think our friendship would survive sharing a room.” Spence says uncomfortably.


“When did you get so judgmental?” Robin asks.


“You obviously knew Andy was cheating on me but couldn’t be bothered to give me the heads up. So he would keep quiet about you.” Spence says.


“I didn’t see you in a big rush to tell Jenna.” Andy says.


“I did tell Jenna. I don’t want her to have to go through what I am with the clap.” Spence says.


“No, no, no. How could you do that to me? Why not come to me first. I was waiting to break up in person.” Robin says.


“How could you do it to her?” Spence shouts.


“What if Blue and I share and one of you takes my room?” Gervais asks trying to get things back on track.


“You need your space.” Blue says.


“You’d let me have it when I need it. I know I can rely on you when I need you.” Gervais says.


“If that went both ways then maybe we’d be okay but as you’re not there for me I think I’ll just end up resenting you more than I already do. Especially as you’ll need me to clear out for Jesse. Spence and me sharing makes the most sense. I’m a virgin and I expect it’ll be a while before Spence is bringing men back so it’ll be less awkward. And Robin and Andy will both be fucking around so its easier for them to take turns being sexiled.” Blue says.


“What the fuck? When am I not there for you?” Gervais asks angrily.


“Last night when Robin attacked him he came to you and you made no effort.” Spence says.


“That is not what happened.” Robin says.


“No? Pinning him down and shoving your dick in his mouth wasn’t forcing him?” Spence asks sending Gervais white.


“I didn’t know. Blue I didn’t know. I’m sorry I should have known you wouldn’t knock at that time if you didn’t need me. I’m sorry.” Gervais says.


“What the hell Robin? You did that?” Andy asks shocked.


“He’s making it up. That would never have happened.” Robin says.


“No? Then why did Blue sleep out here?” Spence asks.


“He’s just twisted it.” Robin says dismissive.


“No, he totally downplayed it to me this morning. He isn’t even mad at you. He just worries that if he had said yes you would be the one making a complaint today. You two cannot share a room any more. You just can’t.” Spence says.


“I’m not staying here with him. I’m going to move in with Jesse.” Gervais says.


“What? No. This is all being blown out of proportion.” Robin says.


“You are fucking insane. I don’t care how drunk you were. I had years and years of being attacked and raped by guys who don’t have any idea of the magnitude of what they were doing. I’m here on this so called safe floor only to find there is a predatory guy who hides behind his straightness and small size. I won’t stay here.” Gervais says.


“Gervais I don’t think Robin is predatory, last night was just a weird combination of factors. You’re not unsafe.” Blue says.


“It doesn’t matter. I fight nightmares all the time and this just adds to it. However much your actions were in jest. However much Blue liked it he didn’t ask for it and he had to sleep out here because you wouldn’t back off and you might do it to me and I would not react the same way as Blue.” Gervais says.


“It’s too soon for you to move in with Jesse. You’re just friends with benefits. You know he likes you more than you like him, he’ll take you moving in as a sign you’re together. Maybe Robin could share with George and Spence share with Jesse and me with Andy.” Blue says.


“I’m not leaving the room.” Robin says.


“You know what I’m done trying. College fucking sucks.” Blue says.

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