The suite saga 33

Spence and Andy arrive back with Robin’s parents. Blue helps unload the car, they’ve gone overboard on food and drinks along with the clothes and pillows. Blue realizes Robin’s mom has loved being able to spoil the guys.


“Wow, you’ve really stocked up.” Blue says to Robin’s mom as they go down for a second trip.


“They both need to take it easy. It’s not just the broken bones, they’re bruised all over. They’ll need a fair bit of care.” Robin’s mom says.


“We’ll make sure they are clean and fed and get some sleep.” Blue says.


“Making sure they don’t do too much will be the hardest part. Spence cannot go straight back to normal.” Robin’s mom says.


“Robin and Gervais have been exhausted and have let me help them today with little fight. Spence will listen to his body.” Blue says.


“Is Robin doing better? I really thought he was going to leave.” Robin’s mom asks.


“Dropping wrestling and joining climbing helped and of course meeting Emilie. Classes are not great for any of us. But I’m really happy he stayed, he’s been a great roommate.” Blue says.


“We just want him to be happy.” Robin’s mom says.


The suite is filling up again with friends and neighbors, an impromptu party welcoming Andy and Spence home. Emilie has come over to meet Robin’s parents and it goes pretty well though they are a little surprised that she’s 2 years older, Robin hadn’t mentioned it before.


The parents take time to say good bye to everyone and get on the road. Once they are gone Emilie approaches Blue.


“I am sorry for being such a bitch earlier. I was mad that everything was about you when the guys were hurt. I was scared and insecure. I’m sorry.” Emilie says.


“Was it true though? That Austin expected me to apologize? That it was all my fault?” Blue asks.


“Yes he expected you to make the first move and apologize, he was being a princess.” Emilie says.


“Should I talk to him?” Blue asks.


“You’re over him, you’ve moved on. You usually have such good instincts, start using them again.” Emilie says.


“You should have let me leave that coffee shop.” Blue says.


“Ahh come on, it wasn’t all bad.” Emilie says.


“I know, my first real boyfriend will always be special, I just hate that it ended with our first fight.” Blue says.


“Forget all that. Go and get your man.” Emilie says motioning to Gervais.


“He doesn’t want me. I don’t think he ever did. Only when I’m out of reach does he say he does.” Blue sighs.


“Give him a little time, he’ll regret his choice, he does love you. Things are so crazy right now.” Emilie says.


“I think he’ll stick to it, he’s pretty stubborn. But I’m not going after anyone else.” Blue says.


“He’ll come round.” Emilie says.


“Sorry for being crap this morning, I was focused on them but they wanted distraction.” Blue says realizing he wasn’t so nice to Emilie either.


“I know, I’ve had it from Robin.” Emilie laughs and heads over to talk to Gervais.


Blue watches them for minute, he knows Emile won’t be able to change Gervais mind but he’s pleased that things are good between him and Emilie.


“Can I have the room tonight? We need some serious makeup sex and a sleepover is needed.” Robin asks.


“Are you up to that?” Blue laughs.


“I can try. We’ve had too long apart.” Robin says.


“I can sleep out here tonight. If we can get everyone out of here. Andy and Spence look ready to drop.” Blue says.


“Thanks. And yes time to chuck people out.” Robin says.


“Its been great to see you all but can you please fuck off so we can get on with the welcome home orgy!” Blue shouts and Andy cracks up. The visitors get the message and filter out.


“Thanks we’re about to fall over.” Spence says.


“Do you need any help tonight?” Blue asks.


“No we’re good. I’ll get you to help me shower in the morning. While this one sleeps in.” Spence says.


“Hey I am following doctors orders, no classes this week and taking it easy. Things that I am very, very good at.” Andy says laughing.


“If you’re really good I’ll bring you home a cookie.” Blue says.


“You better. Hey bro I am so sorry we forgot you. We just thought you were with Gervais and He thought you were with us. Don’t be too hard on him for it.” Andy says.


“Ahh we’re long over that but I still managed to fuck it up and we’re done, or rather we’re never going to happen.” Blue says and Andy’s smile fades seeing his friend’s pain.


“I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully its just temporary during the madness.” Andy says.


“Go to sleep you look near death.” Blue says.


“Yeah, but we’ll talk more soon. I hate how things are.” Andy says and Blue nods.


Gervais is sat on the couch contemplating the last few days. Blue sits next to him and can’t help staring at his love.


“What are you thinking?” Gervais asks.


“What I’m always thinking when I see you, just how beautiful you are and how I wish you were mine.” Blue says.


“It’s too late.” Gervais says.


“I know. I was never good enough for you. I wish you would give me one more chance but I know you won’t.” Blue says.


“I can’t. You running to Austin was the last straw.” Gervais says.


“But you knocked me back so, so many times. I moved on like you told me to and you didn’t let me take a few weeks to get over him. Are you really making this choice now, amidst all the crazy?” Blue asks.


“You slept with Elliot when you could have been with me. You asked him on a date, you asked George on a date. You were trying to be with anyone but me. Then you ran to Austin when I was begging to be with you. It hurts Blue, I know I did it to you too but that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt so bad and that’s all we do, we just hurt each other.” Gervais says.


“But we don’t have to. We can be amazing. We can be everything we want to be. Whenever we let ourselves it is so right. You can’t tell me that when you woke this afternoon that for a minute you didn’t feel good with me there.” Blue says.


“Of course I did for a minute but I’m sorry I don’t want to do this. I just want to move on and get on with my life.” Gervais says.


“You really are sure. You really are.” Blue sighs utterly resigned to it.


Gervais nods and heads to his room. Blue sighs and makes up his bed.


Over the next few weeks Blue and Gervais avoid each other as much as possible. The atmosphere in the suite is strained as the other 3 struggle to balance their friendships.


Spence and Andy are finding life a little frustrating. They’ve had to curtail their more adventurous sexploits, though neither is unsatisfied. Spence is back to all his commitments quickly, though hands off for now. Robin and Blue help them shower in the mornings and Blue helps with anything practical in the suite, Gervais and Robin help them with meals, the dining halls being difficult. Others offer to help but they find it hard to trust anyone but their suitemates.


The crash guys become notorious on campus, despite the crash footage being on TV the story evolves into a multi car high speed chase to stop the pedophile. The guys go back to climbing club as heroes.


A week or so after spring break Blue gets a letter formally terminating his membership and barring him from all future club activities, as a member or guest. At first Blue thinks it is a cruel joke or more revenge from Dylan but Miles is amongst the committee members who have signed it and it cites his failure to keep to the rules on both spring break and the earlier camping trip. He is too embarrassed to tell his friends and wouldn’t want them to stop going on his behalf. He feels he broke the rules and they shouldn’t suffer because of it.


Momma arranges for Blue and Andy to get a new car from a local dealership. They both love it although feel a little guilty as it was so expensive. Despite Jacob being dead Momma wanted to make sure they had something really safe that would work well at school and at home.


Robin and Emilie are going strong, they fit in well with the group, tension from Miles is gone since the crash, just as it is between Miles, Jesse and Elliot. Robin and Emilie sexile Blue often who mostly says he doesn’t mind but he’s sad he doesn’t have a room to go to, friend or boyfriend.


Blue adds a yoga class on Wednesdays and stays late there talking most weeks so he doesn’t have to hear the others coming back from climbing. He avoids the group more and more as Elliot and Jesse can be obnoxious, he doesn’t trust Miles any more and Dylan joins them more and more often.


Dylan really likes Spence and Andy as he feels he can be himself around them. He’s slowly becoming happy, understanding who he is and is actually a much nicer guy, but understandably Blue doesn’t want to hang out when he’s around so doesn’t know that he’s changed.


Dylan isn’t over John at all. He hasn’t gone back to girls though and self identifies as gay and not bi. He and John have to spend time together because of the club and are back to having a secret sex life, with John being the one wanting it kept quiet now. John’s proud of how much more confident Dylan has become in being himself but doesn’t yet trust him fully so keeps him at arms length. They both have sex with others but are discreet about that o not hurt the other.


Cheryl is worried about Blue spending so much time at her place, he happily drives Ocean and his friends to gymnastics and hangs out long after drop off. Cheryl loves that Ocean has a good male role model around but hates that he isn’t having fun with his friends.


Six weeks after the crash Spence and Andy get their casts off, both have removable supports to wear but they finally have their independence back. Their freedom coincides with the week of the climbing club annual formal.


Miles drops by a few nights before to drop off the tickets.


“Here Blue I have your ticket.” Miles says as Blue walks through the room.


“Very funny.” Blue says and continues out the door.


“What’s his problem?” Miles asks annoyed.


“Maybe a steak dinner isn’t his idea of fun.” Gervais says.


“There’s a vegetarian option, he’s not the only veggie in the world.” Miles says.


“Did anyone actually invite him?” George asks and they all look back at him blankly.


“Why would he need to be invited, he’s a member?” Andy asks.


“He’s not been since spring break, maybe he isn’t a member now.” George says.


“That was just to give Gervais some space, h’ll be back soon.” Andy says.


“No he teaches another class on Wednesdays now, I heard the others talking about it at last weeks class.” Gervais says.


“So you’re back at yoga and he’s not back at climbing and not ever coming back?” Andy asks saddened.


“Are you guys friends again?” Spence asks hopeful that things will be back to normal soon.


“He gives me a ride and is polite but we’re not close. He treats me like a friendly stranger.” Gervais says knowing that it’s his own doing.


“That’s how he is with me too. Polite strangers, he asks how things are with classes and Emilie and that is it. Never says what he’s doing.” Robin says.


“Coz you’re always kicking him out, like tonight.” Spence says.


“Speaking of my lovely lady is here.” Robin says getting up as Emilie comes in.


“Does he have a boyfriend he’s staying with and keeping quiet about?” Gervais asks.


“He’ll be sleeping in his car again I expect.” Miles says.


“What?” Gervais, George, Andy and Spence ask.


“I’ve seen him sleeping in his car a few times on my way home late.” Miles says.


“Why?” Andy asks.


“Because he’s a morning person.” Gervais says.


“You should wake him when you go so he knows to come in.” Spence says.


“Or we should be more considerate.” Gervais says feeling rotten that Blue is having such a shitty time, he always advocates for others and never himself.


“How? We shouldn’t feel bad for having friends round.” Spence says.


“But we could kick them out by 11 or move to our rooms then or go to someone else’s for a change. Blue has 8am classes, he can’t wait til  2 to go to sleep. He loves sleep.” Gervais says.


“Your place tomorrow George.” Andy says.


“I don’t think my suite mates would cope too well.” George says with a smile.


“But you and Jesse can make Blue uncomfortable every day and that’s okay?” Spence asks.


“I’m friends with Blue and I’m quiet and I leave if he asks me to. Unlike Elliot, Jesse and Dylan.” George says.


“Hey we’re guests of Andy and Spence, Blue doesn’t get to evict us.” Elliot says.


“So he has asked before and you’ve refused?” Gervais asks shaking his head knowing how Blue must feel being on the outside.


“The guys a jerk.” Elliot says.


“He has been ever since spring break, we were friends before.” Miles says.


“He thinks he’s too good for climbing and too cool to hang out with us. He’s so fake and a snob.” Jesse says.


“He’s not like that.” Andy says upset that his friends don’t all get along.


“He’s really not. If he’s nice enough to let Robin have the room you fuckers need to be gone by 11.” Spence says seeing how upset Andy and Gervais are getting at people slating their friend.


“Fine but he is like that, thinks he’s better than us. Why else wouldn’t he hang out?” Miles asks.


“Because of me.” Gervais says sadly.


“Nah, when it’s just me and Andy here he goes in his room, I doubt he has an issue with Andy.” Miles says.


“I’m going to talk to him. Can you lot fuck off before I’m back?” Andy asks, not asking, getting up and grabbing his car key. At least he knows he can get in and make Blue listen.


“Miles said you’d be sleeping out here. I didn’t believe him. Are things really this bad?” Andy asks.


“I tried sleeping in the pool room but was told I’d be sanctioned if I was caught again.” Blue says.


“When Gervais was with Jesse you’d suck t up and hang out.” Andy says.


“Gervais needed me. He can manage himself now.” Blue says.


“That’s it you only stuck around for him? The rest of us don’t count? I feel like the only times I’ve seen you since spring break was when I needed help in the shower or buttoning a shirt. I don’t suppose I’ll see you at all now the cast is off.” Andy says.


“We can hang out all summer.” Blue says.


“I don’t want to wait until then.” Andy says.


“I gave up making plans with you or Spence because you always blew me off for Dylan or Elliot.” Blue says.


“We’re not exclusive. We like to hang out in groups.” Andy says.


“With people who hate me. I am never going to be comfortable in a room with Dylan or Miles. Elliot is a dick since he’s been with Jesse.” Blue says.


“They’re nice guys, Dylan has calmed down loads. You need to loosen up.” Andy says.


“They call me science experiment and lab rat. I do not need to be around people like that. They are so nasty, like Miles taunting me with that ticket tonight, it was cruel.” Blue says.


“Why?” Andy asks confused.


“Because I can’t go to the dinner and Miles knows that.” Blue says.


“You’ve got it all wrong, we all want you there. You could find a suit tomorrow and come.” Andy says.


“Maybe I do, maybe it’s alllll in my head.” Blue says sarcastically.


“So you’ll come to the formal?” Andy asks not knowing why Blue is being so weird about it.


“I can’t.” Blue says quietly.


“You might as well come inside. I kicked them all out for the night and we have a new no one after 11 rule if Robin needs your room.” Andy says.


“I’m fine here. I don’t want to be the one stopping your friends being round I know you love it.” Blue says.


“Hiding out all the time isn’t giving you the college experience you wanted. Please consider coming on Saturday.” Andy says.


“Please just drop it.” Blue says.


“Your loss.” Andy says going inside.


Even though Blue and Gervais have barely spoken since Gervais asked for space Blue can’t resist going to see what he looks like all dressed up. Gervais has been worried about Blue for a while and last night has made him feel guilty as hell so he’s very open to spending more time with Blue but not sure how to.


“You both look so handsome.” Blue says as George and Gervais come out.


“I wish you were coming too. I’m pretty nervous.” George says.


“You make a really beautiful couple. Will you send me pictures?” Blue asks.


“You should be in the pictures, you got us all to go in the first place.” Gervais says.


“We’re not a couple. We just don’t have dates.” George laughs.


“Can you not at least com to the after party?” Gervais asks feeling upset they’re not sharing the night, knowing it’s his own fault and wishing things were different. All the reasons to be apart were stupid and Gervais wishes he could rewind the last 6 weeks.


“No. Go have fun and enjoy it. I really hope you have a great time.” Blue says trying to be as cheerful as he can. He steps forward and kisses them both on the cheek. George grins like crazy and Gervais just feels sad about what could have been.


“Thanks Blue.” Gervais says.


“If you need to leave early or anything happens call and I’ll come get you.” Blue says.


“We’ll be fine, we can get a cab. We’re both happy to leave early if the other wants to.” George says.


Blue studies for a while then unable to sleep watches a law and order marathon each episode blending into the next.


At the dinner Gervais is trying to have a great time, he never went to school social events if he could help it and whilst he’s happy to be here it is kind of overwhelming too. He’s glad he has George with him who is just as out of water as he is.


Miles has been circling John since his breakup with Dylan, unaware Dylan and John have been hooking up. Tonight John gives in a little, partly wanting to push home to Dylan that he’s not the only one. Dylan walks in on Miles sucking John in the bathroom, blatantly in the middle of the room not in a stall. Dylan walks out and proceeds to get utterly slammed.


“This feels all wrong without Blue.” Robin says to Emilie when they take a break from dancing.


“We need to make a plan to get those two back together. Gervais looks utterly lost tonight.” Emilie says.


“Let me think.” Robin says slightly drunk.


“Is Blue still interested? I never thought he’d be short of offers.” Emilie says.


“He’s not mentioned anyone else but as he spends most nights with a forty something woman and her 8 year old son I doubt he’s with anyone.” Robin says.


“Not much point going to college if you spend all your time with a clone of your mother.” Emilie says.


“He met me, made the whole college thing worth it.” Robin laughs pulling Emilie back on the dance floor.



“Hey George we need the room tonight.” Jesse says pulling him aside.


“Elliot has a single.” George says rolling his eyes.


“My suite mate has their siblings staying. I said they could use it.” Elliot says with a shrug.


“It is a sex emergency, you cannot deny us.” Jesse pleads.


“Fine.” George says annoyed, knowing they’ll just do it in front of him if he refuses. He likes staying with Gervais but it is annoying to have to ask.


“You okay?” Gervais asks as George comes over.


“Can I stay with you tonight?” George asks.


“Sure, what’s up?” Gervais asks.


“How did you ever date Jesse? He is so obnoxious. I hate that we’ll be living with Elliot next semester and so Jesse will be around loads.” George sighs.


“They won’t last the summer. Elliot is alright when he’s not with Jesse, those two just bring out something weird in each other.” Gervais says.


“They are so fucking superior.” George says.


“Don’t waste your anger on them, they’re not worth it.” Gervais says.


“I guess. Got your eye on anyone? Shit I shouldn’t encourage you or I’ll be homeless.” George smiles.


“No, no one. What about you?” Gervais asks.


“No. I mean John is cute but I don’t want to see him naked. I want to see Spence naked but I don’t want to kiss him.” George laughs.


“Spence is beautiful in the buff but I’ve seen him at all angles and could do without seeing him nude for a while.” Gervais laughs.


“Are you ready to be friends with Blue? He was so lovely tonight.” George says.


“I really want to. I feel like I’ve let him down. You should hang out with him more, you don’t need me to be there.” Gervais says.


“It’s awkward. I want to but worry I’ll just lunge at him, I need a chaperone.” George laughs.


“In case you mouth falls onto his dick?” Gervais laughs.


“Oh god I dream of that. Don’t you?” George asks trying to find out the depth of Gervais remaining interest.


“I try not to. Mostly if I dream of him he’s just holding me.” Gervais says.


“You should let yourself.” George says.


“You only want me to get with Blue so you can pick up the pieces when it all goes wrong.” Gervais says.


“Its just such a waste him being single. Maybe I should make a move?” George contemplates pushing Gervais further.


“I’m supposed to tell you to go for it and that I’ve no claim on him. I don’t want to lose you as a friend but I’d be jealous as hell.” Gervais says.


“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t, not until you find someone.” George says.


“You can gaze at Spence all summer in his speedos.” Gervais says.


“I will, if I ever get outside the lab. Are you still going to the retreat?” George asks.


“Yeah, the job was already set up and I’ve nowhere else to go. I feel guilty but I think Blue and I will be friends by then.” Gervais says.


“I’m glad.” George says.



“I’m glad our arms are free to wear these tuxes, we look so hot.” Andy says to Spence.


“I’m really proud to have you on my arm tonight, you look amazing and I get to take you home.” Spence says.


“I love you babe, I could not have got through these last few months without you. I am so glad you took me back.” Andy says.


“I had to. I don’t want a life without you.” Spence says.


“I just wish all out friends were here tonight.” Andy says.


“Me too. I can’t believe he thought we were blowing him off and he thought we were flaking on him.” Spence says shaking his head.


“It’s not been the same since the crash.” Andy says.


“You’ll reconnect over the summer.” Spence says.


“We better. I’ll be relying on him to stop me missing you so much.” Andy says.


“No getting too close.” Spence laughs.


“I promise no banging it out with Blue.” Andy laughs.


“And I’ll leave George well alone.” Spence says.


The guys drink and dance at the after party until the small hours, crawling in at around 4am dragging a passed out Dylan between them.

6 thoughts on “The suite saga 33

  1. Oh no… I’m sure I’ll like the writing, just not the Blue experience. Should I wait till 34 and 35 are published?


  2. Even sitting in my sunny (for a change) London garden, I’m having a little mope for Blue. I don’t get why Miles had a dig at him.

    Had to go re-read the Andy/Spence outdoor sex scene to cheer up a little.


    1. The next chapter is called Blue’s bad day. You might like it even less. I was up in town yesterday and it was a bit chilly, can’t believe I’ve missed a sunny day.


  3. Oh, I didn’t like reading this… Please don’t let us wait too long for part 34. I want Blue to be happy – even if it’s with none of the Suite boys we have meet yet.


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