The suite saga who is who

This is for Marco but its useful for me too. I’ll try and keep it updated. Comment if I’ve left anyone interesting out and if I’ve messed up, I know Roe had a different name initially and I think I have corrected it here but not on nifty. And yes I’m totally procrastinating from getting the next chapter out.


The regulars


Friend of Blue, studying for masters.


Brother of Willow, studying at art college across town


Student actor moved into the suite.


Met the suite guys the first week playing pool. Dated Gervais then Miles then Elliot.

Is the freshman roommate of George.

Possessive, difficult and Romantic.



Hooked up with Andy after climbing club the beginning of freshman year. Moved into the suite temporarily then found a room on their floor. Dates Jesse.

Bit of a player, friendly and secretive.



Met the suite guys the same time as Jesse but didn’t become part of the friendship group until later. Thought he was asexual until he met Blue.

Funny, shy and super smart.



Met at climbing club. Dated Emilie and Jesse, is bisexual. Set Blue up with Austin.


John from climbing not to be confused with John from the newspaper.

Fake dated Blue, has on off thing with Dylan.

Lovely, outgoing and caring.



John’s on off boyfriend, used to date girls but now identifies as gay.

Total bitch.




Dated Miles and Robin. Was instrumental in getting Blue and Austin together. Can be hot and cold.


Gay sports star who lives with the guys sophomore year.

The families.


Momma aka Clara, Chris/Kit, Bea/Trix, Paul and Lana

Clara = Blue’s mother. Very wealthy, very giving.

Paul, Blue, Chris and Bea’s dad

Lana is Pauls husband, mother to Bea and Chris

Kit/Chris and Bea/Trix Blue’s siblings.


Roe, Katelyn and Andy’s mother.

Aunt Roe an artist now living in the same community as Clara with Katelyn Andy’s wonderful younger sister.

Andy’s mom is a disaster.


Spence’s parents, W and AB and Tommy, Fergus and Maggie.


Spence’s parent travel and have no interest in Spence. Oldest brother W is married to AB and they have a son Tommy and one on the way. Middle brother Fergus is closeted and married to Maggie who is bi.


Gervais dad

Former military, still works closely. Has little relationship with Gervais.


Robins family


Lovely parents Jack and Beth and two younger sisters Simone and Tina.


Cheryl and Ocean

Cheryl is a long term friend of Clara and runs the vegetarian café and community center where Blue teaches yoga. Substitute Mom to all the suite boys. Ocean is her young son who is a budding gymnast.


The minor players


Lives next door to the suite, one time hookup of Blue.


Blue’s first boyfriend. Dancer.



Leader of one of the campus LGBTQ groups, has done lots of work for gay rights and safety on campus. Blue’s first bj.


John and Rachael

Newspaper staff at college, friends with Brad.


Mike and Anna

RAs for the boys freshman dorm.



Carpenter who lives in Clara’s community, hooked up with Andy over winter break.



Robin’s high school girlfriend.



Boyfriend of Andy’s mom. Pervert piece of shit, dead.


Jacob the swimmer. Spence and Andy’s first threeway participant. Never to be heard of again.

River, Moonstar and Eagle run the retreat.

Deke, class below Blue at school.







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