The suite saga 40

Blue is dressing in his room, putting on smart clothes, wanting to look good for Gervais. He takes far more time over his hair than he normally would and feels the result is okay.

“Do I look okay?” He asks Spence as he goes through to the main room.

“Yeah you look great, do I?” Spence asks, also dressed up.

“Incredibly handsome.” Blue says smiling.

“Thanks for helping me and Andy get back on track. Time together is exactly what we need, not loads of group sex. I’ve spent so much time this year trying to impress him and keep him interested but all that is just extra.” Spence says.

“I didn’t know you were off track but I’m glad you’re going into summer strong. You’ve been through so much this year and handled it so well.” Blue says.

“Thanks, and thanks for today, you and Gervais are already our fave couple to hang out with. We’ve barely been out since the crash.” Spence says.

“Today was Andy’s idea, and Gervais suggested brunch, really it’s a mini date with chores.” Blue laughs.

“Wow who are these studs and where’s my boyfriend?” Andy asks coming through also dressed smartly. He hugs and kisses Spence. Gervais comes through looking just as gorgeous and Blue feels knocked out.


“You look so beautiful baby.” Blue whispers in Gervais ear as he kisses him.


“And you. You look amazing.” Gervais says kissing Blue’s cheek and feeling very proud of his boyfriend.


Spence drives them to the restaurant and they’re seated quickly.


“What are you having?” Gervais asks Blue not sure he can see any good options for him.


“Lobster eggs benedict. What about you baby?” Blue asks gently brushing Gervais hand unable to keep his hands off him for even a minute.


“I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve seen you eat fish all year, I didn’t know you even ate shellfish.” Gervais says.


“I’ve wanted to try it ever since I came here with Austin. He hated that I still ate fish so I never did when he was with me and I’m hardly likely to eat it in the dining hall am I? Other than the occasional tuna sandwich.” Blue says.


“But you don’t mind if I eat a burger or steak.” Gervais says a little tentatively.


“Of course not, man I’d be a right hypocrite given the state of the dairy industry. Eat what you like and let me eat what I want.” Blue says.


“Well I want everything.” Andy says.


“Order whatever you like, we can share a few things.” Spence says.


“Sounds like my sugar daddy is buying me the whole menu.” Andy smiles.


“Its okay we can buy you fat clothes for summer.” Gervais laughs.


“Hey Blue is going to be working me into the ground, I need a buffer layer.” Andy says.


The boys all eat plenty and talk about the summer. Despite being away from Andy Spence is pumped to be coaching all summer, whatever the level of the kids he figures its all experience and he can’t wait to get going.
Gervais is looking forward to working at the retreat, its unpaid but he is counting it as his first job and excited to feel useful and meet other people who are working through similar issues to himself.
Andy is excited to spend time with his family. He’s also looking forward to working with Blue, they also don’t exactly get paid but Clara will give them both a lump of money to come back to school with if they do all she asks and they won’t need much money day to day, Clara will cover gas and food.
Blue is just happy to have Gervais and isn’t thinking beyond today.
They head to a mall together and lazily shop for summer clothes. Andy is not sure about the tiny swimwear Spence wants, given Andy won’t get much benefit of seeing him in it.
“You’ll see it when we go to the beach house.” Spence says.
“Like I’ll let you wear anything then.” Andy laughs.
“You should get some like that.” Blue whispers to Gervais as Andy and Spence bicker.
“I’d worry about falling out.” Gervais says picking something more modest.
“I’d like that.” Blue grins.
“l already got flip flops you like and that crop top which I will never dare to wear.” Gervais says happy that Blue loves his body and want him to show it off. He’s always wanted to stay hidden before.
“You will look beautiful. I want you to feel it too, I don’t care what you wear really, to be fair I rarely notice as you always look really good to me and I’m mostly thinking about taking your clothes off.” Blue says.
“You are so cheeky. I’m the same but I do like the shorts you’ve chosen and think you should get some nice swimwear too just for me.” Gervais says.
“We’ll be doing some skinny dipping at the lake.” Blue says.


“And some socializing, get something to make your butt look awesome.” Gervais says.


“It doesn’t already?” Blue asks wiggling.


“Always baby. That’s my ass.” Gervais says patting it and Blue smiles so happy.


They move on picking up things that Momma and Roe have asked for. They get Katelyn 3 times the amount of things Roe has says she needs as all the boys want to spoil her.
“What if she doesn’t like it, its not like she can easily return it.” Gervais says of the tops Spence is picking out.
“She’ll swap with her friends or sell in the store at home. New teen clothes will go quickly. I don’t think we should get her makeup though, she’s so young and I’m sure that’s something she would want to try herself. Maybe we can have a couple of nights away and take her to one of those scary counters.” Blue says.
“Nail polish then?” Spence asks, in August he would have argued the point with Blue for an hour, now he doesn’t have the same ego and trusts Blue.
“Yes and all the extras, I bet she could make a few dollars doing manicures if she needs some pocket money.” Blue says.
“Do farmers and hippies want mani pedis?” Andy laughs.


“Sometimes, we don’t have a salon just a couple of people who do hair who are so rushed off their feet they can’t offer anything else.” Blue says.
“So if my Mom is cured a salon type business is something that would be welcome?” Andy asks tentatively.
“Can she do that sort of thing?” Blue asks.
“She did when I was little, not since she met my stepdad but it’s a plan right? She could retrain or refresh or whatever it is and could do that in people’s homes. Like the hairdressers do?” Andy asks.
“Yes. It might be mostly old ladies who need help with their feet in the winter and not consistent work but yes there would be a little demand. We occasionally have people stay on for a while who offer massage and the like and they do okay but never stay long term.” Blue says.
“Why not?” Spence asks.
“l don’t know. Maybe they grow out of the earth mother phase, a couple paired off with seasonal workers and left with them.” Blue says.
“So it is quite a transient place?” Spence asks.
‘Nah, it’s a small community but most is perm apart from the seasonal farm hands and the retreat visitors.” Blue says.
“I hope I get to visit some time, maybe next winter we’ll all go to yours for the holidays, finally me and Andy getting a Christmas together.” Spence says.
“I think that sounds great.” Gervais says with a smile happy at the thought of a family to be with for the holidays even if they don’t celebrate.


After shopping for hours and hours the boys are exhausted.


“We’ll drop you back, we don’t have any exams tomorrow so we’re going to get away for the night.” Spence says.


“Really?” Andy asks.


“You’ve been hinting like mad babe and I want it too. We can just grab some of these new clothes and hit the drugstore on the way.” Spence says.


“Have a great time.” Blue and Gervais call as they get out the car with all the bags.


“I’m glad those two are settled again.” Blue says.


“And us. You’re you again and I love you even more. You’re the man I fell for again but this time I’m super deep in love with you.” Gervais says.


“I’m so lucky and I love you so much, like crazy.” Blue says as they dump the bags in Andy and Spence’s room.


“I am so tired, I feel like we should be fucking but I just want to snuggle and watch mindless TV.” Gervais says.


“Snuggling is good with me. Robin seems to be out so we can use the sofa and big TV.” Blue says.


“I love that idea. Want food?” Gervais asks.


“Popcorn?” Blue asks.


“Ooo yes please. Sexy chef knows how to do it.” Gervais laughs as Blue puts the bag in the microwave.


“I am going to bake so much for you, you’ll grow to seven foot tall by the end of summer.” Blue laughs.


“Then you won’t love my tiny body.” Gervais pouts.


“You know I will.” Blue smiles and picks Gervais up and spins round with him in his arms, drops him on the sofa and shakes the popcorn into a bowl.


Gervais cannot stop smiling. His big Blue all his, taking care of him the way they both love.


Blue and Gervais lie on the sofa together munching popcorn and not really watching a cooking show.
“Do you think your Momma will like me, even though I messed you around?” Gervais asks, as summer break is only a few days away he’s getting more nervous.
“She’ll love you, she gives everyone a fair shot. You’ve a head start as Cheryl and Ocean already love you and have treated you the same throughout our ups and downs.” Blue says.
“They have, not that Ocean notices our relationship that much.” Gervais says.
“Oh he does. He’d always hug you longer when we were on the outs.” Blue says.
“He’s a good kid, I’m guessing we’ll be babysitting a fair bit.” Gervais says.
“l am thinking he’d like to tag along with me and Andy some days but Cheryl enjoys quality time with him in the summers.” Blue says.
“I’d not thought of that, I was thinking she’d like a break from him but she takes a break from the café to be with him, which makes sense.” Gervais says.
“If you want to pick up babysitting cash others will be grateful. Are you worried about money?” Blue asks.
“No, my dad left me a lot and I won’t need half of it, unless I pick up a serious shopping habit, which I can do sometimes with gaming stuff. I do want a new computer.” Gervais says.
“For your project with George and Robin?” Blue asks.
“Yes. Is your new one okay?” Gervais asks.
“Yes it’s great, thanks for helping me.” Blue says.
“That’s okay, showed you trusted me.” Gervais says.
“l do. I really do and now my head is in the right place and I’m relaxed I know things are going to okay. You’re not looking for an excuse to wriggle out of this.” Blue says.
“I’m really not, now you’ve decided to be happy you need to accept I am happy too. I’ll tell you if I’m not, or more likely you’ll know and do something nice.” Gervais smiles.
“I hope I do nice things when you’re happy too.” Blue says rubbing Gervais arm.
“You do, you’re great and you don’t put any pressure on me to check in or spend a set time with you and so I want to spend all my time with you.” Gervais laughs.
“I like this lazy alone time.” Blue says.
“Me too. Though I might make you go and try on all those new outfits for me.” Gervais says.
“I can’t wait til we have our own place and we don’t have to worry about anyone just walking in.” Blue says.
“Oy fantasizing about married life is my thing.” Gervais teases.
“Are you saying you won’t live with me til I put a ring on it?” Blue asks.


“Is that a proposal?” Blue asks.
“It’s just planting the seed babe.” Gervais says feeling amazing, he loves talking about the future with Blue he doesn’t feel restricted or trapped by it at all, he feels joy and excitement. Making a real home with Blue in it is his biggest dream.
“I love it when you plant your seed deep.” Blue laughs and Gervais joins in.
The boys comfort level with each other is an all-time high, they both love that they can reach out and know their hand will be taken and they can give physical affection whenever they want and the other accepts it, they rarely need to ask and neither has felt starved of attention.
They are snuggling contentedly for a while, Blue has pushed up Gervais t-shirt and is gently stroking his stomach, both happy that they can be affectionate without the expectation of things moving further.
Robin arrives back with George.
“We’ve been swimming, it was so hot. We thought about going for ice-cream.” George says.
“I’m too tired.” Gervais says.
“Want me to get some from downstairs?” Blue asks.
“Yes and an icy soda.” Gervais says rubbing against Blue who kisses his neck.
“I’d say get a room but you’re too damn cute.” Robin laughs.
“Thanks, we work hard at it.” Gervais smiles and moves to let Blue get up.
“I’ll come with you. Want anything Robin?” George asks.
“I’ll come down.” Robin says.
They raid the dining hall for icy treats and head back upstairs.
“Here you go baby.” Blue says setting down the drink for Gervais and handing him a bowl of ice-cream.
“You’re the best, sprinkles and everything.” Gervais says.
“My baby deserves it.” Blue says and Robin makes vomit motions.
“You two are too much.” Robin laughs.
“You love being reminded romance still exists.” Blue laughs.
“I do and I love seeing you two so happy.” Robin smiles, he is happy his two friends are doing so well now.
“Have you recovered from the other night?” Blue asks.
“Yeah it made things so much easier. I’m not anti-drugs completely but I guess I draw the line at lines.” Robin says.
“I’m so naive, I had no idea she was doing anything. I’ve no clue about any of that stuff.” George says.


“Nor me. I think I made a conscious decision at some point not to try anything as it could be so easy to become an addict to deal with my issues and knew that even trying something for fun could tip me. I thought I could hide away until the pain stopped until you guys showed up and let me find my feet socially.” Gervais says.


“You’ve come so far. In august even the 4 of us talking would have been hard for you to manage without looking at me for a way out and now you can manage a room full of people for hours.” Blue says.
“You two were an amazing team right from the start. Blue managed everything so seamlessly I knew you had an issue, but not how bad it was.” Robin says.
“Blue saved me over and over and showed me how the worst wasn’t going to happen if I needed to leave. The worst did happen and soon I was able to stay. I still have bad days and I know my past isn’t fully dealt with but now I have a support network that I never had before, I know if I don’t get up for three days someone will break down the door.” Gervais says.
“Unless they know I’m in there with you, getting busy.” Blue laughs.
“Oh I don’t know, wouldn’t mind seeing that again.” Robin says.
“He is all mine, go find your own porn to watch.” Gervais says.
“You watched them?” George asks, eyes on stalks.
“He joined in a bit too.” Gervais says.
“Ugh and here I am ending freshman year a virgin.” George sighs.


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