The engagement part 10

“Shit, shit shit.” Tom says coming in after his shower.


“What’s up?” I ask.


“I totally ruined dinner, can you not smell the smoke? I forgot to turn the oven down when I got in the shower.” Tom says and we are all laughing as the others arrive.


“Sorry we’ll have to order in.” I say handing out drinks.


“I’m totally not hungry.” Felix says barely taking his eyes off Gavin.


“Seriously, let’s just have some drinks and get to know Gavin a little.” Harry says.


“I’d like to get reacquainted with you.” Tom says to Harry with an exaggerated wink.


“That sounds good to me.” Harry says moving to sit next to Tom.


The three couples are all horny and the room is thick with longing. Peter looks at me and grins.


“Why do I feel like we’re being transported back to one of Felix sex parties?” I ask.


“Because we all want to be naked and rutting right now.” Tom says laughing.


“Hey I think it was your parties not mine.” Felix says.


“Oh please you always engineered the sex.” Peter says laughing.


“For real you guys had sex parties?” Gavin asks


“They did, no one got as much as these guys did. Even let old me join when I was in town.” Tom says.


“My college life was so tame in comparison.” Gavin says.


“Nothing will be tame with Felix. Though he has calmed down.” I say.


“I’m excited to be wild with him. We are having so much fun.” Gavin says.


“So much fun.” Felix says, grabbing Gavin and kissing him. The kiss on and on, totally lost in each other, oblivious to the rest of us.



“So hot.” Says Harry who launches at Tom who puts his beer down just in time. They make out like teenagers.


“Might as well join in.” Peter says and melts into me. All three couples are thoroughly enjoying themselves judging by the soft moans. I am super turned on to be surrounded by people. For a second I worry about trusting Gavin but I push the thought away when I see how much chemistry he and Felix have. We’re soon all discarding clothes and getting it on. Felix loud moans fill the room as Gavin begins to pump him with his nice dick. So hot, so, so hot.


“Man his cries drive me wild. Take me baby.” Peter says. How can I resist? My mouth is everywhere. Soon Peter and Tom are on their backs and Harry and I are preparing to enter them at the same time. As I push in to Peter he turns and kisses Tom. Its so hot. I lean in to join them as does Harry. Harry and I move slowly in our men and we all take turns kissing, in twos, threes and all four.


I lean back, holding Peters feet aloft and watch him. I slowly push in and out. Harry does the same, we fuck our men and watch them kiss. It is so hot as they reach for each other’s cocks as Harry and I begin to pound. Peter looks up and locks eyes with me, stroking Tom at the rhythm I bang Peters ass.


“Fuck me baby, fuck me hard.” Peter yells at me.


I pick up speed, I look at my man enjoying himself, he always feels amazing. Tom is utterly blissed out, his hand is still on Peter’s cock but his mouth is on Harry. Felix moans are building to his climax and Gavin is clearly ramming him home.


I focus on my Peter and he on me and it’s just us for a moment in our own world, his cock spurting sets me off and I cum deep inside breeding my boy. I stay inside him and collect my kisses, moving slowly as his gasps subside.


All six of us are lead on the floor slowly coming out of our daze.


“Holy shit, that was not what I expected when you asked us to dinner.” Gavin says and we all laugh.


The next week and a bit flies by. Peter is working all hours trying to get finished at school and so Tom and I hang out a lot. I think Tom being here makes Peter less worried about leaving me alone. I miss him terribly.
The purchase of the property is going ahead, Tom and I have visited several architects to get ideas for the house and have chosen a local firm who really seem to get what I want. I still feel a bit unsure at that. Peter says he’s fine with it but I worry that we’ll get to the end and Peter still won’t feel like it is his too.
Tom is looking at places nearby too which is cool. He and Harry are taking things slow but they do spend a few nights together a week giving Peter and I some alone time. I miss him since Tom arrived, I don’t feel like we’ve had a conversation that wasn’t about the house or our friends relationships. I love that we’re getting on and living our life as a couple with friends and projects but I wish that we had more time just being a couple.
I am very, very happy but I know there are issues we’re not dealing with and I feel like we get close to being fully reconnected then don’t get the time to work on getting things to the right place. Maybe that’s good, I’m always striving for things to be better and not being complacent or taking Peter for granted.
We’re having another dinner tonight for the 6 of us, we should actually eat this time.
Then we’re off to LA to deal with Peter’s electronics ad campaign and Tom to do some publicity for his film before the others join us for the premiere and party.
“You’re a good cook.” I say to Tom.
“I love it. I’m looking forward to the chance to do more again. You two settling down has put a real rocket up me to do the same. I’m exhausted trying to juggle stage and screen and chasing everything. Yes things have been easier in the last few years, parts have come to me and I’ve been able to suggest plays but I’ve been so unsettled. I miss London. I miss Peter and my other friends.” Tom says.
“But you’re going to settle here?” I ask.
“Yes, the weather is better. I’ll be able to plan proper trips home too, for work or just visiting. But I like the idea of here, hope I’m not cramping your style.” Tom says.
“I’ve liked having you. I will need more time with just Peter but we have our whole future.” I say smiling to myself at the thought.
“You two are amazing together. You both keep touching your rings and smiling.” Tom says.
“How are things going with Harry? Is it a fling or more?” I ask.


“I don’t know. I really like being around him. He’s smart, hot and sensitive and he’s known me long enough that I can trust him to keep our relationship private. But he’s also very similar to Peter in many ways and so I need to be sure I’m with Harry for Harry.” Tom says.

“Harry wants to be a family man and despite the divorce is more stable than Peter. I sometimes think about what would have happened if he’d chosen me over Bobbie.” I say.

“That he once turned you down is a clear plus.” Tom laughs.  The guys arrive and come into the kitchen.

“We’re about done cooking, just waiting for Peter. Can I get you drinks?” I ask.

They put in their orders and Tom takes over as Peter arrives and sweeps me into a big hug. We’re all soon seated and enjoying the food.

“I just want to thank you guys for welcoming me so easily. You don’t know what a difference it is making to have gay friends locally again.” Gavin says.

“We love you, you fit in so well. I’d forgotten you are the new guy.” I say laughing.

“Even if you and Felix hadn’t hit it off we’d still want you here, you’re interesting.” Harry says.

“Yes you’re stuck with us, whatever happens between you two.” Tom says.

“I love him, I’m not going anywhere.” Gavin says then claps his hands over his mouth.

“It’s okay babe, I love you too. Crazy whirlwind that we’re having we’ve both had enough relationships to know this is the real deal.” Felix says kissing Gavin on the cheek.

“I hate to throw cold water, because you are adorable together. But you were telling us just how special Jasper was just a couple of weeks ago and you’d been with him longer. I love Gavin and I’d hate to see him tossed aside in the way you have to so many.” Peter says.

“I got Jasper wrong. I was in love with the idea of finding someone when I wasn’t looking and I melded him into my model of ideal guy in my head. This is real. Peter you knew Gavin was right for me when you met him and you know me better than anyone these days, including Jamie.” Felix says.

“Just testing. Gavin you’ve more than passed the friend test. You’re already normal around Tom and Alexander where Jorge and Brendan never were.” Peter says.

“Thanks. I just take the lead from you guys, Tom and Alexander are no different from the rest of us except in their bank accounts and most the time that doesn’t show either.” Gavin says.


“Have you had any hassle from Jasper?” I ask still a little concerned.

“He doesn’t know yet. I’m obviously not ashamed of who I am, or of Felix but I don’t see the need to bring it up at work. When we next have a social event I’ll bring Felix if he’s free and we’ll deal with it then.” Gavin says.

“We might get pictured at the weekend. It’s unlikely anywhere mainstream will use any of us but it happens sometimes. The gay magazines may well put a group picture in. Just be aware he could find out that way.” Harry says.

“I doubt anyone will notice me.” Gavin laughs.

“That’s what I said and then I had kids chasing me down the street in Hong Kong.” Peter laughs.

“I’m going to tell everyone you’re my penis posse and make sure you’re all in loads of pictures.” Tom laughs.

“That is how we’ll introduce you. Gavin, newest member of the penis posse.” I laugh.

“Should I warn Bobbie? I know we’re not quite a thing but I am going as your date.” Harry asks.

“I’d say let him go green at home but as nothing is finalized yet you should probably say something. So he doesn’t get difficult.” I say.

“I can’t believe we’re all in new relationships. No one is cheating or causing drama. We are all getting our chance to be happy, out of the ashes of utter implosions.” Felix says with a grin.

“I hope you are all as happy as I am.” Peter says raising his glass “To happiness.”

“Cheers.” We all join his toast.

We drink long into the night and everyone stays over, though our sexual exploits are confined to our bedrooms this time.

“I can’t wait to have you all to myself.” I say lying on Peter’s chest and getting comfy.

“I know. I adore our friends but I need some serious naked with you time.” Peter says.

“I got us a really nice suite.” I say.

“Can we have 2 hot tubs at our new place?” Peter asks suddenly.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“One by the pool and one with a view.” Peter says. “Have you looked at the plans? The pool and hot tub have a view, they’ll be cliff side of the house.” I say.

“I have not looked properly. I don’t really understand the drawings.” Peter says.

“You need to be walked through them before we agree anything. I don’t want this to be my house.” I say quietly.

“I trust you. I just had a thought is all. I love the idea of sitting in the bubbles with you watching the world.” Peter says.

“Me too. I can’t wait. I love this house and I love your house and for all my wishing for a suburban life I actually feel pretty claustrophobic at times.” I admit.

“I’ll show you claustrophobic!” Peter cries rolling us over so he’s on top and pulling the comforter over our heads. I make no effort to move. I always love the feeling of him on me.

“I love you. My baby in the dark.” I say kissing him gently.

“You know what the first thing we’re going to do when we get the property?” Peter asks.

“What?” I ask.

“Play pirates on the beach. I miss you being goofy and playful.” Peter says and I laugh.

“I remember you getting annoyed that it didn’t always lead to sexy time.” I say.

“I was a fool. I was losing you and I couldn’t stop it and yet I still needled you.” Peter says with a sigh.

“We learnt from it. Eventually. When you came and joined me on the island we had the perfect mix of silly and sexy.” I say.

“You’d never leave me like that again?” Peter asks quietly.

“No nights apart. Not one. Not ever.” I say, it is the most certain I have ever been.

Peter has a long day shooting for his electronics deal. I do all that I can to keep him happy, and I love it. I remember him trying to take care of me on publicity tours and it feels really good to be able to repay that. He look amazing but finds it difficult to understand the photographer and directors instructions. I try and help the best I can.
Blair is a little worried that the ads will be setting Peter’s image and has sent me a list of things to prevent them doing. But he had no need to worry, they really want Peter the smart guy to sell their products to families and so he can mostly be himself.
We grab a late dinner of wings and beer at the hotel bar when he’s finally finished.
“I cannot do this long term baby. I know you’ve worked hard on the TV show proposal but I just don’t think I can do it. This is not fun.” Peter says once he’s finished his first drink.
“TV will be easier. Today was a lot doing print and film at once. You’ll have more control too.” I say.
“You do it then.” Peter says quietly.
I’m sorry I know you need a break, here I am enjoying one and pushing you into something high pressured.” I say.
“I do, really, really need time off. Before my tour I was a mess, you know that and we’ve barely had any time together since and I miss you and I just need to chill out before I blow.” Peter says.
‘Are things that bad?” I ask.
“No, I’m happy but I know my limits. I’m doing what I’ve agreed. I’ll be your arm candy for events, if I have to I’ll do another tour but I won’t do a TV show.” Peter says.
“I thought you enjoyed filming your tour?” I push.
“I did but that was a one off and a thank-you to my fans. I sound redic talking about fans.” Peter laughs.
“I hate to think you’re throwing away an opportunity.” I say. I don’t know why I’m pushing him so hard but it feels like the right thing to do.
Peter shakes his head, quietly eats his food and has a couple more drinks. I don’t know if he’s mad at me or just too tired to keep talking. We walk up to the room hand in hand so I guess he’s not mad at me.
He clings to me tightly all night a sure sign he’s not feeling his best and sure enough it is hard to wake him in the morning.
“Come on baby we have to go to work.” I murmur giving him lots of kisses.



“Don’t want to.” Peter grumbles pulling the covers over his head.
“Baby get up, I need help in the shower.” I try and bribe him out.
“Need you here, come back.” Peter mumbles reaching out for me.
“Come get me.” I tease moving away.
Peter gradually pulls himself out of bed and I see he really is done in.
“Did you sleep at all?” I ask.
“All night. I’m just really tired. Having Tom around is more pressure to be on more of the time and between that, working longer hours and trying to get my book edits done I’m exhausted. Yesterday put me over the top.” Peter says.
“No wonder you don’t want to do TV. I am not looking after you well enough. I need to be making sure you do less.” I say.
“You are amazing. You’re asking so little of me right now but you deserve so much more. I want to concentrate on us but I don’t have enough left over.” Peter says.
“I get you forever. I’m thinking long term baby, you being busy short term is something I can get through.” I say dragging him into the bathroom.
It’s another long day and I can’t stay with him the whole time which I worry about. I have to go to some meetings. I get back to set and I can see Peter is not doing so well.
“Get this done and we can sleep in all morning.” I whisper.
“I know. It is so boring. Why didn’t you warn me?” Peter asks with a smile.
“Sorry, I was so jealous of you getting such good offers I forgot to tell you how it all works. Still this is the majority of the campaign right?” I ask.
“Yes, they are wanting to sponsor my next tour, which we haven’t discussed yet. I haven’t discussed with Blair or anything. I’m not taking work behind your back.” Peter says.
“I know. Babe stop worrying. I trust you, you trust me. We know we probably won’t get everything perfect with our work schedules. But as long as we try and talk and talk we’ll be okay.” I say.
Peter gets through the day and does a great job. The next day we do sleep in late and meet the others in the afternoon to get styled for the premiere and after party. Peter is being very clingy and that’s okay with me. I like that he’s giving me all his attention and not Tom.
“Are you ready for a walk in the limelight?” I ask Harry.


“Ahh I know I’ll get shoved out the way at the earliest opportunity. I’m excited to see the movie.” Harry says.
“Me too. I love this franchise. My friends are so jealous I get to see it early.” Gavin says.
“My cutie nerd.” Felix says grinning and kissing Gavin. They are a very, very cute couple. I think we’re all really hopeful that this is the right one for Felix, but none of us wants to say it out loud to jinx it.
“You two are so relaxed together already.” Peter says smiling, I know he’s still super proud of his matchmaking.
“No games, no secrets.” Gavin says.
“Yup we’ve put everything on the table. Jamie and Brian are coming out for a few days to meet him during Brian’s spring break.” Felix says.
“Oh boy that is serious.” Tom says.
“We are. I am.” Felix says.
“I am terrified.” Gavin laughs.
“You will get on with those 2 no problem. You’ll all find common ground and Felix will drink too much feeling left out.” I say.
“Totally true.” Felix laughs.
“I’d never leave this one unattended.” Gavin smiles.
“I love that we’re all loved up.” Harry says kissing Tom.
We walk the red carpet as a group. This is the final film in the franchise for Tom so he’s not concerned about pushing himself forward. We all laugh and joke with the photographers and we get more attention than some of the pretty rent a model set.
I can see Gavin finds the whole thing amusing. He really is a good addition to our group. I can see him and Peter staying friends whatever happens with Felix. The six of us stick close together though we break into couples for some pictures and Tom and Peter pose together too, as they have attended many of these as a duo.
It’s funny how we never crossed paths, I ran into Tom many times but never when he had Peter with him. I’d look at the pictures sometimes. They’re both so handsome but I was never hit with a lightning bolt like I was when I saw Peter in the flesh again.
The film is marvelous and Tom a true star. I can’t wait to work with him next year.
He’s surrounded on the way out getting congratulated and I notice Harry looking on proudly.


“You’re falling fast.” I say quietly.
“He’s something. I’ve never had an older boyfriend and I really like it. It’s less stressful somehow. I don’t think he’s quite as in to me.” Harry says.
“Maybe he’s holding back while you’re not fully free.” I say.
“Maybe. It’s okay though, I’m happy to go at his speed, rushing in is not ideal right now.” Harry says and I nod.
“I think Felix and Gavin could beat me and Peter down the aisle.” I say looking over at the two who are lost in each other’s eyes.
“I know. I can’t believe I got Jasper so wrong. I’m having a bad run of judgement, Bobbie, Jay, Jorge. I hope I don’t have Tom wrong.” Harry says.
“Tom is a really good guy. He’s looked after Peter a lot. Where we all let him down.” I say.
“Peter is crazy about you. Forget the past, he’s yours now.” Harry says.
“Believe me I know just how lucky I am.” I say smiling and Peter walks over and hugs me.
“People are talking to me as if my show is a done deal. I say it’s not happening and they look at me weird.” Peter says.
“Don’t worry about it. There are always a million rumors in this town. It’ll fade away.” I say.
“Just checking you hadn’t made a deal.” Peter grins.
“No, however much I want it I can accept that you don’t.” I say.
“Ready to party?” Peter asks.
“I really need a drink,” Harry says grinning.
We are soon whisked away to the party. Peter sticks close to me all night, always touching me, holding my hand or arm around me. I know he’s pretty tired but we stick it out for a while.
“Let’s go back and enjoy the room.” Peter says.
“I’d like that. We just need to tell the others we’re off.” I say.
In the cab Peter just keeps looking at me and smiling. His smile is infectious.


“You look so handsome all dressed up but I prefer you nude.” Peter says grinning in the elevator.
“You look great too. I get you all to myself now.” I say.
“We need that. Maybe we can have a weekend away soon?” Peter asks.
“Yes please. Maybe a cabin somewhere not a hotel.” I say.
“Sounds good. Baby I’m sorry if I’ve ruined your plans but these few days have shown me this life is not for me. I don’t want to do this stuff unless it’s because I’m supporting you.” Peter says.
“Okay. I just need you to be happy. Baby you were never doing any of this for me. For sure I loved it as I saw you being in my world would be easier for me and the world got to see how amazing you are. I have no problem keeping that all to myself.


We’re having this talk over and over and I don’t seem to be able to make you understand that I am fully supportive of what you do, whatever it is you decide. If you change every 6 weeks or never work again I am okay with that. I don’t know what else I can do to make you understand how much you mean to me and that the only thing I care about is you.” I say.
“I guess you need to tell me a lot. I get caught up in everything then the reality hits and I just want to run away.” Peter says.
“As long as you take me with you,” I say smiling.
“This is a beautiful room. Thank you for booking it.” Peter says stripping off.
“It just got a whole lot more beautiful.” I say with a grin.
We sleep late the next day, Tom is going back with Harry so we have the day top ourselves. We head home and enjoy the sunshine all afternoon. We talk about plans and my heart sings.


One thought on “The engagement part 10

  1. really, really, really good chapter!!! i am enjoying it immensely…while anticipating the axe to fall.

    i know how you think sam, your gonna rip our hearts out.


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