The suite saga 41

Friday morning Blue and Gervais have their final final and enjoy a lazy lunch together after. The guys are planning a low key party in the suite that evening. Even Elliot isn’t keen on going to John’s party.
A few beers and chat is all they want then they are planning to hit a club Saturday night before they all go home on Sunday.
Spence calls Blue to tell him to get back to the suite with Gervais asap.
As the guys walk into the suite they see two men in uniform sat on the couch with the dean of students and Spence looking tense.
“Guys I have to go to my exam. Will you be okay?” Spence asks.
“Sure you get going, thanks for waiting.” Blue says terrified.
“Is he dead?” Gervais asks.
“You should sit down.” One of the men in uniform says.
The boys sit and Blue slips his arm around Gervais knowing it isn’t going to be good news.
“Your father died serving his country. His body is being repatriated. We are very sorry for your loss…..” The man begins.


Gervais quickly tunes out, he doesn’t want to know. He doesn’t want it to be real.


The man talks on and Gervais is aware Blue is asking practical questions but he is in a deep fog and can’t make out the words.


“Pull it together, pull it together.” Gervais mutters to himself under his breath, trying to make himself focus.


“Wait you said he died serving his country, I thought he left the military and was working for a private company.” Blue says confused and Gervais looks at his boyfriend glad that he’s able to ask the questions he can’t.
“That was cover. We are not authorized to tell you anything more.” The man says.


So his dad was a big fat liar, figures.
“When will the body be returned? What do we need to do? Do we contact an undertaker? Do you guys do that? Do we need to be there to collect him?” Blue asks a mass of questions about practicalities are forming in his mind
Gervais drifts out again, his brain s swimming, thank fuck he has Blue to help and to hold him.



“Here is my card. Call me when you are ready.” The man says.

“Thank you for coming and telling me in person. I know you probably didn’t know I existed until you checked his next of kin details. I do appreciate it.” Gervais says when he realizes it must be his time to speak.

“Your father was a great man and it is an honor to be here and meeting his son.” The man says, they all shake hands and they leave.

“Counselling is available to you here Gervais when you are ready for it. I know this must be a very difficult time, however prepared you were for your father not coming home.” The dean says.

“At least he timed it so I was done with finals and not already up at Blue’s place, far easier to track me down at school.” Gervais says.

“Babe, you don’t need to hide everything.” Blue says quietly.

“I’m just in shock I suppose. I’ve been so angry with him going off without talking to me and now he never will. I’ll never know if us getting on better was real or not. I never get to introduce him to you. He’ll never see me married, my kids will never have a grandfather. I am so angry with him for all his lies and secrets, everyone was always more important than me and now he can never make it up to me.” Gervais says and collapses onto Blue in sobs.

The dean moves and sits the other side of Gervais and pats his back.

“Do you have any other relatives I can contact for you?” The dean asks.

“No he doesn’t, it was just Gervais and his Dad left. Unless your Mom had any family somewhere?” Blue asks.

“No, there’s no one else now.” Gervais says and the Dean winces wishing he’d not asked.

“Good job you have me then. We’ll drive back tomorrow and start sorting things out before we go up to my place for the summer.” Blue says gently.

“1 am so sorry for your loss Gervais. I can see that you have the situation in hand. When you are ready remember to contact the financial aid office about your change in circumstance and we will see what can be done. You’re an exceptional student and we wouldn’t want to lose you.” The Dean says.

“Thank-you. I’ll make sure he gets that done.” Blue says and the dean leaves.

“Want to go lie down?” Blue asks.

“I need a shower. Come with me.” Gervais says and Blue smiles and fetches clean towels.

Gervais leans heavily on Blue under the spray sobbing. Blue holds him close just letting Gervais know he’s there.


Blue shuts off the water and wraps Gervais up.

“Do you want a beer? Spence stocked the fridge earlier. I wish I had some brandy to give you.” Blue says.

“A beer would be good. I need to get wasted tonight and forget. Fuck Blue why did he do it? Why lie to me? Why hide everything? Why did he leave me alone again?” Gervais rants, Blue picks him up and carries him to his room.

Gervais loves how secure Blue makes him feel, he isn’t worried or alone if Blue is there. And he clings to him even as Blue puts him on the bed, pulling Blue to lie with him.

“I love my Blue sky. You’ll take care of me.” Gervais says.

“Always, whatever you need babe.” Blue says, he cradles Gervais head and strokes his back.

“Just you. I just need you.” Gervais says.

“Lets get dressed, you’ll get cold with the air blasting like this. Then we can start drinking. We’re mostly packed as it is.” Blue says.

“Thanks Blue. You’re magic.” Gervais says happy to be told what to do.

“Whatever you need you tell me. Is it okay if I call Momma and tell her? I need to let her know we’ll not be home straight away.” Blue says.

“Yeah. I might nap before the beers.” Gervais says feeling suddenly shattered.

“Let me tuck you in then. You’re still super cute even all sad.” Blue says and kisses Gervais forehead.

“Cute for you.” Gervais says feeling pretty calm.

“Do you need me to call anyone else? Should I tell the others for you when they get back?” Blue asks.

“No calls I’m all alone except for my Blue Sky. Tell the others but tell them we’re still partying tonight. I can’t deal with lots of sympathy right now, not when I’m still digesting it all.” Gervais says.

“Of course baby. Love you so much.” Blue says and he sits beside Gervais until he falls asleep then goes to his own room.

“Momma, Gervais Dad has died so we need to go to his house and sort out the funeral and everything before we come home. We could be a while I guess, I don’t know how long things take.” Blue says.

“Oh my goodness. I’ll sort everything this end and take all the time he needs. Is he okay?” Momma asks.  “He’s sleeping right now. He is so angry more than anything. He’s all alone now, ne Just us and it’s kind of scary, I already didn’t feel good enough and now I have to be.” Blue says.

“You’re not obligated to him. But yes he needs you more than ever but that isn’t a chore is it? You love him. You’ve called to say you’ll be helping him with everything, because that is what you do.

Once you get here there are lots of forms of therapy he can take, everyone will help him if he needs it. From everything you have said he’s quite remarkable how he’s conquered his anxiety this year he has a lot of inner strength and he’ll get through this.” Momma says.

“He’s amazing. I’ll call you once we’re down there when I know our plans.” Blue says.

“Let me know if he needs anything, money or legal help. Make sure the bills for the undertaker and flowers come to me or use your card and I’ll clear your bill. Same if you need to cater a wake. Make everything as easy for Gervais as you can.” Momma says.

“I will try. Its so scary, we’re 18 and he’s lost both his parents, this is a lot to deal with practically and emotionally.” Blue says.

“You’ll get through it.” Momma says.

Blue checks on Gervais who is still sleeping then grabs a beer and looks out the window, waiting for the others to return. Spence is first.

“Was it bad news?” He asks out of breath having run all the way back.

“Yes, his dad died overseas.” Blue says.

“Is he okay? Shit of course not, you know what I mean.” Spence says.

“He’s sleeping. He wants to get wasted tonight and doesn’t want lots of sympathy, he’s in shock really angry.” Blue says.

“I understand that. Shit maybe I need to resolve things with my own parents.” Spence says shaking his head.

“Scary right? We’re not even 19 until July and he has to deal with this.” Blue says.

“I think we’ll need more beer, I’ll go and get it with Andy in a minute.” Spence says.

“Good idea. Need some cash?” Blue asks.

‘No.” Spence smiles.

“I’m going to drive Gervais back tomorrow, will you be okay dealing with storage on Sunday?” Blue asks.

“Of course and Andy can stay at mine until you’re ready to go back home.” Spence says.

“Thanks. There will be so much to deal with.” Blue says.

“Don’t do everything yourself Blue, make sure you get help from us if you need it.” Spence says.

“We’ll manage but thanks. If we can get you guys to help we will. I already spoke to Momma and she’ll do what she can too.” Blue says.

Slowly the others come in and Blue repeats the news, they are all shocked and concerned for Gervais. Blue goes in to wake him up when Spence and Andy get back.


“Can we please forget my news and just celebrate the end of exams? We all worked hard and need to let loose.” Gervais says as everyone comes in.


“Sure thing. Lets party.” Andy says cracking a beer.


“I know you don’t want lots of sympathy and concern and I respect that, I do. But just because you have Blue now it doesn’t mean he’s the only one who loves you and cares about you.” Jesse says to Gervais.


“I know, I know you all care and I will appreciate it, right now its not real and I just want to party with my friends like we planned.” Gervais says.


“Hey I’ve barely seen you all week, how was the hotel?” Blue asks.


“Amazing, so good. Andy had the room service guy fuck my brains out while I was tied up. It was crazy. Just what we needed.” Spence laughs.


“The actual room service guy?” Blue asks shocked.


“I don’t know if it was the real one or someone who Andy found online and got to play along. It was awesome whatever.” Spence grins.


“Lots of couple time too?” Blue asks.


“Yeah, loads of talking. Making the rules for summer and just chilling getting relaxed ready for exams. It was perfect for me.” Spence says.


“I’m glad. I’ll try and keep Andy fully distracted this summer.” Blue says.


“Work him so hard he’ll be far too tired to find anyone to fuck.” Spence laughs.


Gervais comes over and slips his arm round Blue, he want to drink and let loose but he’s also feeling petty clingy and needy.


“Hey baby I missed you already.” Blue says kissing him and Spence smiles at them.


“Looks like you need another beer.” Spence says grabbing one and opening it for him.


“Thanks.” Gervais says.


“I was just telling Spence we’ll keep Andy too busy to get busy this summer.” Blue says.


“Oh for sure. Between us, running Katelyn round all over and chores he’ll not have time to think about ass.” Gervais says happy Blue gets what he needs.


“Are you guys talking about me? I swear I keep hearing my name.” Andy a grin.


“Always babe.” Spence says kissing him.


“I have some tequila under my bed. I totally forgot all year.” Blue says suddenly heading to his room, Blue follows.


“You need a time out?” Blue asks as he gets out from under his bed with the bottle.


“I’m good. I just wanted some more kisses.” Gervais says pulling Blue down beside him and kissing him.


“Very, very tasty.” Blue says kissing Gervais long and hard.


“I love you Blue Sky, you’re all mine.” Gervais says.


“Yes I am.” Blue says rolling Gervais on top of him and kissing him more.


“Thanks baby.” Gervais says as they walk back in, keeping his arm firmly round Blue.


“We don’t have any lemons but I have some oranges we can cut up.” Blue says.


“Sweet.” Elliot says.

The guys all sit on the sofas pouring a cup and passing the bottle.


“It’s been one hell of a year, I’ve not managed to have sex with all of you but I worked on it. Gervais, George, Robin there is always next year.” Elliot grins.


“I’ll pass.” Robin says.


“Oh yeah, we all know you’re a little flexible on that straight title when you’re horny.” Spence says and Robin blushes.


“If I were gay Blue and Gervais wouldn’t be winning the cutest couple award for the year.” Robin says.


“They are the cutest and totally unaware of any of us.” Jesse says looking at them with a little jealousy. Gervais is in Blue’s lap sucking on his lip, paying no attention to anyone else.


“Best sex of the year?” Andy asks.


“With Gervais the first time because I’d been waiting so long for it. Most special to me ever.” Blue says.


“No most mind blowing, biggest cumshot. Not your cutesy romantic shit.” Spence says.


“Oh it was that too, I shot for days, Niagra falls.” Blue says.


“It’s true he comes like a fire hydrant.” Elliot says.


“Confirmed.” says Robin.


“What was yours Elliot? As you had more guys than the rest of us combined.” Blue asks.


“Actually it’s similar, the second day with Jesse, knowing it wasn’t a one night thing, I’d won him from Miles and he fucking loves to flip. We did it all day and all night.” Elliot grins and Jesse smiles but sneaks a look at Gervais who of course isn’t paying attention.


“Knowing what we all know winning him from Miles was awesome even if it did kick everything off.” George says.


“I’m petty offended he took everything out on Blue and not me and Jesse too.” Elliot says.


“Or Andy for introducing you to us.” Spence says.


“My best this year was in the woods at Spring break, my boy taking three guys and begging for more. You missed out Jess.” Andy says.


“I wanted to follow. That was the catalyst for us breaking up, he just said he loved me and I was like shit and then he turned down watching you guys fuck. I’m glad this one is more open.” Jesse says kissing Elliot.


“More open? You’re the most possessive guy here.” Blue says incredulous.


“I know but group stuff is fun when everyone wants to.” Jesse shrugs and smiles.


“We should totally hook up as a four. I’d love to take you again.” Elliot says and immediately Jesse scowls and everyone laughs at him.


“Why do none of you want to include me in your sex?” George asks.


“Oh I would love to break in your virgin ass but I know you’d be thinking about Blue and I really don’t think Gervais wants to share him with you and regret it after.” Elliot says.


“Our bed is open to all comers, you don’t need to wait for an invite.” Andy says.


“We both find you cute so it’s good with me.” Spence says with a smile.


“If George is going to start with any couple here it’s with us.” Gervais says.


“We didn’t think you’d be into it.” Blue says.


“Looks like George has 3 to entail beds for the night and I’ll be all alone.” Robin sighs.


“Shut up.” Blue says and throws a cushion at him.


“What was your best Jesse?” Gervais asks.


“With you. When we got back together after our breakup and you got rough with me and then pounded the cum out of me twice and made me jerk my sensitive cock as you finished on my face.” Jesse says.


“You did dribble out a third.” Gervais laughs at the memory.


“How rough?” Elliot asks turned on more than jealous.


“I was rude to Blue so he spanked me good.” Jesse says.


“You deserved it.” Gervais says.


Blue looks at Gervais a little surprised, not unhappy, just surprised.


“So which was your best Gervais? Jesse or Blue?” Andy asks.


“Blue, sorry Jesse. Blue is so good at foreplay, it’s like he’s the top until it comes to the fucking and I love lying there enjoying all he gives and then giving him the dick which he appreciates so much he paints the wall.” Gervais says and Blue blushes.


“And you Spence?” Blue asks trying to avoid the attention.


“Oh just last weekend with Andy, it was incredible, he blindfolded me a lot so I had to focus on touch and it was amazing, every time.” Spence says kissing Andy.


“I’d ask Robin but I don’t want to kill everyone’s boner.” Elliot says.


“Hey just because you’re repulsed by me doesn’t mean I am by you, any time anyone needs an audience I’m there. That said I believe I have a hookup for the night so I will leave you guys to get down to whatever is about to happen.” Robin says checking his phone again, grabbing his keys and heading out.


Blue grabs the bottle and sends it back round the circle for a top up.


“So what about best kiss?” George asks.


“That’s easy the first time Gervais kissed me was magical. Of course he broke my heart minutes later but in the moment it was perfect.” Blue says.


“I was stupid baby.” Gervais says and nuzzles his boyfriend, then kisses him and lets his hands start to roam. He’s sad but drunk and horny.


“My best kiss this year was the first one after we made up, so sexy.” Spence says.


“I think Blue and I had  a great kiss, he was surprised how much he liked it and that just made me all the more horny.” Elliot says not meaning it but Jesse works harder when he’s jealous.


Andy and Spence are making out and beginning to undress a little.


“You are a great kisser, we had so much fun that night.” Blue smiles.


“Blue was my best kiss too. He took care of me the night after the crash and for a few hours I thought maybe something would happen but then Gervais got back.” George says.


“Uh I asked you out and you said no. My kisses must suck as Elliot, Gervais and you all turned me down after kissing me.” Blue says.


“Let me try.” Jesse says standing up.


“Oh yeah?” Blue says.


“I’ve kissed everyone but you and George, so I should kiss you and see where you rank.” Jesse says laughing.


“Okay.” Blue says standing up, he’s always been curious about how Jesse kept Gervais for so long.


Blue squishes himself between George and Jesse and cups Jesse’s face in his hands and kisses him lightly, mouth closed for a second and then more forcefully, pushing Jesse’s lips apart and giving him the lightest flick from his tongue and pulling away straight away.


Before Jesse can say anything George pulls Blue to him and kisses him and pushes up his t-shirt to feel his stomach.


Elliot watches for a second surprised at the heat, before Jesse turns to him and pulls him onto his lap to kiss him. Gervais watches from across the room feeling more and more jealous. He gets up crosses the room grabs Blue’s hand and pulls him back to the other sofa.


“My Blue, not theirs.” Gervais says pushing Blue down and straddling him.


“Just a party baby.” Blue says kissing Gervais, he’s far more wasted than he realized.


“Gave Jesse something to think about. But I didn’t like George cutting in.” Gervais says.


“Jealous?” Blue asks.


“Yes, you are just for me, my kisses. I want all the kisses.” Gervais says kissing Blue all over.


“Your boyfriend is a good kisser.” Jesse calls over.


“Is yours?” Gervais calls back.


“Come check him out.” Jesse says.


“Go on baby, give me a taste of my own medicine.” Blue says kissing Gervais.


As Gervais reaches Elliot George slips across the room to be next to Blue.


“Are you trying to get my boyfriend angry?” Blue asks as George snuggles against him, but he doesn’t push George away.


“He shared you with Robin.” George says kissing Blue’s collarbone.


“He’s had the worst day and I need to focus just on him today. I’m not saying not ever. I’m saying today is a bad idea.” Blue says.


“But you are so sexy and make me feel so good.” George says kissing at Blue’s neck and moving Blue’s hand to his crotch and pressing it to his bulge.


Blue is tempted, he’d love to just drag George and Gervais into bed but he knows that Gervais doesn’t want that. He looks up to see Gervais kissing Jesse and Elliot at once and feels a pang. Blue will always feel Jesse is a threat to his happiness with Gervais.


Andy and Spence have gone to their room for once not wanting to be in a group, the shock of Gervais bad news has made them want to cling to each other and shut out everyone else.


Blue pushes George aside and like Gervais did before he goes to reclaim his man. He pulls Gervais to his feet picks him up and pushes him against the wall to kiss him hard.


“You want to be with Jesse and Elliot?” Blue asks pulling away. Gervais has his legs wrapped around Blue’s waist and his hands are running through Blue’s hair.


“No.” Gervais says quietly kissing Blue.


“You sure?” Blue asks.


“You know I am. Do you want George?” Gervais asks.


“No, I want to take you to our room and bang you all night.” Blue says biting at Gervais neck.


“So fuck me baby. Fuck me.” Gervais groans as Blue’s teeth sink into his earlobe.





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