The suite saga 38

Friday morning Blue and Gervais wake do their yoga in their underwear and go to breakfast together.


“Hey Blue, its my last shift today.” Brad says.


“Graduating, what’s next?” Blue asks.


“Actually I’m staying here, I’ve been given a postgrad scholarship for my leadership here.” Brad says.


“Congratulations. That’s so cool. Are you doing a gay phd?” Blue asks laughing.


“Not quite, masters in social work specializing in child welfare and of course I plan my focus to be on gay and trans teens.” Brad says.


“That sounds perfect for you. No more working in here though?” Blue asks.


“No thank goodness. I’ll have a few tutoring jobs and things next semester.” Brad says.


“That sounds good.” Blue says happy that THINGS ARE WORKING OUT FOR Brad even if they didn’t become friends.


“We have some spinach and potato cakes for lunch I could heat up with some eggs, real eggs we are trying loads of new suppliers this week.” Brad says.


“That sounds perfect.” Blue smiles.


“Are you going to John and Dylan’s party next week?” Brad asks.


“No, Dylan hates me.” Blue says.


“That’s a shame and you two are finally together?” Brad asks indicating Gervais who is picking up coffee for them both.


“Yeah, we’re really happy. He’s prefect for me.” Blue says looking over at his boyfriend and grinning.


“I’m really glad for you. I’ll bring the food over in a minute.” Brad says.


“Thanks so much.” Blue says and grabs some fruit and goes to join Gervais.


“Its all his fault, if he hadn’t turned your head I would never have gone with Jesse.” Gervais laughs.


“Hell I might never have thought of you that way without you going with Jesse. Oh who care we’re together now and its awesome.” Blue smiles feeling so good.


“Here you go.” Brad comes over with a plate of food.


“Wow that looks great, thanks so much.” Blue says.


“Have a good summer.” Brad says.


“You too.” Blue smiles.


“That looks great.” Gervais says.


“Help yourself.” Blue smiles and Gervais does.


The boys wander over to their finals together holding hands, feeling pretty great.


“Fucking fags.” Someone shouts out.


“Want me to walk you all the way in?” Blue asks unnerved.


“No its fine. I am a fucking fag.” Gervais laughs.


“Want to go to a movie or something tonight?” Blue asks.


“We told Spence we’d be in for John coming round.” Gervais says.


“Ugh. Can we go out after? Ice cream or something.” Blue asks.


“That sounds nice. It has been so hot.” Gervais says.


“I love you. Good luck.” Blue says kissing Gervais briefly.


Gervais smiles and carries the great feeling with him into his exam.



Both guys breeze through their papers and meet with Robin and George for lunch outside.


“Not hungry?” Robin asks Blue.


“Huge breakfast.” Blue says.


“You two really do get up every day.” Robin says laughing.


“Breakfast is my favorite meal.” Blue shrugs.


“I wish I was coming home with you for summer.” George says remembering the breakfast Blue cooked on spring break.


“Maybe next year.” Blue says brightly.


“You need to send me a care package.” George says.


“If you’re good.” Blue teases.


Gervais watches them, there is nothing to suggest more than friendship but he sees how easy they are together, a definite spark is present. George is so much more open with Blue that anyone else, much like himself and Gervais feels a little jealous that its not something unique between him and Blue. Still he likes George and knows he would never do anything to get between him and Blue.


“Any idea what John wants?” Robin asks.


“Don’t care.” Blue says honestly.


“You really won’t go back?” Robin asks.


“No. I’d hate to stop any of you but I was in a really low place when I left spring break and Dylan was screaming in my face that I wasn’t welcome. Without the letter I might have gone to the formal if one of you had asked me but I’d never have gone back to the normal night.” Blue says.


“I’m going to join one of the gamers groups next semester.” George says.


“Sounds good. My dad will disapprove but as long as we do some sports or outdoor stuff ourselves he wont need to know.” Robin says.


“Sounds good to me too. Just playing or designing too?” Gervais asks.


“Just playing but if you have a project in mind I’m in.” George says.


“Me too.” Robin says.


“Feeling left out?” Gervais asks Blue.


“No, we don’t have to do all the same things. Video games will never be my thing. I need to hike and run more. I’m thinking of checking out the mountain biking club next semester.” Blue says.


“I bet you’d be a great triathlete.” Robin says.


“Nah I hate lycra.” Blue laughs.


“I’m going to end it with Emilie today.” Robin says.


“Right in the middle of finals, are you sure?” Blue asks.


“Yeah, its weighing on me. I spoke to Jenna last night and she suggested that maybe Emilie and I were always meant to be friends, that the chemistry wasn’t sexual but friendship.” Robin says.


“You had a heck of a lot of sex” Blue laughs.


“Yeah and its good but we’re not half as in sync as you two even after all this time.” Robin says.


“You can’t compare that, we’ve been friends for ages first. We’ve been able to read each other for a long time.” Gervais says.


“I know but it isn’t just that, I think she’s fucking Miles.” Robin says.


“You’re not totally innocent.” Gervais says.


“I know and I’m not asking for monogamy but I need to know we’re moving towards more than we have right now and I’m not.” Robin says.


“I liked her when we first met but now we never know which Emilie you’re going to get, the sweet sensitive one or a raging psycho.” Blue says.


“I never know which Blue we’ll get, the confident happy one or the insecure paranoid one.” Gervais says.


“Hey we all have issues, none of us are the same all the time.” George says.


“Yes, I’m usually a good guy but sometimes I’m cheating scum.” Robin says trying to pull the heat off Blue.


Blue looks at Gervais a little hurt and unsure what Gervais really thinks of him, does he really hate the insecure side? Will he ever be good enough?


Blue does fine in his afternoon exam despite having niggles in mind about how things are going with Gervais. He’s feeling pretty wiped out at the end of an intense week.


“I don’t feel like dealing with Dylan tonight. Want to go to a movie?” Blue asks in Gervais room.


“I want to hear what happened.” Gervais says.


“Okay, maybe call me and we can do something together after?” Blue asks a little upset that Gervais isn’t being supportive.


“Sure. Maybe that ice-cream you wanted.” Gervais suggests.


“That would be nice. See you later.” Blue says feeling a little better and kissing him goodbye.


Gervais goes out to join the others, Robin is looking a little pale.


“Did it go okay?” Gervais asks.


“She was pretty angry at the timing but accepts I was brave to do it then.” Robin says, before Gervais can ask more John and Dylan arrive.


“Where’s Blue?” John asks.


“He went out.” Gervais says.


“What a fucking dick, we give up our Friday night for him and he blows us off. Fucking coward.” Dylan says. Gervais gets up and goes to his room, he’s not going to spend time with these people. He tries Blue but his phone is off, must be driving or at a movie.


“That was harsh, John asked to see us.” Robin says and goes to join Gervais. George wonders what he should do but figures he should stay and find out what was happening.


“Blue isn’t a coward or a shit. Fuck no wonder he hates you, you’re vile.” Andy says shaking his head. John realizes he best get on with it or he’ll lose all of them.


“Tell them about the letter so we can clear everything up.” John says.


“Miles, Jeanette and I were messing around writing mean letters to people we hate. It was just messing around. I didn’t send the letter to Blue. Miles must have done it.” Dylan shrugs.


“Have you asked him about it?” Spence asks.


“He claims not to remember that night at all. We were drinking a lot to be fair.” Dylan says.


“So Blue is welcome to come back and I hope you guys will too.” John says.


“Why should we believe you over Miles?” Jesse asks.


“Yeah you’re still being a dick about Blue even though he’s the one who has been screwed over.” Eliot says.


“Hey I hate that guy and I don’t want him back. If we could have banned him I would have pushed for it until it happened and I would have thrown it in his face every chance I got.” Dylan says.


“Why do you hate him? What did he ever do to you?” George asks a little scared of Dylan.


“He’s a fake, a total phoney. Its nothing to do with him and John and everything to do with his fake name and fake hippy persona.” Dylan says.


“His name is Blue, its on his driving license and all his school id.” George says.


“And he really is from a hippy community, I’ve met his Momma and stayed with them. Blue is completely genuine. Far more than you, hiding who you were, hiding John then over compensating and being a camp queen.” Andy says disgusted with Dylan’s attitude and with himself for ever being friends with him.


“I met him at camp a few years ago, he was such a dick and maybe he used a fake name there but he was there and was awful, never forgot his face.” Dylan says.


“Blue has never been to camp. Other than the yoga retreat where he lives.” George says.


“Its true, so many things we take for normal were alien to him when he got here.” Spence says.


“It was him. I will seek out pictures this summer to prove it.” Dylan says no one believing him.


“I’m pretty excited that there could be someone else who looks like Blue out there.” George says and goes to tell Gervais and Robin what happened.


“So it was all Miles?” Robin asks in disbelief.


“I don’t believe it either.” Gervais says.


“And Dylan is shitty to Blue because he reminds him of someone else. That guy is so weird.” Robin says.


“He scares me the way he’s nice and nasty all the time.” George says.


“Its been a heavy week. Want to go for ice-cream, I’m meeting Blue there.” Gervais says.


“Sounds good I’ll drive.” Robin says.


Gervais tries Blue again and leaves him a message telling him where they’ll be.


The three guys sit at a table on the street and Blue soon joins them.


“Hey baby, you okay?” Gervais asks brightly.


“Yeah I went for a walk, left my phone in the car stupidly.” Blue says.


Blue goes inside to get a cone and comes out to join the others, he’s a little disappointed it’s a group thing but happy his friends want to see him.


“Robin and Emilie broke up, he needed ice-cream too.” Gervais says as Blue sits down.


“Oh I’m sorry. Are you okay?” Blue asks.


“Yeah, I feel really good about the decision but shitty about the timing.” Robin says.


“Is Emilie okay?” Blue asks.


“She will be.” Robin smiles.


“So what happened tonight?” Blue asks and George gives him the play by play.


“But I’ve never been to camp and if I was going to give myself a fake name I’m hardly likely to choose Blue am I.” Blue says shaking his head.


“We saw what you see tonight and totally get why you didn’t want to be around Dylan.” Robin says.


“Robin and I have been through that kind of bullying.” Gervais says.


“Yeah it hurts and we’re sorry for not asking him to come round less before.” Robin says.


“We didn’t know I rarely stayed out there when it was busy and Robin was with Emilie so much.” Gervais says.


“Anyone want another? I am so hungry and this is good.” Blue asks.


“Yeah.” Robin says.


“Want to split a sundae?” Blue asks.


“For sure. Anyone else?” Robin asks.


Gervais and George ask for coffee and Blue goes inside to order.


“He’s looking so much better.” Robin says.


“Yeah we’re happy.” Gervais smiles feeling good that Blue is doing so much better now they’re together.


“Ice cream is his one vice We should do this more often.” Robin says.


“We should be going to clubs.” Gervais laughs.


“Yeah I can see you and me lasting 2 minutes and Robin getting hit on left and right” George laughs.


“If we start working on a game we can have meetings here then Blue will come.” George says.


“I want in.” Robin says.


“We should share a room so we can have a games room.” George says to Robin.


“Not a bad idea” Robin says, he likes George and they have a lot in common. Its weird that Blue brought them all together but has the least in common with them.


“They’re bringing out out.” Blue says sitting down.


“Is ice cream your only vice?” Gervais asks.


“What? I drink, I’m fond of weed. I’m pescatarian not Mormon.” Blue says.


“Not seen you smoke here.” Robin says.


“It’s legal at home.” Blue says.


“I think everyone projects onto you because you come across from a hippy town and don’t like fast food or gaming, You seem like you would be a full on virtuous type when you’re not.” Robin says.


“Is it just me you all dissect?” Blue asks.


“Don’t be so sensitive.” Gervais says abruptly.


Blue sits and sulks as the others talk about the game they want to build.


“What’s up?” Gervais asks later in bed.


”Nothing.” Blue says quietly.


“Blue you have to talk to me.” Gervais says frustrated.


Blue just lies there, thinking, worried.


“Come on you’re worried about something. I don’t have your magical mind reading.” Gervais says.


“I’m just tired.” Blue says sleepily.


“I’m not Austin, you don’t need to bottle things up through fear I’ll dump you.” Gervais says trying to get Blue to see its okay to talk.


“I’m done in, its been a busy week and I’m tired.” Blue says.


“Its not that, you’ve been off with me all night. Is it because I stayed here? Or because I brought Robin and George out?” Gervais pushes.


“Gervais I am just tired. If you want me here just shut up.” Blue says exasperated.


“If you want to stay then tell me whats up.” Gervais says turning it back on Blue who gets out of bed and walks naked back to his own room. Emilie and Robin are talking, Blue says hello and gets into bed, pulling his pillow over his head.


“Get lost Blue, makeup sex is about to happen.” Emilie says.


“Use your room.” Blue says not moving,


“Want me to blacken your other eye.” Emilie threatens and then starts throwing anything she can get her hands on at Blue.


“I said get out.” Emilie shouts and jumps up and goes over to Blue and slams a book down on his head.


“Get out or I’ll call campus security.” Blue says shaking his bed free of all that’s been thrown at him. Why won’t Robin stop her and why will no one let him sleep?


“Emilie leave him, its his room too.” Robin says feeling pretty frightened at her outburst.


“Didn’t want to get back with you anyway, your small dick is useless.” Emilie shouts and stomps out.


“Why were you back with her?” Blue asks.


“I wasn’t she came over to talk.” Robin says.


“She’s nuts.” Blue says.


“I honestly don’t know what happened. She’s getting more erratic.” Robin says.


“Is she on drugs?” Blue asks.


“She does some molly when she goes out but nothing else I know about.” Robin says.


“Sorry for interrupting anyway. I just needed some space.” Blue says.


“It’s fine, you got rid of her. Are you okay?” Robin asks getting in to bed.


“Yeah my head was protected.” Blue says.


“No I mean you went out without Gervais earlier and now you’re in here without him.” Robin says.


“I just wanted to sleep and Gervais has got it into his head I’m upset, I am now I suppose but I just have some things to think about and wanted to sleep on it.” Blue explains.


“Get in with me, for old times sake. I could do with a hug anyway.” Robin suggests and Blue gets up and switches beds.


“Are you okay? With the Emilie thing?” Blue asks holding Robin close.


“She just showed me I made the right choice. I’ll miss her as we were together so much and I really liked her but you were right she’s so erratic. Sorry I didn’t stop her.” Robin says.


“It’s okay. I am sure she was stressed by the breakup and finals.” Blue says.


“Doesn’t mean she can be violent.” Robin says.


The two lie awake thinking about their problems for a long time before sleeping.


In the morning Gervais wakes early, unhappy at being alone. He goes to Blue’s room hoping for morning cuddles.


“What the hell Blue.” Gervais says.

7 thoughts on “The suite saga 38

    1. Nah, it’s a half brother that the ass from camp. Back in the beginning, where we meet everyone in their own words, we learned that Blue’s father was a sperm donor.

      Dylan and Emilie are the psychos. Miles and Jesse are just asshats.

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