Alexander and Peter the wedding

Peter takes care of me, insists on driving the whole way, makes me eat a few bites every hour and holds my hand when he can. I have absolutely no reservations about spending my whole life with him.

“Feels weird not wearing my ring.” I say feeling my finger.

“Feels right though to put them on fresh. Unless you want a new ring?” Peter ask.

“No way.” I say with a grin.

We finally make it, hand the keys to the valet and head to we slip into the invited guest’s line and are instantly ushered into a private checkin area so can maintain anonymity. Which is a complete relief.


Our suite is beautiful and has an amazing view. It is perfect. I want everything to be perfect and this is the best start.


“Shall we get room service and chill out or do you want to try being a tourist?” Peter asks while hanging up our suits.


“I think our profiles are too high right now. I booked a special dinner tonight here in the hotel.” I say.


“We’re in the desert but everywhere has loads of seafood, its like they all cater to you. Are you up to a special meal? Hows your stomach?” Peter asks.


“Pretty good with you taking care of me. It’s a tasting menu tonight so mostly small plates I think.” I say.


“I can eat what you can’t manage.” Peter grins.


“I really need a shower.” I say.


“Not a soak in the tub with a view?” Peter asks.


“Is there champagne in the mini bar?” I ask.


“Yes but it costs loads for a tiny bit.” Peter says.


“So what?” I say.


“Okay lets toast being back in the same room and never being more than 2 rooms apart ever again.” Peter says pouring two glasses.


“I love you Peter Black, forever and ever and ever.” I say and kiss him gently.


“I love my Alexander. Mine, mine, mine.” Peter says.


“Always. Oh baby I am rubbish without you.” I say collapsing into his arms.


“Good, keep reminding me you need me as much as I need you. I forget and things get fucked up and I need you so much.” Peter says holding me tight. We drink and cry and bathe.


“Ready to go?” I ask.


“Is this our rehearsal dinner? Should we practice getting married in the elevator?” Peter asks laughing.


“I do. Do you?” I ask.


“Should I have written vows?” Peter asks.


“I don’t need anything but the promise of forever.” I say.


“My Alexander. I just need my Alexander.” Peter says.


I love the playful mood Alexander is, so relaxed and happy. I hate that we’ve had so long apart but I can’t deny that he is in a really good place now, I’ve some catching up to do. It won’t take me long, now I know he’s really and truly always mine my life is perfect.


We are seated quickly and Peter orders a bottle of good champagne.


“Wow the good stuff.” I laugh.


“We had this type in Germany that summer, though it was a lot cheaper there.” Peter says with a slight blush. I had no idea he remembered things like that.


We order the large tasting menu and say we’ll stick to champagne rather than the wine tasting much to the sommelier’s disappointment.


“We are just uncouth.” Peter jokes as he leaves.


“So what. We are only doing what we love this trip.” I say.


“Exactly. I think we should get a car and driver tomorrow to take us to get the license and back to here then on to the wedding. Limits our time to be spotted.” Peter says.


“Sounds good to me. We are at a different hotel for the dinner too.” I say.


“How is the house build going?” Peter asks.


“I think we’ll. I answer emails a lot about choices but I’m not needed on site.” I say knowing I’ve neglected it a bit but not worried.


“So we can take a long, long honeymoon without worry.” Peter says.


“Yes, I’d not taken any bookings anyway. Though it will take a few days to get transport sorted and supplies ready.” I say.


“A few extra days here is good with me. Though I suppose we should organise getting the house packed up. Are you still selling to Felix?” Peter asks.


“I think so. I’ve not spoken to anyone really.” I admit.


“I am so mad at them for not taking care of you. But I understand they may have thought you were with me once you stopped taking calls.” Peter says.


“Yeah maybe. We have forever, no rush.” I say.


“We can pack the important stuff and hire someone to do the rest and put it in storage, or get Felix and Gavin to arrange to move it all to my house.” Peter says.


“Sounds good now stop it with the practicalities. I want to relax and have fun on my wedding eve, it’s MY BIG DAY don’t you know.” I say laughing and Peter looks at me and laughs so hard he starts dying then coughing.


“Oh baby, you are allowed to be a diva for a day.” He splutters after calming down.


“Oh you have not seen anything yet. Sure you still want me?” I ask.


“Always.” Peter smiles.


I eat far more than I expect to and laugh as Peter eats every last morsel and looks around for more.


“Baby I am ordering another dessert while you have coffee.” Peter says.


“Did they starve you in that clinic?” I ask.


“Oh it was very much a Gwyneth approved menu and not one for a hungry man like me.” Peter laughs.


“Well you’ll be pleased to know I’ve big meaty plans for tomorrow.” I say trying not to spoil the surprise.


“Do you know I love you? I thought it would be oysters and lobster and if I was lucky I’d be able to get a steak.” Peter says.


“I can spoil my husband. And yes they do oysters and lobster AND caviar.” I say.


“You want a fat husband? Can we go there twice?” Peter asks.


“Can we go play the machines, they look fun?” Peter asks once we are done with dinner.


“After the wedding. I’m tired and need to look my best tomorrow.” I say with a grin.


“Let’s book wet shaves and haircuts at the salon then.” Peter says.


“Okay, sounds good.” I say.


Peter calls when we get back to the room and asks if we can have it as in room service, no expense spared and they agree.


“You think of everything.” I say.


“The aim is to stay just us until that ring is back on your finger.” Peter says.


“I am so excited I don’t think I’ll sleep.” I admit.


“You always sleep good in my arms.” Peter says making me swoon. I feel so lucky, so happy, so settled. I live him more than anything ever.


“Let’s get more champagne up here and take a bath, I want tomorrow to come fast but I also want tonight to last forever.” I say.


“Sounds perfect. You call and I’ll run the bath.” Peter says kissing me gently, this no sex rule is going to be difficult.


I order 3 bottles and ask for 2 to remain unopened so we have them ready for the morning, dammit I want the traditions of drinking while getting dressed even if I’m not a bride.


I pour two glasses hand one to Peter and climb in the tub, it feels wonderful to be this intimate with each other again.


“You look so sexy.” I say and raise my glass to toast my husband to be.


“Make the most of the view, who knows what type of prude I’ll be when I’m married.” Peter says poking out his tongue.


“Naked, clothed, you are hot either way. Maybe I’ll want my husband to cover up.” I say trying to be poker faced.


“Imagine that, being on the island with clothes on.” Peter says.


“Hahahahahaha no clothes is the rules and you know it. I can’t wait. My Peter tanned, nude, sand on his bum needing me to brush it off.” I grin.


We drink and enjoy the soak I am feeling a lot more like myself. Peter takes such good care of me, no one else has ever truly put me first in the way he does. I could not love him more, yet I know tomorrow I will.


I sleep with my head on his chest, deeply just as he predicted.


In the morning we have our shaves and haircuts while drinking lots of champagne, not too quickly we want to be sober enough getting our license and at the ceremony. We look super handsome dressed in our suits.


We get to our limo undetected and head out to get our license, it is all straightforward as we’re prepared and its not too busy. Next we go to a florist and get some flowers, I want us both to hold small matching posies, nothing fancy just a few white flowers.


Then we get to the hotel and find the wedding chapel. I explained what I wanted over the phone when booking. Peter is happy to go with whatever I wanted.


The music, I’ll cover you from Rent starts up and Peter looks at me and smiles. We don’t have a song, while we’ve been to great concerts over the last few years we’ve not been together but I know we both love this song and it fits us well.


We hold hands and walk down the short aisle holding our flowers. For a moment I have a pang about the empty room, it is weird getting married without Mom or Abigail at least. Then I look at my man and know I need nothing more.


We look at each other and the music stops.


“I love you Alexander, I love your mind, your body and your heart. Always mine.” Peter says surprising me. Simple words that mean the world.


“Always yours.” I reply then get lost in my own world as the celebrant says their words. I’m brought back to reality when Peter hands me his flowers and fishes out the ring box, he puts my ring on me and then takes the flowers and gives me the box so I can do the same to him. Every feeling of joy I have ever had shoots through my body a million times intensified.


As we are announced husband and husband I look into Peter’s eyes and tears are pouring out, he uses his thumb to wipe away mine before kissing me gently. We are both blubbering messes. Happier than we’ve ever been. This is it, we are finally and forever married.


Paperwork done, we hold hands and leave to the same music.


“I owe you a thousand kisses.” Peter says as we walk outside.


“I owe you a thousand more.” I sniffle.


We ask the witness that the hotel supplied to take our pictures on our phones.


We get in the limo, Peter asks if he’ll take us on a drive up and down the strip as we have some time before our dinner reservation. We spend more time looking at each other than the sights.


We get to the casino where our meal is, we pay the driver, I tip 100% which I figure is pretty generous but he doesn’t look pleased. I decide not to say anything I don’t want anything to spoil today.


“Hi we have a table for 10 booked but we are only 2, we’d like anyone who wants to join us to join us and we’ll be picking up everyones checks tonight.” I say to the hostess.


“Are you sure Mr Green?” The hostess asks.


“We just got married and are now Mr and Mr Emerald Black.” Peter says smiling.


“Anyone who wants a picture or autograph send them over. We just want to celebrate with everyone.” I say with a smile and Peter laughs.


“And he means it about the bill not just if people sit with us but the whole place.” Peter says.


“What he said.” I laugh.


It’s not long after opening so the restaurant is pretty quiet. We are seated at a long table.


“I feel like Henry the eighth.” Peter jokes.


“Is there any restriction on what people can order? Like wines?” A waitress asks us.


“No, as long as people are not rude or wasteful. I pre ordered the suckling pig too but we’ll not want it for a while.” I say.


“Oh baby, I thought you might let me order a steak tonight and you’ve gone the whole hog, literally.” Peter laughs hard at his own joke.


“Excuse my goofy husband. Can we get some champagne and we’d like to start with the caviar flight, all 3 types.” I say feeling happy and greedy and so excited I got to say husband.


“You said husband.” Peter grins as soon as the waitress leaves.


“I said it.” I beam.


A family are sat not too far from us and the boy of about 9 keeps looking over. The waitress is about to take their order and says something to them and the two kids come running over.


“Peter take selfies with us. Please?” The boy of about 7 asks.


“Sure thing buddy, what are your names?” Peter asks.


“I’m Scott and this is my little sister Rose.” Scott says.


“Do you have Peter’s book?” I ask.


“We have him on TV we like the volcano that sparkles. Daddy says  I have to wait until I’m 9 though.” Scott says.


“Until you can make it? You need very steady hands, like for taking pictures.” Peter says snapping a few with the phone they’ve held out.


“Are you here for a special day?” I ask.


“Its our 10 year anniversary.” The dad says as the parents approach.


“Congratulations!” I say.


“You know my husband and I will have the same anniversary as you, as we got married today.” Peter says making my heart jump when he says husband.


“Congratulations.” The wife says.


“I hope the kids are not bothering you, Scott is a huge fan of Peter’s tour special.” The dad says.


“Not at all we’re not trying to make a scene but we’ve said tonight we’re open to meeting people. We just want to share our day with everyone. Came join us if you like, suckling pig is coming later. Or stay at your table we don’t want to make you feel awkward.” I say being ultra-awkward.


“It will give us a great story, if you really don’t mind.” The wife says.


“Everything is on us tonight, whether you sit with us or not.” Peter says.


“Wow really?” The husband says.


“Absolutly, we had to get married alone but we still want to party.” Peter says.


“After the Eric thing, no one really believes what he said.” The wife says.


“That Felix really fights your side.” The husband says.


We both look at them blankly.


“You’ve not seen it. Oh my you are that cool. Your friend Felix does a show recapping all the reality shows and whenever Eric has a phone call with you on screen he comes up with what you were actually doing at that time. It is so fun. We love Felix.” The wife says.


“We love him too but yes Eric makes things awkward.” Peter says quietly.


“Well that is all behind me, Peter, my husband is my future. How did you two meet?” I ask.


The caviar comes out and we let Scott try some, he is not impressed.


More people join our table, fans of me and of Peter, lots mention Eric and Felix but we just tune it out. We know word will be out about our marriage now and we love that its happening through a bunch of tourists and celebrating locals.


The pig comes out and Peter is in heaven, getting everyone to try it and ordering more and more wine and champagne to wash it down with. The casino start sending in some of their big players to sit” with us which changes the atmosphere and we quickly wind things down.


I pay up the bill so far and tell them where to send the rest. We had such fun. Some of the people we met come on with us to play slots, we grab a bunch of cabs back to the casino we’re staying at, I run down the line when we get there to pay them all. I’m so drunk and probably look like a jerk but it is so much fun.


A host comes to talk to us to try and direct us to the tables or high limit area but we’re not interested we nip to our suite to grab more cash from the safe and start to play, we fund several of the people we were eating with and we have so much fun. We’re tipping the cocktail waitresses so much that they come round often. I’ve no idea what I’m doing but Peter is having fun and there is not much I enjoy more than watching him have fun.


“Time for bed Mr. Emerald Black?” Peter asks when I come back from the bathroom weaving slightly.


“Oh baby that sounds good.” I say smiling and taking his hand.


“No, no, no, I am not baby I am husband.” Peter says kissing me.


“Well then husband, let’s go to bed.” I say.


We kiss like kids in the elevator. Peter jumps on my back as I open the suite door.


“You need to carry me over the threshold.” Peter says laughing as we fall into the room.


We drunkenly kiss and strip hold each other, neither of us are up for sex but we kiss for a long time naked before sleeping.


In the morning Peter is wrapped in a towel sitting next to me with some water ready for me.


“Awww you all ready for me.” I croak.


“Need to get fucked by my husband.” Peter grins.


I go to the bathroom and Peter packs up our things. We fuck and flip and kiss until a few minutes before checkout. Laughing we shower and go get our car.


Drive and Peter calls Felix on the way. He smooths things over, Felix was mad at me thinking I knew where Peter was and hiding it. Despite his new fame he still wants to buy the house. When we drive down our street we see photographers 10 deep outside our place. We drive away quickly and go to Peter’s place.


“We are just going to go. We’ll sort things on the way. Can you get our stuff packed up and put it here?” Peter asks.


“Sorry we got married without you.” I say.


“Shit I should have led with that.” Peter laughs.


“It is fine but you two better come in time for my wedding.” Felix says.


“We promise. Thanks for having our backs on TV.” I say.


“No problem it has been fun and is paying for said wedding.” Felix grins.


“The house is yours here are the keys, please don’t blackmail us with our things.” Peter laughs.


“You two look so happy together. Congratulations.” Felix says.


We spend every gap in our journey trying to set everything up at the island and eventually we’re speeding over the water to our home for the next few months.


As I go to step out of the boat Peter stops me, steps out and then lifts me and carries me to shore.


“Ahh your turn to carry me.” I laugh.


“My husband deserves the best.” Peter says.


“I got it with you.” I say and we kiss and kiss and kiss.











5 thoughts on “Alexander and Peter the wedding

  1. A long wait but they got there in the end. It will be a pity to see them go as this was a good read. A very well done and yes a quick return would be great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. Was an extra wait at the end as I wrote a chapter where they had really bad service at the hotels as everyone believed Eric’s lies on his show. Then I decided to start over because I wanted them to have a perfect day, just them.
      Thanks for reading


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