The suite saga 22

Blue wakes up hard as a rock with Robin next to him. For a moment he lies there feeling sexy and enjoying the warmth from his good friend and former crush. He slips out to go to the bathroom.


“Wow no one was lying about that. You’re huge.” Elliot says looking up from the sofa.


“Sorry, didn’t mean to flash you, can’t keep it in my underwear sometimes.” Blue shrugs.


“It is a beautiful thing to wake up to. Anytime you need someone to sit on it I am yours.” Elliot laughs.


“I’d rather you pound me.” Blue says and hits the shower.


Elliot lies back, his imagination running wild.

Later the guys meet up and Robin and Miles drive them to the movies.
“I’m sorry if last night messed things up for you.” Blue says to Miles.

“It’s okay. I saw how she looked at him and she never looked at me like that and she looks at me in a great way. I’ll find someone. Shame you’re with Austin.” Miles says.

“Oh no, no one else can have a crush on Blue, I cannot cope.” Elliot laughs.

“Where were you guys when I was so single I had to have a fake boyfriend?” Blue says laughing at himself.

“How are Dylan and John doing? Anyone seen them since the meeting combustion?” Elliot asks.

“I texted John but no reply.” Blue says.

“I see them, they’re still together but they fight a lot. Dylan has taken to flirting with guys now, in the way he used to flirt with girls. It’s like he has to be hurting John at all times.” Miles says.

“That sucks, John is a great guy.” Blue says.

“I don’t know how you can say that after he didn’t defend you at all.” Elliot says.

“He loves Dylan and that’s where his loyalties are.” Blue says not at all hurt.

“He looks unhappy now. Maybe you should text him again.” Miles says.

“I’ll call and see if he wants to come to the movie. He can meet us there.” Blue says and does.

“Well?” Asks Elliot.

“He’ll meet us there, he was at a loose end, as Dylan isn’t back until tomorrow.” Blue says smiling.

They only need to wait a couple of minutes for John who is happy to see he knows everyone except George.

“Sorry I didn’t reply the other week. Dylan is a bit sensitive about us being friends.” John says.

“But today is okay?” Blue asks.

“I might omit that you’re here, it’s not unbelievable to think Miles and Elliot would have invited me.” John says.

“That’s true.” Miles says overhearing.

“Where’s Emilie?” John asks.

“Over.” Miles says.

“What? Why?” John asks shocked.

“She met Robin last night when we tried to set him up with Ally and it was pure fireworks.” Miles says.

“I’m so sorry.” Robin says.

“It isn’t your fault. You didn’t go after her, it was fate I could see that. No hard feelings. Just treat her well.” Miles says being incredibly mature.

“If she gives me a chance I will. I hate saying that right after your breakup but I don’t want to hide anything.” Robin says.

“Blue and his spidery senses knew you’d be right together. He just owes me someone now.” Miles laughs.

“I think maybe someone is here for you.” Blue says quietly looking at George.

“I hope so.” Miles whispers back.

The guys go in and enjoy the movie immensely. George sits between Elliot and Miles who both vie for his attention until the previews are over.

“Are we going for food?” John asks after.

“If we go to a burger place will you be okay?” Robin asks Blue.

“I can have fries or just soda, I’ll be okay.” Blue says.

“Cool somewhere cheap would be good. Bruno burger?” John suggests.

“Yes!” Elliot shouts out.

“I never heard of it.” Says Robin.

“I’ll ride with you and give directions. Come on George.” Elliot says grabbing George’s arm much to Miles disappointment.

“I’ll go with John, You two go with Miles.” Blue says.

“See you there.” Gervais says and Jesse waves.

“Your friends are all great.” John says as Blue buckles up.

“Most of them are your friends too, well until you disappeared into your love coma.” Blue says smiling.

“I’m sorry about how Dylan has been around you. I’m sure his insecurity is obvious.” John says.

“I think everyone was taken aback by his transformation. Was he always like that with you in private?” Blue asks.

“No never. He just goes all out for everything.” John says.

“How is it for you? I mean you fell for this outdoorsy, practical, man and are now dating a bitchy queen.” Blue asks hoping he hasn’t gone too far.

“He’s still in there but it is different to my expectations. But he’s gone public for me and if this is how he has to be to cope with that choice then I’ll support him.” John says.

“You are a really great guy and Dylan is really lucky. I wish you’d felt something for me.” Blue admits.

“I’m sorry. I thought it was pretty mutual that first date that we didn’t have those feelings.” John says.

“I guess mine grew as I got to know you.” Blue says simply.

“If I hadn’t been in love with Dylan I’m sure mine would have too. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you in the same way.” John says.

“I’ve a boyfriend now and Gervais and I are still close. One day he’ll come round.” Blue says quietly.

“I’m really glad you have someone. For what it’s worth Gervais is a fool for not being with you.” John says.

George sits at the table waiting to order not sure what is happening. He’s always liked Gervais and his suitemates and was disappointed they’ve not really hung out since those first few games of pool. He’s asked Jesse often to include him but been put off. He can see that Blue, Robin and even Gervais are as open and welcoming as they first appeared and he’s annoyed he’s missed out on spending time with them.

As to Miles and Elliot vying for his attention he is in shock. No one has ever had much interest in him that he’s noticed. His Mom always jokes that the girls love him but he never looks up from his computer to notice. He’s been sure to look up since being in college but certain no girls noticed.

He’s not sure about how he feels about boys noticing him. He does kind of have a crush on Blue and has had some fairly graphic dreams about him. He looks at Elliot one side of him and Miles the other, they are both cute in their way. He knows Miles just broke up with Emilie and the reputation of Elliot. Whilst it is flattering that they both seem to like him he doesn’t return their feelings. Not as lovers any way. He’d love to be friends. Still he’s going to enjoy this attention and try and practice flirting.

Blue looks round the table and feels really lucky. His boyfriend might be too busy to be here but he has a nice group of friends. Spence and Andy have joined them for dinner and the group is filling half the tiny burger bar. It’s the sort of place where you can add a million different toppings to the burger and so Blue has been able to get a plate of veggies and is more than happy with that.

John is feeling relaxed for the first time in weeks. He loves Dylan but it is stressful to be out with him in a group as he always picks on someone. He’s become quite the bully and John hates that side of him. Like he told Blue he is waiting for his Dylan to return once he’s worked through all his issues. He owes him at least that.

Gervais is feeling anxious and stressed, he has been able to handle group situations better than ever but sometimes he just can’t. He has no idea what is triggering it. Maybe because he was just sick. Maybe it’s Jesse needing attention, being clingy when Gervais tries to talk to others, maybe it is being a car ride from school and not having a car.

Blue looks at Gervais and then over at Spence and back. Spence gets it straight away.

“Gervais I brought back some snow gear for you to try. Shall we head off and do it? We’re both a bit bust this week.” Spence says and Gervais face melts with relief.

Blue and Spence drop some money on the table. Andy deep in conversation with John and Elliot will stay. Jesse is in the bathroom and the trio leave forgetting he was there.

“Where’s Gervais?” Jesse asks coming back in.

“He just left with Spence to sort their snow gear.” Andy says barely looking up but feeling a little embarrassed he didn’t stop them leaving. Jesse sits and sulks. George looks over at his roommate and like everyone else wonders why Gervais chose Jesse.

“We should have lunch this week before exams start.” George says bravely to Miles. The two have lots in common and Miles is happy to gain another friend even if he can see he won’t get anything else yet.

“Want to shoot some zombies?” George says to Elliot as they are walking back to the dorm.

“For sure.” Elliot says feeling brighter that maybe he hasn’t lost out.

“It is not a sex invite.” George laughs.

“This time.” Elliot grins.

“You know you said you were planning to live with Robin and the others next semester. If there is room for me I’d love to join you guys. I don’t know Jesse’s plans but the others are planning to live off campus but my parents don’t want that and they pay the bills.” George says.

“I’d love it obviously. Blue and Robin will be happy. Gervais is the only sticking point, might be awkward because you’re Jesse’s roommate and we’re not planning on having Jesse move in.” Elliot says.

“Okay. But in theory you and I could share?” George asks.

“Yes, then we could get the same type of suite we have now. Leave it with me.” Elliot says.

When Blue and Spence got back earlier Gervais had fallen asleep in the car, total shutdown. Blue carries him inside like a baby.

“He looked terrified. What pushed him that far?” Spence asks quietly.

“I don’t know. Thanks for bringing us back. I’ll put him to bed, can you keep Jesse away if he comes back?” Blue asks.

“Of course, last thing G needs is Jesse demanding explanations. Are you going to stay in with him?” Spence asks.

“Is that okay? I don’t want to leave you alone.” Blue says.

“Its fine, if you weren’t sitting in with him I would.” Spence says.

“Thanks. Did you have a good break?” Blue asks.

“Yeah, dinner with Robin was fun and it was good to chill out properly for a few days. I got a lot of study done and applied to work at so many different summer sports camps. I’m late to that but I got some replies.” Spence says.

“Oh that will be awesome for you. I love your passion.” Blue says.

“Thanks. Oh Andy is on his way already, I guess we killed the party.” Spence says and Blue carries Gervais to bed.

Blue partially undresses Gervais; he’s awake but not that with it. Blue lies him down, slips off his own shoes and jeans and lies next to him stroking his hair and trying to sooth him.

Gervais snuggles himself into Blue and begins to relax. His best friend is the only one who really understands him and he loves him more and more.

“My Blue Sky taking care of me.” Gervais mutters.

“Spence too. Spence got you out of there and home.” Blue says quietly.

“My Blue Sky.” Gervais says again reaching to stroke Blue’s face. Blue smiles at his friend and holds him close. They are just dozing off as Jesse bursts in with Spence right behind him. Spence grabs Jesse and pulls him out the room.

“Stay here baby.” Blue says quietly, kisses Gervais on the forehead and extracts himself from under him. Gervais nods sleepily, the day has exhausted him and he has no comprehension of what is happening.

“Sorry I didn’t realize the main door was unlocked. He slipped past me.” Spence says.

“How can you put me in the wrong when he’s been in bed with my boyfriend in his underwear?” Jesse screams and Blue realizes how bad it looks.

“I was just calming him down, I took my jeans off to be comfortable. Believe me it wasn’t sexual.” Blue says calmly.

“It’s my job.” Jesse says stubbornly.

“Well why didn’t you get him out of there sooner then?” Spence asks exasperated.

Jesse bursts into tears.

Blue hugs him.

“Just go back to your room and you’ll see him tomorrow. He’s exhausted from being sick, today was too much. If he asks for you I’ll call you.” Blue says trying to be kind.

“Just let me be with him and I’ll get you if he asks for you.” Jesse counters.

“You are too wound up and angry, he can’t deal with that right now.” Blue says calmly letting him go.

“But why does he always want you and not me?” Jesse asks quietly.

“Because Blue can calm him down and doesn’t ask for anything when he has nothing to give. I can’t do that for him and neither can you, doesn’t mean we care any less or he likes Blue more. He needs us all for different things and we all want to be there to help him heal. Let him be with Blue now.” Spence says quietly.

“I just hate that he doesn’t want me.” Jesse says.

“He does, most the time. He chose you as his boyfriend, not me, not Spence. You are top of his list.” Blue says trying to hide his bitterness.

“He should want me all the time.” Jesse whines.

“He probably does, just go to him.” Blue says shaking his head and going to his own room.

Robin comes in a few minutes later.

“Deja vu. What’s up?” Robin asks.

“I can’t be out there placating Jesse over Gervais when I just want to punch him in the face and tell him to leave my boy alone.” Blue says.

“Oh babe I’m sorry. What happened?” Robin asks.

Blue explains and Robin laughs.

“So he comes in and finds you half dressed with Gervais wrapped all round you like a rash happy as can be, when 20 minutes before he was looking like death.” Robin says.

“That sounds bad.” Blue admits.

“It is bad. Gervais needs to let Jesse go. You were lucky to make it out alive, I’d have killed you if it had been my girlfriend like that with you.” Robin says.

“I want him and I don’t want to apologize. I always have to do the shit stuff and get none of the rewards. I’m like an unpaid therapist and caretaker. But neither of them is grateful, they just want me to back off until the next crisis.” Blue says angrily.

“Don’t tell me, tell them.” Robin says glad his friend is waking up to the situation.

“Jesse doesn’t care about Gervais at all, if he did he’s never have burst in like that.” Blue says.

“Hey he was jealous and thought his boyfriend was cheating, which he kind of is.” Robin says.

“If only.” Blue replies.

“Emotionally you are both cheating and you know it.” Robin says.

“So what do I do?” Blue asks.

“Back right off. Its finals then winter break. Having a physical break from each other will be good for you. Spend more nights with Austin, see if you can get things sorted out and your feelings for him growing.” Robin says.

“You’re right. Thanks. I always have hope after I spend time with Gervais. I need to focus on Austin and forget about him.” Blue says.

“Budge over a bit.” Robin says pulling off his clothes and climbing in.

“This is so nice. Why are you not gay again?” Blue asks with a smile.

“You couldn’t handle me.” Robin laughs and cuddles up to his friend.

Gervais wakes early with little memory of the night after leaving the burger place.

“You’re not my Blue Sky.” Gervais mumbles as he opens his eyes and sees Jesse.

“I am your Jesse.” Jesse says and kisses Gervais with intent.

“Were you here all night?” Gervais asks confused and disappointed.

“Yes. Blue put you to bed and I took over later.” Jesse says glossing over the previous night’s events.

“Sundays are my alone night.” Gervais says.

“We’ve had too much time apart over the holiday. I needed my Gervais.” Jesse says feeling himself slipping back into his needy ways and not sure how to pull himself back out.

“I have to go, I have class.” Gervais says.

“No classes today.” Jesse says.

“I have a revision session with my class.” Gervais says getting out of bed annoyed.

“Come on you don’t need to go, stay and play with me.” Jesse says.

Gervais walks off to the bathroom to shower without another word.

“You feeling better?” Elliot asks.

“Yeah thanks. I think I’m still needing to recover a bit. I was totally wiped out for a few days.” Gervais says.

“Blue said, it sounded grim.” Elliot says.

“Blue was amazing. I owe him yet again.” Gervais says.

“You owe me nothing but walking me to breakfast.” Blue says emerging from the other bathroom.

“See you in 5 minutes.” Gervais says with a smile.

As usual all of Blue’s resolve melts away when he sees Gervais looking all sleepy and cute.

The pair have breakfast together and avoid the topic of the previous night. They’ve booked a study room in the dorm with some friends from various classes and plan to cram together.


Finals pass quickly and soon everyone is leaving for winter break. Gervais is ready for his ski trip with Spence. Andy and Blue are looking forward to some time at home and Elliot is dreading being with his ultra conservative family.


Blue has seen a fair bit of Austin but hasn’t brought up the sex problem yet, they’ve stuck to other things mostly so it hasn’t come up. Blue thinks it’ll be easier after the break when they both have more time for each other. Of course he doesn’t know that Gervais has bitten the bullet and ended things with Jesse. It’s not entirely about Blue, the problems they were having before were never entirely resolved. Jesse needs more than Gervais can give and Gervais needs more space.


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