The suite saga 39

“What the hell Blue?” Gervais says looking at his boyfriend in bed naked with Robin, his bare ass exposed.


“Morning baby.” Blue says sleepily.


Gervais walks out and back to his room. Has more been going on between Blue and Robin than he ever realized?


Blue sighs and knows Gervais is thinking the worst so grabs some shorts and goes to see Gervais.


“Did you engineer a fight so you could be with Robin?” Gervais asks.


“No. I wanted to sleep and to think without you badgering me. I wanted to stay and cuddle with you all night, I wanted to wake up and have you be there.” Blue says.


“I’m not sure I believe you. You were naked in his bed. Did something happen?” Gervais asks.


“No! I walked out of here naked, I got into bed naked, I was attacked by Emilie naked and I joined Robin in his bed as he was upset at Emilie flipping out. He’d had a bad night.” Blue says.


“So did I and you left me.” Gervais says.


“What’s up babe?” Blue asks softly.


“I just feel like something has shifted. That theres a wall between us, maybe from both of us.” Gervais says.


“What can I do?” Blue asks.


“Not sleep with Robin and talk to me.” Robin says.


“Not sleeping with Robin I can do, I want to be with you so much. Gervais really I do talk to you loads.” Blue says.


“You do a lot of listening.” Gervais says.


“What else am I getting wrong?” Blue asks with a sigh.


“Nothing, you’re amazing.” Gervais says and kisses him, Blue barely responds.


“Do you need to study today?” Blue asks


“A bit. Do you still want to go to a movie?” Gervais asks.


“I really want to have a date just us. I don’t mind what we do.” Blue says.


“A bedroom date or an outside one?” Gervais asks.


“Both?” Blue asks.


“Sounds good. I love you Blue, just as you are.” Gervais says and pushes Blue down on the bed and kisses him. They kiss and snuggle for a while, both feeling like they’ve made up but a little wary.


“I’m going to study downstairs for a while. I’ll call you when I’m done.” Gervais says.


“Or when you need a kissing break.” Blue says.


“That would be every 30 seconds and I wouldn’t get any study done.” Gervais laughs hugging Blue tightly.


Blue grabs his workout gear and hits the gym for a while, feels good to get the frustrations and niggles out and to think. He goes for a swim after lap upon lap pushing himself, shaking off all the unease of yesterday, all his negative energy and feels so much better when he gets out.


He showers back in the suite and begins to puzzle over Emilie, he doesn’t think it was like her to chase after a guy after being dumped and wonders if there was more to her behavior last night. He decides to go and see her.


“Where are you headed?” Andy asks.


“To see Emilie. We had a fight yesterday.” Blue says.


“What about?” Andy asks.


“Me sleeping in my own bed. She got kind of physical about it.” Blue says.


“Need a bodyguard? I need to get out of here.” Andy says.


“Where’s Spence?” Blue asks.


“Coaching.” Andy says.


“Have you spoken to Miles?” Blue asks.


“No, he’s not called any of us.” Andy says.


“Should I talk to him do you think? Find out why he did it, if he did?” Blue asks.


“I want to hear what he has to say. We only have Dylans word for it and that guy is a shit. I thought he was just troubled you know, about coming to terms with coming out but he’s just a shit.” Andy says.


“I know, he treated John really badly before.” Blue said.


“Lets go see Miles then Emilie.” Andy says.


“Sure.” Blue says and they go out. Blue text Gervais to let him know where he’s going, he feels kind of good to be checking in with him.


“You and Gervais okay?” Andy asks.


“Yeah I think so. Its hard making the shift to boyfriend. Especially as we kind of already live together. Things were more structured with Austin.” Blue says.


“You’re already best friends, you get to skip the getting to know you part.” Andy says.


“I know, I’d marry him tomorrow if he wanted. Don’t tell him, I tease him a lot about being so sure of our future.” Blue says.


“I’m glad you’re happy together, it makes it easier on all of us.” Andy says.


“Except maybe George.” Blue says.


“I love George and would love to see him happy but I have no idea who he could be set up with.” Andy says.


“I want him to find someone. I’m kind of sad it can’t be me but not enough to give up Gervais. He’s my everything. What happened last night, did Spence get what he wanted?” Blue asks.


“No, Dylan is so vile I’m never going near him again. Spence is frustrated so I need to come up with something.” Andy says.


“We had a threeway with Robin the other night.” Blue says casually.


“Nice, you drop that in just as we get to Miles door. Dick.” Andy says laughing as he knocks.


One of Miles roommates lets them in and they knock on Miles door, he lets them in, Emilie is there too.


“Blue I am so sorry about last night. I swear I’m not usually so violent. I’d done some coke to get the confidence to talk to Robin and it hit me badly.” Emilie explains.


“Oh god, we said we hoped you were on drugs and not a raging psycho. Its fine just don’t throw things at me, ever.” Blue says graciously.


“I swear never again.” Emilie says.


“Are you okay? With the breakup?” Blue asks.


“It’s great. We can be back in the open again.” Miles says.


“Really?” Andy asks.


“We’ve been talking for a couple of weeks now.” Miles says.


“How come you’re here? You couldn’t have known I was here.” Emilie asks.


“To speak to Miles about fucking Blue over.” Andy says.


“I fucked him over? None of you have spoken to me since the formal, I’m being fucked over.” Miles says.


“We found out what you did to Blue. We’ve heard Dylan’s account and we want yours.” Andy says.


“I’ve done nothing to Blue. He just stopped talking to all of us after spring break. I thought it was that he was avoiding Gervais.” Miles says.


“Did anyone check in with you after break at all?” Andy asks Blue who shrugs.


“Dylan says you sent the letter. That you guys were messing about writing outrageous stuff and you sent one to me.” Blue says.


“What letter?” Miles asks.


“The one banning me from climbing.” Blue says flatly.


“You know about it, you signed it.” Andy says.


“I’ve no idea. I don’t remember that at all. When?” Miles says brazening it out. It hits Andy first that he’s lying and he feels so shocked that someone who was a friend would do this.


“You are lying to our faces.” Blue says.


“He is, you’re right.” Emilie says half disgusted half utterly fascinated.


“Why did you do it? Why target Blue not Elliot?” Andy asks.


“Blue has made my life shit. He sent Robin after Emilie and then made Elliot more desirable to Jesse, practically pushing them together. He made Jesse so insecure that he couldn’t trust me. Everything is Blue’s fault.” Miles says.


“Emilie broke up with you for Robin but if she’s been really happy she wouldn’t have noticed him. I had nothing to do with Jesse being insecure, he got Gervais, Elliot, you. All people who have turned me down.” Blue says shaking his head.


“You’re fucking sick. This, us, it’s not happening and it’s not Blue’s fault it’s yours. Shit Miles how could you be so sly?” Emilie asks and leaves.


“Thanks, you had to do this in front of her.” Miles spits.


“You were fucking with Robin too, I thought you were friends. You were so gracious when he started being with Emilie. Saving up this revenge is fucking weird.” Andy says.


“Emilie and I were awesome together. She always accepted I’m bi. I wanted her back.” Miles shrugs.


“You’re toxic.” Andy says and they leave.


“Shall we go for coffee?” Blue asks wanting to talk.


“Yeah sounds good. That was totally fucked up. Fucked up!” Andy says.


“He was such a nice guy and he just turned on me. I really didn’t do anything to him. I thought he deserved so much better than Jesse. Fucking dick.” Blue says.


“He’s not worth it. Just forget it.” Andy says.


“People are crazy.” Blue says shaking his head.


“I can’t believe Emilie does coke and cheats on Robin.” Andy says.


“Robin cheated too. Gervais kind of compared me to her the other day, something about me being just as changeable. Am I?” Blue asks still thinking about the last few days.


“You lose confidence easily but you’re still comfortable in yourself at the same time and sometimes it’s hard to reconcile those sides of you.” Andy says.


“Would it bother you? If I was your boyfriend?” Blue asks.


“A little. I’d want to build you up and make you more confident. You’ve had some weird shit to get through this year and your reactions are pretty understandable.” Andy says.


“I don’t think Gervais likes it. I don’t know if that is because he blames himself for all the rejection or if it is because he hates all my weakness.” Blue says.


“He loves you, so, so much and you need to start accepting that or it will break you up.” Andy says.


“I can’t lose him, I just can’t.” Blue says.


“So what happened with Robin?” Andy asks and Blue gives him the rundown.


“Wow that’s so hot, never knew he was so curious. Any idea what I can do for Spence?” Andy asks.


“Spoil him, picnic in the park, walk, outdoor fun or a nice hotel. Just show him that it is him you’re going to miss not the sex.” Blue says.


“Yeah, throw on the romance. That actually sounds really nice. I love the sex but I want the other stuff too.” Andy smiles.


“I love the other stuff, I want to spoil Gervais every day. Speaking of, he says he’ll be done soon. Thanks so much for the chat. I’ve missed this.” Blue says checking his phone.

“Me too, I’m going to get right on booking a nice day for Spence.” Andy says.
“Are you dreading summer without him?” Blue asks as they walk back.

“No, I will miss him for sure but we’ll be working and I get to spend some real time with Katelyn and maybe my Mom will be ready to finish her program before the end of summer. I’m really looking forward to her being back to herself before my stepdad.” Andy says.
“I am sure Katelyn will be delighted to have us to driver up to the lake with her friend, maybe take them camping some weekends.” Blue says.
“That sounds good, much easier to convince her to do things with me if her friends are invited too. Also need to make sure I buy some city treats for her, clothes and a little makeup.” Andy says.

“I’ll go shopping with you tomorrow if you like. Momma has asked for some things too and we have to collect her bulk dry food order on the way home.” Blue says rolling his eyes.

“Katelyn has asked for some gardening stuff too, she says she wants to grow watermelon and pineapple, apparently no one in the community does right now.” Andy laughs.

“That sounds good. I did melons one summer years ago. Pineapples I’ve never tried to grow. We best check if Roe needs art supplies or anything too.” Blue says.

“Let’s go tomorrow, the four of us and get as much as we can and then go for dinner somewhere nice. Spence would love a double date with you two. We never make proper plans.” Andy says.

“That sounds great. I’ll ask Gervais. I expect we all need summer clothes too.” Blue says looking at Andy’s threadbare shorts.

“I hate asking Roe for money for myself.” Andy admits.

“I’ll get it, call it uniform for our business.” Blue says.

“Thanks Blue. Have fun with Gervais and we’ll talk later about tomorrow.” Andy says.

Blue takes a shower and gets ready for his man and lies in Gervais bed waiting. When Gervais arrives he jumps on top of Blue to kiss and hold him, so excited to see him, a morning apart felt like forever.

“I’m sorry for last night and being moody b yesterday. I’ve got what I always wanted and I need to accept it and show you how happy I am instead of worrying about getting it wrong or not being enough.” Blue says.

“Thank you. Finally.” Gervais says and kisses him again.

“I’m crazy about you.” Blue says.

“Ditto.” Gervais says.


They make out and Blue undresses Gervais horridly, hungry for him. They kiss and suck and Gervais mounts Blue with hunger for his body, filling him deeper and deeper, faster and harder until they both explode, exhausted and satisfied.


“Maybe next time you can…” Gervais begins.

“Oh no, am I turning in to Austin. We talked about it before. I shouldn’t keep assuming.” Blue says getting worked up.

“No, no, no. Stop it. Amazing, its always amazing and when I am in the mood my first thought is filling you up, every time. It’s seeing you there on your back vulnerable and exploding that always thinks next time I want that.” Gervais says.

“1 can go again in a bit.” Blue says kissing Gervais gently.

“Nah I’m good, I love this snuggling after and chatting. I want to stay in though not go on a date tonight.” Gervais says.

“That’s okay. I do want to take you out sometimes though, just us. I want people to see us and be jealous I have such a cute boyfriend.” Blue says.

“Think they’ll be more jealous of me.” Gervais smiles.

“Are you okay if we have a day with Andy and Spence tomorrow?” Blue asks and outlines the plans.

“How about we go to brunch first and then we can do our own thing in the evening, if we’re not exhausted.” Gervais says.

“And it’s easier to find me something I enjoy on a brunch menu than having what I’m stuck with.” Blue smiles.

“And you love breakfast.” Gervais laughs.

“And you, mostly you.” Blue says and Gervais stomach flips. He loves that they can both openly express themselves now and he’s used to hearing it but sometimes Blue catches him a little off guard and it’s like hearing it for the first time.

“I feel very lucky Blue.” Gervais says and snuggles up to his man.

“Me too.” Blue says and relaxes.

Blue texts Andy with the new plan and he shouts through the door that it sounds good and Blue quickly makes a reservation.

“I am excited to spend the summer with you. I am looking forward to relaxing and being outdoors and not worrying about anything. For the first time I won’t spend the whole summer stressed about going back to school.” Gervais says.

“I hope you don’t find it boring.” Blue says.

“Oh I have some fun things to play with.” Gervais says running his hands over Blues bits.

“All yours.” Blue sighs perfectly content.

They chat and snuggle and nap for a little while until Blue’s stomach grumbling wakes them and they reluctantly dress enough to go and eat.

“I can’t wait to see how much happier you’ll be eating what you want to everyday. You’re so cute when you’re cooking.” Gervais says when they sit down with their food.


“Thanks. I like watching you pretty much all the time but I love to see you concentrating on your games, chewing your lip and screwing up your cute tiny nose.” Blue says.

“Thanks.” Gervais says looking up with a smile, deciding if Blue can accept a compliment at last so can he.

George and Jesse come in and they wave hello.

“I feel bad tomorrow is just us 4. I hate leaving George out.” Blue says.

“Well if he had a boyfriend, or girlfriend they would join us but he doesn’t and sometimes couples time is nice.” Gervais says.

“I’m pretty excited.” Blue smiles.

“Me too, its our first properly as a couple outing really.” Gervais says.

“We had dinner out when we went to your dads.” Blue says.

“Not the same. I get why you’ve been pushing for dates now, makes us more than just friends who now fuck.” Gervais says.

“Yeah and everything is so domestic already. I love taking care of you, honestly it is my favorite thing but at the same time we’re missing out on the desperate to impress wooing stage.” Blue says.

“You won me over in 20 minutes last year. I knew I’d love you forever, I didn’t need more wooing.” Gervais smiles at the memory of himself so frightened being reassured by the big beautiful Blue.

“Uh it took me all year to win you.” Blue laughs.


“No you won me right from the start it just took time to get the timing right.” Gervais says.


“Hey guys what you doing tonight?” Jesse asks.


“Not much, being lazy together.” Blue says.


“Want to play something?” George asks.


“Not tonight. Thanks for the thought.” Gervais says.


“They’re in a new love coma.” Jesse says jealous but happy for them.


“Sorry, with finals and you being away last weekend I’ve hardly seen you.” George says.


“Maybe we cando something next Friday? I think we’re all staying until Sunday. We should have a party to celebrate the end of year.” Blue says.


“At your place? Just us lot? I was thinking about going to John’s party but I have Elliot I don’t need to meet anyone else right now.” Jesse says.


“Things still going okay with Elliot then?” Gervais asks.


“Yeah, I get that no one expected us to last but we do okay.” Jesse says.


“And that’s enough?” Blue asks a little concerned.


“Right now, absolutely. I’m happy to be dating, I’m not looking for forever, I’m 19.” Jesse says.


“As long as he’s treating you okay.” Gervais says.


“Oh he really is. I know he has a crazy reputation but he’s not looking elsewhere right now, he’s with me all the time. This is the first time we’ve been apart in ages.” Jesse says happily.


“To be fair Gervais, you didn’t treat Jesse that well.” Blue says.


“I know, and I do regret it but we had good times too and I still care.” Gervais says.


“I always knew where I stood. If anything I’m not being fair to Elliot as part of me belongs to you. But we’re never going to happen and we’ve both moved on.” Jesse says.


“Now we just need to find George someone.” Blue says.


“I’m happy to have great friends. I’ll find someone one day but I’m in no rush.” George says starring at Blue and wishing he would just take him in his arms.

6 thoughts on “The suite saga 39

  1. I keep forgetting they are so young. It’s good to see them happy though and able to talk about their problems… I know something might happen eventually but really they do deserve to be happy for awhile after everything they went through to get to this point. Another good update Sam thanks



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