The suite saga 37

Blue and Gervais return to school after a couple of day studying and fucking. They are a complete couple and incredibly happy. They are back to how they used to be fully confident they know what the other is thinking and how to make them happy.


Spence and Andy have had a difficult couple of days. Andy has found it hard to catch up after the accident and has been studying hard for finals and all Spence wants to talk about is sex and who they can invite into their bed.


“What about Jesse and Elliot, they’re vers.” Andy says finally trying to shut Spence up so he can get on with his studying.


“Ew no.” Spence says.


“Can we talk Friday?” Andy asks exasperated.


“I want to set something up for Friday. If we just drift into summer you’ll forget me and how great my ass is.” Spence complains really annoying Andy.


“Just set it up and I’ll go with it. And Spence you are so much more to me than sweet ass.” Andy says.


“I’m insecure okay? You went looking elsewhere when I was right here. 3 months is a long time.” Spence whines.


“I love you, always. We have been through so much together and I don’t think I’ve given you any reason to doubt me since you took me back. I need to study, I’m really struggling. We can talk after finals.” Andy says.


“I can help.” Spence says feeling guilty.


“No I’m going to get Blue to help.” Andy says grabbing his books.


Spence shakes his head and calls up John.


“Are you and Dylan back on yet?” Spence asks.


“Kind of. Can we come over? We need to talk to you guys.” John says.


“Everyone is in the depths of study. Can you do Friday? I was going to ask if you guys were up for a foursome. We could talk first.” Spence says.


“Dude that would be good. I’ll check with Dylan.” John says.


“Cool, see you Friday, I’ll text a time.” Spence says.


“So does that make sense?” Blue asks after they’ve been working a while.


“Yeah. I don’t know why I’m struggling, none of this is hard, I’m just finding it hard to concentrate with Spence around.” Andy says.


“So use a study room downstairs or go to the library.” Blue says.


“Fuck, talk about stating the obvious. I swear I lost all my common sense in that car crash. Great idea, I love you.” Andy laughs.


“You can be so dumb for a smart guy.” Blue says and they say goodnight.


“Can I sleep here?” Blue asks Gervais as he walks into his room.


“Yes please.” Gervais says.


Blue undresses and gets into bed, Gervais walks over and kisses him and climbs in too letting Blue spoon him.


“Best part of the day.” Gervais sighs content.


“Cuddles in bed?” Blue asks.


“Yeah, you are the best to snuggle with. I love it.” Gervais says wriggling closer.


“You’re the best to kiss.” Blue says attacking Gervais ear lobe as he always dreamed of, sighing contentedly.


“Is this all you imagined?” Gervais asks.


“Your toes are even sexier and your neck even more nibbly. Love all of you.” Blue says happy.


“Not tired of me yet then?” Gervais asks just as happy.


“No not yet. Not ever. You tired of my kisses?” Blue asks.


“Never, ever, ever.” Gervais says.


“I’m meeting George for breakfast if you want to join us.” Blue says.


“Yes please. I love that we can make plans and not worry about a hissy fit.” Gervais says.


“Is that your way of telling me I should have checked with you?” Blue asks.


“No, its my way of saying if I had told Jesse I had made plans with someone I would have suffered hours of complaints. With you unless we’ve already got something planned I can arrange to see any of our friends and you won’t mind. I love that.” Gervais says.


“So I just tell you so you don’t think I’ve disappeared.” Blue says.


“That would be nice but if you go for a coffee after class or something you don’t need to say, we’re only just together, I don’t own you.” Gervais says.



“You’re so lovely and open with me. I love how you tell me what you do and don’t like.” Blue says.


“Mostly I don’t need to, you and your super mind reading.” Gervais says.


“I was thinking at the end of the summer we should all go to a beach for a week, us suite guys and George. Elliot and Jesse too maybe. Get a house and relax together.” Blue says.


“That sounds good. I love that idea.” Gervais says.


“I’ll talk to Spence tomorrow.” Blue says yawning.


Gervais pulls Blue’s arms tighter and they’re both asleep in moments.


“What are you doing between camp ending and coming back to school?” Blue asks George the next morning.


“No plans.” George says.


“We were thinking of getting a house at a beach somewhere for a week for us all.” Blue says.


“That sounds good, if it isn’t too expensive.” George says.


“Me and Blue and maybe Spence will split the accommodation costs. You’ll just need travel and spending money. We’ll make sure its not too expensive.” Gervais says.


“I’m in then. I’m not really one for beaches. But I’m sure I’ll have fun with you guys.” George says.


“I’d not thought of that, I burn like crazy.” Gervais says.


“Sounds like you two will be hanging out. I best make sure its not too remote so you can get out places.” Blue says a little disappointed or maybe jealous of Gervais and George having more in common than he has with either of them.


Spence and Andy come in and join them with a stack of food.


“Up early.” Blue laughs.


“Getting ready for the summer.” Andy says.


“Are you going to live with us?” Gervais asks.


“Yeah at least days where we’re working early mornings.” Andy says.


“We’re discussing having a week at the beach after your camp finishes.” Blue says.


“We can use my grandparents place if my brothers are not using it.” Spence says.


“Good shout, we’ve not been for ages.” Andy says.


“Will your parents not be there?” Blue asks.


“Nah to hot, they go april to june if they’re not travelling.” Spence says.


“How far is it?” Gervais asks.


“About 5 hour drive from my place.” Spence says.


“Cool you’re only an hour or so from Spence, we’ll work something out.” Blue says to George.


“For sure if its just gas money and food I’m totally in.” George says.


“Don’t worry about gas money, seriously. Just chip in for beer and food.” Spence says.


2I can’t believe we didn’t think of it before.” Andy says.


“Long, long drive for us. But we can come to school straight after.” Blue says.


“We’ll work something out. We have to get the car back somehow.” Andy says and Blue nods so happy the plan is coming together so easily.


“Is there room for us all, if we ask Elliot and Jesse too?” George asks.


“For sure, it’s a 6 bedroom house.” Andy says.


“Spring break take two.” George says.


“No running away.” Gervais says.


“No car crashes.” Blue says.


“Sounds like a plan.” Andy says.


“John asked to see us all tomorrow. We’ll ask Jesse and Elliot then. Can you all be in the suite for 6?” Spence asks.


“I guess.” Blue says reluctantly and the others nod.


That evening Blue is sat at the desk in his room with his headphones on studying. Robin is sat on his bed doing the same. Blue seems unaware of Robin’s presence and keeps absentmindedly playing with his dick through the bottom of his shorts for comfort.


Robin is fascinated watching him pushing his foreskin back and forth. Gervais comes in and Robin beckons him over, motioning to be quiet and points at what Blue is doing.


“That’s my boy.” Gervais laughs. Blue is still in his own world.


“You come in here to get him for some?” Robin asks


“Nah, I just missed him. Looks like you need some.” Gervais says.


“If you two weren’t together, I would deffo be asking Blue for some oral relief tonight.” Robin says.


“Like last time? What makes you think he’s be more compliant now?” Gervais asks.


“Spring break.” Robin says.


“Ahh. I’d like to have seen that.” Gervais says.


“I want to see you two, you’re so in tune day to day, must be amazing in bed.” Robin says.


“It is, he is. Lets do it. Now.” Gervais says.


“What?” Robin asks curious.


Gervais gets up and kisses Blue on the cheek.


“Hey baby.” Blue says kissing Gervais back.


“Hey sexy, you’re a bit excited.” Gervais says.


“Stress relief, I didn’t realize. Sorry Robin.” Blue turns to his roommate.


“Its hot to see you so relaxed like that.” Robin says stretching, showing Blue his own erection through his sweatpants.


“Robin needs some stress relief too.” Gervais says.


“Is Emilie on her way?” Blue asks.


“No we thought maybe we could all relieve stress together.” Gervais says kissing Blue.


“What?” Blue asks shocked and excited.


“I think it’ll be hot.” Gervais says kissing Blue again.


“Do you guys need a minute to talk?” Robin asks.


“No, uh, I’m up for it. Are you sure Babe?” Blue asks and Gervais nods, fascinated by the idea of the straight guy who plays with his boyfriend.


“Yeah, Robin’s just going to watch and see what he wants.” Gervais says.


Blue gets up and picks Gervais up off the floor to kiss him, Gervais wraps his legs round Blue’s waist and his arms round his neck reveling in the attention and love.


“So cute.” Robin says sitting back on his bed.


Blue throws Gervais onto his bed and pulls off his shorts. His dick bouncing back up. Gervais pulls him close and goes straight to work with his mouth loving the taste of his boyfriend’s big dick. Robin sits back across the room and strokes away fascinated by the pair.


Blue pushes Gervais away and undresses him and begins to kiss him head to toe, as usual lingering on his toes before moving back to his ass, balls and dick, kissing and licking and enjoying every second. Foreplay for Blue is the most pleasurable part of being with Gervais, he loves to give good tongue everywhere.


Gervais turns his attention to Blue’s ass hungry for him to be ready, hungry to be inside his boyfriend’s accommodating but tight hole.


Robin stares at how they move without speaking, how they treat each other, how they gasp and moan and are so happy to be together.


“You guys are hot. It’s weird but hot.” Robin says.


“Come over. Let Blue make you happy.” Gervais says.


“I’m good.” Robin says enjoying the show. Gervais shrugs and carries on getting Blue ready.


“Take me baby.” Blue groan and Gervias doesn’t hesitate and pushes into Blue from behind loving every movement. Blue cries out with pleasure and pain.


“Too fast?” Gervais asks holding still.


“No, sooo good.” Blue says and Gervais begins to move, gripping Blue’s hips and pumping. Robin strokes with the same rhythm but Blue’s lips look inviting. Blue remembers how good he felt in Blues throat and moves across the room.


Blue happily takes Robin’s dick, loves being with two guys. Its crazy he thinks to himself, the two men who he has most been attracted to are with him now giving him so much pleasure. He knows it won’t last forever but he tries to last as long as he can.


Gervais loves his boyfriends moans being muffled, loves that he’s enjoying it so much. It’s Robin who nuts first, unexpected even to himself suddenly he’s pumping his cum into Blue’s throat and letting off a roar which sets of Gervais and Blue, perfectly in time.


“That was so much fun, awesome. But I have to ask, are you and Emilie okay?” Gervais asks once they catch their breath. They’re all laid on Blue’s bed, Robin and Gervais draping themselves over Blue.


“Yeah we’re okay, kinda, sometimes.” Robin says not sure.


“What’s up?” Blue asks softly stroking Robin’s hair.


“We have a lot of threesomes with her and Ally which I love, really, really love, they are both crazy and so enthusiastic with me and each other, believe me its hot.” Robin laughs as Blue screws up his nose.


“So whats the problem?” Blue asks.


“She wants us to have one with Miles and while I wouldn’t be so unfair to deny her sex with two guys I hate the idea of it being Miles, even before I knew he was a colossal dick.” Robin says.


“So find someone else.” Gervais says.


“Not easy to find a bi guy. None of you would be up for it.” Robin laughs.


“Ick no.” Blue says smiling.


“I kind of think she’s been with Miles again without me.” Robin says.


“Was this revenge?” Gervais asks.


“No this was stress relief with you two and so hot, thanks for letting me in.” Robin says feeling pretty good, less bothered about being with the two than his previous explorations. It was just getting off, he’s still not romantically attracted to guys but accepts that sometimes sexually they are useful.


Gervais kisses Blue and then Robin.


“This was pretty great for me. I’d love to see you ride my Blue one day.” Gervais says.


“Uh no. No. This was really fun but no.” Robin laughs.


“Aww I was thinking you seemed more relaxed this time. Not about to jump into the first vagina you could find.” Blue laughs.


“Get out of my head. Yes I feel okay this time and not feeling I have to prove my straightness or anything. We bust a nut and it was good. You two are so in tune, total sex goals, just with a girl” Robin laughs.


“Well I had fun, lots but I’m pretty selfish and don’t like sharing. Gervais is all mine and I want to keep it that way.” Blue says.


“Cutie.” Gervais says and kisses Blue.


“I’d never want to come between you two. You are amazing together, just like Blue thought you would be from the minute he realized he had real feelings. I am so happy you two are together and happy. So glad.” Robin says getting off the bed and ready to shower.


“Thanks. You okay on your own tonight?” Blue asks.


“Yeah of course. You two go snuggle. I win really, you two sharing a single and I get a double room to myself.” Robin laughs.


“We’d have swapped if I hadn’t left it so late to accept this one was the one.” Gervais smiles.


Robin worries in the shower, thinks hard about why things are so up and down with Emilie, how his growing attraction to Ally and his exploration with Blue isn’t helping. He needs to focus on his girl fully or break up.


Blue is spooned around Gervais cuddling him close and biting his ear.


“I wish you were a kangaroo so I could fit in your pouch.” Gervais says.



“You fit perfectly in my arms.” Blue says.


“You knew I would be, you practiced with Robin.” Gervais says with no jealousy.


“All that sharing a bed with him was for comfort not sex. I didn’t get hard over it.” Blue says.


“But you liked him.” Gervais says.


“Yeah I did a lot. I had a huge crush but then I tumbled into you and it was nothing like the same.” Blue says.


“You always protect me. Take care of me. You just knew all the right things to do, what drink I needed, when I needed space or hugs. You’d listen to me for hours and give great advice or let me figure things out for myself. And now I get to kiss you.” Gervais says.


“And I get to kiss you and hold you and be yours.” Blue says.


“All mine.” Gervais says as he falls asleep.


8 thoughts on “The suite saga 37

  1. So happy to see Blue and Gervias so happy for a change… I sense trouble brewing tho… Another spring break party those always seem to be bad for someone and not just in this srory either.

    Another good chapter Sam. Thanks 🙂


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