Happening. Not Happening. Should happen?


I am still writing Alexander, I tend to do it on weekends as I can focus more then but have been busy recently. I will have part 15 up by sunday.

I’m obviously writing more Suite saga and I’m loving it. Do let me know what you like and hate and which characters you like.

Not happening.

Like I often do I had a plan for The suite saga that didn’t come off and I thought I’d share a couple.

Andy wasn’t supposed to get caught cheating for ages, he was supposed to flirt with Blue a lot leading to Spence seriously attacking Blue and getting kicked out of school leaving Andy to start over alone.

Recently there was supposed to be a fire at the meeting and an attack on Dylan and John as they left early. Decided to ditch both ideas and move back to the core relationships. Not ruling out a big event in the future but decided I liked exploring the small more than the big.

Oh and Robin was going to leave and Elliot move in, but that had a last minute switch too. Gervais was going to offer to switch so Elliot could have a single causing conflict with Jesse and Austin. Still not sure if it was right to drop that one.

Should happen?

Should there be more sex scenes? This came out of a couple of emails. Should there be more from that side of Spence and Andy? Or from Jesse and Gervais? Elliot and randoms? All none.

Let me know.


Thanks for reading










4 thoughts on “Happening. Not Happening. Should happen?

  1. Regards to suit saga, the line your following now with everyone finding themselves is awesome.. sex will come but just let it flow your crafting a great read!


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