The engagement 13

“It isn’t me trying to ruin you, silly.” I laugh.


“Babe I know that. I mean it could be someone from your tour. Let me check your laptop.” Peter says.


“Of course.” I say getting him set up.


“Well you really liked the solos.” He says with a smirk.


“I did. I watched them, I watched your TV interview online all the time, anything to hear your voice and feel connected. Plus your dick is super hot and your cum face kills me.” I laugh glad he’s still staying so strong and super worried.


“Looks like the password was tried a few times, and it was copied about 3 weeks in. I’d really like Gavin to take a look but I can ask someone else.” Peter says.


“I can’t trust him just yet. It could be a long game he could be the one who bought it initially or unlocked it for whoever did and got a job near you. Hell I know it sounds far-fetched but like you said earlier we never really got to the bottom of what happened with Phillip. Hell the guy who murdered my Mom had friends. We have some dark enemies out there, far more so than Jay and Jasper.” I say thinking about how terrifying things are.


“I still think its Jay. Anyone else would have cracked it ages ago and like I said taken the whole laptop. It doesn’t look like much else was taken. I mean my tape though shocking isn’t as lucrative as cracking your bank account. Could Eric have done it?” Peter asks.


“No, Eric is not that smart.” I dismissing it.


“How did he get into school with us then? I know he’s a drug fiend but he’s super bright when he needs to be.” Peter says.


“Well I didn’t see him when on tour. There were people who are friends with Cindy around but she and I made peace long ago and this would kill her business.” I say.


“If it’s Jay I will have to sue Blair.” Peter says stunning me.


“What?” I gasp.


“He knows, that’s why he doesn’t want the police involved yet and is doing all he can. He has to mitigate the situation if it was his employee who stole from you.” Peter says.


“Holy shit. I really don’t think it is Jay and if it is we can clean it up and no one needs to know.” I say.


“No fucking way is he getting away with it this time.” Peter says coldly.


“I will go and talk with Mart and John. They’ll have been through this in the past and will be able to appeal to Jay if it is him.” I say.


“No, I don’t mind you sounding them out but don’t tell them I suspect Jay, I don’t want him being pre warned. Plus they’re old and sick and they love him and this is the last thing they need to hear, especially if I’ve got it wrong. Hell no it would be worse if I’m right. We owe them a visit, see if they’re free Sunday.” Peter says.


“Okay. Look I don’t agree with everything you’re saying and I still think Gavin is more likely but I’m completely behind you and will support all your decisions. We need to be together on this.” I say.



“Thanks baby. I know I’m holding it together right now but I am terrified. I’ll be making a therapy appointment for this week so I don’t get too overloaded.” Peter says gasping for air, he’s far, far closer to the edge thanI thought.


“That sounds like a good idea. I guess you need to do a full day tomorrow now?” I ask.


“Yeah. I should have gone back in but my head is in knots. I’m going to call the investigator and tell him what we know. Please change your password on here and then call your money guy and get him to check everything. Every fund, every payment, every credit card. I’ll do the same. We need to make sure nothing else is amiss.” Peter says.


“I love you.” I say in awe at his attitude and he hugs me for a moment, his tension is painful.


We spend the next couple of hours calling people, checking all is well and I chat with mart and John, Sunday is good as they’re both doing pretty well health wise at the minute. I feel guilty I haven’t made more time for them.


Tom gets home and has good news about the job, he’ll be based about an hour away and Peter is overjoyed. I feel sheer relief that I’ll have someone else to keep an eye on Peter, he’s not too big a burden, it isn’t that but extra love and care won’t go amiss.


We tell Tom about the situation and our differing theories.


“I really, really hope it isn’t Gavin. Felix deserves that to be real. I don’t believe he’s faking it.” Tom says.


“And Jay?” I ask scared of his answer.


“I don’t think so. It would kill his career and reputation. He’d be untouchable, though I guess if he sends to inherit from Mart and John he won’t need to work, can start over elsewhere with the family he always wanted.” Tom says.


“But you don’t believe it’s him?” I ask to be sure.


“No I don’t. It’s not his style. He’s the sort to plant a heckler at one of Peter’s events or humiliate you both at a party. He’s a full on bitch who feeds on chaos and comfort after, making nothing his fault and getting all the sympathy.” Tom says.


“That is true. He loves creating a scene and being rescued. He craves public acknowledgement and love. So if it’s not either of them then who?” Peter asks.


“I hate to say it but talk to your police guy. Surely he can find out who is in or out of prison from your past? I know the assassin is still in as his case went to the European court a year or so ago and his sentence upheld. But could be anyone else, someone we don’t even know about.” Tom says.


“That’s what I’m most afraid of. That summer we pissed so many people off. It could even be a rival of mine academically, I’ve jumped a couple of guys on papers before and my tour went to so many colleges.” Peter says.


“Success breeds jealousy. Now I know you’ve had a shit day but I need to celebrate so can we please, please go to that new barbecue place. I know you’ll tell me it’s not good compared to somewhere in nowhere down south but I’m English and it’ll be better than anything at home and I could eat a whole hog right now.” Tom laughs.


“Just us 3? Harry too. I meant can we not ask Felix and Gavin?” I ask.


“Felix is working tonight anyway. I am starving too. Alexander took me to a fancy pants LA lunch and the steak was the size of my thumbnail. I don’t care how many beers the cow had drunk it was pitiful.” Peter says and I near cry laughing. I love him so much and I’m so scared for us both.


The food is my worst nightmare but as I lose my appetite when stressed it’s no big deal that I nibble on a couple of fries as we’re served family style. The guys know me well enough to not draw attention to it. Then I grab some chicken and force it down as I don’t want Peter to spend the next few days worrying about my eating.


“Can you give me a ride to my doctor tomorrow? Alexander will be at the house with people all day.” Peter asks Tom.


“Of course, what time?” Tom asks.


“4.30.” Peter replies.


“Okay, I really should sort out getting a car. You two have been amazing.” Tom says.


“We love having you around. How will your films fit in with your new job?” I ask.


“I set the programme and work with everyone on development and publicity but I don’t direct everything myself, when I have a film or other commitment I’ll make sure someone experienced is scheduled. Most likely when I’m away I’ll be Shakespeare and classics and when I’m around the newer works so I can keep a close eye.” Tom says.


“Well make sure you cast me some time.” I say.


“Are you kidding? That would be amazing.” Tom says.


“New works, small audience, short runs you know I’m on board. If you trust me to direct one of those classics I’m there too.” I say.


“You’re on.” Tom says.


“Wow everything is going so well already. I feel a bit left behind with you all having new adventures.” Harry says.


“Please you have your dream job and are loving every second.” Tom says smiling, it’s nice to see he and Harry are still doing so well.


“I am, and I’m possibly going to Australia in the fall for a semester. Someone has dropped out and it’s a massive chance for me.” Harry says.


“That works out as I’ll be away filming. I hope you get it.” Tom says with a big smile. We toast Tom and Harry and I finally relax for a moment and let myself have fun.


Peter takes us on an extra-long run and swim in the morning. He seems okay but I worry. I hate that I can’t control the situation for him. I can’t fix it for him. I really don’t care about my reputation but I really care about his.


I spend all day up at the house, the demolition has started but I have to meet with different people all day. It’s exhausting but it keeps my mind off things a little. I’m anxious to hear from the investigator but know it’s unlikely to be today.


I get home and clean up, I’m just getting out the shower when Tom and Peter arrive home.


“You okay baby?” I ask as Peter throws himself into my arms.


Tom catches my eye and flashes me a worried look.


“I need to shower, wash off today.” Peter says.


“Okay baby.” I say kissing him.


Tom and I sit together on the couch.


“How did he seem?” I ask.


“He’s okay, tired I think he found today exhausting.” Tom says.


“I figured. Please let me know if he talks to you about it. I’m not asking for what he says.” I say.


“Of course. He’s not going to hide things from you but he might try and keep you at a distance from it, thinking he’s protecting you. If he turns to me it’s because I’ve been there for him, not because he doesn’t love you or trust you.” Tom says.


“I’m not jealous. I just want to be sure he is talking to someone. Outside of therapy I mean.” I say.


“They want him in three times a week. He’s agreed to two, complaining it’s expensive.” Tom says as Peter comes back in looking really cute in cut off sweatpants.


Peter looks at us, narrowing his eyes.


“It is expensive.” Peter says.


“That’s okay baby. Need to keep you well and strong.” I say and he nods.


Peter sits on me and Tom to squish himself in between us.


“I need cuddles from my boys.” Peter says and kisses Tom before kissing me and then pulls us together for a joint kiss.


“I think Uncle Tom should visit tonight.” Peter says looking up at Tom and confusing me.


“That is what got you into this mess in the first place.” Tom says clueing me in.


“I know its breaking the rules but I’ve been bad.” Peter says.


“What rules?” Tom asks.


“No sharing.” Peter says looking at me pleading.


“Peter, Tom has Harry now, they have their own rules.” I say.


“A visit from Uncle Tom isn’t breaking the rules. Please I need it, I got everyone in trouble.” Peter says giving Tom the puppy dog eyes.


“Not my job any more. You need that, you need to ask Alexander.” Tom says.


“Please?” Peter looks at me scared, vulnerable, horny.


“Go and wait in my study.” I say.


“Can Tom stay for after?” Peter asks.


“I’m not leaving kid.” Tom says and Peter leaves.


“Don’t sweat it, where’s his toy drawer?” Tom asks.


We go into the dressing room and I open it.


“Just use your hand and this, he doesn’t need some elaborate scene. I’ll shower and join you in the bedroom. Don’t worry, I’ll just watch. I know this isn’t your thing, just remember he fucking loves it.” Tom says handing me a ruler I recognize.


“Thanks Tom. You don’t need to stay if you have plans.” I say.


“He needs me here, I hope you’re not uncomfortable.” Tom says.


“No, its fine. Once I lose the tension I’ll find it super-hot, I fucking love being watched.” I grin.


“And I love to watch, win, win, win tonight.” Tom says.


I go into the study and he’s bent over the desk. I can tell he’s actually relaxed and happy.


“Stand up, we need to talk first.” I say and he stands, turns to face me and looks at the ground.


“You’ve been secretive, you made a video and hid it from me. You kissed Tom without asking. You rarely do as I say, you’re being very willfull.” I say and grab his chin to make him look at me.


“I’m sorry. I’ll do better.” Peter says looking at me and I just can’t read his expression.


“I think you need punishment as well as giving apologies.” I say and he nods, his dick growing in his shorts.


“I am sorry. I know I can do better.” Peter says biting his lip.


“Show me.” I say and he bends back over.


I slap his ass a few times and he barely flinches. I squeeze his beautiful cheeks and try again.


“Get these shorts off they’re too thick. You are very bad for wearing them.” I say as sternly as I can.


Peter undresses, his cheeks have barely any color yet.


I continue with the slaps then switch to the ruler, giving him lots of rubs and squeezes. I know he is loving it, that he needs it. I keep berating him for being bad, naughty and rude. He murmurs and squeaks but doesn’t speak.


“Good boy. Into the bedroom.” I say following him in.


We start to make out on the bed, I know he needs me inside him as soon as possible, he starts to ride me as Tom walks in drying his hair.


“So fucking hot. You’re a good boy treating Alexander’s cock like that.” Tom says and kisses us both, stroking himself. Looking amazing.


I move Peter onto his back and Tom kneels beside us, Peter soon asks to suck him and I don’t object. I kiss Tom to show all is well and we’re soon a mass of limbs and mouths and cocks. Peter cums hard and loud, shooting a massive load all over himself and Tom is soon covering, I feel the need to mark him too and squirt my jets all over his torso.


“Wow you two can still go some.” Tom laughs.


“My Alexander is amazing, filled me all up.” Peter murmurs pulling me into a kiss.


“You’re a very good boy.” I say kissing him over and over and grabbing a towel to clean him off. Peter soon drifts off to sleep and Tom and I watch him for a few minutes.


“Can we go and talk?” Tom asks.


“What’s up?” I ask once we pull on some clothes and settle on the couch.


“He’ll be out for 12 hours now, a big therapy session always does him in. Anyway Mrs Black called today, she tried you too, she’s not cutting you out. She’s been worried about him recently. I didn’t tell her about the video but said he has a lot on and was worried about Eric’s show. I think we’ve been worried too but as we see him all the time and know he has a bunch of short term goals we’ve put everything down to that. She thinks we need to look at treatment centers in case he has a breakdown.” Tom says.


“You think he’s that bad?” I ask.


“No, I think he’s been a lot, lot better than he was. The last week or two he’s been struggling. But I am worried about this incident pushing him over the edge. It is bringing back all the Aaron memories and if it turns out to be someone he knows or it gets leaked then I think he could tip over.” Peter says.


“I’m glad you said it out loud. I know he’s not coping all the time and he keeps adding instead of subtracting things. I think its best if you and his Mom look and not me. He needs to trust me fully and not think I’ve been conspiring behind his back.” I say.


“Agreed. He can cope with the loss of me but not you. And you’re okay for us to check places out?” Tom asks.


“I guess so. As long as we agree if the time comes that professional help is what he needs. If I think he needs me and the island then I’ll take him there.” I say.


“Okay. You might have to fight his mom on that one.” Tom says.


“I will. I’ll make sure he calls her when he’s less tired and stressed too if I can. Everyone worrying about him will make him worse.” I say.


“You both do that, take on everyone else’s worries. He needs you to be strong so be ruthless.” Tom says.


“Thanks for tonight. He hasn’t asked since we got back together, I thought he was over it after trying that spanking club here.” I say.


“I think he was, but he just needed to feel something tonight.” Tom says.


“I guess. I hope tonight doesn’t mess things up with Harry.” I say.


“I think that has run its course. Tonight confirmed it.” Tom sighs.


“Really. You seemed fine at dinner yesterday.” I say.


“Harry is perfect on paper, and pretty damn perfect in person and in bed. But I like imperfection.” Tom says.


“Is it because of your feelings for Peter?” I ask.


“No, no I fully accept he is yours and only ever wanted you. That place you’ve bought I know he’ll be happy there and you two will have the life he always wanted. You two are all science and books and just learning. He would tire of me, I’m more family, pizza and shitty tv.” Tom says.


“And Harry is family and study and saving the dolphins.” I laugh.


“Yes, I love him for his passions but I need someone who shares mine.” Tom says sadly.


“Maybe you’ll meet some young talent when you’re casting who wants to be molded into your man.” I laugh.


“Hey sounds good to me. I always liked them a bit younger and now I’ve a bit of silver they’re clambering to call me daddy.” Tom laughs.




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