Stuff and questions

Are people really in to Robin and Blue or is it one or two voting lots? I’ve only had a couple of mails about them compared to a bunch about Blue and Gervais…..

My new job is pretty full on but its only for 11 more weeks (am I counting the days already? Hmmmm maybe) so I won’t be turning out chapters that fast, I did loads this weekend as it was the may day holiday here.

Peter and Alexander I’m leaving there. Wedded bliss. Actually as I said on tumblr there are lots of loose ends so I might do a honeymoon chapter but not for a couple of months.

The suite saga I’ll try and get one a week out. I’ve the next 2 or 3 chapters formed pretty well, just need to type them up and I’m pretty sorted from now through to end of summer.


Thanks for all the support getting The suite saga up and running. I really do love writing it. I love all the boys and spend far too long thinking about what they are up to.

Do keep voting and add in any more couples/trios/groups you want to see.

Thanks for reading




10 thoughts on “Stuff and questions

  1. Im sad to hear there will be a Hiatus in the Alexander story but understand and I loved the wedding chapter nice to have it where they seem truly happy.

    Im also really enjoying the suite saga with the characters and the drama its a lot of fun to read sure I enjoy the sex in the stories but I enjoy the character development and their lives so much more because you have made me invested in the future of them all.

    I would like your thoughts on maybe what actors you would have portray some of your characters if the stories were ever made into a movie

    Thank you so much for your talent and sitting on edge waiting for the next chapters


    1. Glad you’re enjoying the suite saga.

      If it helps think of Alexander and Peter enjoying their honeymoon on the island, fishing, gardening, tanning and enjoying each other with no hassle for anyone. I’ll pick it up when they’re ready to come home.

      I don’t know who I’d imagine in films. Russell Tovey for Tom, a Chris Hemsworth type for Alexander, Alfred Enoch for Bobbie maybe. Felix looks like the gymnast Yang Hak-Seon to me. Who do you think?

      Thanks for reading



  2. I really think the blue and robin angle is because they seem to have a natural chemistry, even though robin is straight he seems to be more open to exploring things. We all want to see blue and Gervais together, but I think we want it when they are actually going to be together, not just hooking up. Blue and Robin hooking up is a lot of fun to read and they both enjoy it. I don’t much care for how the last chapter ended with the car being run off the road. I don’t mind the storyline of Andy’s family, but this felt a little to extreme and coincidental that they just happened to find the boys coming home from spring break. I’d love if the next chapter opened with blue waking from a bad dream in which those things happened because he waa was feeling guilty over leaving and not saying anything. Probably won’t happen but I can hope. Overall I really love this series and I’ve become really invested in nearly all the characters. I love how you gave most of them only slight descriptions so we can put our own perceptions on them.


    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Robin. I like that you see it as an addition to Gervais and not an instead. Robin was so gracious about Blue’s crush initially that I can see it was easy to root for them.

      The car wreck is the start of winding up most of the Andy story.

      Glad you’re happy with the slight descriptions too. I think the characters feel more or less good looking at times, taller or shorter depending on their confidence.
      Thanks for the feedback


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  3. Poor Blue is already so tortured and tormented (especially after this last chapter). He does not need the straight boy messing with his mind anymore.

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