A few questions

First off thanks for all the support for The Suite Saga, it’s getting more popular week on week which is amazing. Every view and comment and email spur me on to write more.
I’m just finishing off freshman year and coming up to writing the summer. I know the stories of Blue, Andy and Gervais. I half know the story of George and Spence (they’re not getting together just working at the same summer camp).
I don’t have a summer story for Robin yet. Do you want one? I expect I’ll throw in a visit by him to Blue. Do you need more? I might just have him call regularly (just thinking aloud).
What about Jesse and Elliot? John, Dylan, Miles and Emilie? Is it enough to just check in? I’m toying with a Dylan and John story. Also Elliot as I know his background but I’ve never written any of it. But feel I shouldn’t do those if Robin doesn’t have one….
For the Robin/Blue shippers would you be upset if Robin explored with others?
As everyone (except poor George and treacherous Miles) is coupled up, you know there’s only one way to go, hold on to your hats for the cheating and breakups. 

15 thoughts on “A few questions

  1. Yay! It’s Friday 🙂 can’t wait to get the next chapter- I’m doubly excited as it’s the bank holiday in the UK so we may get more than 1 🙂 Although you deserve a bit of R&R too.


  2. Hey, thought it about time I write and let you know how much I have enjoyed this story so far. I tend to agree with the op Blue and Gervais deserve to be happy… It already makes me sad to think something will happen to ruin their relationship. I have rooted for them all along and have yelled at my tablet several times telling them how idiotic they were being at the time…

    Robin is kind of an important character I can’t see him not being involved in the summer at all…

    Anyway I am always happy to see a new segment to this story posted… I finally followed the link in your nifty posting so happy I did as I see you are further along in the story here then what’s been posted to nifty. I am all caught up now. Keep up the great writing…. Looking forward to next chapter and hearing the real reason for Blues dismissal from climbing club.



    1. Thank you and welcome.
      I really should have kept quiet about breakups. Now everyones on edge about G&B, they’re very, very happy with normal minor niggles in the part I’m writing now so everyone can relax 😜😘

      Thanks for reading



  3. I trust you in the way you naturally let the story progress with the characters…I am just waiting for the explanation of who and why they did what they did to blue in regards to the letter and the climbing club….


  4. Is there any way you make a post that describes each supporting character in few sentences, like who they are. Cause I am getting lost with all of the names. Sorry I kind read it in a day and now i am confused. P.S. I love the stories


  5. I wanna say u r the best, and i love all of your stories. You are a very creative and amazing twister and we love every bit of it.

    Can i just ask for a favor, let them be happy i mean Blue and Gervais be happy with no cheating no others but intinacy and love pleaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee.

    Wishing you the best of luck,


  6. Regarding summer story for Robin, I like all the ideas just don’t completely neglect him (as long as he is included thats fine) and about him hooking up with others IM not sure. I like to think that Blue is the only men that attracts him and with him being the only one it makes their relationship that much special and unique. :))


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