The suite saga 19

“What the fuck?” Blue shouts as he runs into Andy, Spence and Elliot waiting for the elevator as he gets out.


“What?” Spence asks.


“We’ve been so worried, I was coming out to look for you.” Blue complains.


“Sorry we had to let off some steam and went to play pool. We messaged you on our way.” Andy says.


“We’ve been calling and texting you for the last hour.” Blue grumbles.


“Yes numb nuts here smashed our phones.” Elliot says nodding at Spence who holds his hands up.


“We stupidly had them on the edge of the table, Spence tried a trick shot and they all clattered to the floor with a couple of balls landing on them. Utter nightmare.” Andy says, none of them seem mad at Spence and even Blue starts to giggle.


“So balls destroyed your phones.” Blue giggles.


“Balls smashed my phone.” Elliot laughs, they all make ball jokes on the way back up.


Their faces drop as they face Gervais anger and then relief.


“But where is Robin?” Blue asks looking round.


“He pulled one of the bi girls and has gone to get his ouchies kissed better.” Spence laughs.


“So you okay with me as a roomie tonight?” Elliot asks.


“Sure. Oh I do wish one of your messages had got through before your balls up.” Blue laughs.


They all go to bed in much higher spirits.


After the meeting the issues seem to cease entirely, the newspaper begins its profiles and there are hardly any negative comments and no one gets any hassle. The name calling ends and no one hears of anymore attacks.


Wednesday they all skip climbing. Spence is really glad being at the gymnastics club means he doesn’t need to make his mind up about wrestling yet. He loves it and he’s good at it and he was having a lot of fun until the competition and all that went after. He doesn’t want to give up but he doesn’t want to stay either. Both he and Blue pass their course, Spence asks about volunteering straight away and is given a schedule straight away. Blue is asked if he wants to too but he declines. It’s been fun and he’s glad of all he’s learned to use with the kids at the retreat over the summer.


On Thursday Blue is a little distracted as he takes his yoga classes, Gervais takes control in the kids class which Blue is grateful for. He takes a moment outside in the break to pull himself together. He and Austin have been chatting and messaging all week, he has no reason to be nervous about later but not seeing Austin for a few days has built tonight up to more a simple dinner with a boy he likes.

The cold air soon focuses his mind and the class runs smoothly. He’s soon downstairs with Gervais, Cheryl and Ocean.

“Blue has a big date tonight and is passing off your food as his.” Gervais teases.

“Shut up. I wish I was cooking for him but this will be awesome too.” Blue says smiling.

“How are things at school. I read about your friends trouble and saw the profile of you today, you looked very handsome.” Cheryl says.

“It was awful but today wasn’t so bad, it just went back to normal.” Gervais says.

“We’re still sticking in pairs when we go places, we’re all still worried for each other.” Blue says.

“It’s the only thing we can do, stick together and live our lives.” Gervais says.

“Keep safe. See you on Monday?” Cheryl asks.

“Yeah, I guess today was the last class of the year, next week is thanksgiving and then I’m in to finals, then winter break. I meant to announce it and it went clean out my head.” Blue says.

“Don’t worry I’ll get the word out. Now Gervais here’s a bag for you and can you take the drink for Spence. Blue here’s your date food. I hope it goes well and you bring him here if he’s going to be sticking around.” Cheryl says. Both boys hug her goodbye and head to their cab.

Gervais is quiet on the ride back. He’s still trying to work out how he feels about Blue and Austin. He knows this is different to when he thought Blue was with John although he was jealous then. This week when he’s been standing up for himself he’s been thinking he might be ready for Blue, and then feels massively guilty about Jesse.

He can’t tell Blue what he’s thinking or feeling, Blue has to see what he has with Austin. Gervais knows this but it’s hard. The night they had together this weekend was so nice and he can never sleep deeply with Jesse in his bed. He still likes Jesse a lot, they have a fun together, a lot of fun in bed and things have been better since Gervais aired his feelings but he knows his feelings are not getting any deeper.

“When do I get to meet Austin?” Gervais asks as they get out.

“I don’t know. He’s pretty busy. Shall I see if he’s up for the 4 of us doing something this weekend?” Blue asks.

“Yes okay. Hope tonight goes well.” Gervais says.

“Thanks, I’ll text you when I get there.” Blue says walking Gervais to their dorm building door.

“Blue.” Gervais calls out as he begins to walk away.

“What?” Blue asks.

“Don’t do anything unless you really like him, you deserve more than just someone who is willing.” Gervais says.

“I like him.” Blue says with a smile and walks away.

“You okay?” Spence asks as Gervais comes in and hands him his to go cup.

“Yeah, kind of, think tonight’s class worked some voodoo on me. Feeling a bit emotional from the last few days.” Gervais says.

“And Blue is on his date.” Andy says and Gervais nods not trusting himself to speak.

“You can’t f this up for him, not now.” Robin says.

“I know and I won’t. I told you that.” Gervais says.

“I just want to meet the guy.” Elliot says.

“Well Blue would be wise to keep him away from you.” Spence laughs.

“Hey I’ve not gone after Gervais, Jesse or Blue since I’ve been here, I am fully rehabilitated.” Elliot says.

“He’s going to see if Austin wants to do something with me and Jesse this weekend.” Gervais says.

“No way, no fair, we all meet him or no one does.” Robin laughs.

“Hey don’t ask, don’t get.” Gervais laughs.

Austin and Blue are eating and catching up on their week. They are both happy that things are not strained and they are picking up where they left off.

“I cannot believe all the drama you had this week.” Austin says.

“I can’t believe you’ve been rehearsing non-stop and had classes cancelled.” Blue says.

“Come see my show on Monday?” Austin asks.

“For sure, why is it midweek?” Blue asks.

“It isn’t a major show, just a student produced one so we don’t get a weekend. It is kind of an early final for us but open to the public too.” Austin explains.

“Can I bring my friends, they are all so curious about you?” Blue asks.


“Sure, there is a party after I can meet them then as you’ll be meeting mine.” Austin says.


“Are we ready for that?” Blue asks.


“I’m not going anywhere.” Austin says.


“I was worried you’d go off me or not have time for me.” Blue says.


“I worry about having the time to get this going properly. I want to and I really hope you’ll be patient. Plus I know you have your own stuff going on.” Austin says.


“Well work it out, not everything has to be a date, right? I can come over late and we can just chat.” Blue says.


“Or we can have breakfast together as we’re both early risers. Though I loved dinner tonight so bringing this stuff by again would be super welcome. Have you thought about giving up fish?” Austin asks.


“No, I know you’re vegetarian for animal welfare reasons, I am pescatarian because that is how I was raised. I’ve not really had fish here at school, it is like my aversion to egg dishes here, and the only fish I eat is what I’ve caught myself.” Blue says.


“I’ll not stop asking but I have years of meat eating to atone for unlike you.” Austin shrugs.


“It’s okay. Do you not have to wear leather shoes for dance? Silk too?” Blue asks.


“I have vegan shoes for dance. I really try, I can’t always be perfect but I make the effort.” Austin says.


“I like that you’re not half assed about anything.” Blue says.


“Including you.” Austin says with a big smile.


They clear away and make out for a while but little else, they are both tired and full of food.


“You’re so beautiful.” Blue says kissing Austin gently.


“You’re so sexy, I love your body.” Austin says kissing Blue’s abs.


“Can I come over tomorrow when you’re finished?” Blue asks.


“Yes please. I hate kicking you out again, I really want us to have a sleepover.” Austin says.


“We don’t need to rush. I’m not the sort who will ever be dating loads of guys.” Blue says.


“Next time I promise.” Austin says and kisses Blue goodbye.


On Monday Blue and Spence drop Ocean home after gymnastics and give Cheryl their contribution to his Christmas gift.

“And don’t shy away from asking us again for the next term and the next. He’s a talented kid and we are more than happy to help.” Spence says.

“It feels very wrong to me to have teenagers helping me pay for his classes and uniform.” Cheryl says.

“You’ve kept me sane all semester and fed us and been there for us, really you could be charging us for therapy and we’d be all square.” Blue says and Cheryl smiles.

“Have a great time tonight and bring this boyfriend by sometime soon. That goes for you too Spence.” Cheryl says and hugs them goodbye.

They meet the others at the theater and take their seats. Blue doesn’t let on which one Austin is to the others he just sits back and enjoys the show. It isn’t really his thing but Austin looks hot during his parts and is clearly talented.

After the show Blue leads the group over to Austin’s dorm for the party, it is in a room on the ground floor, there are a few people there already and the guys chat amongst themselves, well Elliot heads of to chat up other guys.

“Well I enjoyed watching men in tights. Those asses…” Andy says.

“Were terrific.” Jesse says surprising the others, he’s never one to leer.

“They were all really well put together. “ Robin says looking round.

“I loved it. All of it, I loved the stories and the music and those jumps and spins holy cow it was amazing.” Spence says.

“Me too.” Gervais says quietly, he’s had his eye on the door since they arrived.

Spence and Gervais start to discuss what they loved and what else they’d like to see. To have the sports mad Spence enthusing about the arts is quite the turn on for Andy who is already trying to make excuses to leave, he loves when his boyfriend is passionate about something.

“We have to stay and meet Austin, dumbass.” Spence whispers to his man.

“The suite is empty, we can meet him anytime.” Andy whispers back.

Austin comes in fresh from the shower and jumps straight onto Blue’s back kissing kid ear. Blue moves his arms to support Austin’s legs and turns his face to kiss him. Gervais looks on in despair, the simple sweet move between the new couple floods Gervais with jealousy. Austin is beautiful and talented and just the sort of guy who Blue should be with. Realizing he’s missed his shot.

“This is Austin, meet Gervais, Spence, Andy, Jesse, Robin and over there is Elliot. That’s everyone over with in a big bang.” Blue smiles.

Austin slides off Blue’s back and greets everyone. Spence asks a bunch of questions about the show, and the others start grilling him about everything.

Austin answers everything with good grace and humor, he then takes Blue to meet hid friends.

“That was an excuse I want to go upstairs I’m so hyper from tonight.” Austin says.

“You were so good.” Blue says.

“It was great, it all went well I felt so good and now I want you.” Austin says pulling Blue into a kiss in the elevator.

They quickly strip each other off in Austin’s room, kissing non-stop, Austin is on a total high from his performance and needs Blue.


“I love your body.” Blue says running his hands and tongues all over Austin who shivers under the touch.


“I want you, I need you inside me.” Austin says kissing Blue hard and pushing against him.


“Are you sure? I’ll need some guidance.” Blue says.


“You’ll be amazing. You are so hot. We’ll take it slow.” Austin says moving Blue’s hands towards his ass.


Blue squeezes for a few moments, feeling what he has to work with, loving it, so high and tight. Blue lies Austin on his back, kisses down his stomach for before taking his dick in and sucking for a few minutes before pushing Austin’s legs in the air and running his tongue down his crack. It’s all new and a bit scary but Blue is excited to try. He’s rather Austin was fucking him but this is probably easier first time.


He spends a lot of time playing with Austin’s ass, using his tongue and fingering him getting him ready, Austin passes down lube and a condom. Blue plays a little while longer and then lets Austin turn his attention to his dick. Getting him hard again, Blue loves watching his head bobbing away.


“You sure?” Blue asks.


“Oh yeah baby.” Austin grins. Blue fingers him some more, now easily slipping in and out, he’s a ball of terror and curiosity.


He wraps his dick adds more lube and slowly, slowly, slowly begins to push in. Austin guides him when to stop and when to go and Blue quickly learns to read what Austin needs.


Austin smiles up at Blue and groans.


“Give it to me.” Austin groans and Blue tries to do just that. He pumps and pumps Austin’s cute rump until he’s squealing in delight and covering himself in jet upon jet of cum.
Blue looks at Austin, kind of surprised at what has happened. He pulls out and kisses him tenderly.
Blue lies back a little confused, was that it? Austin clearly had a great time. Maybe it’ll be better when he’s less nervous.

“Was it okay?” Blue asks.

“So good, you’ve just turned me into a size queen, you were amazing, felt so, so good. I’m pooped.” Austin says kissing Blue gently and then yawning.

“Can I shower? Or do you need me to go?” Blue asks.

“Go ahead, I can’t guarantee to be awake when you come back.” Austin says smiling.

Blue worries some more in the shower, wonders if it’s him if he can’t let go. Maybe it’ll be better when Austin takes him, that’s what he really wants, what he fantasises about.

Blue dries off, runs some of Austin’s toothpaste round his teeth with his finger and slips into bed beside the sleeping Austin. Austin snuggles closer for a minute but the soon drift apart in their sleep. Blue worries it’s another sign that this isn’t right, he always stays cuddled close to Robin and Gervais.

They wake early and start to make out again, Blue loves, loves the kissing and stroking part and wishes this could last forever.

“Ugh I have to go.” Blue says pulling himself away, the making out has knocked his insecurities from his mind and he’s now reluctant to leave.

“Yeah I need to get ready for class. When can I see you again?” Austin asks.

“When do you go home?” Blue asks.

“Tonight straight from class.” Austin says.

“I guess we’ll have to wait until you’re back. Call me lots.” Blue says.

“Loads and loads.” Austin says and kisses Blue once more.

Blue sprints back grabs coffee on his way back in and gets ready for class while gulping it down.

He walks to class with Gervais mostly lost in thought.

“Want to play pool tonight?” Blue asks.

“Sounds good. Jesse has gone already, we can order in Chinese, my treat.” Gervais says.

“That sounds good. I can’t believe it’s just us the rest of the week.” Blue says.

“Yeah, at least we have each other.” Gervais says.

“I’ll see you tonight.” Blue says and turns and hugs his friend, needing a second of comfort. Gervais breathes in sharply remembering how good Blue’s arms feel.

That evening Blue and Gervais grab some drinks, fruit and sandwiches from the dining hall and fill the fridge in the suite then order in Chinese. They take it down to the pool room, turn on the TV and play together happily.

“Is Jesse okay with you being here with me alone?” Blue asks.

“No not at all. I guess it’s too soon for Austin to object.” Gervais says.

“He doesn’t know about me having feelings for you.” Blue says.

“Well you have feelings for him now.” Gervais says.

“He’s nice, and so talented, I’m a bit in awe. Maybe I need someone more on my level.” Blue says looking at Gervais and trying not to feel what he feels.

“I think you’re more than good enough for him. Better.” Gervais says.

“I’m just so new at this, I don’t know how to think or feel.” Blue says.

“Just take your time. He really likes you. You won’t be as close as we are straight away.” Gervais says.

“I guess.” Blue says quietly.

“But you don’t have to date him. Not if it doesn’t feel right.” Gervais says.

“I do like him. I do. I just expected to feel more.” Blue says.

“What do you mean?” Gervais asks and they sit on the sofa together.

“When you have sex with Jesse do you always, uh finish, when you’re on top I mean?” Blue asks in a hurry.

“Not every time, during, sometimes after, occasionally I’m too tired and it doesn’t happen.” Gervais says with mixed feelings that Blue isn’t a v any more.

“And does it feel good, during, for you?” Blue asks.

“Of course, I love it. It feels amazing.” Gervais says wondering if it didn’t happen for Blue yet after all.

“What about Jesse? If he uh tops?” Blue asks feeling a bit wrong for prying.

“I don’t let him often, it’s less good for me. But he loves it both ways.” Gervais says.
“I didn’t really feel anything. I was really nervous and maybe I was too scared to feel.” Blue says.

“Did he like it?” Gervais asks.

“Oh yeah he seemed to love it, and I loved watching him enjoy it but I felt so detached.” Blue says.

“You like everything else you do though?” Gervais asks.

“Yes, I do, loads. No trouble then.” Blue says.

“Try other uh positions, see what feels good. Of course you were nervous and not finishing doesn’t mean you’re defective or anything. Just help yourself out when you pull out, it’s fine, expected, hot.” Gervais says.

“I just feel so useless.” Blue admits.

“Blue you could never be useless, you need some damn confidence.” Gervais says feeling sad that his friend is unhappy.

“I guess my first time was better than yours, I have that to be grateful for.” Blue says.

“You do but Blue Sky you need to tell Austin if you’re uncomfortable and not me. I’m sure it was just nerves and maybe lay off the self-love before he comes back.” Gervais laughs.

“I wish it had been you.” Blue says quietly.

“There’s no way you’d get that thing inside me.” Gervais laughs trying to lighten the mood.

“You’d have pounded me and we’d both have had an awesome time. I have a great ass.” Blue laughs.

“You do.” Gervais says knowing they need to cut this conversation off before he strips off.

“Do you ever think of me like that?” Blue asks.

“No, now let’s play.” Gervais lies, jumping up and racking up.

They play a while, watching each other hungrily. Both knowing they need to be very careful over the holiday.

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  1. Damn you Sam! And your cliffhangers! Ahhh! They just both need to stop being stupid and get together already


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