The suite saga 35

“No not just friends. Unless that is what you want?” Blue asks terrified of making a wrong move.


“I want to be more than just friends. I want to be your boyfriend.” Gervais says.


“You asking?” Blue asks.


“Oh yes, I am one hundred percent certain that I want you. Will you be my boyfriend?” Gervais asks.


“Yes, yes, yes. One hundred percent yes.” Blue says lifting Gervais off his feet and kissing him, Gervais wraps his legs around Blue’s waist and kisses him back feeling happier than he ever has.


“I want to throw you back on the bed and not let you up all day but I really can’t.” Blue says.


“We have so much time for that. Plus you’d have no stamina, you need food.” Gervais says as Blue’s stomach interrupts them again.


Blue keeps hold of Gervais carrying him through to the shower. They wash together excited to finally have their first full access to each other’s bodies. They both love everything they see.


“You’re so beautiful.” Blue says kissing Gervais as they dry off.


“I love it when you’re happy. I love making you happy.” Gervais says.


“I love you.” Blue says kissing Gervais on the nose.


They happily hold hands all the way to the dining hall and Blue slips his arm round Gervais as he eats. Gervais finds he can’t eat a thing, his stomach full of butterflies.


“I have to go. I will see you tonight.” Blue says.


“Oh, we’re all taking you to dinner.” Gervais says.


“Who?” Blue asks.


“The suite guys, no one else.” Gervais says.


“Okay. That sounds good.” Blue says.


“Blue do you want people to know or keep it quiet?” Gervais asks.


“Uh we should probably tell George. I don’t want him finding out from anyone else. Can we ask him to dinner and tell everyone then?” Blue asks.


“Okay. I wasn’t asking because I want to hide it, I just kind of want to enjoy it all myself first.” Gervais says.


“I know. Feels good. Is tonight too soon?” Blue asks.


“Tonight is good. I love you Blue.” Gervais says, Blue kisses him gently and smiles all the way to class.


The lab exam is hard and not made any easier by his eye but Blue enjoys the challenge and everyone in the class notices Blue’s change of mood.


Gervais is walking on air. Taking the leap to be with Blue was the right thing. Lying next to Blue in bed last night was the best Gervais has felt in months. These last few weeks of self-denial have been so wasteful.


He’s feeling a little worried about how George will react but is hopeful his friend will be happy for them. Maybe it will give George a jolt to look beyond Blue as Gervais is not going to give him up any time soon.


Andy, Spence and Robin have a more troubled day. They have no idea Robin’s plan has worked and Blue is happy as can be.


Andy is worried the bond he and Blue formed over winter break is gone. That Blue didn’t confide in him about the letter, even when pushed about not going to the formal the other night bothers Andy the most. They would all have stuck by Blue been happy to. None of them would have felt sad about leaving the group. They could have used the climbing wall together another night and he would never have had Dylan or Miles over.


Robin is concerned about Blue but on a more practical level he’s worried about replacing Blue’s phone and laptop. He’s working with his Mom this summer and is hoping she’ll give him an advance. Thank goodness Blue isn’t gadget obsessed and his laptop wasn’t super expensive.


Spence is worried because Andy is worried. He’s also selfishly concerned that they are losing a playmate that they enjoyed in Dylan. Spence hopes maybe an apology from Dylan to Blue will smooth things over. Still it’s almost summer and there won’t be much messing around during finals.


Blue meets Gervais and George at his car, they asked George to come a little early so they could tell him.


“Hey George, thanks for coming.” Blue says with a smile.


“Thanks for including me. You seem a lot happier than yesterday.” George says.


“We wanted to tel you first that we’re together.” Gervais says.


“Oh, og that is wonderful news. I am so happy for you.” George says truly meaning it.


“Oh I hoped you’d be okay with it.” Gervais says relieved.


“Of course I am. You two really deserve your shot. I can’t say I’m not jealous, of course I am but I really do hope you are really happy together.” George says.


“Thanks George. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hang out with us. We both want to see you lots. You’ve been the nicest guy through everything.” Blue says.


“Good because I don’t want to be friendless. I loved my suitemates when I first got here now I can’t stand being with them. Just a few more weeks to survive.” George says.


“Hey guys.” Robin says arriving.


Blue steps forward and gives him a big hug and whispers “It worked.” In his ear.


“Oh I’m so happy for you.” Robin cries and hugs them both.


“What’s happening?” Andy asks jogging up.


“These two have finally put us out of our awkward misery.” Robin says.


Andy hugs them with a he smile on his face.


“Spence will be so pissed he’s the last to know.” Andy laughs.


Andy drives as Blue’s eye is still pretty swollen and Andy knows where Robin has booked. Blue sits in the back between Gervais and George, holding hands with Gervais the whole time.


George looks at the pair and smiles, they are very sweet together. George expected to be more jealous than he is. He really likes both guys and is happy they are happy and is happy with himself for being happy for them.


“Ooo I came to this place with Austin, its really good.” Blue says as they drive up and Gervais frowns at him.


“Shit was that insensitive?” Blue asks.


“No, its going to happen. I’m glad Robin chose somewhere you like.” Gervais says not sure how he feels about it. Gervais and Jesse didn’t really go on dates so they won’t run into the issue in the same way for him.


Spence is there already waiting for the others to join him. He sees Blue and Gervais are holding hands straight away and leaps from his chair to hug them.


“Finally?” Spence cries out.


“You’re the last to know.” Andy gloats.


“Don’t care, I just care that it happened. Was the sex amazing?” Spence asks.


“We’ve only kissed. It only happened this morning.” Blue says.


“And now we’re having Indian food. No ass for Gervais tonight.” Spence laughs.


“We brought you here to say sorry for the last few weeks. We’re all mad at ourselves for letting things get so bad without taking the time to talk to you. We’re upset you felt you shouldn’t tell us about the letter. We all love you and care about you and if someone fucks with you we fuck with them, just as we would for each other.” Andy says.


“I didn’t want to tell you. I didn’t want to influence you either way. The letter was fair and factual. Dylan told me I shouldn’t come back at spring break, the letter wasn’t a surprise, the only surprise was Miles.” Blue says calmly.


“It was bullshit. Loads worse happened on spring break, people were free climbing and loads of food was wasted. I don’t think anyone else got booted out. Total bullshit.” Spence says.


“I’m over it. Can you guys drop it now? I know its new to you but to me its old news.” Blue says.


“Okay I suppose.” Andy says.


“I put your phone in a bag of rice but I owe you a laptop.” Robin sighs.


“It’s okay. I told Mom I spilt water on the extension when studying. I’ve ordered new ones already. I need a better laptop anyway, that one wasn’t good enough.” Blue says.


“Not like you to lie.” Gervais says surprised.


“It was a stupid plan but it worked in a roundabout way. I am so happy, what’s a few electronics.” Blue smiles.


“We have some news.” Spence says.


“We do.” Andy says.


“My parents having a fit of interference have decided they want me to stay in the dorms next year and have gone back on their agreement to fund me in an apartment.” Spence says.


“And where he goes, I go.” Andy says.


“But we are fucking charming.” Spence says.


“And we talked our way into the spare room in your suite.” Andy says.


“Hearing it has a full kitchen certainly swayed Andy.” Spence says.


“And the gym is even better than the one we have now which is good for my stud.” Andy says.


“And we both want to enjoy the rooftop pool.” Spence says.


“That’s so great, I was worried about strangers.” Gervais says.


“Oh wow, I am so pleased.” Blue says.


“I am finally going to live in a clean place.” George laughs.


“You two just can’t leave me alone.” Robin says with a grin.


“I guess I need to sort things out with Elliot. Do any of you know what I did to upset him?” Blue asks.


“He spouted some shit the other night about you thinking you were too good for us. We told him that wasn’t true.” Andy says.


“I think he’s just rude to you to keep Jesse happy.” Gervais says.


“They had a big fight in the car on the way back from spring break about you.” George says.


“So theres not much I can do.” Blue says.


“Its not like he and Jesse will last.” Spence says.


“Jesse will be upset that he’s the only one not with us and no doubt that will be my fault too.” Blue says.


“It was me that didn’t want him when we formed the group.” Gervais says.


“And none of us predicted that Elliot would date Jesse or that we’d end up living with you too.” Andy says.


“I’ll try talking to them.” Blue says.


With the strained atmosphere lifted the guys soon catch up on everything that’s been going on in their lives and they all feel delighted everything is back to normal. They enjoy the food and the company.


George is happy no one has questioned him being there and they are being so nice to him. Andy is relieved Blue is back to himself and not bearing any grudges, well Dylan and Miles but Andy understands that, he’s mad himself. Spence is happy Andy is happy and will be okay this summer with Blue and Gervais, a little relieved the pair won’t be available for Andy to fuck.


“George, Robin you should come back with us, leave those two alone.” Spence says.


“I’ll drive, your eye is still bad.” Gervais says.


“Okay.” Blue says happy to have Gervais looking after him.


“I feel kind of shy around you now.” Blue says sitting on the edge of Gervais bed.


“Why?” Gervais asks sitting next to him.


“I’m scared. I worry I’ll not be good enough and I uh can’t tonight.” Blue says.


“I was with you at dinner, I don’t have expectations. What made you think I want to go that fast anyway?” Gervais asks.


“How slow?” Blue asks wanting to know everything, needing to know to not fuck anything up, the stakes are too high.


“I don’t know. We’ll know what feels right, we always know. Relax Blue, it’s me and you. You always do what’s right with me, you always know how I’m feeling.” Gervais says.


“Do you want me to sleep in my room?” Blue asks.


“No of course not. Shit Blue relax. I love you and I’m not going anywhere.” Gervais says climbing into Blue’s lap and kissing him. Blue relaxes and melts into the kisses.


They kiss for a long time and slowly undress each other.


“I loved seeing you in the shower but up close like this is better.” Blue says kissing Gervais neck and shoulders.


“You’re amazing and all mine.” Gervais says kissing Blue again.


Blue lies Gervais down and begins to kiss him all over, all down his chest, lingering at his stomach covering it with tiny kisses and smiling. He kneels between Gervais legs and lifts Gervais feet to his mouth and kisses each foot before licking each toe in turn.


“You always wanted my feet.” Gervais laughs loving every second of attention.


“Is it okay?” Blue asks anxiously still not able to fully let go-.


“Yes, Blue you know when I’m happy just as you know where I’m sad or anxious.” Gervais says.


“Sorry.” Blue says.


“Come here.” Gervais says and Blue lies back next to him.


Gervais kisses Blue all over his face and runs his hands up and down his arms.


“I love every moment with you, every touch, every kiss. It all feels as amazing as I dreamed. Is it not for you?” Gervais asks.


“Everything is amazing. I love every tiny piece of you and every kiss is electric but I can’t relax and go with it, or only for a few minutes at a time.” Blue says.


“So we’ll just snuggle.” Gervais says.


“I might be anxious but I’m stiff as a board and so are you. We cannot sleep without some relief.” Blue says in a super serious voice.


“That’s my Blue, always practical.” Gervais says snuggling close as possible and kissing Blue’s neck.


Blue shakes everything off and kisses Gervais again with all his passion, they both feel like there are fireworks in the room. They kiss and slowly begin to stroke each other and it feels so good.

Blue shoots a massive load and Gervais marvels for a second enjoying the show before his own orgasm hits.


“Do you always shoot that much?” Gervais asks once they catch their breath.


“Yeah. Or the first time for the day.” Blue says.


“How the fuck did Austin not notice that was not happening.” Gervais laughs.


Blue shrugs and then giggles.


“I have you now.” Blue says.


“You do and I love you so much.” Gervais says sighing.


“It is so nice to hear it when I feel it back.” Blue says.


“Oh yes, no guilt or awkward moments. We don’t have to say it back, we can enjoy the moment and say it whenever we need to. Feels so good.” Gervais says.


“We are in sync.” Blue says.


They clean up and Gervais settles on Blue’s chest, one leg across his stomach and the other wrapped round Blue’s leg. Blue revels in the closeness.


“Now those two are together and we’ve lost Dylan maybe we should invite them to join us sometime. I’m going to need a thorough going over before the summer.” Spence says.


“Are you saying I’m not enough for you?” Andy laughs.


“Not at all. But I know you love to watch, to direct.” Spence says.


“I do. We should get tattoos before summer too.” Andy says.


“We should. I love that idea?” Spence says happily.


“Do I get a reward?” Andy asks.


“You asking or demanding?” Spence smiles.


“Get to work.” Andy says pushing him down.


On Wednesday none of the guys go to climbing. On Thursday as Blue, Gervais and George are getting back from yoga they run into John waiting to get in to their building.


“Oh good, I thought you got back around now.” John says and follows them inside.


“How’ve you been?” Blue asks cautiously.


“Studying too much. Can I come in?” John asks.


“Sure, whats up?” Gervais asks.


“Ah good Elliot and Jesse are here too.” John says as they go inside.


“Is this about climbing?” Elliot asks.


“Yes, what happened? I heard you all quit.” John says.


“We only just found out Blue was banned. As soon as we found out we quit.” Spence says quietly.


“What Blue did wasn’t anything like as stupid or dangerous as some of the things being done on Spring Break.” Elliot says.


“And the cooking was freaking amazing, anyone who complained about that should have been kicked out instead.” Andy says.


“The baking brought the whole guys house together, gay and straight, it was terrific.” Robin says.


“Blue wasn’t banned and certainly not for being an excellent baker. Everyone still talks about the banana nut muffins.” John says.


“Then why put the misuse of supplies as a reason in the letter.” Blue asks and Robin hands the letter over.


“I wasn’t a part of this. I must have missed or not been invited to the meeting where it happened. Let me look into it.” John says.


Gervais snuggles closer to Blue and Spence looks at them and smiles. Spence likes having another long term couple around, or he thinks they’ll be long term. Gervais is utterly unselfconscious with Blue in a way he wasn’t with Jesse. Jesse notices and wonders how much Gervais was holding back because of Blue and how much was because they just weren’t compatible.


Missing Gervais hits Jesse in waves now and then. He’s actually glad they’re not living together next semester. Things with Elliot are good but Jesse knows its temporary. Elliot has run through all the local options and wants sex on tap so needs a boyfriend. Jesse hates to be single and Elliot is far easier to be with than Miles was. Elliot accepts Jesse as he is, Miles was always trying to mold him.


“This decision isn’t in any meeting minutes. It isn’t like Dylan, he hates Blue and would happily have him banned but he’d gloat about it every chance he got and would have delivered the letter to Blue in the most dramatic was possible, in front of all of you. Leave it with me, I’ll find out who is behind it and hope to see you all back next semester.” John says.


“I don’t think so, but thanks for dropping by.” Andy says calmly.


“Blue I’m sorry for not checking in sooner.” John says.


“You had your own things going on and I won’t be coming back.” Blue says.


“I think we’re done here.” Robin says walking John out.


Blue and Gervais head to his room.


“Are you okay?” Blue asks.


“Yeah I was just trying my Dad again. I’ve not heard from him in weeks and I’ve not had my allowance for a while. I’m okay for money at school but a bit worried about gas money for summer and stuff.” Gervais says.


“Well we have a couple of study days. Why don’t we drive up after classes on Friday for a few days.” Blue says.


“You don’t need to study?” Gervais asks.


“My chem lab was the hard part I’m not worried about finals. Are you?” Blue asks.


“No not at all. I’m ready. Would you really go with me?” Gervais asks.


“For sure. You’re worried and won’t focus on exams until you know what’s going on.” Blue says.


“Thanks babe.” Gervais says and kisses Blue gently.







17 thoughts on “The suite saga 35

  1. So I kinda really love the robin and George idea, one experimantive, the other not sure of himself, I could see where that could lead, especially if you tie George into robin and Emilie


    1. It’s interesting. I don’t think Robin is George’s type. He likes Blue who is big and muscular and practical, the opposite of himself. Where Robin is more similar to George. Still types can change. I’d want George’s first action to be with someone who is really in to him, anything else is a long way down the road.


  2. About time!!! Thank you thank you thank you. Now get Robin a George together and all will be good. lol


      1. Hahahahah not me. You kinda led us on for the first few chapters when you were more focused on robin and blue although I love the edition of a female character.
        Don’t get me wrong I love your writing I just loved their chemistry(still do)


    1. If Dylan really changed, maybe him and George???? Not Robin :)))
      Although I know he is straight, that doesn’t mean he can’t feel any type of feelings for Blue. I believe with the right person anyone can go bi. (I mean the person needs to be very special and Blue sure is)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Repost!
        Hahahahah not me. You kinda led us on for the first few chapters when you were more focused on robin and blue although I love the edition of a female character.
        Don’t get me wrong I love your writing I just loved their chemistry(still do)


        1. Robin was hugely important for Blue as the first real person he had a crush on and they’ve kind of drifted apart since their last encounter, Robin being all focused on Emilie, Blue being depressed over Gervais. They do need to reconnect but I don’t think it’ll be until after the summer.


        1. I want to write a fair bit of Blue/Andy/Gervais summer and a bit of Spence/George not sure about the others. I’ll probably do the first 2-3 weeks and the last 2-3 but I’m not sure yet.


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