The suite saga 28

Andy, Blue, Spence and Gervais are in the car driving to their spring break house.


“I think you should try and come stay with us at the end of the summer even if you can’t do the start.” Blue says.


“I want some time at home but I’m not bothered about seeing my family. I need Andy with me too so we can sort out things for our apartment. I wish you two would live with us.” Spence says.


“We can’t leave Robin alone.” Blue says.


“You should come in the dorm with us.” Gervais says.


“Nah we need a lot more freedom and a nice comfy bed.” Spence says.


“And a kitchen for Blue to come and fill with beautiful baking.” Andy says.


“That’s why they want us to move in, they want my cooking and your video games.” Blue laughs.


“They’ll soon wish they were in our suite with our roof top pool.” Gervais says.


“They’ll be begging to come to our parties with all the hotties in speedos.” Blue says.


“And you will always invite us as we’re bros.” Andy says laughing.


“Ah to the organized events sure but the unplanned late night skinny dipping you’ll; just have to imagine.” Gervais says and they all fall about laughing.


Both cars arrive around the same time and Dylan and John are waiting to greet them. It is a really cool setup 3 vacation cottages around a pool. It’s the perfect setup for the group.


“You guys are in the house of men. We have a girls house and a couples one too.” Dylan says.


“We thought you’d rather be with the guys.” John says to Spence and Andy.


“For sure. Thanks you guys, this is such a sweet setup.” Spence says.


“Cheap too as its not in a normal spring break area.” John says.


“Thanks so much for all your work setting it up. We have brought muchas beer as a token of appreciation.” Blue says laughing.


“Cool, fit what you can in the refrigerator and leave any excess on the counter. Someone is on an ice run already.” Dylan says sounding like his old self.


The guys all head indoors to find rooms.


“Hey Robin you’re in here with us.” One of the straight guys Jim calls out.


“Oh wow this is sweeeeeeeeet.” Robin says entering the room.


“All the rooms for 2 are tiny, we thought this one for 4 would be best for us, jetted tub for entertaining and a dressing room which will give a bit of privacy should someone get lucky.” Jim says.


“Well I have a girlfriend so it won’t be me. I’ll take the other window bed.” Robin says.


“Cool, we are going to have so much fun. I love these trips.” Jim says.


Gervais and George have settled on a tiny attic room with bunk beds and a small shower room.


“I guess neither of us wants to be too close to party central.” Gervais says.


“Yeah, I always think I want to party but I hate parties and find them so stressful.” George says.


“Me too. My anxiety kicks off when people are getting drunk, worry about people fighting or passing out. And I like to drink myself.” Gervais says.


“3 or 4 people is just right for me. That girls are here too adds to my stress as I cannot talk to girls.” George says.


“Do you like any of the girls here?” Gervais asks.


“No, but I still can’t talk to them.” George laughs.


Blue and Elliot take the room next to Gervais, it has twin beds and is pretty nice.


“We should be well away from Andy and Spence’s fuck fest and no one above us falling out of bed and waking us.” Elliot says.


“Yeah its so good. I’ll go get the beer in from the car.” Blue says and runs off.


Blue hasn’t told anyone about the breakup yet. He’s hoping to enjoy the outdoors for a week and put on the front for the others so he can have some space to forget about Austin. He hates that one fight was enough to break them up.


Jesse and Miles have a small room with a king bed taking up most of it. They barely have enough room to put their bags on the floor.


“Are you okay with this? Want to try for another?” Miles asks.


“It’s fine.” Jesse says.


“Given its today and we are publically sharing a room. Are you accepting me as your boyfriend?” Miles asks.


“I’m not seeing anyone else, do we need to label it?” Jesse asks still not able to commit.


“Fuck it we’ll talk at home. Tonight we party.” Miles says with a grin to hide his pain.


Everyone starts to congregate around the pool, drinking, talking dancing. Spence and Robin are dancing with the girls who just want to dance and not hook up. Andy sits with Elliot drinking and watching them happy his boyfriend is happy.


Blue is alone getting wasted.


Gervais talks to his friends a little but retreats to his room shortly. While single he’d rather play on his phone or read.


George comes in a short while later. He stands and stares at the bunks, with an utterly confused look on his face.


“I think I am a lot more drunk than I realized.” George says.


“Get in with me. We’re both little. Don’t want you falling out the top bunk.” Gervais says.


“I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.” George says.


“Don’t be silly. I love to snuggle, get in.” Gervais says with a smile.


George climbs in, a little uncomfortable, he doesn’t know Gervais that well.


“Sorry if that was a little forward, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Gervais says.


“I’m not, it is just new for me.” George says.


“I really like having you around. Its nice to spend time with someone who gets me and likes the same things as me and isn’t part of the love drama.” Gervais says.


“I wanted to hang out with you guys last semester but Jesse kept putting me off. Keeping you all to himself. But you’ve all been so nice and welcoming I wish I’d ignored him.” George says.


“I liked you when we met too. I’m so glad you joined climbing. Its nice to have another single guy around. Well there’s Elliot but he’s a whore.” Gervais says laughing.


“I wish I had his confidence. He just goes for whoever he wants. I have no idea how he does it.” George says.


“What do you do when you see someone you like?” Gervais asks.


“It hasn’t really ever happened. Well I like Blue but I never know if I like him like that or if he’s just so beautiful to look at. I thought I was asexual before but maybe I have such impossibly high standards which is just as much a problem.” George sighs.


“He’s the most beautiful man on the earth to me.” Gervais says.


“And me. He’s just so nice too. He looks like the type of guy who would never even talk to guys like us.” George says.


“He didn’t even know guys like that even existed before we told him. He’d seen it in movies but thought it was a total exaggeration. Is he really the only guy you’ve ever got the horn over?” Gervais asks.


“Yeah. I never thought I was gay, I’m not sure I am. I just never had a real crush before. I knew sex was never going to happen in high school but I thought that maybe I’d find my type in college, you know a nerdier girl who was in to the same things as me. But it didn’t happen.” George shrugs.


“So you really thought you were asexual?” Gervais asks.


“Until I met Blue that first week and he just jolted me in all those places.” George says.


“He made you hot?” Gervais asks.


“Yes he does. You too.” George says.


“Oh yes, no one ever as much. Did you try watching a shitload of porn to see if anyone else got you going?” Gervais asks.


“Miles suggested that and it was fun but it wasn’t the same. I’m happy to be a late bloomer.” George says.


“That is so sweet. You’re pretty similar to Blue. Everyone thinks he’ll be a certain way but he isn’t, he’s so sweet and naive.”  Gervais says with a smile, he loves to talk about Blue.


“Did you feel jealous when Jesse moved on to Miles?” George asks.


“No, I’m green as can be over Austin being with Blue but I am happy for Jesse.” Gervais says.


“You’re so honest. I really like talking with you, its better than with Miles as I was never sure if he was trying to influence me to be one thing or another.” George says.


“You are lovely to cuddle. I’m not after you, we both want Blue.” Gervais says.


“You’re nice to cuddle too.” George says relaxing and snuggling closer.


Outside the party is going strong. Robin is having a great time hanging with the girls, dancing and flirting in a harmless way. Spence is dancing too while Elliot and Andy look on.


“Jesse looks hot tonight.” Elliot says.


“No, no, no, no, no. Jesse and Miles finally seem to be sorted.” Andy says.


“I can look. Blue is totally wasted.” Elliot nods in Blue’s direction.


“Is he okay?” Andy asks.


“Yeah he’s talking to John now.” Elliot says.


Dylan’s sixth sense kicks in and he extracts John from Blue in seconds. Robin stops to get a drink and tried to chat to Blue who is indeed wasted.


“Spence.” Robin calls his friend over.


“Oh Blue, what’s up?” Spence asks surprised Blue just shrugs.


“Help me get him to bed.” Robin says.


“Come on Blue, time for bed.” Spence says getting Blue up. He can walk okay but is not entirely steady on his feet. Robin and Spence get him up the stairs to his room.


“I’ll stay with him. Thanks Spence.” Robin says.


“You might want to find a bucket.” Spence says.


“You ever see him like this?” Robin asks.


“No, he usually handles his drink better than any of us.” Spence says.


“I’m not that drunk.” Blue says after Spence leaves.


“You could barely stand” Robin says.


“I’m fine, go back to the party.” Blue says.


“Show me you can get your clothes off without falling over.” Robbie says with a grin and Blue stands up and sways on the spot.


“You just want me naked. Finally!” Blue says throwing his arms up in triumph. He strips naked and stumbles into the bathroom to run his head under the cold shower. He shakes himself odd and walks back through feeling a bit better. Robin has striped to his underwear and is waiting on Blue’s bed.


Blue stands there naked and really likes what he sees. He starts to grow and tugs on his balls a little.


“Showoff.” Robin says.


“My first crush is in my bed, virtually naked, got me excited.” Blue says grinning.


“You have eyes for more than Austin?” Robin asks.


“Who?” Blue asks confused.


“Your boyfriend who probably wouldn’t like it that you’re naked with me, even though I’m straight.” Robin says.


“He dumped me Friday.” Blue says getting in to bed.


“Yesterday? Man I am so sorry. I get the drowning of sorrows now. Why didn’t you tell me?” Robin asks.


“Not yesterday, last Friday. I told him he was shit in bed and he asked me to leave and that was it.” Blue says.


“I’m sure you were more sensitive about it than that. Poor Blue putting up with it for so long.” Robin says kissing his friends cheek.


“I shouldn’t have said anything. I lost him for being greedy.” Blue says.


“You shouldn’t have left I so long.” Robin says.


“Done now and its over, I lose.” Blue says.


“Why keep it quiet for a week? Shit you know you can talk to me.” Robin says.


“Please don’t tell the others. I need space to sort my head out. I don’t want pressure over Gervais.” Blue says.


“Okay, you’ve a big decision to make.” Robin says.


“Not thinking about that yet,  I need to get over Austin. I just wish heartbreak didn’t make me so damn horny.” Blue says.


“I’ve not had any in a few days and I feel like my balls are fit to burst.” Robin says moving Blue’s hand over to feel.


“They do feel heavy.” Blue says not moving his hand away but playing a little.


“That feels good.” Robin says, letting Blue know its okay.


“Can I kiss you?” Blue asks.


Robin looks his friend in the eye and nods before pushing his lips to Blue. They kiss tentatively then more deeply. Both curious, drunk and horny.


“What is happening?” Blue asks pulling away.


“We’re helping each other out.” Robin replies and starts playing with Blue a little too.


“You sure?” Blue asks making absolutely sure.


“Yes. I’ve never played with an uncut one before.” Robin says moving Blue’s foreskin back and forth exposing his big plum head.


“Should I use lube on you?” Blue asks.


“If you have some, or spit will do.” Robin says he is enjoying Blue’s touch and really enjoying how excited Blue is.


Not wanting to move Blue spits into his hand and continues to work Robin’s dick.


“Slow down.” Blue groans.


“You like my little hands on your big dick?” Robin asks grinning.


“Fuck yeah, love your cute dick too.” Blue says groaning again.


“Feels good.” Robin says again arching his back.


“Want to fuck me?” Blue asks.


“No.” Robin replies short of breath.


“Want to cum in my mouth?” Blue asks.


“Yes.” Robin replies getting closer and closer.


“For real?” Blue asks shocked and exhilarated.


“Suck it.” Robin says and Blue dives down easily taking all of Robin sucking enthusiastically before slowing down sucking his balls and then back to his dick slowly licking all over before taking it all again and bobbing up and down, working himself in his hand at the same time. Robin is groaning and wriggling in pleasure.


“Fuck Blue, fuck, fuck, FUCK.” Robin cries and Blue sucks everything down before lying back and letting himself loose all over his stomach.


“Fuck that was amazing Blue.” Robin says.


“Dream come true for me.” Blue says panting a little.


“Lucky Elliot didn’t come in.” Robin says.


“Oh you’re back to super straight again.” Blue laughs.


“Sorry that was crass. You still have a thing for me?” Robin asks.


“No, well maybe I will again now. You were the first real life person I got off over and now well we just did that.” Blue says smiling.


“Hope I lived up to the fantasy.” Robin laughs.


“Oh for sure. You want me now instead of Emilie/” Blue asks.


“No and speaking of Emilie can we keep this quiet?” Robin asks.


“Of course bro. I would never tell don’t worry. This was just drunken fun.” Blue says


“I’m not ashamed or anything.” Robin says.


“Sure but we don’t need a shitstorm.” Blue says.


“Thanks Blue.” Robin says as Blue wanders back to the bathroom to washoff.


Robin watches him go with a smile. That was a lot of fun and Blue sure can suck well but he’s still straight.




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