The suite saga 17

Blue is excited and apprehensive for his date. He figures he is already quite friendly with Miles so it shouldn’t get too awkward. They decide to go low key to a coffee place near campus that has a comedy night on. They can chat between sets and don’t have to talk for too long.

“Wow you are not what I expected.” Austin says as Miles and his girlfriend Emilie go to order to give us a moment alone.

Blue sighs inwardly.

“What did you expect?” Blue asks.

“Just not this, you’re not how Miles described you.” Austin says.

“He described you as a small vegetarian dancer.” Blue says.

“That’s true.” Austin says and Blue worries the date is going to be harder work than expected.

“Should I leave?” Blue asks not wanting to prolong a torturous night.

Miles and Emilie come back with the coffees and sit down unaware of the tension.

“You fully acquainted?” Miles asks.

“I didn’t live up to expectations. Have a fun night.” Blue says and leaves.

“What’s going on?” Miles asks Austin.

“I don’t know. I said he wasn’t what I expected and he got all weird. You didn’t tell me he was so hot I couldn’t form proper sentences.” Austin says laughing.

“So why are you letting him leave?” Emilie asks.

“He’s way out my league and clearly too high maintenance.” Austin says.

“You’re exactly his type. Like completely, that’s why I set you up. He has just been dumped and is feeling pretty raw. What the hell did you say to him?” Miles asks.

“That he wasn’t what I expected or you described.” Austin says.

“And he thought you meant he wasn’t good enough. Not that he was better.” Emilie says nodding.

“Please he knows what he looks like.” Austin says.

“He has no idea at all.” Miles says sadly.

“Go after him Austin. From everything Miles has said about him I think you two would get along.” Emilie says.

“I honestly think he’s too much trouble.” Austin says.

“You are seriously missing out.” Miles says unhappy with the whole situation and kicking himself for leaving them alone.

“I’ll go.” Emilie says kissing Miles goodbye.

Blue is stood outside not really sure what to do. He’s mad at himself for leaving the way he did, embarrassed, he just felt so judged and uncomfortable.

“Blue.” Emilie calls out just as he decides to start walking back.

“Was the comedy that bad?” Blue asks.

“I don’t know it hadn’t started. I wanted to check you were okay and to leave Miles to try and talk some sense into Austin. You and he are 2 sides of the same coin, both think you’re not good enough for the other.” Emilie says.

“He didn’t even ask how I was, just told me I wasn’t as described, as if he wouldn’t have come if he knew. I couldn’t stay.” Blue says.

“It was a good surprise, Miles underplayed you. Austin isn’t the most articulate and takes a bit of getting used to. He couldn’t find the words and thought you were some high maintenance princess.” Emilie says.

“Really?” Blue asks surprised.

“And I think from what Miles has said that is not you.” Emilie says.

“No, well I can be fussy but I rarely make a fuss.” Blue laughs.

“Come back in, our coffee will still be hot and the comedy might be okay. I’d like to get to know you, Miles is picky with people but he likes you.” Emilie says.

“I feel such a fool for leaving. I totally panicked.” Blue says.

“I would have done the same. That’s why I came out here.” Emilie says.


“I’m glad you did. Miles is really lucky to have you.” Blue says.


“Thanks, no one ever says that, always the other way around.” Emilie says.


“Oh he’s a nice guy, I guess you’re lucky too. You’re one of the few people who has got me quickly and the way you walk about Austin I bet you’re quick with everyone. Its nice to be around someone like that.” Blue says smiling.


“Seems like you got me just as fast.” Emilie says and they go back in.


The evening improves dramatically, the four find they all have a lot in common and are just as interested in their differences. They talk between sets and after until closing. Blue and Austin say goodnight to Emilie and Miles and talk a walk together.


“I’m so sorry for leaving before.” Blue says.


“You had me so tongue tied that I sounded insulting not excited.” Austin says.


“You’re really cute. Can we go out again?” Blue asks.


“Yes, how about brunch tomorrow? I’m an early riser.” Austin says.


“Me too. Do you know somewhere good?” Blue asks.


“I’ll pick you up at 10.30? I know a few places, I’ll try and book a table tonight.” Austin says feeling so much more at ease with Blue now.


“That sounds great. Maybe we can go for a walk after, are you free all day?” Blue asks.


“We’re jumping like 20 steps to have an all day date.” Austin smiles..


“Is that okay?” Blue asks.


“I think so and if we’re not happy we go home.” Austin says.


They stop at Blue’s dorm and kiss, tentatively at first.


“I really want to invite you in but I have a roommate and we have someone sleeping in our living area.” Blue says.


“I’m happy to leave wanting more knowing I’m seeing you tomorrow.” Austin says.


“You’re so sexy.” Blue says running his hands over Austin’s arms.


“You too. I cannot believe you want to see me again.” Austin says.


“You’re the first guy who has agreed to a second date with me.” Blue says.


“Wow. You’re so different from the guys in my classes. Man I owe Miles big time.” Austin says.


“Me too. See you tomorrow.” Blue says bending down to kiss Austin again.


“How was it?” Elliot asks when Blue gets inside.


“Had a terrible start and a great end.” Blue says with a huge grin on his face.


“You’ve come home alone.” Elliot says.


“But I‘m seeing him tomorrow.” Blue says and skips off to his room floating on air.
Gervais listens as Blue tells Elliot about his date. He is happy his friend finally had a good experience but feels pretty jealous too. He looks at Jesse curled up sleeping beside him and feels a small pang of guilt.

Since their fight they’ve been doing well. Jesse is giving Gervais a bit more space and is trying hard to not be so possessive and Gervais is trying to be more open. He likes Jesse a lot, he’s un threatening and uncomplicated and he’ll never hurt him. Gervais cuddles closer to his boyfriend and sleeps dreaming of Blue.

Andy and Spence are wrapped up together happy and satisfied.

“You are so good.” Spence sighs happy.

“So are you. Want to try some things out this weekend?” Andy asks.

“Yeah I’d love to get out of here, all the name calling and sympathy is getting to me. Let’s go to a hotel and try some things out.” Spence says.

“Are you not coaching this weekend?” Andy asks.

“No they have a meet and I’m not qualified to be on the floor. Its my course next week so we should make the most of the weekend.” Spence says.

“Okay. I looked up a hardware store that has rope.” Andy says.

“Oh yes.” Spence grins. They’ve both been looking at tutorials all week and are excited to try things out.

“We should let Elliot know he can have a bed for a couple of nights.” Andy says.

“No way, he’ll bring someone back.” Spence says.

“Yeah that would be gross. we’ll lock the door. I love you baby.” Andy says stroking his lover’s face.

“Love you too. I’m so happy you chose me.” Spence says.

They fall asleep smiling. Spence doesn’t know how long Andy’s return will last but he’s going to enjoy it while he’s here.

“How did it go?” Robin asks Blue as he comes in all smiles.

“Good, well sort of.” Blue says then explains the whole night.

“We’ll have to draw up a timetable for alone time, especially with Elliot out there.” Robin says.

“Yeah, not easy having someone extra here. But I’m not jumping the gun, Austin might not like me tomorrow.” Blue says.

“Oh he will. Only you could interpret a guy drooling over you as not wanting you. You read trouble so well and attraction so badly.” Robin laughs.

“No experience of it.” Blue smiles.

“Come in with me tonight?” Robin asks hopeful.

“Sure, how come you don’t have a date tonight?” Blue asks.

“After all the Spence hassle I’m lying low. It’s been a horrid week.” Robin says.

“What else happened?” Blue asks climbing in next to his friend and holding him close.

“Today was hard, lots of name calling, being bumped. Spence had the same and Gervais and Jesse. I guess you were fine?” Robin asks.

“I didn’t notice anything. I guess its really making you want to leave.” Blue says.

“Yeah, I’m not going back to wrestling, I’ll come climbing with you. I’ll talk to my parents over break and decide if to stick out one more semester or if to withdraw.” Robin says.

Blue hugs him close and sighs, feeling really sad.

“We’ll try and stay in touch if you leave.” Blue says quietly.

“Of course. Meeting you made coming here worth it.” Robin says.

“Hey.” Blue says shyly to Austin who is waiting outside the dorm the next morning.

“Hey, I was worried you’d change your mind.” Austin says.

“I’m really excited.” Blue says blushing. Austin is very cute, small like Robin and Gervais with dark hair and deep green eyes that sometimes seem to flash blue.

“Me too, I got a reservation so we best go.” Austin says leading Blue to his car.

“I wish I had a car here. I didn’t really think of it as I walk everywhere at home or ride my bike. I only drive when I need to deliver things. I forgot things would be so far apart here.” Blue says.

“It’s pretty essential. Do you have a bike here?” Austin asks.

“No. Maybe I will in the spring but I think I’ll see if I can get a parking permit next semester.” Blue says happy they’re chatting even if its not too interesting yet.

“What car do you have?” Austin asks.

“I just have a truck at home. I’d buy one here I don’t know what sort.” Blue says.

“We could go fake car shopping after this.” Austin suggests.

“Do you know cars?” Blue asks.

“Not at all, this is my Mom’s cast off.” Austin laughs.

“I have no clue at all.” Blue laughs.

“Ha, there I was trying to be all masculine and fake an interest on cars to impress you.” Austin laughs.

“I’d rather hear about your dancing. You look really nice today.” Blue says as they get out and walk to the restaurant.

“Thanks. I was so panicked about what to wear as I had no time to plan. I totally woke Emilie up to ask and she laughed and said you’d not care.” Austin says.

“She’s probably right, I’d say you looked good in a garbage bag and mean it. The way you walk and hold your head, I could watch you all day.” Blue says.

“We have a show after thanksgiving, you can come watch.” Austin says a little nervous to be making plans.

“Sounds perfect.” Blue says.

“You’re so straight up. No games or hiding anything.” Austin says.

“Is that okay? I’ve no idea how to chase someone or be chased. Do you want any of that?” Blue asks.

“No, I really, really like knowing where I stand.” Austin says.

“I like you and would like to see you again, but we need to get through this date first.” Blue laughs.

“Get through? Is it a chore?” Austin laughs.

“Shut up, you know what I mean. What are you eating?” Blue asks.

“I don’t know. You?” Austin asks.


“Buckwheat risotto. It’s kind of early to have it but its my favorite food.” Blue says.


“Me too.” Austin says.


“Really? Then why pretend you didn’t know?” Blue asks.


“Because like you said its weird to have it early and I wasn’t sure if I should go all healthy with avocado and eggs whites. Didn’t know if you were the judgy clean eater type.” Austin laughs.


“Ha! No, I love to bake and will happily have cookies for a meal. I’ve found since moving here I don’t really like normal eggs. We have chickens at home and I eat eggs all the time but here I’ve had powdered egg and I guess factory eggs and they were gross. Even though these say free range I’m wary.” Blue says.


“You should be free range doesn’t mean much. What breeds do you have?” Austin asks.


“They’re heritage breeds, all slow growers so they look pretty different to modern chooks. We have some rescues too. I miss them.” Blue smiles.


“Do you have other pets?” Austin asks.


“No. Momma has goats for milk and cheese. Do you?” Blue asks.


“No, I want to have cats but my Mom is allergic and I’m not sure if its ever okay, even though I’d get rescues.” Austin says.


The boys order and start to talk about other things, films, books, clothes, Blue comes pretty unstuck at the clothes part. The two keep complimenting each other and as brunch moves on to a walk in a big park they tentatively hold hands and feel pretty happy something is beginning.


Across town Spence is tied up and kneeling on a hotel bed waiting for Andy. He’s in heaven.


Gervais and Jesse are also spending the day together, they’re having lunch together.


“Are you okay? You see distant.” Jesse says to Gervais over lunch.


“I’m okay. Just tired it’s been a hard week.” Gervais says.


“Yeah it has, I escaped all he shit you at at the start of semester but yesterday I had loads of name calling and things thrown at me in class. It was so dumb.” Jesse says.


“You sound more angry than upset.” Gervais says.


“I am, I am super angry. How dare anyone try shit like that. The professor kicks about 10 people out and apologized.” Jesse says.


“All the faculty have been amazing.” Gervais says.


“They are mostly really embarrassed.” Jesse says.


“Yeah, they keep telling me it’s like some weird throwback. They all claim it never happened before or not for years. Is there anything we can do? Short of leaving?” Gervais asks.


“I don’t know. Maybe we need to reach out to the LGBTQ groups and see what they say.” Jesse says.


“I dunno.” Gervais says.


“We got together because of them. Just because Blue had a bad experience shouldn’t stop us from going again.” Jesse says unhappy that Blue’s influence hangs over them so often.


“Feels weird but you’re right. I should be able to eat in here on Sunday and not worry that I’m being disloyal or something. Okay, we’ll go on Tuesday and see if anyone else is having trouble or if it’s just our group.” Gervais says.


Just then Gervais phone rings, it’s Robin.


“Hey are you on campus?” Robin asks sounding weird.


“Yeah in the dining hall.” Gervais says.


“Can you come up to the suite?” Robin asks.


“Sure we’ll be right up.” Gervais says.


“What’s up?” Jesse asks.


“Robin needs us upstairs.” Gervais says.


They hurry up and head in to see what the problem is.


“Holy shit, what happened?” Jesse asks, Robin has clearly been in a fight and is a bloody mess.


“Should we get you to hospital?” Gervais asks.


“I was jumped when taking a run. It was crazy. I fought back and got away but they busted my lip, and got a fair number of shots in.” Robin says.


“Was it because they thought you were gay?” Gervais asks so, so angry.


Robin nods.


“Let’s get you to the medical center and then campus police.” Jesse says.


“I’ll be okay, I just need some help cleaning up.” Robin says.


“No, we’re going to the city police. Now. If you’re well enough. We’ll file a report, get them to take pictures then get you checked over. If you’re not well enough I’ll take pictures now. I’m calling John to drive us there, he’ll want to know what’s happening.” Gervais says taking charge.


“What can John do?” Jesse asks confused.


“Newspaper John not climbing one.” Robin says slowly, Gervais is already on the phone.


“He’ll meet us downstairs, he agrees real police.” Gervais says grabbing some paper towels.


“Look I know you don’t like me but John ran into me on the way out, I’m your best bet for talking to the administration.” Brad says as they get into the car.


“We appreciate it. We were talking about what we could do when Robin called.” Gervais says still very angry.


“Did you call the others?” Jesse asks on the drive.


“Tried Andy and Spence, both their phones are off, think they are still reconnecting. Blue is on a date so I didn’t call him.” Robin says.


“Blue would come if I called.” Gervais says.


“I know but I don’t want to interrupt him, he can’t do anything but worry like the rest of you. But he can have his second date and enjoy himself for once without worrying about one of us. I think we’ll all enjoy hearing a good story later.” Robin says.


“Okay.” Gervais says with a sigh wishing Robin wasn’t so reasonable, he could do with Blue’s support but can’t let Robin down.


John drops them all at the police station while he goes to find somewhere to park. Robin is grateful he has friends who will drop anything for him.


They have quite the wait to make the statement. The officer is very sympathetic and doesn’t even question them coming to this station and not staying on campus. Robin gives a pretty good account of what happened and the guys.


“You’re very lucky it wasn’t a lot worse.” The cop says.


“I’m a wrestler, I may be small but I’m strong and fast. I’ve no problem running away.” Robin says.


“And it was a clear homophobic attack?” The cop asks.


“Yes and no. I’m not gay, but the attackers thought I was. We’ve had some hassle at school this week which is why we came here.” Robin says and John explains what has happened and the guys chip in with the stories of the last 2 days.


“I can’t guarantee anything. Here’s my card if you see any of them again then call. If there are any more physical attacks call straight away.” The cop says.


“Thanks for believing me.” Robin says.


John asks a few more questions and then pictures are taken.


“Let’s run you by the medical center. I’m sure it’s all superficial as you’re holding up okay.” Gervais says when Robin comes out.


“Yeah. I’m beginning to ache.” Robin grimaces.


“Can you guys come to our meeting Tuesday please?” Brad says once they’re back in the car.


“Yeah we want to know if anyone has had hassle from the same guys or others. We need a united reaction.” Jesse says.


“I’ll come, I got lucky today. If it had been Jesse or Gervais they jumped it would have been a whole lot worse. I can’t imagine any of you are feeling very safe right now.” Robin says.


“That’s what makes me so fucking angry. It was like this when I started here four years ago. John was reporting on so many incidents when he started out, so many that the administration really worried about the bad publicity spent the next year and a half really working with us to make a better and it was, last year there were no issues at all then this year you guys arrive and it’s square one.” Brad rages.


“I can’t believe I’m back to dealing with this again. I’m supposed to be writing big editorials. Deep investigations this year and making my mark and I’m back on the gay bashing beat.” John says.


“Sorry for existing.” Gervais laughs.


“Oh shit that sounded really bad.” John apologizes.


“No offence taken. We’re all a bit in shock that this happened to Robin. I know he suffers name calling and has a high voice but it’s hard to understand why they thought he was gay when he was just out running. Or why they’d want to fight him even if he was. It was the middle of the day, it wasn’t like they were drunk.” Gervais says.


“I guess we all have to make sure we’re not out alone for a while.” Jesse says.


“Yeah not to victim blame but you should be careful, even going to class.” John says.


“We’ll do an awareness campaign and some more events to try and integrate campus again.” Brad says.



Blue is having a lovely time, unaware of Robin’s problems on his date.


“Want to come back to mine for a bit?” Austin asks tentatively.


“That would be nice.” Blue smiles.


“I’m not asking you to sleep over, I mean I have an early rehearsal tomorrow.” Austin says worried he sounds like he’s making excuses already.


“I know you told me before. It’s okay. Stop worrying.” Blue says.


“Thanks. I had a great day.  Don’t want it to end yet.” Austin says.


“Same.” Blue smiles. They walk up to the room holding hands.


“So here it is a bit small but all mine.” Austin says.


It’s a similar suite to the one Blue lives in but with a bigger kitchen area and each room has its own bathroom.


“It’s not that small.” Blue laughs.


“I know and it’s all arts students so we have practice rooms with pianos in and dance studios with sprung floors and our own small theatre.” Austin says.


“Wow. So you barely have to venture outside.” Blue says.


“I wish our classes were in here when it’s cold. I was in general dorm my first year, hence I made friends with Miles. I wanted to make friends in other majors, so my life wasn’t all dance and if the worst happened and I got injured or encouraged to switch majors I’d still have some people to talk to that I wasn’t super jealous of.” Austin says.


“I just wanted to be around other gay men. I didn’t think too much about it, my cock made the decision.” Blue laughs and Austin joins in.


“Was it all you hoped?” Austin asks.


“Not until now.” Blue says and leans in for a kiss, not caring about how cheesy he sounds.


They make out for a few minutes and it’s so good and getting heavy.


“I have zero experience. I’m not asking to go slow, I just don’t know what I’m doing.” Blue says worried.


“You’re doing great, we don’t need to do everything today.” Austin says.


However they’re soon naked and enjoying exploring each other’s bodies with their mouths.


“You’re so muscular, and pretty.” Blue tracing his finger up Austin’s thigh and squeezing his ass.


“You’ve got muscles too, you’re amazing. I can’t believe you’re not a dancer too.” Austin says before hungrily biting at Blue’s nipple.


Blue tentatively begins sucking Austin’s cock.


“Mmmmm feels so good. Let me taste you too. Oh fuck you’re so big.” Austin says before sucking on the head and then running his mouth down each side in turn, running his tongue over the veins.


They kiss, touch and suck each other to ecstasy before lying back and kissing each other gently.


“When can I see you next?” Blue asks.


“I want to say tomorrow but I’ll be busy and really tired. I’m not ready for you to see me exhausted from dance yet.” Austin laughs.


“Do you look like you do now?” Blue asks.


“Not as smiley or satisfied.” Austin grins.


“You look so beautiful.” Blue says.


“Thanks. This week is busy. This is not a brush off. I do want to see you. Thursday?” Austin asks.


“I have my yoga class. You could come or I can bring dinner here after.” Blue says.


“That sounds good, I love the idea of a guy who brings me food.” Austin says.


“Call me when you have a break. Shit is that too needy?” Blue asks.


“I want to call. Now you should stop worrying. I like you.” Austin says.


They kiss a while longer and Blue walks home reluctantly. He likes Austin, he likes that Austin likes him back, is single and doesn’t appear to be into anyone else.



“Wow, what happened?” Blue asks as he arrives in the suite to see Brad and John still there and Robin’s face all swollen up.


“I got jumped earlier. These guys have helped me out with the police and stuff.” Robin says.


“Shit, why didn’t you call me?” Blue asks.


“I didn’t want to spoil your day too.” Robin says.


“Are you okay?” Blue asks looking round the room.


“I will be. It was crazy. Today was crazy. Gervais was amazing helping get everything organized and taking charge.” Robin says.


Blue looks at Gervais and is really proud of him and then worries that he isn’t coping, that what has happened will bring back bad memories. He smiles at his friend and gets no reaction.


“We best be going now you’re all back okay. Blue we’re suggesting none of you go anywhere alone for now.” Brad says.


Blue barely acknowledges him. Gervais and Jesse go into Gervais room as John and Brad leave.


“Shit, I guess I clear a room.” Blue says.


“I’m glad you did, I’m exhausted but they’ve been so helpful and caring that I couldn’t ask them to leave.” Robin says.


“You must feel like shit, never feel bad about getting what you need.” Blue says.


“Maybe I should have let Gervais call you.” Robin laughs.


“Was he okay? Imagine this triggered a lot for him” Blue asks.


Before Robin can answer Jesse and Gervais start fighting.


“He was amazing. Let’s go in our room. I need to change out of these gross clothes, but I can’t really shower because of my dressings.” Robin says.


“Come on I’ll help you wash up.” Blue says.


Robin tells Blue about the whole days as he helps him clean up. Jesse storms out as they’re walking back from the bathroom.


“I’ll just check on Gervais. Why don’t you get a movie ready?” Blue suggests.


“Sure, I’m going to have to search for something with no violence or conflict.” Robin laughs.


Blue knocks and walks straight in to Gervais room without waiting for a reply. Gervais is looking out the window. He turns and Blue scoops him into his arms. Gervais collapses against him and bursts into tears, letting everything out he’s been holding in the last few hours.


“Come in with me tonight. I don’t want to leave you or Robin alone tonight.” Blue says holding Gervais tight and stroking his hair.


“Okay. Oh I wish you’d been here today. I wanted to call but then Brad was here and Robin said we should let you have fun. Did you?” Gervais asks.


“I really did but now I wish I’d been here with you. Never be scared to call me. If Austin likes me he’ll understand if my friends need me.” Blue says.


“I’m glad you’re here now.” Gervais says not letting Blue go.


“What happened with Jesse?” Blue asks.


“He doesn’t like it when I need space. He was too much tonight and we already agreed I get Sundays alone to recharge. He wanted to stay over and leave in the morning but I was so wound up I snapped. I’ll have to grovel tomorrow.” Gervais says.


“He’ll forgive you. It was a tense day. I’m mad at him for not getting you out of the group earlier.” Blue says.


“I should have taken myself out.” Gervais says.


“You did amazing holding on so long. You must be pretty proud of yourself.” Blue says.


Gervais steps back and looks at him.


“Wow, I really am. I did great.” Gervais says and relaxes.


“Hey Elliot. How was your day?” Blue asks as he crosses the room.


“Not great, I thought I was getting some tonight but some shit threw beer over me as we kissed and it all went to shit.” Elliot says sighing.


“Man I’m sorry. Robin got jumped earlier. I hate this place.” Blue says.


“It sucks.” Elliot says.


“You can have my bed tonight. I’m going in with Blue.” Gervais says coming out.


“Seriously. Thanks so much.” Elliot says.


“Let me just grab some things for the morning so I don’t disturb you.” Gervais says.


“No problem. I’ll go shower off this beer. Just leave the door for me.” Elliot says.



Blue goes into his room and Robin is already asleep. Blue shuts off the TV and covers Robin up a little better and switches out the light.


Gervais comes in and Blue puts his stuff on his desk.


“Think Robin must have been even more exhausted than you.” Blue whispers as they snuggle in together.


“I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out about your date.” Gervais whispers back.


“It was good, this feels good too.” Blue says.


“It is perfect. Sometimes I need my Blue Sky cuddles.” Gervais says.


“I need my Gervais.” Blue says holding him close.


“I love you Blue.” Gervais whispers as he burrows his face against Blue’s chest.


“I love you too.” Blue sighs.

13 thoughts on “The suite saga 17

  1. One thing that I love about this chapter (and I’m not sure if youre in a long term relationshit or not), but you really captured the excitement and freshness of those first few dates.

    With the onset of dating apps, I forget to enjoy the courtship before the sex.


      1. That’s what everyone says before they’re swept off their feet and become a “kitchen bitch” and housebound to their significant other.

        I’ve lost many a good friend to monotonous relationships. Lest we forget.

        (And you seem to be well acquainted with domestication, judging by blue :p)

        Liked by 1 person

            1. My pet hate is faffing. Having to deal with two getting ready to go out etc would drive me insane. I might be okay as the occasional third in someone else’s relationship.
              If your two are up for being gagged you’d be golden.

              Liked by 1 person

  2. I like Blue with Austin. I’d like to see Blue happy and it feels like Austin is a good fit so far. I’m also interested in how this rash of gay bashing is resolved and intrigued about the whole climbing club Drew being a dipshit diva and belittling Blue situation. Basically, I love this story and am always on pins and needles waiting for the next installment.


    1. I do like Austin too, he’s certainly the best option Blue has found.
      I’m thoroughly enjoying writing this. Stretching myself with more main characters and more threads to keep hold of.
      So glad you’re enjoying it too.
      Thanks for reading


      Liked by 1 person

  3. now i am very intrigued to find out where this goes. Blue and Austin have hit it off really well, and just fit well together. But then the turn at the end with Blue and Gervais has got me all confused as to where it will go and where i would like it to go. such a good story, i really enjoy your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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