The suite saga 44

The guys are making the long drive home Andy is sleeping in the back seat. With every mile away from his home town Gervais relaxes more and more.

“You look a million times better.” Blue says looking over at Gervais.

“I feel it. I know there’s things still to deal with but its just a case of waiting really, nothing I need to actively do. I feel like with the funeral done I’m allowed to move on now and I can focus on us.” Gervais says.

“I’m excited to get home I’ll be honest. I want to show you everything. If I’m too full on or making you do too much just tell me.” Blue says.

“I won’t need to, you always know. I’ve been thinking that I won’t really need much of my mom’s money or my dads’ when it comes, given I have enough for college.” Gervais says.


“You’ll have it to buy somewhere to live when you graduate. Or take time off and travel. Or grad school. You don’t need to decide now.” Blue says.
“I was thinking it’s a good chunk of my share towards our vineyard.” Gervais says.
“I’d never let you do that, what if it failed?” Blue asks.
“Then we’d have tried and we’d have each other and live on my salary while you found a job like normal people.” Gervais says.
“Sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of dreaming.” Blue says.
“Planning.” Gervais counters.
“Can we get through college first?” Blue asks.
“I’m just saying that our dreams are a little closer to reality that’s all.” Gervais says.
Andy smiles to himself in the backseat. They’ve all been so worried about Gervais but he’s going to be okay if he’s making cute plans already.
George and Spence are also in the car.
“Maybe we’ll find you someone at camp. I’ll happily be your wing man with the prettiest boys and girls.” Spence says.
“Boys, just boys.” George says.
“Really? You’re sure?” Spence asks.
“I had sex. I told my parent too and they were happy, no drama at all.” George says.
“When, who, what? And yay for being out drama free, feels good right?” Spence asks.
“So good.” George says skipping the first part.
“Come on spill.” Spence laughs.
“With Gervais and Blue on Friday. It felt right you know, making Gervais feel good after his bad news and I was drunk and feeling brave and didn’t want to end freshman year a virgin.” George says.
“Was Blue all you’d dreamed?” Spence asks fascinated.
“He’s everything, everything. I don’t know how I go about getting over him. On one hand I feel like I shouldn’t have done it because he’s so much to me and he’s not ever going to be mine. But I really don’t regret it.” George says.
“I’m glad. Do you want a boyfriend?” Spence asks.
“Yeah, I do. Especially as Jesse and Elliot are still going strong, I’ll be the creepy fifth wheel next semester.” George sighs.
“Ah we all love you George and won’t think you’re creepy unless you are listening outside the door to Gervais and Blue.” Spence laughs.



Andy, Blue and Gervais stop for dinner after a few hours and then take turns and drive right through the night to get home.
“It’s beautiful” Gervais says shaking himself off as he gets out the car and takes everything in.
Roe and Katelyn come running out the house to hug Andy and swift introductions are made. They unpack and shower while Roe cooks breakfast. Momma and Cheryl took a room for the night so will be back later.


“Oh wow, thanks for breakfast. Did you stay over waiting?” Blue asks.
“We got here an hour ago to do the chickens and goats, I made Roe get up, I couldn’t wait.” Katelyn says.
“To see me or the new clothes?” Andy asks.
“Good job we came here and not to your place.” Blue laughs.


“I’d forgotten the clothes.” Katelyn laughs. She’s delighted with all her packages but looks puzzled about the volume of nail stuff.
“We thought you could earn a few bucks doing manicures.” Blue says.


“Cool, that could be so much fun.” Katelyn says.


“We thought maybe Mom could do some beauty appointments here, when she’s better.” Andy says tentatively.
“We need to talk about a few things when Clara gets back.” Roe says.
“Is there more drama to come?” Gervais asks.
“Options to discuss more than drama.” Roe says.
“Thanks for giving us a welcome home but I think I need to sleep for a bit.” Blue says suddenly feeling exhausted.
“Lets leave these two to rest and go back to ours show me what you’ve done with the place before I crash.” Andy says.
“My room is so cool you have to see it.” Katelyn says immediately all excited again.
“That sounds good.” Andy says.
“Thanks for all my clothes and things.” Katelyn says shyly to Blue and Gervais.
“You deserve it.” Gervais says and Katelyn beams and runs ahead to the car.
“She’s a different girl.” Blue says to Roe.
“She’s a joy. A real joy. I make sure she knows moving somewhere bigger is an option but she’s so happy here. She has a lovely group of friends, does well in school and is helpful at home. I worry she’s a stepford teen, until I open her dump of a closet.” Roe laughs.
“We’ll call when momma is back. I’d love to cook dinner for you all tonight.” Blue says.
“I’m in.” Andy says.
“Nice to meet you. See you tonight.” Gervais says and they wave goodbye.
“Want to nap?” Blue asks.
“I want to snuggle with you.” Gervais admits.
“I think nap and then a nice long walk to get proper fresh air in our lungs.” Blue says.
“That sounds nice. It really is beautiful here, I can see why you got so agitated at school.” Gervais says.
“You are going to heal and be okay. You’ll be better than okay.” Blue says holding Gervais close in his bed
“I know. Having people show they care is amazing, I never had that before, not from people not paid to do it anyway and its not like I’ll notice much change is it.” Gervais says.
“I guess not.” Blue says.


“My life won’t change, actually I’ll have less disappointment, no longer will I be upset that he doesn’t want me home for thanksgiving or lets me down last minute. I won’t spend graduation waiting to see if he comes.” Gervais says.
“Is that what happened in high school?” Blue asks.
“No, Kindergarten, I never went to one after that.” Gervais says.
“We didn’t have any at all. We have a celebration of each student in the senior class which can be any kind of event. Its pretty nice and no boring speeches.” Blue says.
“What did you do?” Gervais asks.
“I catered a tea for before a concert one of the girls in my class gave. It was low key and pretty cool, I got to thank everyone who helped me on my way.” Blue says.
“Doesn’t sound like you were celebrated.” Gervais says.
“Pictures of me were put up and a list of achievements.” Blue says.
“I wanna see the pictures.” Gervais says.
“You will.” Blue says feeling happy that Gervais is okay, going to be okay.
“Now?” Gervais asks.
“Are you not sleepy?” Blue asks.
“Yes but I am happy having a couple of lazy hours, I don’t need to sleep just recharge.” Gervais says.
“Okay but I can’t guarantee I’ll stay awake.” Blue says.
“That’s okay, you look cute when you’re sleeping.” Gervais says.
Blue kisses his ear and pops out of bed to get the album.
“You were so cute.” Gervais says flipping through the pages.
Blue snuggles close and tells the story behind the pictures and Gervais absorbs it all, Blue’s history becoming his history.
George and Spence spent the night at George’s house before setting off to camp together.
Spence and George soon get to the camp and are happy they’ve been assigned the same cabin, they share a room off the side of the dorm for 6 boys. They have a few days training before the kids arrive.

They are shocked when they get to the first meeting and see Dylan there.

“Holy bung nubits.” George says.

“What?” Spence laughs.

“I’m trying not to curse.” George says.

“Ahh yes, holy sock puppets what is he doing here?” Spence asks.

“Sock puppets? Really?” George asks.

“Hey Dylan, surprised to see you here.” Spence says.

“Hey Spence, George. Yeah I was due to go with John but his family surprised him with a trip to Asia, without me. We’re done, I mean I suggested I go out and meet him part way but it was a firm no from John. So we’re done. I put my profile up and a couple of places bid for me, this was the closest to home. I had no idea it was where you two are.” Dylan says.

“Wow I think that’s the most you’ve said to us without being nasty.” George says.

“George meant to say sorry about your break up.” Spence says.

“Not really, Dylan was vile to Blue and didn’t deserve someone as good as John.” George says.

“That is true. I have been awful. And if Blue truly is who he says he is then I’ve been even worse. I brought the pictures with me, campers love seeing what their counsellors looked like when they were at camp. I’ll show you later.” Dylan says.

“He really is who he says he is. Andy and Gervais are at his place for the summer. Gervais is working with kids at a yoga retreat and Andy and Blue will be doing handiwork, all of it voluntary. They’ll work shifts in a community café and bake vegan cakes to sell there. Its some olde world utopia without the religion.” Spence says wishing he was with them for a minute.

“Well I swear I will give him an apology when we get back to school. I know he was never really after John after seeing him with Gervais. He still bugs me but I accept I went too far. Not as far as Miles or Emilie though, I did not see those two reuniting like that.” Dylan says and George relaxes, away from school it seems Dylan will be pretty human.

“So glad I never have to speak to them again. Miles seemed pretty controlling with Jesse and I just can’t see how he and Emilie ever fit together.” George says.

“Miles is different with girls than with guys, its weird.” Dylan says.

“Uh pot kettle.” Spence laughs.

“True, true but I was closeted and a dick. Miles is out.” Dylan says.

“Whats your area here?” Spence asks.

“Outdoor pursuits, climbing, abseiling, zip lines, probably archery day to day. I guess its nerd squad for George and you’re doing what Spence? No gymnastics or wrestling here?” Dylan asks.

“Tennis, softball, whatever sports they offer and yes gymnastics, there is a facility here but it’s not open to the general camp population, gymnasts come up with their squads and train half the day and join in the other half. Some of them are giving me a shot but not all. Who are you rooming with?” Spence asks Dylan.

“No sign of them yet.” Dylan says.

“So I guess we better make friends fast.” George says.

“I never had an issue with you George.” Dylan says.

“Is this a truce?” Spence asks.

“As long as he stays nice.” George says.

“Cool. I thought I was going to have to go back to being Dylan the charmer and it is exhausting being him.” Dylan says.

“The girls loved and hated him.” Spence says.  “As you know it was all a game. But I’m not him, thanks to you I’m happy in my skin now.” Dylan says acknowledging all the help Spence and Andy had given.

The session kicks off and the guys are thrown into getting to know you activities and safety training.

Gervais watches Blue sleep for a little while. He feels even more connected to Blue up here, being in his house, walking through his garden and seeing his room all of it fits Blue perfectly and he can see how he is the man he is.  He slips out of bed and looks at the pictures again, it seems Blue was popular but didn’t have any truly close friends. Gervais wonders how much that is due to his Momma being so powerful in the community, owning so much land and being the landlord to so many. Or maybe it was because he was closeted, maybe everyone sensed they weren’t that close to Blue. Gervais looks back at his sleeping boyfriend and smiles again. They wasted so much time this year, if Gervais had known just how loyal Blue could be maybe he’s have let him in sooner. He can’t wait to be in this bed every night, Gervais feels more at home here than he ever has anywhere. Gervais looks around Blue’s room some more, not snooping exactly just getting a better feel of who Blue was before they met. The bookshelves are filled with books on plants, farming and cookbooks, he has hardly any fiction. Gervais comes across a folder filled with artwork. Blue has never mentioned being in to art at all. “Sorry I’m not being a good host.” Blue says opening his eyes. “I’m not a guest. Not really. You have me a chance to spy.” Gervais smiles. “Want to go for a walk? Let me show you my favorite places?” Blue asks. “Yes, you can show me the trees and plants in your beautiful drawings. Why did you never mention your art?” Gervais asks. “It was just a school project. Art is not my thing.” Blue says. “So just another talent you have, no big deal.” Gervais says sarcastically. “Ive no passion for it and it shows.” Blue says. “I love the pictures, I’d love to have one.” Gervais says. “Mr no pictures on the wall ever?” Blue asks. “Shows how much I love them. Maybe you don’t have a passion for drawing but you do for nature. Lets go see some.” Gervais says pulling Blue out of bed. Blue shows Gervais round the property, explaining what chores they’ll need to cover over the summer and introducing him to the animals. “I get to have Blue’s famous fresh eggs at last.” Gervais says. “You had some for breakfast, I just didn’t cook them.” Blue says. “I want you to cook for me. I love you taking care of me. Its stupid that some of my favorite memories are when I was sick and how you’ve taken care of me recently.” Gervais says. “When you were sick was so nice, not you being sick but it felt like you were all mine and wanted to be.” Blue says. “Now you are all mine.” Gervais says and takes Blue’s hand. Blue walks them up through the woods pointing out some of his favorite spots and they stop at a lookout he loves and sir down. “You seem so relaxed babe.” Blue says kissing Gervais lightly. “I am. Baby stop stressing about me. I am okay. Sure I’m still a little sad but mostly I’m really happy to be here with you. I love it here.” Gervais says. “You might get tired of the lack of cell service and everyone knowing your business. But then you can walk up here with me and we can be just us.” Blue says. “I don’t know if I should be looking at you or the view.” Gervais says. “I like the view of you best. My cutie Gervais.” Blue says hugging his boyfriend and kissing him all over his face and neck. They sit for a while just enjoying being together and the quiet. After a busy time they both appreciate the rest. That afternoon Clara, Cheryl and Ocean arrive after taking the journey slowly. Ocean runs up to the house, a total ball of energy and barrels into Blue demanding he takes him swimming.

“Is that okay? I guess he’s been cooped up a while. Are you staying with us tonight?” Blue asks.

“Yes you can take him to the lake but he has to do as you tell him and not swim off. We’ll be staying at the retreat we were just dropping your momma off first.” Cheryl says hugging Blue.

“We’ll drop him off after and show Gervais round.” Blue says.

“And me.” Andy says jogging up.

“Sure. Are you sure its okay?” Blue asks.

“I shouldn’t reward him when he behaves like that but it was a long journey and it gives me time to settle in and unpack.” Cheryl says.

“Are his swimming things easy to get to?” Blue asks.

“I have it all ready.” Ocean says coming back with his little backpack and a giant towel on his head.

“We need to unpack the car and then get our things. Why don’t you go and visit the chickens.” Blue says.

“Okay.” Ocean shouts running off.

“How are you doing Gervais?” Cheryl asks.

“It is so beautiful up here. We’re just back from a walk and it was so quiet and lovely. It is the perfect place to recharge.” Gervais says dodging the question.

“Nothing better.” Clara says.

“I’m so glad you and Blue invited me. I really needed this without knowing it. Just like when Blue got me to try yoga. I’m letting my anger go already.” Gervais says surprised at how much he’s opening up.

“This is your home now, just as it is for Andy and Blue. I need you to understand there will always be a place for you in this community, even if you and Blue part ways.” Clara says.

“You and Robin’s parents are all so amazing and generous to me.” Gervais says.

“You’ve been my son’s anchor this year, even when you weren’t talking you gave him focus that was pure. He’s found it hard to be away from here, away from me and you made it easier for him. I’ll always be grateful.” Clara says hugging Gervais as Blue brings in the last of the packages from the car.





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