The suite saga 31

Miles and Jesse run down the bank after the car as George and Elliot wait for the ambulance. Andy’s car is upside down but largely undamaged and his Mom’s has hit a tree and is badly crushed.


Miles opens the door by Robin, “Are you okay?”

Gervais and Robin answer positively but quietly, nothing from Andy or Spence in the front.


“Here I’ll catch you, just undo the seatbelt.” Miles says holding Robin and removing him from the car, Jesse does the same with Gervais.


“Thanks. I think I’m okay.” Robin says standing back up slowly.


“I’m not sure about moving Spence or Andy.” Miles says.


“I can hear the sirens.” Gervais says quietly.


Soon the emergency crews are working on both cars. Andy’s mom looks to be unharmed but Jacob is clearly in a very bad way. The police arrive and ask what happened. Miles shows them videos he took of the other car when it started weaving and of the crash. He sends them on without complaint.


Robin and Gervais are checked over quickly and given a ride by the cops, the others follow on to the hospital.


“Holy shit.” Miles says in the car.


“We could have been in that car.” George says.


“I hope Spence and Andy are okay. Andy’s face was covered in blood.” Jesse says.


“His mother is batshit. Makes my preacher dad look normal.” Elliot says.


“Your dad is a preacher. Guess his teachings did not rub off.” Miles laughs.


All four of them laugh uncontrollably until they reach the hospital. Glad for some relief from their terror.


“Any news?” Miles asks Robin.


“No. We’re waiting here. The police need statements from us all.” Robin says glumly.


“Did you get through to Roe?” Gervais asks sitting down.


“Yes she’ll call the hospital and call me back if they tell her anything. Did you get hold of Spence’s brothers?” Robin asks.


“W is coming. Fergus is in Europe and their parents are in New Zealand.” Gervais says.


“W is coming? Wow.” Robin says.


“I know I was surprised too. He asked we call AB if we hear any news.” Gervais says.


One by one the guys follow a cop to the canteen and give their statements. Returning to the waiting room for an anxious wait.


W arrives after a couple of hours. He hugs Gervais and Robin who both wince in pain.


“Have you two not even been seen?” W asks concerned.


“The emergency crew checked us at the crash, said we were okay to be driven in.” Robin says. W shakes his head and heads off to find a doctor.


“Spence has a concussion and a broken arm. They’re just moving him to a room, they want to monitor him overnight as he took quite a knock and then operate tomorrow if he needs it. He has a temporary cast for now. I suggested they put him and Andy in a room together. They won’t tell us anything about Andy yet. We can go and see Spence in pairs.” W says and everyone unclenches a little.


Robin follows W in to see Spence.


“That’s one way to decide about wrestling.” Robin says pointing to the temporary cast.


“No sport for me for a while. Or coaching. How’s Andy?” Spence asks.


“We don’t know yet. Gervais is okay, same as me. I think we were all knocked out. So lucky Miles was close behind us to get us out and make sure the ambulances knew where to go.” Robin says.


“I’m glad you guys are fine. I feel like shit. Andy looked bad in the car. Please find out if he’s okay.” Spence pleads.


“We will. We’ll send some of your buddies in while we go and ask.” W says knowing his brother won’t rest until he knows what has happened to his boyfriend.


Robin watches as W talks agitatedly to a nurse and realises he should call his parents.


“Hey Mom.” Robin says.


“Hello darling how was spring break? Did you have good weather?” Robin’s mom asks.


“It was good. Mom I’ve been in an accident. I’m okay, or I think I am, but Spence and Andy are hurt.” Robin says.


“What happened? Who was driving? Had you been drinking?” Robins mom asks eerily calm.


“It wasn’t our fault. Andy was driving his car, Miles was driving mine so I could talk to Andy. My car is fine. Andy’s mom and her looney boyfriend drove Andy off the road, there was nothing he could do.” Robin says trying to hold it together.


“Oh my goodness. Are you sure you’re okay. It sounds terrifying. What hospital are you in. We’ll come and get you. Do you have an adult with you? Oh I know you boys are adults but you know what I mean.” Robin’s mom streams.


“W is here, Spence’s oldest brother and we’ve told Andy’s aunt but she can’t come because of his sister. They won’t tell us anything about Andy yet. Mom I’m so scared.” Robin says.


“We’re on our way. Send your father the details. And son make sure you get checked over. Do you have your insurance card?” Mom asks.


“I do, I will.” Robin says and sits down shakily to send his dad the details of where they are.


“Was that Roe?” Gervais asks hopefully.


“No I called my Mom, she’s on her way.” Robin says.


A doctor comes out and asks for Gervais who follows. W sits down looking worried.


“They won’t tell me anything. Can you call his Aunt?” W asks.


“Sure. My parents are on their way and Gervais is being seen now.” Robin says.


“Good. Utter nonsense you two waiting so long when you’d been knocked out.” W says clinging to some order.


“Here’s Elliot and Jesse. Why don’t you go back and wait with Spence.” Robin says.


“Once Gervais is out.” W says just as Gervais comes back.


“All okay?” Robin asks.


“Mostly bruising. Take it easy for a few days because of being knocked out and to come in if I feel ill. Have a script for pain meds as my ribs are likely bruised.” Gervais says and the doctor calls for Robin.


“Lets go back with Spence, he’ll be out of his mind.” W says to Gervais.


“I’ll try Roe, get her to talk to Spence.” Gervais says.


“Okay. Fuck this is stressful.” W says.


“Can you get Robin to pop in when he comes out?” Gervais asks Miles.


“Sure. Please come out if you hear anything about Andy.” Miles says.


“We will.” Gervais says.


“Have the drugs kicked in?” W asks.


“Yeah. Any news?” Spence asks calmer than before.


“Not yet. I’m sure they are just patching him up.” Gervais says.


“I just need to know he’s okay.” Spence says.


“Us too kid. Robin’s parents are coming. I was thinking you might want to go back with them instead of the dorm when you get out.” W says.


“We have finals soon and I have so many commitments.” Spence says sounding stressed.


“You need to heal up.” W says.


“I’ll be fine.” Spence says as Andy is wheeled in.


“Is he okay?” W asks the nurse.


“I’m his boyfriend, we live together.” Spence says as the doctor comes in.


“He’s going to be fine.” The nurse says.


Gervais heads out to tell the others.


“Andy is in the room but he’s still a bit out of it. Robin go see Spence and W, I think they want to know you’re okay.” Gervais says.


“Are you okay?” George asks.


“Yeah, just really sore and bruised. If you guys want to get on back you should go.” Gervais says.


“Once Andy comes round.” Miles says.


“But we came in your car. How will you get back?” George asks.


“My parents are on their way. They’ll drive us. Don’t worry.” Gervais says.


“Did you call Blue?” George asks.


“Shit, no. Ah he’ll think we went sightseeing on the way home. Can you tell him when you get back?” Gervais asks not wanting to worry Blue too much. His Momma or Roe have probably told him anyway Gervais figures.


“Of course.” George says.


Robin comes back out.


“His nose was broken. He’s a broken wrist too.” Robin says.


“Can we see him?” Elliot asks.


“Yeah go on in.” Robin says.


“You okay?” Gervais asks.


“Yeah lots of bruises and I’ve pulled my shoulder. I feel shit. I could kill that pervert. Any word on how he is?” Robin asks.


“No idea. Do you think he was following us? Blue meant to check if there was some sort of tracker on the car. Do you know if he did?” Gervais asks.


“I don’t know. I think we all forgot about it.” Robin says, he looks up and sees the cop from earlier is listening in.


“Sounds like we need to have a chat about the background to this crash.” The cop says.


“I thought you had all you needed.” Robin says.


“Come on.” The cop says and the guys follow. They explain everything about Jacob and Katelyn and the earlier attack on Blue.


“Thanks for your time. We’ll look into it.” The cop says.


“We’re going to get going. Are you okay with that?” Miles says as they get back.


“Yeah. My parents will be here soon.” Robin says.


“Drive safe. Give Blue a big hug from me, let him know we care.” Gervais says sadly remembering why Blue isn’t with them.


“I will.” George says and hugs Gervais and Robin gently.


“Yeah tell him we miss him and love him.” Robin says feeling guilty too.




“Blue? It’s me George.” George says knocking on the suite door.


“’George come in. Where are the others? Why all the bags?” Blue asks.


“Sit down. Fuck we should have called you.” George says.


“What’s up? You look so serious.” Blue asks.


“There was a car accident. No crash it wasn’t an accident. Andy’s mom and psycho boyfriend knocked Andy off the road.” George says.


“Is everyone okay? Where are they? Gervais? Oh god where is Gervais?” Blue asks terrified.


“Gervais is okay, bruised but okay, same as Robin. Andy and Spence were hurt more, they have a broken arm a piece and Andy broke his nose.” George explains.


“Why wasn’t Robin driving his car? Shit I have no car, sorry, not appropriate.” Blue says.


“Robin and Gervais switched with me and Miles, they wanted to talk about you. Saved me.” George says.


“Have you eaten? You look exhausted.” Blue asks.


“I am starving.” George smiles.


“Help yourself to milk or whatever from the fridge, I’ll go and get you some food from downstairs.” Blue says.


“I can go.” George says.


“Just relax, let me take care of you.” Blue says with a smile.


George looks around at the suite, it’s almost the same layout as his own but a million times clean and tidier. He had his slob roommates. He always thought they always hung out here because they were the largest group but he realises it’s the nicest space, with the nicest furniture. They clearly make an effort.


“You guys are super clean.” Gervais says as Blue comes back in.


“I guess. We all like it that way.” Blue shrugs.


“I can’t wait to live with you guys next semester.” George says.


“You can smell your place from the hall. Weird given you’d nerds not jocks.” Blue says.


“They can video game for 3 days without showering. I love to play but I want to get an education too and experience all college offers.” George says.


“I love having you around but I still don’t know you that well.” Blue says.


“I’m a regular joe from a regular family. Not much to tell.” George says.


“Well we can trade stories all night. You can borrow some clothes from Gervais.” Blue says.


“You should check with him before offering.” George laughs.


“I’ll call him while you shower.” Blue says clearing the food.


“Thanks Blue. I really needed some quiet time but didn’t want to be alone. You’re really great to be around.” George says hugging Blue closely and feeling a rush of emotion he doesn’t really understand.


“You too George. I’m glad you braved it and made friends with us.” Blue says enjoying the human contact.


“Oh Blue thanks for calling.” Gervais says.


“Are you okay Baby? Do you need me to come and get you?” Blue asks.


“Robin’s parents are here and we’re going to a hotel with them and W then we’ll decide what to do tomorrow once we know what is happening with Spence and Andy.” Gervais says.


“I love you so much, I just want to hold you and kiss you better.” Blue says.


“Oh I want that so much too. I wish you were here but I’m glad you weren’t in the crash. Oh Blue I love you too, so, so much.” Gervais says letting some tears out.


“Call me when you know what’s happening. George is staying with me, can he borrow some clothes? He’s in the shower I don’t think he has the energy to go back down the hall.” Blue says.


“Of course you didn’t need to ask. Take care of each other. I have to go, I’ve time for one more visit before we go.” Gervais says.


“Give Andy and Spence big kisses from me.” Blue says.


“I will. I’m so sorry for everything babe.” Gervais says remembering why Blue isn’t there.


“You’ve done nothing wrong. See you soon. Come home safely.” Blue says.


Blue digs out some clothes for George and smiles at being in Gervais room. Maybe they can finally be together. He could have lost him forever today without them ever being together. Blue feels sick at the thought.


George comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, holding his glasses.


“You really are super cute. Here’s some clothes. Are we going straight to bed?” Blue asks.


“I think so. I’m dead on my feet.” George says beaming inside at the compliment.


“I’ll use the bathroom while you dress. You can take Robins bed or come in with me.” Blue says.


Blue comes back out and Gorge is sat on the bed in underwear and a tshirt, his hair all damp and spiked up.


“Come on get in with me, I could use some cuddles.” Blue says.


George looks at him wide eyed.


“Unless that makes you uncomfortable.” Blue says hastily.


“No, I could use some hugs too.” George says.


The two snuggle in together, George lying his damp head on Blue’s chest and Blue holds him tight. George feels amazing, can barely catch his breath, then he suddenly feels relaxed. Blue’s arms are so comforting, he’s been so welcoming, so caring since the minute he arrived. George liked Blue a lot before, he had a strong crush but he now feels that much closer to him, he realises Blue is a real person not just a fantasy figure.


“So how was high school for you?” Blue asks.


“Average I am shit at sport, I love it and am enthusiastic so the coach liked me but I was shit at it so never fitted with that crowd. I was a true geek, lunches in the computer lab, weekends were spend building drones and programming them. I did robot wars and engineering camp.” George says.


“So why are you here and not at a super engineering school?” Blue asks.


“My Dad left junior year to find himself. Mom had to use some of my college money to survive and so I had to go to the most affordable place. I was never much good at English or social sciences so I didn’t have a top gpa, here offered me the most money and while the engineering department isn’t well known it is fully accredited.” George says.


“Did your dad find himself?” Blue asks.


“He came back mid way through senior year and nothing was said. So weird.” George laughs.


“Wow. Did your mom date while he was gone?” Blue asks curious.


“No, I have a strong feeling both my parents are asexual too. I was an ivf baby and while they are affectionate it’s always quite chaste and they don’t linger and have never shared a room.” George says.


“Are you asexual?” Blue asks.


“No, just very, very selective. I’m a virgin and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.” George says.


“It’s nice to know I wasn’t the only one. I wish we’d spent more time together before. It would have been cool to navigate all this relationship stuff together.” Blue says.


“You’d never have noticed me like that.” George says.


“No? I have now. We could go on a date sometime, I mean would you like to?” Blue asks.


“I would love to but I am good friends with Gervais and I wouldn’t want to step on his toes.” George says.


“That’s a more creative excuse than most guys give.” Blue sighs.


“Gervais loves you and I’m sure you love him too.” George says.


“Ahh but he has turned me down a hundred times and I don’t know if I can put myself out there again. I got things wrong with Austin and he dumped me, Elliot basically said I’m undateable. I worry that if Gervais actually said yes he’d dump me pretty fast.” Blue says.


“I can’t believe anyone would turn you down and Elliot saying you are undateable is a total joke. He would not have a clue how to be a boyfriend. He and Jesse are fighting already.” George says.


“Why do guys go for Jesse over me? That is what I don’t understand. Well I do we look totally different so if he’s your type I’m probably not but Elliot had sex with me, seemed to be attracted so it can’t have been looks. Is my personality that repulsive? I’m not asking for compliments. I’m genuinely interested.” Blue says.


“You are so much nicer and more fun than Jesse so I have no clue at all. Maybe you’re too together that guys are intimidated that you’d have high expectations of them. But I’ve found you to be really easy going.” George says.


“Thanks. Any guy, including me, would be lucky to have someone like you, girls too if you go that way.” Blue says.


“If you and Gervais don’t work out I’ll be here.” George says and kisses Blue’s arms. Blue ruffles George’s hair.


They sleep together well. George wakes up not able to believe it’s true. He’s really in bed with Blue. They get up and George switches the TV news on as Blue does a little yoga in his room.


“Holy shit. Blue come here you have to see this.” George cries out.


“Oh my got that’s you guys. You never mentioned TV cameras.” Blue says.


“I honestly didn’t notice.” George says.


The pair watch in silence as the story unfolds.


Footage of the car weaving at Andy is shown and the aftermath.


“Elliot must have sold his video.” George says.


“Good for him, as long as the police saw it.” Blue says.


“Events are still unfolding at the house of local businessman Jacob Newly. The police have been inside the house since early this morning after a warrant was issued we believe based on evidence found on his phone.” The news reporter begins.


George and Blue look at each other shocked.


“It is believed the police have found thousands of images of children and a secret room that may have been used in child abduction cases decades ago. Jacob Newly remains in a coma.” The news report ends.


“Gervais have you seen the news?” Blue asks calling his friend.


“Yes. It has certainly cheered Andy up. The crash was a small price to pay to get him off the streets. If he ever wakes up he’ll be going away for a long, long time.” Gervais says.



“How’s he doing?” Blue asks.


“Andy not so bad they don’t think his wrist will need surgery, they just need to put it into a real cast later today. They want to keep him in as he had a fever overnight and to wait for the swelling on his nose to reduce. Spence is in surgery now. Once he’s out Robin’s dad will bring us home and his Mom will stay here, she’s been an amazing super mom caring for all of us.” Gervais says.


“Call me when you leave. Tell Andy he’s a hero for saving his sister.” Blue says.


“Oh I will.” Gervais says.


“What has happened to his mom?” Blue asks.


“We think she’s been arrested but no one is too sure.” Gervais says.


“Take care babe.” Blue says.


“You too. We’ll see you later. Love you baby.” Gervais says feeling positive about where things are headed.


“I need to call home.” Blue says to George.


“Sure. I’ll go get breakfast for us.” George says.



“Thanks George. No eggs or meat. Thanks.” Blue says.


“I know. Do you want juice?” George asks.


“Yeah, grab a bunch of stuff if you can, I think it’ll be another long day.” Blue says and George smiles in agreement.


Blue calls his Momma and Roe and Katelyn are there too.


“Hey guys. I guess you’ve seen the news.” Blue says.


“Yes. We are so glad we’re up here out the reach of the press but it means we can’t go and see Andy right now.” Roe says.


“I just spoke to Gervais who said Andy is in good spirits.” Blue says.


“That’s good to hear. We’re very worried about all of them. Robin’s parents and Spence’s brother have stepped in though and are giving proper updates.” Roe says.


“I bet you’re feeling safer now.” Blue says.


“Yeah. I’m so relieved. We’re going to stay living here though.” Katelyn says.


“We don’t want to change schools again. We’ll reassess during the summer but Andy and Katelyn can have a few weeks in Chicago or somewhere without worry.” Roe says.


“It’s going to be so cool. I can’t wait to go shopping, that is the worst thing about here.” Katelyn laughs.


“I know. Online shopping is not the same.” Blue says.


“Thanks for calling darling. Keep in touch and we’ll let you know if we have news.” Momma says.


“Oh is their news on Katelyn’s Mom?” Blue asks.


“She’s been arrested but not charged yet.” Roe says.


“Thanks, call me with any news. Love you all.” Blue says


“No pancakes today so I brought croissants, toast, fruit and juice.” George says unpacking it all.


“Ah ha I have just the thing.” Blue says going over to the fridge.


“What’s that?” George asks as Blue brings out what looks like 2 cans of beans.


“A cunning disguise for Momma’s preserves which will be awesome with croissants. Blackberry or Apricot and ginger.” Blue says smiling.


“Why the disguise?” George asks.


“So Andy doesn’t just eat the jar with a spoon. He has the sweetest tooth.” Blue laughs.


They eat and as they do Elliot and Jesse come in with coffee for them, later Miles, Emilie and John arrive with more food and John from the newspaper drops in. All day they watch the news waiting for any change to the story and glimpses of their friends. They wait for Robin or Gervais to call with news of Spence.


All day people from the floor, friends from climbing, gymnastics and even wrestling drop in and out to get updates watching the news with mouths open and expressing disbelief at the crash. It’s like a strange kind of wake.


Late in the evening when Blue and his friends are worried out of their minds Robin and Gervais come through the door.


Emilie and Blue leap from their seats to hug their boys trying not to hurt them. Everyone gets up to greet them and shake their hands for helping expose Jacob and for surviving the crash. Once they tell their tale everyone starts to drift away as its clear they need rest.


“Are you going too George? You could stay over again.” Blue says.


“No I’ll leave you guys to it. I’ll come by tomorrow.” George says feeling a little lost. Blue has been amazing every second since he got back and although he knew it was just a dream it felt like something real beginning. Then he saw the way he looked at Gervais and knew there was no hope. Still he will treasure the memory of being in bed with Blue and him asking for a date.


“Thanks so much for everything.” Blue says hugging George tightly and kissing his cheek.


Gervais looks on interested. George is very much Blue’s type and could be competition. Gervais shakes the thought away, he knows Blue loves him.


“Where’s your dad?” Blue asks.


“He went straight back to Mom. Spence’s surgery went well and hopefully they’ll both be out tomorrow. It is just a question if they come here or go back with my parents for the week. School is a busy place and they don’t want to get knocked about but Spence is stressed as it is so close to finals. Even if he can’t go to classes he wants to speak to professors.” Robin says.


“Hard to know what is best. We can look after them here but it’s probably more comfortable at your house.” Blue says.


“Do you guys need food? There is loads of junk people brought by.” Blue says.


“College student equivalent of a casserole; Doritos and pizza.” Gervais laughs.


“You look so sexy even all bashed up.” Blue whispers to Gervais pulling him onto his lap as gently as he can.


“So do you.” Gervais whispers back kissing Blue on the neck and snuggling the best he can.


“I’m glad you’re okay Gervais. See you all tomorrow.” Emilie says.


“Are you not staying over? We have room.” Blue says.


“She’s too damn tempting and I’m so darn sore.” Robin says kissing her goodbye.


“You sure about not having her here? You could have used Andy and Spence’s bed.” Blue says.


“I think we three should do that. I think there is room and I don’t think any of us want to sleep alone.” Robin says.


“Sounds good.” Gervais says.


“Unless you two need some alone time. Are you finally together?” Robin asks


“Yes.” Says Gervais at the same time Blue says “No.”




2 thoughts on “The suite saga 31

  1. Wow this is getting stressful. This was an amazing chapter and you did fantastic with the writing. I was really sad with the ending and I’m really hoping that Gervais and Blue work things out soon.


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