The suite saga 42

“Fuck me baby, fuck me.” Gervais says kissing Blue’s face.


George approaches the pair, he’s not giving up he knows he and Blue have a spark and feels this is his last chance to get anything before the summer. He leans in and kisses Gervais on the neck, knowing he has to win him over before he can be near Blue.


“You wanna come watch Blue tear me up?” Gervais asks.


“I don’t want to just watch.” George says kissing Gervais again.


“Blue is mine.” Gervais says.


“I know.” George says.


Blue is still holding Gervais against the wall and doesn’t know what to do, his dick is throbbing for Gervais and leaking at the thought of the two in his bed.


“You take the lead baby. Whatever you want.” Blue says kissing Gervais hard.


“I need a lot of attention tonight.” Gervais says kissing Blue and then George.


“You have all my attention.” Blue whispers kissing his neck.


“Come on George let me show you how to get ready.” Gervais say scrambling out of Blue’s arms and dragging George to the bathroom.


Blue isn’t sure what is going on with Gervais, a few minutes ago it was just the two of them about to fuck and now they’re including George and he’s not sure it will end well for himself or for George but right now he’s not going to argue with whatever Gervais wants.


“Hey Blue come here.” Elliot says.


Blue sits down between Elliot and Jesse. He’s horny and too drunk to care that he usually hates Jesse.


“Fucking weird day.” Elliot says.


“Is Gervais okay? I mean he’s acting like nothing happened.” Jesse asks.


“He’s angry, so fucking angry at his dad and I don’t think he’s ready to deal with that yet. It’s been a few hours theres no reason he should be.” Blue says.


“Just remember I love him too and don’t shut me out.” Jesse says.


“He’s going to need all of us. Not just right now but to get through the next 3 years of school.” Blue says.


“He won’t drop out. He’s so smart and he can stay with any of us when he needs to for vacations.” Elliot says.


“Even your house?” Jesse asks sarcastically.


“He’s an orphan now and my parents would never turn away someone they might be able to convert.” Elliot laughs.


“You two are super sexy together.” Blue says caressing Jesse’s cheek.


“You and Gervais are too. I hate that you won him but fuck you have heat.” Jesse says.


“You two had heat earlier. That kiss was sexy.” Elliot says.


Blue turns and kisses Jesse again, biting at his lower lip as he pulls away and turns to kiss Elliot who flashes back to their night together and grabs Blue’s face in his hands and kisses back deeply. Elliot knows this could be a car crash if it goes further, Jesse will not be happy in the morning but its all too hot too stop.


“Getting my boyfriend all warmed up?” Gervais says coming out of the bathroom.


“You can’t put a sexy one like this down and expect him to be left alone.” Elliot says.


Gervais walks over and it’s on Blue’s lap and kisses Elliot and then Jesse before turning to straddle Blue and give him all his attention. Jesse moves over to sit on Elliot. George comes back out and looks a bit bewildered and wonders if he should back out. He doesn’t want to be with Elliot and Jesse.


Blue sees him over Gervais shoulder and smiles.


“You want this, with George? Not just me?” Blue asks quietly.


“Yeah, lets celebrate the end of finals properly. I want you. I really want you and its hot how much he wants you.” Gervais says.


“Lets go, he doesn’t need an audience.” Blue says.


“Carry me.” Gervais says and he clings to Blue as he stands up.


“My cutie pie.” Blue says standing up slowly.


“Come on George.” Gervais says as Blue carries him through to his room.


George stares at their backs for a moment downs a drink and follows them.


Gervais is pulling at Blue’s clothes as George walks in.


“You really want to be here George?” Blue asks.


“Come on baby it’ll be hot.” Gervais says.


“I thought I was finally going to get in your ass.” Blue says.


“You are and George is going to fucking love watching it.” Gervais says.


“I said before I’m not just here to watch.” George says.


“Oh I know, I have plans for you.” Gervais says and reaches out to George’s hand.


The three are soon naked and making out. George just wants to stare at Blue, he looks so amazing out of his clothes, all his muscles ripple and he just wants to lick him. He tentatively runs his fingers over Blue’s back and sighs.


Blue just wants to please Gervais, although he is attracted to George him being here is just a minor distraction tonight. He wishes this was happening another time.


“Lie back baby, let me make you feel good.” Blue says moving Gervais onto his back. Blue kisses all down his body and George watches, jealous and turned on. Blue sucks briefly on Gervais balls before lifting his legs and running his tongue down Gervais crack.


George’s eyes are wide and his mouth drops open as Gervais begins to moan softly.


“Come kiss me George.” Gervais says softly and motions for George to lie alongside him.


“You’re both so big.” George says feeling a little inadequate.


“You’re is so pretty, so neatly cut.” Gervais says stroking George gently.


“Do you really like that?” George asks motioning to Blue.


“He’s great down there, he loves it, I love it. If you’re really, really good I’ll let him try you.” Gervais says.


“I don’t know.” George whispers.


“Just relax, you still want to be here?” Gervais asks.


“Oh god yes.” George says and actually does relax as Gervais starts to kiss him and stokes him gently. He reaches out to feel Gervais body, to understand what Blue loves so much. Gervais skin is beautifully soft, he has some scars but the rest is amazing to his fingers.


“You’re so soft.” George says kissing Gervais body.


Blue looks up for a second and grins as Gervais who smiles back. Watching George slowly discover another man’s body is a treat for both of them.


“Well I think we know you’re gay.” Blue says and George looks up almost embarrassed then breaks into a grin.


“Fuck yeah, you’re both amazing. I’ve never felt like this.” George says.


“Just have fun exploring.” Blue says and pulls George to him for a big hug. George’s dick leaps again as their bodies press together.


“Go enjoy my boyfriend.” Blue says going back to work on Gervais ass.


“Babe that’s so good. Eat me good.” Gervais moans.


George looks at how excited Gervais is and remembers what happened today and is overcome with love for his friend and want to make him feel good too. Tentatively George licks at the head of Gervais dick.


“Don’t be shy. Here let me flip over so we can both suck.” Gervais says getting on all fours and motioning George to move underneath. Blue runs his hands over Gervais ass and the leans back to watch George get his first real taste of cock and the bliss that passes his face as Gervais takes his friend in his mouth.


Blue is opening Gervais up with his finger, his boyfriend even tighter than expected but he’s beginning to relax and Blue knows its finally happening.


“I love you baby.” Blue says.


“All work and no play for Blue.” Gervais says as he comes up for air.


“All pleasure. Love you feeling good.” Blue says.


“I need you in me.” Gervais says.


“Ride me. George come lie by me.” Blue says as they all move round again. Blue helps Gervais to balance and George watches fascinated, rubbing Blue’s chest and Gervais back. Gervais takes his time, Blue is so big bur he wants it so much.


“You’re amazing baby.” Blue says.


George sits up to kiss Gervais as he begins to ride Blue slowly silencing hi slight moans. Blue begins to buck up into Gervais a little and he gasps. Gervais wants to be under Blue so stops for a moment, he and Blue kiss hard and they each kiss George before turning to each other again. George lies beside Gervais and they kiss gently as Blue starts to enter Gervais again, holding his little legs high and wide.


“You two look so hot kissing.” Blue says pumping into Gervais enjoying his boyfriend beyond his dreams. He reaches for Gervais dick to stroke him.


“No I need to fuck you too.” Gervais moans.


“I’m getting super lucky.” Blue says and pumps a little harder, not pushing too deep.


“You jealous George, do you wish he was in you?” Gervais whispers into George’s ear.


“Yeah.” George barely whispers, he’s overwhelmed by everything but he knows he wants Blue, to be in Blue, for Blue to be in him. He wants everything all at once.


Gervais runs his hand down George’s back, grabs some lube and starts playing with George’s ass.

George is a little surprised but wants it, every new feeling is amazing. Blue is crazy turned on watching and almost loses concentration.


“You feel so amazing baby.” Blue groans.


“You fill me all up. I love it baby, you feel goooood.” Gervais groans.


“I’m so close.” Blue moans speeding up.


“My turn.” Gervais says.


“I want to make you cum.” Blue pouts.


“You will, deep in your ass.” Gervais says and Blue grins.


“You guys are so fucking hot.” George says.


“Sit on Blue’s face.” Gervais says bossing his friend around getting what he wants.


“What?” George asks.


“You’ll love it.” Gervais says.


George moves as he’s told not sure what to do or how to balance. Blue’s ankles are resting on Gervais shoulders as Gervais pushes in a little fast, hungry for his boyfriends ass.


George works out how to balance then feels on fire as Blue starts to tongue him.


“Oh fuck.” George says and Gervais smiles encouragingly reaching forward and stroking George’s dick. George looks at him and gasps his eyes wide. Gervais pounds away and knows they are all pretty close. Blue starts to shoot which sets off George and Gervais. George falls sideways and lies alongside jerking himself over Blue as Gervais fills him deep.


Blue scoops up both guys and kisses them both, gently as they all catch their breath.


“I’m totally covered. Inside and out.” Blue grins.


“That was amazing. Thank you for including me.” George says smiling and kissing the others.


“I think you need more.” Gervais says.


“I need more of you.” Blue says kissing Gervais.


“Oh I know you do baby.” Gervais says wiping Blue off and running his hands over his cock that is yet to deflate.


“I could watch you two forever.” George says.


“I thought you wanted more than watching.” Blue says.


“Everything is amazing, I never came so hard.” George says.


“So do you want to fuck or be fucked?” Gervais asks.


“Anything, whatever you want. More kisses is a start.” George says and Blue and Gervais lie either side of George kissing him and playing with his ass, taking their time to get him ready.


“Feel good?” Blue asks Gervais.


“So good.” George replies meaning it, he feels like he’s floating on a cloud, he can’t believe he ever thought sex might not be for him.


“Want to fuck Blue?” Gervais asks.


“Really?” George asks.


“I want your ass, want us both?” Gervais asks.


“Fuck yes, please, oh fuck I want it.” George groans.


Gervais lubes up George’s dick and whispers to take it slow and encouragement as he lines up to Blue’s hole. George begins to pump a few minutes later and groans, Blue moans with each stroke loving it. Gervais is touching and kissing and fingering George anjoying hearing Blue’s moans and enjoying seeing George’s innocence disappear.


“Ready?” Gervais asks rubbing his dick between George’s cheeks as he slows his pace on Blue.


“Fuck me Gervais, take me. Please.” George moans.


“Fuck you’re a natural staying hard as I push in.” Gervais whispers in George’s ear as he is knelt behind him.


“Blue feels amazing, you feel good too.” George says all his senses overloaded.


“Is this okay?” Gervais asks as they work to find a rhythm.


“I can’t last I need, oh fuck, I’m sorry.” George says pulling out of Blue and cumming all over his cheeks.


“So fucking hot.”  Gervais whispers and pulls out of George. Blue gets up to kiss George two, both boys feeling so protective of their friend, hoping all was okay.


“That’s one way to get both firsts done.” Blue laughs.


“I loved it, I felt so close to both of you.” George says.


“You did so well.” Gervais says hugging him.


“I’m so glad it was you two.” George says stroking both guys dicks.


“Watch us finish.” Gervais says and George nods.


Gervais fucks Blue hard on al fours and Blue cries out with delight. George watches in awe as Blue takes all of Gervais and loves it. Gervais flips Blue on his back for the last minute to watch him cum and again George jerks over his torso as Gervais fills him again.


Blue stretches out contentedly feeling truly satisfied, all his worries about Gervais and George evaporated and he’s had the time of his life. He’s really jealous of Gervais getting to be in the middle. He laughs to himself when he remembers his own reaction to a threesome with Brad back at the beginning of the school year.


“What’s funny?” Gervais asks.


“We all agreed Brad was a right skeeve trying to get me into a threeway when I was a virgin and now I’ve done it to George.” Blue says.


“I knew you had a boyfriend and I wanted this, probably more than you two did.” George says.


“No regrets?” Blue asks.


“Waiting so long. I fucking love men and sex.” George says.


“Shower?” Gervais asks.


“Yes.” Blue laughs.


They walk out nude to see Jesse and Elliot asleep nude in the middle of the floor.


They soap each other of gently and are all smiles. Blue pulls Gervais aside for a sec as they walk back.


“Are you okay my baby?” Blue asks.


“Yeah, you two did everything to give me a few hours of forgetting. We’ll deal tomorrow. I love you so much.” Gervais says.


“I love you too. My sexy Gervais. Was I okay?” Blue asks.


“Wonderful, can’t wait to try again just us.” Gervais says.


“I want that too. George is sexy but I love you only.” Blue says.


“I know. He hasn’t got a chance against me.” Gervais says.


“That’s right babe.” Blue says.


“I’m not sure we’ll all fit, should I go to my room?” George asks as they come back in.


“No you get in and we’ll all spoon up.” Blue says.


Gervais hops in the middle and Blue behind him, his arm reaching over both boys. Exhausted they all sleep quickly. George dreams of every moment over and over again. He has no regrets that his first time was with friends, it was amazing and he feels so lucky.


Blue wakes first a little hungover. He leaves the other 2 to sleep and works on the last of his packing and starts to load up the car. He wants Gervais to sleep as long as possible and protect him from the reality of the next few days and weeks.


Gervais and George eventually awake, slightly surprised to be alone in bed without Blue.


“George I love you and last night was fun but if you kiss or touch Blue again without my permission it will not end so well. Blue is mine and he is staying that way.” Gervais says as a mean good morning.


“I understand. Really I respect what you guys have and I want you to be happy. I’m crazy grateful my first time was with two guys who love me, even if they don’t love me that way.” George says.


“Are you feeling sore? I tried to go easy.” Gervais says with concern.


“It was amazing and I feel it a little, it’s just a nice reminder of what happened.” George says.


They dress quickly and Blue puts Gervais things in the car. They say their goodbyes and set off to reality.

4 thoughts on “The suite saga 42

    1. I’ll be honest it was supposed to be a depressing chapter set with Blue and Gervais sorting the arrangements for Gervais dad but that was too depressing for today. So I extended the previous chapter instead.


      1. The depressing and stressful news was presented well; and the way the news was dealt with worked well. Actually, it was presented in a way that is how everyday people handle news of this sort. And the order of events is now unfolding realistically.

        Now they can move on to the next steps which I believe will be the really depressing aspect of losing a loved one.


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