The suite saga 36

Blue and Gervais both finish early on a Friday and grab their bags and get on the road.


“Is your eye okay now?” Gervais asks stroking Blue’s face.


“Yeah, you’ve kissed it better loads.” Blue says happy that someone cares.


“Thanks for doing this.” Gervais says.


“Its fine. You’ll do better in your finals once you know what’s going on.” Blue says.


“We could do with some drama free time. I have missed talking to you so much. The guys are great but with you I can get straight in and know you’re really listening.” Gervais says.


“I’ve missed your chatter. When you came back to yoga I was so scared of overstepping that I barely spoke to you. I’m sorry.” Blue says.


“It was just awkward. No ones fault. Well mine for holding out for so long.” Gervais says.


“All in the past now. I’m excited its summer in two weeks.” Blue says.


“Me too. I want your famous honeycakes.” Gervais says.


“Do you have a bike? We should pack anything you need for summer and take it back.” Blue says.


“No bike, do I need one?” Gervais asks.


“It’ll be easier if you’re living with me. Though its uphill on the way.” Blue says.


“Small price to pay for being in your bed every night.” Gervais says.


“I want to do lots of outdoor play.” Blue says.


“No objections for me. I love the outdoors and I won’t be the one getting twigs in awkward places.” Gervais laughs.


“I have blankets. I plan on splitting my time between the retreat and the jobs Momma will have me and Andy doing.” Blue says.


“Getting all tanned and ripped.” Gervais says.


“Just the way you want me.” Blue says.


“Can’t wait.” Gervais says.


“You look so cute.” Blue says.


“You are so sexy.” Gervais says and runs his hand over Blue’s leg.


“Trying to distract me?” Blue asks.


“You are always distracting me, looking so good.” Gervais says.


“You’re goofy.” Blue says.


“I’m yours.” Gervais says and unzips Blue’s jeans and moving his mouth to his crotch. He breathes deeply then starts biting through Blue’s underwear before pulling his dick out and feasting on it. Blue tries to keep his eyes on the road, loving every second he keeps going and then pulls off and stops before filling Gervais mouth and throat with thick cum.


“You are so bad.” Blue says to Gervais who sits back up with a smile.


“You’re too tasty. Now I finally have you I intend to have a lot of fun with you.” Gervais says.


“No more go slow? You going to fuck me in your childhood bed tonight?” Blue asks as they set off again.


“That sounds good. This week has felt like forever in some ways. But you are so worth waiting for.” Gervais says.


“I hope so. I know you will be.” Blue says and smiles.


Gervais takes over the driving for the final stint as he knows where he’s going. They pull up at the house and the front lawn is in need of cutting.


They go inside and there’s no sign of anyone. A note is on the kitchen counter.




I have had to go overseas with little notice. I may be without communication for some time.


There is money in the safe for your summer, I trust you will have a good time with your friends and hope I have left enough to allow you to travel a little.


Tuition and board checks are there also as I may not be back before semester begins.


I trust you will be sensible and stay safe.


Dad” Blue reads it aloud.


“Great. Well he wasn’t ignoring my calls. Likely his phone is in he safe too.” Gervais sighs.


“He had time to go to the bank and write this but not call?” Blue asks disgusted.


“It’s not the first time. He gets paranoid his calls will be tapped. He’s probably more vulnerable now he works for a private company and isn’t in the military directly.” Gervais sighs angry and upset.


“He couldn’t have posted the note? Just left you to worry. He’s sick in the head and doesn’t deserve you.” Blue says angry.


“Isn’t it funny that Robin and George are the only ones with present Dads and they have great moms too. Spence, Andy and I might have we’ll have no parents.” Gervais says shaking his head reminding himself he’s not alone.


“Roe and Momma are Moms and Dads rolled into one and they will be happy to be parents or friends, whatever you need this summer.” Blue says.


“Thanks. Robins parents were amazing, like a TV show. So caring and helpful. I wish I had that even for a few weeks. I wish my dad had given me up for adoption.” Gervais says angrily.


“Babe you have survived him and his shitty choices and you are amazing. So amazing you want to be a dad yourself and treat your kids to the upbringing you wanted. You have me now and I will always take care of you, whatever happens, together or not.” Blue says holding him close as Gervais lets the tears of rejection fall.


“I’m sorry we came all this way for nothing.” Gervais says.


“Not for nothing. We are going to get your things and then you never have to come back here again if you don’t want to.” Blue says meaning it.


“I thought we were getting on better. That maybe he finally liked me.” Gervais says.


“I’m your family now. Me, Spence, Andy, Robin and their families are all your family. Look how much you’ve grown this year, without him and without your shitty fucking awful school you’ve become Gervais the sexy kick ass student with loads of friends, loads of guys after you, you’ve developed ambitions and you know the future is bright for you. In August you had trouble surviving one day at a time, could barely speak, couldn’t hang out for more than an hour. You don’t need him.” Blue says.

“I just, it’s hard you know? To realise he barely thinks of me at all. I’m just a line on his to do list.” Gervais says sobbing. Blue holds him close and leads him to the next room to sit him down.


“I’m going to go and get the bags then we’ll shower and decide what to do next. Tomorrow I’ll sort the lawn and take you to the bank and we can pack up your things and go or we can enjoy the peace and get our study done here for a couple of days.” Blue says stroking Gervais hair as the sobs subside.


“Thanks. God I am so glad we’re together so you could help me like this, be here.” Gervais says feeling lucky.


“I would have done this even if we weren’t together. You can always count on me if you’re worried or scared, I’m just glad we get top share the happy times too.” Blue says.


“We both need to do better at letting others in.” Gervais says.


“We do. Easier now we’re together for sure. I wish I’d dumped Austin the second you were ready. I was so stupid, playing games with you like that and being miserable.” Blue says.


“I should never have dated Jesse, if we’d been together from the start we wouldn’t have had to deal with Dylan being a freakzoid or Miles being a dick or anything.” Gervais says.


“But we might not have made friends with George and we might have broken up by now. You were right to work on yourself first.” Blue says.


“I know, I just wish I’d been your first and then you’d really belong to me.” Gervais smiles.


“You know I’m yours and Elliot doesn’t count.” Blue says.


“I want you so much, waiting has been hard, even though I was the one who said we should go slow.” Gervais laughs.



“I’ll go get the bags, shower and you can show me your bed.” Blue says kissing Gervais hard.


“I love that plan. I’ll show you where everything is.” Gervais says slowly getting up and showing Blue around.


Blue gets the bags in and heads to Gervais bathroom. Gervais sits and thinks for a few minutes and then goes to the safe in his dad’s study. Ten grand is cash, two checks for school and 3 more for $5k to cash in an envelope marked for emergency. His Dad must be planning at least 6 months away Gervais calculates, the checks are for the full year tuition and board not just a semester.


Why can’t he just call. Other men Skype their families from the most remote places. What did Gervais do to earn such indifference this long after his mothers death. He goes into his dad’s bathroom and showers, sobbing into the spray as another wave of rejection hits him.


All cried out he goes to his room excited to be with Blue properly. Finally.


“Your room is pretty sparse. No pictures or photos.” Blue says.


“I was never here for long, unfair to have things up that the cleaner would have to dust.” Gervais says.


“Our house will be filled with color.” Blue says.


“I hope so. I want that, bright paintings of flowers and sunsets. Photos of us. Drawings by the kids. I want a rainbow.” Gervais smiles.


“There’s my Gervais, so positive.” Blue says and pulls him on top of him.


“Its all you. You make me feel hopeful. Even when we were apart. Something about you. Meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me.” Gervais says.


Blue pulls Gervais on top of him and they start kissing, both still a little damp from the shower, neither caring. Gervais needs to be physical right now, needs to feel wanted and loved.


“Your dick is so big and you’re so tiny.” Blue says running his fingers over it before opening his mouth to take it in, he licks the head and kisses down the sides, taking his time, enjoying himself. Gervais lets out little moans of pleasure.


“Can I eat your ass? I know you don’t…” Blue asks looking up at Gervais with longing.


“You can.” Gervais says with a grin. He loves how Blue wants to be everywhere, to take good care of him.


Blue smiles and flips Gervais over, he kisses each cheek and squeezes them in turn.


“I love your cute white ass. I love that you’re so pale and how it turns up just right.” Blue says before kissing the cheeks again and diving in, licking and probing and fully enjoying himself, his own cock dribbling with precum.


“My turn.” Gervais says.


“Be careful, I am so close.” Blue grins.


“You really like being down there.” Gervais smiles.


“You have a beautiful perfect pink hole.” Blue grins.


Gervais moves Blue so he’s on his back, legs behind his shoulders bent in two as if it was nothing and Gervais runs his fingers between Blue’s crack before moving in with his tongue licking all the way down and teasing Blue’s hole, probing and moving away. Blue grunts and groans, he feels like he’s floating away. Gervais moves a finger in and a second Blue groans more and more.


“Fuck me babe.” Blue moans.


“I am so ready for you.” Gervais smiles grabbing more lube and teasing Blue more.


“Feels good baby.” Blue smiles.


“You want it?” Gervais asks running the head of his cock down Blue’s crack stopping to push at his hole then moving away. Enjoying the look on Blue’s face as he’s begging beneath him.


“Please baby.” Blue groans. Gervais slaps Blue’s ass with his hand and then his cock before lining up ready to finally be inside his love. Slowly he pushes his head in and Blue groans so ready, all his dreams coming true, he has wanted Gervais for so, so long.


“You want more?” Gervais asks moving slowly, going a little deeper.


“Fill me up.” Blue says and Gervais pushes right in. Blue gasps. Gervais is a lot bigger than Elliot and he feels so much fuller so good. Just as he’s used to it Gervais begins to pump, able to read everything on Blue’s face and responding. Blue’s big dick is super hard and bounces with each thrust, Blue knows it doesn’t need extra attention, or any would send him over the edge too fast.


Gervais bangs away for a few minutes enjoying that Blue’s ass will happily take all of him, enjoying the pleasure on Blue’s face. He slows for a second to catch his breath and leans in for a kiss. Blue props himself up and kisses back deeply, trying his hardest to concentrate on the kissing before his moans escape.


“I love you.” Blue groans as Gervais pulls out for a second.


“On your side, I need to be closer.” Gervais says and Blue moves for him, lifting his top leg up. Gervais pushes back and and gently fucks his man, kissing at his neck and back. Blue turns to meet the kisses. Gervais pushes Blue onto his stomach and lifts his ass slamming him over and over, giving him all he can. Blue shoots hard onto the bed and Gervais seconds behind fills his ass with cum, letting out a roar.


“Stay in me.” Blue says.


Gervais wraps his arms round Blue’s chest and moves gently for a moment, the cum making things extra slippery. Gervais kisses Blue’s back and then lies his cheek on it for a moment. Blue lets out some satisfied sighs.


As Gervais goes soft he slips out and the move to face each other, they can’t stop grinning and kissing each other.


“I love you baby.” Gervais smiles kissing Blue over and over.


“You had a lot of fun.” Blue says grinning, so happy they are compatible.


“So did you. Man your ass is amazing, you took everything.” Gervais says.


“Lots to take, felt so good. I can still feel you.” Blue grins.


Gervais kisses Blue again and runs his hands down his back to his ass and squeezes hard.


“All mine.” Gervais says.


“For sure, all yours. I knew it would be perfect with you.” Blue says.


“It was, best ever.” Gervais says.


“Hate to break the moment but can we go eat now?” Blue asks.


“Sure, I am starving.” Gervais admits.


They take their time to dress, sneaking peaks at each other at every stage. Both so happy and feelng closer than ever.


Gervais takes them to a burger place that goes a nice bean burger for Blue.


“This is good.” Blue says.


“Glad you like it. I really wanted a burger. I guess I’ll be veggie all summer.” Gervais says.


“I doubt it. When you’re at my place sure but I’m sure you and Andy can fire up a grill and get your meat fix down by the lake or at Andy’s place.” Blue says.


“The retreat food is vegan though right?” Gervais asks.


“Yeah. But that’s just lunch. Plus you can eat my meat any time.” Blue grins.


“Ditto.” Gervais smirks back.


“You look a lot better. Are you okay now?” Blue asks.


“Like you said, you’re my family now. We’ve been gone half a day and everyone has checked in to make sure I’m okay. My dad checks in once a month if I’m lucky. I’ve been raped, had broken bones been in a car crash that made the news and none of that got his attention. Robin’s Mom has sent me more texts in the last 6 weeks than my dad has in 6 years.” Gervais says.


“I just hope that your Dad’s latest indifference doesn’t set you back.” Blue says honestly.


“If it does I have you to help me.” Gervais says.


“You do. Oh I’m so glad we’re together at last. I was so miserable without you.” Blue says.


“I’m glad too. Everything feels good. I’ve had a shitty day but it is also one of the best I ever had.” Gervais says.


“Me too. Oh I just want to throw you in the air and catch you and kiss you.” Blue says.


“I want that too. I want you to pick me up and fuck me.” Gervais admits.


“I thought you didn’t like that.” Blue says.


“Everything is different with you.” Gervais says.

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