The suite saga 34 – Blue has a bad day


Blue’s been asleep for barely an hour when the guys crash in.


“Wake up Blue I need the room.” Robin says shaking Blue awake.


“Fuck off its 4am.” Blue replies.


“Come on.” Robin says and Emilie joins him.


“What the fuck. You stupid fuck.” Blue says jumping out of bed drenched as Robin and Emilie tip pitchers over him.


Blue grabs some shorts as he’s pushed out the room by Robin. Dylan is asleep on the sofa.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Blue mutters under his breath as he realizes he can’t sleep out here and doesn’t have his car keys. He sees his running shoes by the door pulls them on and heads out the door. Blue runs and runs and runs. He’s not had a long run in a while and it feels good to run as the sun comes up.

He stops and walks through a park he likes, stretches enjoys being around some green before setting off again, further and further away from the suite. Finally exhausted he stops in another park and finds a water fountain.


It’s a nice sunny day and he sits under a tree watching the world go by while his legs recover, exhausted he dozes off for a little while and is woken as it starts to rain. He realizes he’s run far too far given he has no money for a bus or cab back. He sets off at a slow jog as the rain pours down and gives up and walks.


Hungry, tired and soaked to the skin he gets back to the dorm mid- afternoon. He has to wait a while to get in as he doesn’t even have his entry card. He goes straight to his room and stops dead Emilie is riding Robin reverse cowgirl and starts shouting at Blue immediately.


“Get the fuck out.” Emilie cries. Blue is rooted to the spot unable to get it together. Emile lists up something from Robin’s shelf and throws it at Blue still screaming at him to get out, the first thing misses but the second a clock hits him straight in the eye, he winces in pain and runs back out.


Blue sits on the couch bleeding, his eye swelling already. He has no idea what to do now.


“Fuck Blue why are you dripping all over the couch.” Spence says coming out of his room.


“What?” Blue asks confused.


“You’re soaking wet and dripping all over the furniture, its gross.” Spence says annoyed.


Blue heads back out the door. No idea what else he can do. He sits outside for ages in the rain waiting for Robin and Emilie to leave feeling sorry for himself and wondering why so many people hate him and take advantage of him. He tries to think what he can do to make people like him again. He can’t let life carry on being this shit, but he can’t work out what he needs to do. He knows why Jesse doesn’t like him and even though things thawed between them when he was with Austin he doesn’t see things turning around now.


Elliot he’s not sure about, they were good friends they banged, it was great and now Elliot likes to act like Blue is complete scum and he doesn’t know why. Or maybe its his way of letting Jesse know Blue never meant anything to him.


Eventually Robin and Emilie come out, shivering Blue gets inside, grabs his things and takes a long hot shower. He’s starving and freezing and just wants dry clothes and some dinner. He dries off and gets dressed in the bathroom, goes back into his room sits on his bed to put his socks on.


“Shit fuck shit!” He shouts standing up, his bed is totally waterlogged from the night before. He grabs his mealcard and goes to get some food. Of course, of course the dining hall has shut early as its Sunday night. Blue bangs his head against the closed doors and makes his way upstairs. He goes to get his wallet and car keys so he can go out to eat, the living area is full of the usual group so he doesn’t want to nuke noodles.


Robin and Emilie are coming back in as Blue is going out, he barges past them aggressively.


“What the fuck Blue!” Robin says.


“Get the fuck out of my way, you selfish cunt.” Blue shouts back trying to push past.


“Blue!” Emilie exclaims.


“The cyborg strikes.” Elliot laughs from the couch.


“What is your problem?” Robin shouts.


“You and her the most selfish cunts I ever met. Get the fuck out of my way.” Blue says coldly.


“Don’t talk to my girlfriend like that.” Robin says.


“She’s lucky I’m not talking to the police.” Blue says, his eye has swelled shut and looks a total state.


“Did you punch him Emile? He’s been asking for it.” Miles says.


“Really? I’ve been asking to have my eye damaged like this right before finals? I’ve been asking to be thrown out my bed at 4 in the morning? To sleep in a fucking park? For my laptop and phone to be fried and my bed ruined? To have nowhere to sleep tonight? What the fuck have I done to Emile for her to do all that to me? Seriously? What the fuck have I done to any of you?” Blue shouts finally losing it with all of them.


They all stare at him in silence.


“Nothing? No reason? No apology? Of course not. You’re all assholes, now let me leave so I can find somewhere to stay tonight.” Blue says quietly starring at Robin who begins to step aside.


“You can have my bed, I’ll stay with George.” Gervais says.


“I can’t ask you to sleep in Jesse’s room.” Blue says heading out the door.


Gervais runs after him.


“You can’t drive with your eye like that. I’ll be fine with George, Jesse can fc off George has cleared out often enough for him.” Gervais says.


“Are you sure? I feel awful and would really appreciate it.” Blue says.


“Come on.” Gervais says leading him back in and straight into his room.


“Thanks.” Blue says the bed looking inviting, his hunger forgotten.


“Is your eye okay? I have some painkillers left from the crash.” Gervais says.


“I’m okay, looks worse than it feels.” Blue says getting undressed.


“I’ll let you sleep. If you need anything I’ll be outside for a bit.” Gervais says but Blue is asleep already. Gervais watches him for a second worried that the situation Blue is in is somehow his fault.


“Get out all of you, get the fuck out.” Robin is shouting at the guys on the sofa who are looking at Robin baffled as he waves a piece of paper.


“George wait.” Gervais says pulling him aside as the others file out, after Blue’s scene no one is wanting to stay.


“This is why Blue hates Miles and has been avoiding everyone. It fell out a book as Emilie was clearing off his bed.” Robin says.


“Holy shit. No wonder he hates Miles two faced shit.” Andy says, Spence reads over his shoulder and they pass the climbing club dismissal letter to Gervais and George.


“Well we know why he kept saying he couldn’t go last night.” George says quietly.


“What did you do to his bed?” Gervais asks.


“We threw some water over him last night to get him out.” Robin says ashamed.


“Why would you be such a dick? Killing his laptop and phone too? How much water?” Gervais asks disgusted.


“Four pitchers.” Emilie says quietly.


“Why would you do that?” Spence asks.


“We thought he’d have to sleep with Gervais. Drunk I have really bad good ideas.” Robin says.


“Nothing was malicious. We couldn’t know he’s sleep outside.” Emilie says.


“But you didn’t have to maim him.” George says.


“No, but he came in at a really bad time, I was embarrassed and lashed out.” Emilie says.


“How bad is his bed? Do we need to move the mattress out to dry?” Spence asks.


Robin shrugs and Gervais goes to check.


“Fuck.” Gervais says seeing the mess, he grabs the laptop to see if he can save it.


Spence and Andy grab the mattress and drag it into the main room leaning it against the window.


“So what do we do now?” Andy asks as they all sit down again.


“Why didn’t he tell us about the letter?” George asks.


“He wouldn’t have wanted to stop us going.” Gervais says.


“Now what?” Spence asks.


“We find a new activity for next year.” Andy says.


“Chucking him out for being a great baker and saving me is super low. Miles is a shit. I’m never going back.” Gervais says.


“And we kept shoving Miles and Dylan in his face.” Spence says.


“Those two are banned from here.” Gervais says.


“Agreed.” Robin says and Andy nods feeling really shitty.


“I’m going back, you guys need to talk.” Emilie says and Robin doesn’t object just kisses her goodbye.


“I’ll head back too. I’ll leave the door for you.” George says.


“Thanks. I think I’ll stay here though. I’ll call tomorrow.” Gervais says.


“Okay.” George says walking out with Emilie.


“You know he would never have even asked if he could sleep in with me.” Gervais says to Robin.


“I know, I was so wasted it seemed like a good idea.” Robin says.


“Fuck, I chucked him out of here after Emilie hit him. He was sat here, soaking from being out in the rain and I had a go about getting the couch wet.” Spence says.


“You could have offered him a towel or dry clothes.” Andy says.


“I know, I was hungover and grumpy.” Spence says shaking his head.


“Lets take him to dinner at Cheryl’s place tomorrow, to say sorry.” Andy says.


“Cool I’ll be dropping Ocean off after gymnastics anyway.” Spence says.


“Can we take him somewhere more special? I mean Cheryl does great food he loves but its his normal everyday option.” Gervais says.


“I’ll find somewhere. He like Thai and Indian doesn’t he?” Robin asks.


“Yes something like that.” Gervais says and the other two nod.


“I’ll be done by 7.15, text the details and I’ll meet you guys 7.30.” Spence says.


“I can’t believe he had to watch us all go last night when we all knew he really wanted to go, he’d never had a school dance and was looking forward to this for ages. We all knew that. Then he had a shitty day today.” Robin says shaking his head.


“I was rough on him for not going, tried to guilt him into it and he just kept saying he couldn’t go. He said Miles was jerking him around with that ticket. Sick fuck.” Andy says.


“I get that Dylan hates him, its stupid and he was never any threat to him but I get it. I don’t get Miles and the others, they all liked Blue and said he was a great addition to climbing. Even that incident with me, John said he wasn’t going to tell him off.” Gervais says.


“Maybe it was a weird revenge for introducing me to Emilie and for the Elliot thing.” Robin says.


“How can he be at fault for Elliot and Jesse?” Gervais asks.


“He tried to ask Elliot out so that was letting Elliot know he was worth more than a hookup to some guys and he let Elliot have the room to fuck Jesse.” Robin says.


“That’s way too twisted, if its true you better watch your own back.” Spence laughs.


“I am too sleepy to work it out.” Andy says and they all head to bed.


Gervais hesitates for a moment. Looks at the sofa and then heads to his room. Strips off quietly and slips into bed with Blue.


Blue wakes stiff and sore from the previous days run, then smiles as he realizes Gervais is spooning him. He turns round to face him.


“What are you doing here? I mean it’s your bed. But?” Blue asks softly, extremely happy.


“Someone has to take care of you.” Gervais says pushing Blue onto his back and cuddling up to him.


“I had a bad day.” Blue says.


“You did and you should have asked for help.” Gervais says running his hands over Blue’s chest. Blue pulls Gervais fully on top of him and kisses his head.


“I wish you had woken me when you came in. Then I would have felt good allll night long.” Blue says.


Gervais looks into Blue’s eyes then leans forward and kisses him, gently for a second then they are kissing passionately, Blue’s arms wrapped tightly around Gervais holding him so close.


“I should have more bad days.” Blue says as they break apart.


“No, I’m taking care of you now. No more bad days. No nights in your car and no nights in the park, you really have to explain yourself on that one.” Gervais says trying and failing to be angry.


Blue’s stomach growls loudly before he can answer.


“Come on, shower then pancakes.” Gervais says kissing Blue all over his noisy stomach.


“I need to stretch, I ran for hours yesterday.” Blue says.


“I’m sorry for not stepping in sooner. I’m sorry for not checking you were okay.” Gervais says.


“It wasn’t your job.” Blue says getting out of bed.


They stretch together in the cramped floor of Gervais room, not wanting to face the outside world just yet.


“I really missed you kicking me into shape.” Gervais says.


“I missed your perfect body.” Blue says stroking Gervais face.


“I missed yours.” Gervais says.


“It was waiting for you. Why did you stay away?” Blue asks.


“Sheer stupidity. I thought I could will myself over you. I was never even a little bit over you.” Gervais says.


“And now?” Blue asks.


“Shower and food, if you’ve time.” Gervais says.


“I do, I’m so glad we’re friends again.” Blue says.


“Just friends?” Gervais asks.


10 thoughts on “The suite saga 34 – Blue has a bad day

  1. I discovered your story and you are an evil evil genius. Thanks for writing this. I can’t wait for the next chapter since I binge read this all in one day. BTW someone needs to bitch slap Robin for being a dick lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hope binge reading you didn’t find too many inconsistencies.

      I’m going a bit slower at the moment I’m afraid but there’s a fair bit more to come.

      Thanks for reading



  2. OMG U are killing me. This is amazing. Cant wait for the next one. Can u please find a way to hook up robin and Blue. I need to see that happen.

    Liked by 1 person

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