The suite saga 25 – Winter break 3

“Hey guys.” Blue says coming in just as Andy is sitting down with drinks.

Bob looks on from the counter his eyes on stalks. Blue really does look like something out of mythology, all that he’s heard is true.

“Where’s Katelyn?” Andy asks looking round.

“I left her up at the Reynold’s farm, all the girls from her grade are there for a sleepover. I said I’d ask you if she could stay over, if its okay we can take her a bag up and you can meet the parents. If not we can collect her later.” Blue says.

“One day here and she’s at a sleepover? Oh that is wonderful.” Roe says with a smile.

“Will she be okay? Will they be friendly?” Andy asks concerned his sister can’t deal with tween bullying right now.

“They’re nice girls, only 3 of them. I’ve known them forever. Kids here don’t do mean girl exclusion stuff, there are too few of them. Remember how shocked I was at the attitudes and bullying when I got to school.” Blue says.

“I thought you might be an alien or pod person.” Andy laughs.

“What do we need to take up to her, just PJs and a toothbrush?” Roe asks.

“She gave me a list. I’ll bake some cookies to take too.” Blue says.

“I cannot get used to super baker Blue. I am not complaining. I am going to get so fat while I’m here.” Andy says with a smile.

“We’ll be spending a lot of time cleaning the house and clearing the garden, you’ll be grateful of the extra calories.” Roe says.

“I cannot imagine Andy being practical at all.” Blue says.

“Me either but there’s something in the air out here that makes me want to.” Andy says.

“Roe we should go home via the store to see if they have a bike that will work for Katelyn as she’ll need it. Want to come Andy or are you going to stay here?” Blue asks.

“I’ll stay a while. Bob can give me a ride later.” Andy says waving at the carpenter who comes over.

“Hello Blue, I’m Robert, call me Bob, you’d already left for school when I arrived in town.” Bob says shaking Blue’s hand.

“Welcome. My Momma told me you were here. We will no doubt be up to see you soon; these guys have a house and no furnishings.” Blue says.

“Come by anytime.” Bob says.

“Thank you Bob. Everyone is so nice here.” Roe says.

“Do you need eggs? Or cookies? Or both?” Blue asks.

“I can always use eggs thank-you.” Bob says and Roe and Blue leave.

“So you are closing up now?” Andy asks Bob.

“There is a book club tonight but they’ll serve themselves. I’m just cleaning up and I’m done. You’re staying with Clara?” Bob asks.

“Is Ms Day’s name Clara?” Andy asks and Bob nods.

A bunch of people start arriving and the two men head out to Bob’s car.

“I really don’t need to go straight home.” Andy says.

“I know. My place?” Bob asks.

“Sure. So why stay in a place where you’re the only gay in the village or is there a secret community Blue doesn’t know about?” Andy asks.

“Just me here that I know of, and Blue but I hear he wasn’t really out and now you. It’s pretty liberating not to hang out with people you’ve dated.” Bob says.

“But you must miss sex and companionship.” Andy says.

“I was in a long term relationship for 10 years and I am still grieving its end. I was with the same man from 16 to 26. I supported him through college while I worked for my grandfather learning my trade. My grandfather died and I inherited the business, it was burnt to the ground in a riot and I’m still fighting for the insurance money. Grant wasn’t strong enough to support me through the dark times and left me.” Bob says.

“That sucks. I can see somewhere like here might appeal.” Andy says.

“A friend told me about harvest work up so I rocked up with a single bag of clothes and the few tools I had left. Living in a beautiful place like this with an amazing population of caring people got me straight back on track. I’ve been given more wood and broken or unwanted furniture than I know what to do with and I have commissions for the year. Sure some will pay in apples or venison but as long as I can pay my bills I’m good with that. I’ve a freezer of meat and I’m learning how to make preserves and apple sauce. Clara won’t take any rent from me as long as I do my shifts at the café and visit the old folks.” Bob says.

“So do you get down to the city?” Andy asks.

“I do and yes I make the most of what a working cell phone can bring me in the way of dates. For sure I miss companionship, sharing my life and the physical side but I get by.” Bob says.

“You and Blue should get married when he graduates.” Andy laughs.

“I believe he is about three stratospheres out of my league. You should hear how people talk about him you’d think he was Einstein and Picasso and Clark Gable rolled into one. I thought no one can be that perfect. Then he comes into the café, he’s just helped rescue you guys from whatever your situation is, he looks like a dream and I’ve already tasted his baking.” Bob says shaking his head.

“He has no idea. He even fake dated someone because he didn’t think he could get a real boyfriend.” Andy says smiling and shaking his head.

“Living up here must have been lonely for him.” Bob says.

“As it is for you. How far out do you live?” Blue asks.

“Almost there. Make yourself at home, there’s beer in the fridge. I need to shower.” Bob says as a small house comes in to view.
“Sure thing.” Andy says grabbing a beer as suggested. Andy walks around the place and outside, it’s not too cold and Andy really wants to put the woods to use.
Bob walks out and joins him.


“Get those pants off and face that tree.” Andy says.


“Seriously?” Bob asks instantly turned on by the controlling younger man.


“I don’t know why you got dressed again. You know I’m just here to fuck.” Andy says.


“I think we’re going to have a lot of fun.” Bob smiles and he strips off and walks to the tree. Andy follows behind him and is soon kissing Bobs neck and pushing a lubed finger into his ass.


“You like that.” Andy asks pushing in deeper.


“I want more.” Bob groans as Andy pushes in a second finger.


“Fuuuuck that’s good.” Bob groans, its been too long and he’s tight but super eager. He’s not had a teenager in his ass since he was a teen himself and as he looks back at the rock hard dick behind him his asshole twitches more.


“You ready for me?” Andy breathes.


“Please, oh fuck stop teasing and fuck me.” Bob groans. Andy wraps up and pushes in slowly, waits until Bob is begging for his thrusts and begins slowly moving out and then ramming in fast. Teasing and rewarding. Bob is in heaven and lets Andy control the pace until he’s shooting hard against the wood, he drops to his knees and sucks Andy dry. They both sink to the ground only slightly worried about splinters.

“Momma my friend Elliot has managed to get me a parking permit when he sorted his new dorm room out. Can I get a car? I don’t think the truck will make it to school.” Blue says.

“We can have a look. Drive you and Andy to the city then you can drive it back to school. I’ll feel better about it if there are two of you.” Momma says.

“Why not swap with me? Your truck will be far more useful to me up here than my car.” Roe says.

“It’s hardly a fair swap for you.” Blue laughs.

“Well think of it as sharing two cars. I’ll be able to use mine to go to the city when you’re home and we’ll share the truck when we’re home. You’ll be able to get Andy to and from school though it is a very long drive.” Roe says.

“And I can get him to the airport for shorter breaks. If Momma is okay with it I am. I just worry if my truck dies on you.” Blue says.

“Then we’ll get another truck. It makes sense to me. Roe and I can share my car and the truck up here and you take her car with you, you and Andy will share at school. We never thought you’d need one at school. I never imagined you’d be teaching at Cheryl’s place or going off on camping weekends.” Momma says.

“Thank-you. Both of you.” Blue says.

“One of the farmers I saw today says he has to go close to your town in the next couple of weeks. He will take some extra people and pack up your things. I’ve stressed that he can’t let people know where he is taking it all to.” Momma says.

“I don’t know. I’ve not left anything behind that I need. I brought all personal stuff with me. I don’t keep much paperwork at home. I lived simply as did the kids.” Roe says.

“No art supplies, paintings?” Momma asks.

“Supplies can be replaced but I’d not thought about my paintings. I’m not attached to any of my furniture or cooking things, though it feels wasteful. I need more time I’m sorry.” Roe says.

“Don’t be sorry. If you’re not ready you’re not ready. We’ll try another time.” Momma says.

“I don’t want to be a burden to you. I know I should deal with it soon in case he has someone break in. But I worry about him tracing the moving truck and upsetting Katelyn again.” Roe says.

“We’ll come up with something. I wonder if we can hire a firm to pack up and take everything to the next town and have Momma’s friends pick it up there.” Blue suggests.

“That sounds safe enough, we can’t use a local firm though. The longer we leave it the more I’ll worry so yes lets do it. We can then sell the house and be done with it.” Roe says.

“Blue will organize it all. Don’t worry. You’re well protected here.” Momma says.

“I will worry. I worry we should have left sooner. I worry what will become of my sister, will he marry her and we lose her forever, will he throw her out. Heaven forbid he gets her pregnant.” Roe says.

“You can’t control it. He didn’t do anything to Katelyn that we can use to stop him. You got her out before anything could. At least she’s strong willed enough not to have fallen for his tricks or he might be a lot further along in his campaign. Your sister is a grown woman you’re not responsible for her choices.” Momma says.

“I know. I know. I just need to learn to live with the guilt.” Roe says.

Blue leaves the two women talking and heads to his room to call Austin.

“Hey Babe, you look stressed.” Austin says.

“Just a busy day and I’m just realizing how much fallout there could be for Andy’s family.” Blue says.

“You’ll need to come back to school for a rest.” Austin says.

“For lots of snuggles with you.” Blue says.

“I miss those. We need to see a lot more of each other this semester.” Austin says.

“I hope so. You’ll get too busy for me again no doubt.” Blue says.

“I will make sure to schedule you in as much as I can. Plus I won’t need to take on so many projects to distract me from my lack of boyfriend as I have one.” Austin smiles.

“Yes you do.” Blue grins back.

They carry on talking until Andy makes it home.

“Hey Austin.” Andy says walking in.

“Do you have twigs in your hair?” Austin asks.

“Yeah, I was just in the woods with Bob, Blue isn’t the only gay in town anymore.” Andy smiles.

“Oh wow.” Austin smiles, he and Blue say goodnight.

“You cheated on Spence.” Blue says.

“I did. It was just sex. I am so stressed and I took an opportunity.” Andy admits.

“I’m not judging you. No one could have predicted how your break turned out. I’m sure Spence will forgive you. It is hard doing this long distance thing and you can’t even call Spence.” Blue says.

“That’s just it. I’m going through all this without him and I just needed an hour to forget.” Andy says.

“Don’t be mad at yourself. This is not like before. And you were careful, right?” Blue asks.

“Yes of course I won’t make that mistake again. This is so frustrating, Spence and I have been closer than ever and now I feel so distant from him.” Andy says.

“Lets go to bed. Tomorrow we’ll be busy working on the house and you won’t have time to think about it.” Blue says.

“I know, me, cleaning and being practical.” Andy laughs as he snuggles up to Blue.

Last night they slept side by side, tonight Blue hugs Andy close and they both appreciate the comfort.

For the rest of break Andy and Blue work hard getting the house ready, cleaning, decorating and sanding the floors. Roe’s things get delivered without a hitch and the boys work hard getting everything in place. Katelyn loves her new room and as soon as the electricity is on she invites her new classmates over for another sleepover. It is clear she is happy and has quickly slotted into the group. She starts at the school and settles in to the new style of learning in no time, she feels in control and back on track.

Once the main house is ready they set to work clearing the outbuildings and making them into studio space for Roe who is delighted with everything. She takes her turn in the café and most the town come down to greet her, it doesn’t hurt that she’s a great cook.

Finally Bob comes down and helps build a hen house and large chicken run and promises to come back and help with the garden in the spring. He and Andy continue their dalliance for the rest of the break; it is just physical for both of them.

With everything ready the boys decide to head back to school a little early, so they can take their time over the drive. They stock the car with Blue’s baking efforts, a ton of beer for school and Andy’s playlists and they have a fun road trip.

Back at school Elliot greets them like long lost brothers, he had a shit break and couldn’t wait to get back and have fun. The three hang out, drinking, playing pool and generally having fun until the others get back right before classes start.


Andy is pacing the floor waiting for Spence and Gervais to get in. Blue is over at Austin’s and Andy has no one to distract him. Then the door opens and Andy’s heart just expands at the sight of Spence. They hug, Andy briefly hugs Gervais too and then pulls Spence into their room. What felt like an okay thing to do with Bob suddenly feels like the worst thing in the world.


“I’ve had a crazy break, really crazy and its no excuse but I cheated.” Andy says.


“Oh thanks fuck for that, I did too. I thought it was okay until I saw you.” Spence says.


“We’re a pair of sluts. I’m jealous and horny all at once.” Andy says.


“I’ve been worried, so worried. So we’re okay?” Spence asks.


“I am, if you are.” Andy says.


“I am. I should have gone for us being open in the first place.” Spence says.


“Is that back on the table because I am happy just you with the occasional group thing.” Andy says.


“Me too, maybe during breaks though if we’re apart.” Spence says.


“Yeah. A month without you is too long, this summer will be really hard. Not that I have many options now my family live in Blue’s community.” Andy says slipping in the major news.


“Holy shit. Wait did you fuck Blue?” Spence asks.


“No I wouldn’t do that. A new guy moved up there. I’ll tell you about him later I need to tell you the rest first.” Andy says.


“For sure.” Andy says.


Gervais looks longingly at Blue’s empty bed as he helps Robin unpack.


“You missed him?” Robin asks.


“Like crazy. Why did I waste all that time? Why did I tell him not to wait?” Gervais asks himself as much as Robin.



“Honestly I don’t know. To me all those reasons you had, that he had for you were just bullshit.” Robin says.


“I know and now he’s in bed with Austin and I’m alone.” Gervais says.


“He loves you. He might be with Austin but its not the same.” Robin says.


“Don’t count on it.” Andy says barging in.


“Way to be supportive.” Spence says following behind.


“Austin and Blue talked every day of the break, for hours. Those two saying goodnight every night not caring that I was right there in bed with him was vomit inducing. I’m sorry Gervais but they are a solid couple now.” Andy says.


“Why were you in Blue’s bed?” Robin asks confused.


“My family moved in with him.” Andy says with a laugh and tells them the story of his break.

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