The suite saga 29

John and Dylan wake everyone early banging on pots and pans and soon the kitchen is a hive of activity organizing breakfast and bagging up lunches.


They drive out to the day’s site, there are several climbing spots close to a dense woodland and they settle in for the day, several of the guys eyeing the woods for their suitability for some outdoor sex. Andy wants to try several things with Spence this trip and has come prepared.


After the party last night everyone is slow to get going. It’s as much a social trip as a climbing one and there is no pressure to be particularly active.


Miles and Jesse are the first to venture into the woods for an adventure. It seems all the boys share fantasies of sex against a tree.


Jesse is holding the truck steadying himself as Miles pounds away intensely. It feels so good, so risky, so fun.

Jesse groans and cries out as he cums hard against the wood.

Miles stokes twice more and shudders filling Jesse’s ass.


“Oh fuck that was so good. I love you.” Miles breathes as they finish.


Jesse tenses and feels sick in shock. It was awesome but he’s not in love, nowhere near.

Miles treats him way better than Gervais ever did, takes care of him and more importantly isn’t in love with anyone else.


Is that the issue? Does he love the chase? Does he love the stress that he had with Gervais knowing he had to work to hold on to him? Is it just too easy with Miles? Jesse realizes he isn’t bothered Miles is bi it was just an excuse to hold him back. He wants out. Shit.


Walking back through the wood they see Andy and Spence walking towards them.


“Come join us.” Andy says with a grin.


“Uh we need a little recovery time.” Miles laughs.


“Watching us would get you back in the mood.” Spence says.


“Maybe another time.” Jesse says thinking he would like to go now but accepting he can’t treat Miles badly and needs time to think.


“See you later.” Andy shrugs.


Spence and Andy head much deeper into the wood, they do not want to be caught, well not by the wrong people. Spence strips off and stands still as Andy deftly knots a rope harness around him, securing his arms at his sides. Spence enjoys being bound by his man and his thick dick is proudly erect as Andy carries out the task.


Dylan and John appear through the trees.


“Thought we were far enough off the path.” Andy says with a grin not at all embarrassed.


“As club leaders we needed to come far enough in not to be caught.” John says fascinated by the work Andy is doing.


Andy catches him looking.


“John my bitch needs a thorough pounding. I’d love to see you two take a turn.” Andy says and Spence whimpers in delight.


John and Dylan look at each other, grin and nod, this saves a ‘who is bottoming today’ discussion.


“You’ll do as I say?” Andy asks and they nod happy to be a part of the scene.


Andy bends Spence at the waist keeping a firm hold of the rope with one hand and slapping his ass with the other.


“Hasn’t he got a magnificent rump?” Andy says looking round and grinning.


Dylan and John nod both are practically drooling.


“May I prepare him?” John asks.


Andy nods with a smile.


John sinks to his knees behind Spence and buries his nose between his cheeks before rimming away, John loves to eat ass and Spence has a mighty fine ass. John groans as he gets to work and Spence mews his appreciation.


Dylan and Andy take turns holding Spence steady and stripping off, checking each other out eagerly. Dylan is mesmerized watching his man have so much fun. Andy digs in his bag for condoms and lube and offers both to Dylan who smiles. Andy moves forwards to play with Spence’s ass a little getting him good and ready with his fingers. Spence is utterly relaxed, fully in the zone.


John sucks Dylan to make sure he’s good and hard, he really doesn’t need much help the whole situation has him fully turned on. John rolls a condom onto his boyfriend who steps forward to be first up. He grips the harness in one hand and guides himself in with the other.

Slowly he pushes against Spence’s hole trying not to be too eager.


“He can take it, he’s a good boy.” Andy says ruffling Spence’s hair before beckoning John over so he two can make out in front of Spence.


Dylan is soon fully in, gripping the harness to give leverage to be truly balls deep he feels amazing. He starts out slowly giving good long strokes but can’t keep reserved for long and starts pounding. The whole situation, his boyfriend kissing another, the super strong masculine Spence bound and at their mercy, he just can’t last too long.


“Holy fuck.” Dylan screams as he fills his rubber deep in Spence’s ass. He leans forward and kisses Spence thank you. John is rubber end and ready to go. He eases his bigger dick in loving that he’s going where Dylan just was.


“How was he?” Andy asks as he watches John start his pounding.


“Amazing, so tight and I could go so deep. How do you keep him so tight?” Dylan asks in awe.


“He’s all mine and he keeps everything in great shape. He is a perfectionist when it comes to his body, inside and out.” Andy grins.


“That ass, oh boy. You are so lucky.” Dylan says.


“Your boyfriend is loving it too, look at him go, trying to ruin that hole.” Andy grins.


John is having an amazing time, he loves how Spence feels wrapped around his cock. He loves slapping his ass, he loves dominating someone so sporty, strong and manly. It is a total dream come true for John, especially sharing it with Dylan. Seeing Dylan being so dominant was such a turn on, he was back to the man he fell for.


“Arrrrrrrrgh.” John and Spence cry together both cumming hard.


Andy grins at his boy’s utter helplessness at the assault of John’s cock. He takes over rubbing Spence’s back and kissing him a little to give him a little break before taking him.


“Give it to me baby, I’ve been good.” Spence pleads and Andy smiles, Spence always wants him, whatever has come before.


Andy pushes in, one hand on the harness the other on Spence’s shoulder, knowing his boy is going to be tired he tries to support him well.


Dylan and John are lying on the blanket the brought with them gently making out. Dylan is ready to go again and John is happy to take it. They fuck in rhythm with Andy and Spence and all four grunt and gasp until last they cum within seconds of each other.


Andy leads Spence to the blanket covering him in kisses and loosening the ropes so he can move again.


“Thank you, all of you that was so good.” Spence says trying to catch his breath and stop shaking, his legs are like jelly. He lies still as Andy sets him free entirely, giving him lots of kisses and touches. John and Dylan join in worshiping Spence’s body and showing him their thanks for a good time. Spence lies back glowing under the attention, so happy to have pleased these men.


Blue and Elliot are hanging out at the climbing site, both tanning away their hangovers.


“Seems like everyone is getting some except us.” Blue says as another couple re-emerge from the woods with leaves in their hair.


“I am insanely jealous.” Elliot says.


“We should make up for it in our room tonight. Make good on that deal we made.” Blue says grinning.


“Seriously? What about Austin?” Elliot asks and Blue shrugs, stands, grins and winks at Elliot who is delighted at the prospect.


Blue heads over to help with the girls group as he can see them moving away from one guy who is helping them. Elliot follows over and the other guys soon back away.


“Is he a problem?” Blue asks.


“Sometimes, more so today as Simone drunkenly kissed him last night.” Annie says.


“So embarrassing. He now think we’re all after him but I was so wasted.” Simone says.


“Aside from him have things been better recently? I saw you all dancing with Robin and Spence last night.” Blue says smiling.


“Mostly still one or two pushing their luck and it puts some of the girls off mixing too much.” Simone says.


“Are things better for you on campus now?” Annie asks.


“Yeah the occasional name calling but I’ve not heard of any attacks or anything too bad since Robin’s really.” Elliot says.


“You know Dylan and John had some trouble after that meeting they got thrown out of. They worried they’d been set up, luckily they are both fast runners and got away.” Simone says.


“Shit I didn’t know. John and I still talk some but not often. I wish he’d told me.” Blue says.


“Still that was a while ago and nothing has happened since.” Elliot says.


“And Dylan was a total shit that night, they were not being set up.” Blue says.


“Dylan is a shit 90 percent of the time now.” Annie says.


“Totally.” Elliot says.


“Robin is so cute, we can’t believe you brought him to club when he’s not single though, I mean come on we have so few options here.” Annie laughs.


“Sorry. We brought George.” Blue says.


“Is he not gay?” Annie asks.


“He’s undecided. A cute girl might help him decide.” Elliot says.


“But don’t scare him, he’s really, really, really nice. No good for you guys who like bad boys.” Blue says feeling super protective.


“Sounds like you want him on your team.” Annie says.


“I don’t want to influence him either way. I just want him to be happy.” Blue says causing the girls to awwwww.


That evening the vibe around the pool is much more chilled than the night before. New friendships are forming and everyone is enjoying hanging out. Dylan and John are grilling and Blue has made the veggie dish for the night. He’s not eating any though, he’s all cleaned up ready for Elliot.


“I’m going to shower, come up in a bit.” Elliot says with a wink.


Andy and Spence are sitting a bit apart, Andy is still giving Spence lots of attention. Spence feels amazing, he’s proud of what happened in the woods and loves the attention Andy is giving him. John is on cloud 9, he loves that Dylan is back to his old self, and in the woods he was so hot, exactly the sort of guy he wants to be with.


Dylan is feeling pretty good too, he really enjoyed the encounter in the woods and wants a rope work tutorial from Andy. Being around Andy and Spence was eye opening. Dylan is really struggling with his identity since coming out and seeing Spence and Andy in sexual roles that betray the stereotypes for their bodies was really helpful. Dylan loves John but knows he isn’t being the best boyfriend. It has been hard to juggle exploring who he is whilst building a solid relationship with John. Coming out has not been quite as freeing as he imagined.


Dylan looks over at Spence and Andy and is jealous of how comfortable they are just being themselves. Blue and Miles are laughing with the girls and totally at ease, Jesse is the only one who looks troubled.


Jesse is feeling totally conflicted. He wants to end things with Miles right now but doesn’t want to wreck the atmosphere of the trip and would have nowhere to sleep.


Blue heads up to the room, a little nervous ready for his first one night stand.


“Finally. Let’s do this.” Elliot says, he’s lying on the bed in a towel.


Blue steps forward, Elliot stands and they start to kiss. The break apart and both giggle a little, it feels a bit weird. They try again and this time it is hot.


Elliot quickly undresses Blue and they move to the bed.


“Are you sure about this?” Elliot asks.


“Oh yes, I really want something real inside me.” Blue says.


“You been practicing?” Elliot asks.


“Oh yes, dildos for days.” Blue laughs.


“You are so hot, your body is amazing. I’ve admired it so many times in climbing gear to see you naked is amazing.” Elliot says running his hands all over his friend.


“You’re pretty hot yourself.” Blue says smiling.


They lie down and kiss and touch each other, exploring each other’s bodies like a feast. They move to a sixty nine position Elliot feasting on Blue’s ass as Blue sucks Elliot’s dick. Blue loves eating ass himself but can’t believe how good it feels he gasps and moans and has to stop sucking for a minute.


“You like that” Elliot asks looking up grinning.


“Soooo good. Man I want you.” Blue says.


“I want it too. Ready?” Elliot asks.


“Been waiting all my life.” Blue says quietly.


Elliot wraps up and check’s Blue is ready. Blue is pretty relaxed and after a bit of work Elliot pushes in, Blue flat spoton his back, his long legs high in the air.


“Fuck it is so hot being inside you with your big dick bouncing around as I push.” Elliot grins enjoying the feel of Blue’s tight ass and view of his great uncut cock.


All Blue can do is smile and grunt in response. It is finally happening, he feels so full, and every nerve is on fire. He feels so fucking turned on, so excited. Holy shit this is not going to last.


“Ahh, ahh, ahh, Fuuuuuuck” Blue moans as Elliot hits his spot over again.


Elliot looks at Blue losing control and feels amazing.


“Sorry, I’m cumming.” Blue blurts out and shoots a huge load, hitting the wall behind him.


“Want me to stop?” Elliot asks.


“No, bang me, fuck me.” Blue groans totally out of it in pleasure.


The tightness and the view is getting to Elliot and he loses control himself thrusting into Blue wildly before cumming deep.


“Holy shit you were so tight. You were all relaxed as I went in then it was wow can I even move.” Elliot says as he lies next to Blue panting.


“Virgin hole.” Blue says kissing Elliot.


“Well I don’t need to ask if you had fun.” Elliot laughs.


“I imagined it would be good, but not like that, it was amazing. So good. I’m sorry I was so quick.” Blue says.


“It was awesome. Don’t feel bad, but of recovery and I’ll be riding that big cock of yours.” Elliot says.


“Sit on my face and I’ll be ready in no time.” Blue says.


“Challenge accepted.” Elliot grins and wriggles in to place.


Holy shit Blue is good at this. Has he really only been with Austin Elliot wonders. Whatever this feels amazing. He leans forward and starts to lick at Blue’s big plum head. He’s excited and a little nervous about taking it.


Blue enjoys exploring Elliot’s cute ass, his tongue can’t get enough and he is slightly worried he’ll cum before he even gets inside Elliot. He is feeling positive that this will work, that it isn’t like it is with Austin, there is so much less at stake, he is just going with it, not worried about staying hard or getting things wrong. For once he’s relaxed and having fun.


“You are going to have to let me on or I’m going to cum from your tongue.” Elliot grins.


“Yeah I was worried about popping early again.” Blue says.


“We are on fire together.” Elliot grins.


“For sure, now get riding with that thick tush.” Blue says propping himself up on his elbows and pointing to his big cock.


Blue helps steady Elliot as he tries to balance and begin to take Blue. Slowly, he takes a fair few pauses before taking about a third in he begins to bounce a little, taking a little more each time.


“Wow. So fucking big.” Elliot groans feeling so happy.


Blue feels good, he has begged Austin to ride him before as he thought it would be hot, with Elliot it really is, he feels good for the first time.


Can I?” Blue asks.


“Don’t push too far yet.” Elliot says.


Blue grins and begins to buck upwards, Elliot leans back on his hands and groans.


“More, fuck me more. Holy shit, fuck me.” Elliot groans after a minute loving every inch.


Blue feels full of strength they switch to doggy for a while and Elliot screams out in delight with every thrust, he has never been so loud.


Blue pulls out and flips Elliot on to his back and re-enters him, usually missionary bores Blue no end but today he’s feeling it, he is feeling super turned on and super alive and wants to see every reaction that Elliot has.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck me.” Elliot moans grabbing the bed sheets in his hands, his toes curled.


“Take it baby.” Blue moans.


“Fuck I’m cumming so hard.” Elliot groans and shoots almost as far as Blue did earlier. Blue pulls out, unwraps and sends rope after rope over Elliot. They wipe each other down and look at each other with sparks in their eyes, they nap and fuck all night long.


As the sun comes through the window Blue turns to Elliot.


“This has been amazing. It is such a relief to enjoy sex and find out I don’t suck, I just didn’t have chemistry with Austin.” Blue says.


“Oh you suck, so, so well. Honestly I cannot believe you ever had a bad time, you really care how I’m feeling at every moment.” Elliot says.


“We had a lot of fun.” Blue says.


“We sure did.” Elliot grins sleepily.


“We had fun and we get on pretty well. Maybe when were back at school….” Blue begins before Elliot cuts him off.


“Look Blue we had a lot of fun but I’d have to be out of my mind to date you.”




8 thoughts on “The suite saga 29

  1. Hey, Sam!

    I felt like that last sex scene (Blue/Elliot) was one of your better sex scenes, despite the unlikely pairing. In my opinion, one of the best so far in The Suite Saga. It was definitely my favorite. I think there are a few reasons it was so good: content, personality and contrast. The scene had fuller content! More action and longer duration. You gave them generous foreplay, oral sex, more than one round, and a flip-flop exchange of penetrative roles. Another reason it was so good was the mix of disparate personalities and sociosexual stances: Elliot is hook-up oriented while Blue is relationship-oriented; Elliot seems hedonistic and wild while Blue is (relatively speaking) more principled and wholesome. That gave it some dramatic weight and led to Blue naively getting his hopes up. To top it off, there was substantial contrast against the previous sexual encounters of both characters, but particularly Blue’s. After the disappointing sexual dysfunction and incompatibility of the Blue/Austin relationship, it was really damn nice to see Blue experience better sexual chemistry, even though the other person wasn’t interested in a relationship. Once Blue gets over the sting of Elliott’s rejection, I expect that the experience should at least give Blue some long-term hope for the future of his own sex life. If Blue can find a lover with whom he has both high sexual chemistry and interpersonal emotional chemistry, then he can certainly find happiness. And naturally, most readers are hoping that person will be Gervais.

    This chapter ended very abruptly, in the midst of their sleepy conversation. I don’t know whether we’re to assume they went right to sleep after that dialogue or if you will pick up right from there. Elliot’s last words, which surely stung, hang in my mind: “I’d have to be out of my mind to date you.”

    I seriously wondered for a while why would he say that of all things. At first, I assumed he was being callous, insensitive and mean because he perceives Blue as too naive to date. I expected a reason to be given that was more in line with Elliot not being relationship oriented, a rejection like, “I’m sorry, Blue, but I’m not interested in an ongoing thing with anybody, even you.” I’m glad you’re not predictable like that here. I thought about it more, and I remembered that Elliot’s character development has been making him into more than just a hook-up oriented snarky shit-disturber. Underneath that, he does have a heart. He actually genuinely admires the Blue/Gervais relationship, as you made clear in Part 26 when with the others watching Gervais and Blue together: “Look how adorable they are.”, “Pictures first, these two deserve a hundred goals comments. Maybe then they’d realize what they have.”, Spence: “You don’t want that.” Elliot: “Are you kidding? My reputation means you all think I’m a fuck boy and maybe I am but I want that. I want someone to fall asleep on me like that, so blissful.” Damn! So, maybe he thinks he’d have to be out of his mind to get in the way of Gervais and Blue getting together?

    Also, in terms of constructive criticism and room for improvement, I’d like to encourage you to be a bit more physically descriptive towards certain characters, particularly in and around scenes of physical and sexual intimacy so readers can picture them vividly. I’m not familiar with the racial or ethnic demographics of that part of Texas, but I guess readers are to assume that most of the characters are white/Caucasian unless stated otherwise? I think some characters, particularly Gervais, Robin, Austin, Andy and Spence, get more physical description than others. But everyone, them included, would benefit from more description. Some of the characters are just names and personalities to me, and I don’t know what to picture (George, Miles, for instance). Gervais is the only one whose hair color and maybe eye color I can recall off the top of my head, and I am fairly certain that Blue’s hair color and hair style have never been mentioned.

    I feel like Blue’s body is this ideal archetype that is handled vaguely. Blue is described as tall, fit, flexible, handsome, well-endowed and having a nice butt. Beyond that, in terms of specific details, I think the story is very lacking. Maybe you did that on purpose so that the typical reader would project their own ideals onto him easily, like he’s the most common denominator for male beauty ideals. That’s not a bad thing, but some people might call it lazy writing. But in a casual, fluffy erotic gay drama story in a format like this, it isn’t necessariyl a bad thing. Nevertheless, I am left wondering what exactly makes his face so handsome? There are plenty of ways to be handsome. What kind of nice butt? It’s pretty subjective. Which muscles are most prominent and toned? Any freckles, moles, blemishes, scars? What precise skin tone, any tan? What shape is his impressively large penis: the shaft, the glans, the veins, the balls? Tapered? Curved? How thick? Okay, that got lecherous quickly. Let’s just say there are so many opportunities to create a more precise scene in your reader’s minds to improve the quality of the story.

    I think it’s really worth commending you, Sam, for making the polls to get feedback to see what your audience wants to see. But it’s perfectly respectable to just do your own thing as the writer and not give a damn what we think. I’m quite surprised that (at the time of me writing this comment) Blue/Robin is beating Blue/Gervais in the poll. I guess people have learned to be patient with B/G or figure it’s inevitable so why vote for it?

    After what you did with Fergus/Maggie in Part 23, when Part 27 opened with Robin saying “Emilie and Ally wanted to have a girls night”, I started to wonder if Emilie was in a similar boat. Maybe she’s secretly having same-sex relations?

    I have mixed feelings about Blue/Robin. As a long-term romantic thing, I don’t think it’s wise or realistic story-telling, especially when you already have John/Dylan for the gay-guy-dating-formerly-straight-best-friend thing. But as a recurring one-off, I think Blue/Robin has a lot of great potential! As long as you’re sensitive to the problems or conflicts it poses for Robin and Emilie. Robin’s heterosexuality seems to be incidentally bisexual, at least when it comes to Blue (and possibly *only* when it comes to Blue, because the dude is just that special?). If I’m reading the signs right, you’re not handling Robin’s sexuality in the same way that you handled Dylan’s sexuality. I’m guessing Dylan is a case of either latent homosexuality or bisexual erasure. Not that you really need to classify these things; labels are for food, not people. Even if it might help us understand Dylan and Robin. Robin, on the other hand, seems to be predominantly heterosexual in nature. He seems genuinely and deeply connected to Emilie. His attraction to Blue is like an exception to the rules of his own sexuality, and only in a physical way. He has betrayed Emilie enough as it is, fooling around and engaging in oral sex with Blue. It must be tough to proceed with that pairing in a way that is fair to Emilie, fair to Robin’s compromised virtues, and that still gives the audience what they want!

    I’m going to make a loose suggestion here, but I don’t want to be a backseat writer. Just letting you know the precise circumstances of what I’d like for Robin/Blue. I’d prefer to see Robin/Blue get it on *after* a guilt-wracked confession scene where Robin tells Emilie what he did, because he can’t bear to keep secrets from her. He clearly has principles and a heart, and I’d like to think he’s more loyal to her than he is to Blue or to his own capricious dick. Emilie demands to know more, pressing him for explicit details. Maybe he mistakenly assumes she’s furious, but in actuality she’s not mad or jealous, and is actually very understanding and mature that things happen in the heat of the moment, especially with someone as charismatic as Blue, Instead, she gets aroused and derives pleasure from the idea of Robin and Blue together. Then she could either give him permission to do more, or ask to watch next time. I’m not saying this needs to put Blue in an MMF threesome, and I’m not saying Emilie and Blue need to go strap-on shopping… I’m just trying to think of a way to make Robin/Blue happen without causing undue trouble for Emilie. I just… like her as a character.


    1. That was a lot of feedback. I hoped for a few comments on this chapter but wasn’t expecting that.

      Somethings I don’t want to go into as they’ll be covered in the upcoming story.

      On descriptions, they’re not in Texas, not sure where that came from, I keep location vague, in part not to get details wrong and in part to be flexible on the type of places they have near by.

      I have kept their physical descriptions vague on purpose. I went into detail a lot at the beginning of the Alexander series and felt a little hemmed in by it. This time I’m adding more as it comes up.

      The more descriptve sex was a deliberate departure for these Spring break chapters. I worry the scenes get stale when I write a lot of them and dont want a couple with a good sex life to seem like they have a boring one. I am totally lazy about it, if I had more time I’d make more effort but after this chapter I’ll probably go back to starting these scene and lettng people use their imagination to finish it. Other than when Blue and Gervais finally get it on, don’t think I’ll get away with glossing over that one.

      Robin is striaght. He is small, has a high voice and gets called effiminate. People assume he’s gay and he sometimes struggles with the thought that maybe he should be gay, most his male friends are and he wonders if he’s missing out on something, hence experimenting with Spence and Blue. Blue isn’t special to him that way, he’s not above using whoever is around to get off.

      I like the sets of struggles I have, Blue navigating the gay world as a newbie, Dylan struggling with who he really is versus who he thinks he should be, George struggling with being sexual at all and Robin with defying expectations.

      Emilie and Robin will come up in a few chapters time. I really like her too and want to bring her in to the core group more.

      The end of the chapter I was hoping people would first think “Wow that was harsh.” followed by “I wouldn’t date Blue while he was in love with Gervais either.”

      Liked by 1 person

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