The suite saga 30

Blue gets up and goes to the shower feeling a little dejected. he knows Elliot isn’t the dating type and he doesn’t even like him that way, not really, and he shouldn’t be so arrogant as to think Elliot would change for him. It’s just the chemistry was so, so strong and everything worked, nothing was awkward, it was good and satisfying and fun.


Elliot is asleep when Blue gets out, not feeling tired Blue heads downstairs and decides to bake. He brought a lot of supplies with him and they are supposed to take turns making meals. He looks round the kitchen and sees there are a lot of bananas past their best so he gets started on banana nut muffins.


The act of baking calms him down and makes him feel better. The kitchen faces out the front of the house so he can see lots of green out the window rather than the pool and it makes him feel happy and at home. The first batches in the oven Blue starts on some honey cakes for Andy.


Gervais and George wander in to the kitchen and watch for a few minutes before starting to make the sandwiches for lunches and helping Blue remove things to cool. switch the cake made and cookie batter cooling in the fridge Blue looks at his friends and smiles.


“Shall we do pancakes for breakfast?” Blue asks.


“And bacon.” George says nodding.


“Can you do that part?” Blue asks.


“Of course we can, you’ve made lunch a million times more fun. Just direct me when to take things out and shall I roll out the cookies?” Gervais asks.


“Yes please. Thanks you two.” Blue says smiling. Time with Gervais always makes him feel better even if he was planning to avid him while he got over Austin.


The smell of baking leads Andy to the kitchen and he tries to steal everything.


“Please be my wife Blue.” Andy jokes.


“Oy, he’s mine.” Gervais replies instinctively.


“You two finally?” Andy asks delighted.


“No, but one day Blue will be running our vineyard with our kids underfoot in the kitchen while he bakes and I’ll come in from a hard day at the office to these muffins.” Blue says.


“As long as I get to come every holiday.” Andy says.


“I’ll not be cooking turkey.” Blue laughs and places a plate of pancakes on the table and shoos Andy away from the cooling buns.


The bacon wakes the rest of the house and the kitchen fills with hungry people. When Dylan and John arrive they are surprised not to be waking anyone and happily tuck in, after Dylan gets in a few digs at Blue for ignoring the rota and using too much food.


“I’ll shop for more on the way back. I was trying to use up the fruit that was in bad shape.” Blue shrugs not taking it personally, he knows Dylan has issues with him.


“I think you’re amazing. I love that you’ve done this.” John says making sure to smooth things over.


“No this is all for me, if you think you’re getting a lunch muffin you’re mistaken.” Andy laughs and gets a few playful punches from those sat around him.


Andy, Robin and Spence happily help with cleaning up and the others bag everything up for lunches and pack up the cars for the day.


Today they are based near a lake so can do water sports or go hiking, a day off from climbing which no one objects to.


Miles tries to get Jesse to join his hiking group but Jesse just wants to lie in the sun so Miles shrugs and heads off without him. Miles is not one who can just sit still.


“Why so glum?” Elliot asks Jesse lying next to him putting his head on his rucksack.


“I want to end it with Miles but don’t know how or when.” Jesse says bluntly.


“But you just became official.” Elliot says.


“Only because that was the ultimatum and I thought I wanted to stay with him. He’s a really nice guy and we have fun in bed.” Jesse says.


“But?” Elliot asks.


“I’m not falling for him, not really. It’s like Gervais was with me, great friends with benefits but no true feelings, no deeper intimacy.” Jesse says.


“But why break up why not carry on like that?” Elliot asks.


“He told me he loved me. Heat of passion and all that but he still said it and it shocked me as I thought we were both taking it slow after our last relationships. I’m no where near that and I don’t think I ever will be. Not really and I feel like a callous shit leading him on.” Jesse says.


“You are way too cute to be so unhappy.” Elliot says making Jesse smile.


“Yesterday we had a chance to hookup with Spence and Andy, we’d just done it but it would have been really, really fun to watch those two at it. Miles just said no without even discussing it. I feel like I’m missing out on having fun. You always have fun, do you not get lonely ever when they al leave?” Jesse asks.


“I hookup because I love sex. I love men of all types. I’ve not found one I want to spend more time with. I liked George but he isn’t ready. I like you but Gervais and Miles got there first. I think we could have a lot of fun and keep each other warm at night, even if nothing more comes of it.” Elliot says.


“We all dismiss you too quickly as a slut.” Jesse says.


“I don’t mind, it means I don’t need to work too hard to get anyone I want into bed, everyone knows my expectations.” Elliot says.


“I’d freaking love a night or two with you. I bet you wouldn’t have turned down a group opportunity like that.” Jesse says looking at Elliot more closely than usual.


“I wouldn’t, I’ve been there, with Andy and with them both and it is hot. Andy knows how to please and Spence sure knows how to serve, it is so hot to see the muscle jock be all meek.” Elliot smiles.


“Oh my god. I am dead, dying.” Jesse laughs.


“So dump Miles, I’ll ask Blue for the room, he’ll be happy to go with Gervais or Robin and come in with me.” Elliot says.


“That would be a bit mean to Miles.” Jesse says.


“He doesn’t need to know we’re fucking. Just end it and say you’ve found a bed, at least my room has twin beds so it doesn’t look so bad. Where else would you go?” Elliot asks.


“You really don’t give a shit do you?” Jesse asks feeling free as a bird.


“I do. I am really loyal to my friends which means I don’t like seeing them unhappy. You’re not a happy with Miles and shouldn’t stay with him to make him happy any more than Gervais should have stayed with you. But sure I’m not a big one for a grieving period. Let’s get real you and Miles were each other’s rebound.” Elliot says.


“I know. I feel bad though. especially after Emilie.” Jesse says.


“So we won’t fuck, we’ll just hang out. You need to end it now before he falls deeper.” Elliot says.


“You’re right and you’re just helping it be less awkward giving me somewhere to stay.” Jesse smiles happily justifying his actions.


Blue, Gervais, Robin and Spence are off waterskiing and having a lot of fun. George and Andy hang out watching them, enjoying the sunshine.


“It looks terrifying.” George says.


“Yes. I always get surprised by Gervais being in too things like this and me being afraid, feels the wrong way round.” Andy says.


“Gervais is super strong inside.” George says.


“He is. He really is. I couldn’t have survived what he has. Spence was a mess when he left that school, that Gervais stayed until graduation is unreal.” Andy says.


“Do you think he and Blue will be together soon?” George asks.


“Once Blue is done with Austin I hope so. I love them both and hate that they keep stopping themselves from being happy together.” Andy says.


“I like Blue but I want him to be happy.” George says watching Blue take a tumble into the water.


“Like him like him?” Andy asks.


“Yes. I wasn’t sure before but now I am. Have you watched him baking? He was mesmerizing this morning, didn’t use recipes just did everything. He rubbed my back while he was doing the pancakes and I was doing the bacon and I thought I could die happy.” George says.


“He has that effect on some guys I think. He would be one hell of a cult leader. You would join his yoga class.” Andy says.


“Thanks Andy, Maybe I will.” George says with a smile.


Miles group come back for lunch and he sees Jesse laughing and joking with Elliot and gets the same feeling he did with Emilie. He’s lost him. He knew saying I love you was too soon but he felt it, he really felt it and now he’s fucked it.


Later in the afternoon Elliot approaches Blue.


“Can I have the room tonight? There’s a guy I really, really like.” Elliot says.


“You can come in with us.” George says.



“Or us we have loads of room.” Andy says.



“Brilliant All sorted then.” Elliot says quickly not waiting for an answer from Blue.


When they get back that evening Jesse follows Miles up to the room in trepidation.


“I’m sorry but this just isn’t going to work.” Jesse says.


“I know. I’m sorry for rushing things.” Miles says.


“You feel how you feel.” Jesse says.


“And clearly so do you. I just wish you’d had the guts to tell me before and not string me along so long.” Miles says.


“I didn’t know. If you had told me you felt so deeply earlier. I thought we were both just having fun.” Jesse says.


“So all that stuff about me being bi holding you back was bullshit. You’re a creep and a liar. Just a user Jesse.” Miles says determined not to let Jesse off the hook so easily.


“I’m sorry.” Jesse says quietly packing up his bag.


Blue is packing his things at the same time and is deciding where he should head when he sees Jesse at the bottom of the stairs with his bag. Of course its Jesse who Elliot sees as a boyfriend and not himself Blue thinks glumly. All his insecurities surface and he just can’t deal with it.


Dylan and John are outside as Blue stands there with his bag making a call.


“You okay?” John asks motioning the bag.


“I’m just not up for being here. I don’t want to bring everyone down with my bad mood. Can you let my friends know I’m gone?” Blue asks.


“Austin told me you guys were over. I’m sorry.” John says.


“That’s more than he told me. Did he say why?” Blue asks curious.


“Just he was too busy.” John says and gives Blue a hug as his cab arrives.


“That’s right go back home, you are not wanted here and don’t come back to club.” Dylan screams in Blue’s face as he walks to the car.


“That’s it, we’re done.” John says white with anger.


“What do you mean?” Dylan asks fear running through him.


“You blew up at Blue, without who we would never have got together, he was never a threat to us. He stepped back the minute you were in the picture and has been an amazing friend to me.” John says.


“I just can’t deal with that guy.” Dylan says ashamed.


“I can’t deal with your personality changes. The last few days were pretty amazing when you were like your old self but then you turn like that or start mincing and being over the top with everyone. You need to work out who you are before we can be together.” John says and Dylan slumps into a chair.


“I know. I really wish I could be with you and sort my head out but I can’t.” Dylan says tears forming.


“I’ll try and be a friend but maybe it would be easier to talk to someone else. Spence or Andy. Miles even.” John says.


“I will. All those guys are friends with Blue but they are more real you know? Blue is so difficult to understand.” Dylan says.


“Because it would never occur to him to use his looks to get anything.” John laughs.


“Yeah. I think I hate him for being a good guy far more than I hate him for liking you.” Dylan laughs.


“I will wait. I mean I waited a long, long time for you to realize I was the one for you. I’ll wait until you’re really ready to be out and mine.” John says.


“You might not like me.” Dylan says knowing he is risking everything not begging John to take him back.


“Try me.” John says kissing Dylan’s cheek and walking away.


A day at the lake has everyone partying hard that night. Jesse and Elliot have great fun together, the suite guys avoid them feeling weird for Miles and Gervais.


Miles and John are commiserating together. They both feel pretty shit and are talking through what their next moves should be.


Dylan is flirting with everyone and its upsetting John.


“Come stay in my room.” Miles says.


“Thanks, I think I’ll move and have an early night.” John says.


The next couple of days are more of the same. Spence and Andy enjoy more outdoor sex. Gervais and George socialize in the day and keep to their room at night. They are getting on really well as friends. Robin is having a blast he loves all the activities, the girls, the parties. He is super glad he stayed at college and joined the climbing club.


On the final morning Spence, Andy, George and Miles are in one car and Robin, Gervais, Elliot and Jesse in the other. They get going pretty early and stop for lunch midmorning at a diner.


“Is Blue in the bathroom?” Andy asks as they sit down.


“We thought he was with you.” Robin says.


“Was he not in your room last night?” Gervais asks.


“No he never was. When did anyone see him last?” Andy asks feeling bad that he can’t remember seeing his friend in days.


Everyone looks blank and Andy tries calling him.


“Where the fuck are you?” Andy asks.


“In the dorm. Why?” Blue asks.


“When did you leave?” Andy asks.


“A couple of days ago. John said he’d tell you. Thanks for noticing.” Blue says sadly.


“Ah bro I’m sorry. We’ll talk tonight. We should only be a few more hours.” Andy says.


“Drive safe.” Blue says.


“He went home a few days ago and none of us noticed.” Andy says.


“No way.” Gervais says feeling guilty.


“Why didn’t he text anyone to say he was going or to say he was back safe.” Robin says.


“Why did he leave?” George asks.


“Maybe he wanted to get back to Austin.” Gervais says hoping it was something good.


“That is over. A couple of weeks ago.” Robin says.


“Really? He didn’t say anything.” Andy says feeling even worse.


“He didn’t want any pressure over Gervais while he sorted his feelings out over Austin.” Robin says figuring there is no point keeping the secret.


“He seemed okay the other morning, baking and waterskiing. We had so much fun.” Gervais says.


“We had sex.” Elliot says.


“And then you went after Jesse.” Miles says.


Robin and Gervais share a look, they know Blue will have felt slighted.


“I know there is drama going on but Miles could you drive my car? I feel like we need some suite bonding before we get home.” Robin says.


“Sure, George you’ll keep me company up front.” Miles says.


“Of course.” George says.


No one eats much, they’re all feeling a bit weird.


When they’re not so far from home a car starts behaving weirdly around Andy’s car.


“Is that car trying to run Andy off the road?” Miles asks worried.


“Shall I call the police?” George asks as the car swerves again almost knocking Andy.


“I don’t know. I’ll slow up a bit.” Miles says.


“What the fuck is that car doing?” Spence asks as Andy has to avoid it again.


“I can’t go much slower safely. Shall I pull over?” Andy asks.


“Take the next exit for sure.” Spence says.


“I’m calling the police.” Gervais says as the car knocks into them.


“A car is trying to run our friends off the road.” George says. “Yes I can give the license plate. Please send someone I’m worried they will cause an accident.”


“A car is repeatedly driving at us. We have slowed but it isn’t safe to stop yet.” Robin says on the phone.


“Please they just hit us we don’t know what to do.” Robin continues.


“Holy shit, is that your Mom?” Spence says suddenly as the car is jolted harder.


“Please send someone. Please. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.” Robin screams into the phone as they are pushed off the road and over the bank.


“Please make that an ambulance they have been pushed off the road, both cars are a mess. Please hurry.” George says feeling sick.


Miles pulls over and they all get out and run towards the car.

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