The suite saga 46

At camp Spence, George and Dylan are relaxing with the other counselors after their training. Spence and Dylan are being pretty social and George is counting the minutes until he can leave. He hasn’t worked out who else is working computer club with him yet. Dylan’s roommate still isn’t here maybe it’s him.

“I’m going back. Need some rest before the brats arrive.” George says to Spence.

“Hey I’m bedding in with you two, not staying in a cabin on my own.”  Dylan says.

“Scared?” George asks confused.

“Nah, I just want to see your cute ass in undies.” Dylan laughs.

“Not interested bro.” George says.

“But you’re gay now right?” Dylan asks following George to the cabin.

“Sure. I think so.” George says.

“So we can have some fun this summer.” Dylan says.

“Gross, no.” George says.

“Come on we won’t have many options.” Dylan says.

“I’d never be that desperate.” George says.

“You’re not my ideal either but needs must.” Dylan says.

“Just fuck off.” George says utterly bewildered.

“Blue will never want you. You’re wasting your time.” Dylan says.

“Maybe he won’t, but him not wanting me won’t make me want you.” George says feeling decidedly unsafe.

“Give it time.” Dylan says.

“Stop wasting your time.” George says and goes inside.

Dylan walks away frustrated.

Spence comes in later to find George still awake.

“Whats up?” Spence asks.

“Dylan was being persistent and it creeped me out.” George says.

“You don’t want a summer fuck buddy? He’s a fun fuck.” Spence says.

“No thanks. I do want a boyfriend, I do but mostly I want Blue and I need a little time and space.” George says.

“The feel of someone else’s hands, mouth and cock might help you get over him faster.” Spence says.

“I like remembering the feel of him. It might not be the healthiest thing but I don’t want to forget, not yet.” George says.

“Yeah when its really good reliving it is half the fun.” Spence says sighing and thinking of Andy.

“He is so beautiful. I’m never going to find someone as hot as him who will even look at someone like me.” George grumbles.

“Why not? Blue likes you, not as much as Gervais but some. Why wouldn’t someone else like you? Dylan just offered and he’s not that different to Blue, not really. I mean they’re worlds apart personality wise but they’re both physically the same.” Spence says.

“But Dylan makes me feel gross. How do I find someone else I like? I never did before.” George says.

“Just keep looking. Before you didn’t know you were looking. Someone will come along, maybe lots of someones.” Spence says.

“Maybe. I hope so. I can’t wish for Blue and Gervais to break up can I?” George says.

“You can wish it but it ain’t gonna come true.” Spence says.


Gervais first day at the retreat is pretty easy, he joins the kids for their morning yoga class and then takes 3 of them on a nature walk. Ocean does most of the teaching knowing the plants and birds far better than Gervais does. He returns them all to their parents at lunch, he eats with Cheryl and Ocean.

“I like having Gervais here. But I didn’t like the yoga lady, I want Blue back.” Ocean says at lunch.

“Blue isn’t working here this summer.” Cheryl says.

“If its okay with your mom Blue said you could go to work with him some days. Oh sorry know you want to spend time together. Actually he’ll be working on Roe’s garden the end of the week maybe you could both come along, I know Katelyn wants cooking lessons.” Gervais says.

“I told Blue I can garden good.” Ocean says.

“That sounds good. I know this one can’t spend all summer here, however much entertainment you and the other teens provide.” Cheryl says.

“I could use the lesson too, I’d love to be able to cook for Blue.” Gervais says.

“You two finally being together is a real blessing.” Cheryl says.

“I’m lucky he waited.” Gervais says.

“When you and Blue get married how will you have kids? Coz you don’t have a vagina?” Ocean asks.

“We can adopt kids when we get married. We get to choose someone who needs a daddy or they choose us.” Gervais says.

“Okay. I think you and Blue will be good daddies.” Ocean says and Gervais and Cheryl laugh.

“You’re so funny kid, see you tomorrow.” Gervais says.

Gervais cycles back to the house and has a long chat with Robin who is bored as fuck at home.

“My mom stopped my job, she wants us to have more quality family time. Which means driving my sisters around then having fuck all to do until my parents get home. You guys are all away.” Robin says.


“Get started on our game. George will do some while he’s running computer club at camp too. Try and talk to him.” Gervais says.

“Things cool between you two?” Robin asks.

“Yeah, he knows it was a one-time thing and he knows Blue is mine. We’re still friends.” Gervais says.

“That’s good. I really like him and don’t want things to be awkward next semester, ou guys bring too much drama.” Robin says.

“Uh you can talk.” Gervais says laughing.

“Oh I know. But no more. Honestly I’m going to find a regular girlfriend.” Robin says.

“What happened with that girl at the end of semester?” Gervais asks.

“We had fun, she was up for it and it was a nice way to end the semester. Hope that doesn’t sound too disrespectful.” Robin says.

“No way. I didn’t want my shit to fuck up anyone else’s night.” Gervais says.

They talk about their plans for their game, swapping ideas and working together while talking, passing the afternoon.

Gervais decides to make a start on dinner for when Andy and Blue get back. He figures he can make something simple and Andy is bound to be hungry.

“Need a hand?” Clara asks coming in.

“I guess so. I’m not sure what I’m doing.” Gervais says.

“Here chop these.” Clara says passing Gervais onions and bell peppers.

“Thanks. I asked Cheryl to show me how to cook some things that Blue likes. He had a rough time this year with food. Not just because you guys don’t eat meat but because all the fast food and chain places were so alien to him. He’d tolerate pizza but never got used to it.” Gervais says.

“He seems to have survived and swapping classes for meals was a good move. It seems Ocean benefitted from you guys being around too.” Clara says.

“He’s a funny kid.” Gervais says.

“Blue was a lot like that at 8, full of energy and silly jokes and a million questions.” Clara says.

“He still is. He’s so smart and creative. Why did he stop drawing?” Gervais asks.

“Art was never his creative outlet. He can copy plant life beautifully but he never had the ability to make his own pieces.” Clara says quite coldly.

“I think his pictures are beautiful. Maybe once he’s lived more he can create his own pieces.” Gervais says defending his boyfriend.

“Maybe he’ll come back to it. Now what about this vineyard plan? Are you on board?” Clara asks.

“I am. Kind of, I mean it’s not what my career will be but Blue can’t work inside, he gets so tense when its wet for weeks on end at school. He needs to be outside. Seeing him here he’s so much more himself. I mean he doesn’t change at school but he’s more himself here.” Gervais says.

“He needs to see more of the world and live more before he makes any choices.” Clara says.

“He loves it here. He needs to be outdoors and creating something. He needs to be solving problems and producing something. I think a vineyard is a good idea. Or maybe he should grow grains and bake bread. I don’t know. Its just an idea.” Gervais says.

“I think next summer you two need to get overseas together. Get out and explore.” Clara says.

“My dad wanted me to travel this summer. He left more money than usual so I could but I was already set to come here. You would miss Blue if we were away all vacation.” Gervais says.

“I would very much. It has been so hard with him gone. Don’t you dare tell him I said that. I’m so glad he has you. Cheryl said it was like you were always together, even when you weren’t really talking.” Clara says.

“I fucked up over and over. I should have trusted he was for real, I missed out. But we both got a real chance to grow apart from each other and I think we’ll be so much stronger together now. I do love him so much.” Gervais says.

“Oh I can see that. I trust you with my son. He’s not as strong as he seems so be careful with him.” Clara says.

“I will. I can’t be without him.” Gervais says.

They dial down the chat and talk about things Gervais can do with the kids at work and Clara directs Gervais as they cook and explains various techniques for the foods Blue likes.

“Hey baby, I missed you.” Blue says hugging Gervais from behind and kissing his neck.

“You need to shower babe. Where’s Andy?” Gervais asks.

“He’s gone to shower first.” Blue says.

“When did Andy become the polite one?” Gervais asks.

“You love me like this.” Blue says cuddling Gervais tighter.

“I do, I do.” Gervais says turning to get a kiss before sending Blue off to get cleaned up.

Later in bed Gervais is massaging Blue’s shoulders and back, sore from the first day at work.

“Your back is so sexy.” Gervais says.

“You can keep that up all night. Feels super good.” Blue sighs.

“I might need to probe a bit deeper on your ass.” Gervais says.

“Oh baby. I’m sorry I promised outdoors every day.” Blue groans as Gervais fingers work more magic.

“I don’t care where. I need you, right now.” Gervais says as he carries on playing with Blue.

“You are spoiling me.” Blue groans.

“You never let me just give. You’ve worked hard to day, relax and take it.” Gervais says.

“I love you babe and this feels too good to stop. Please don’t stop.” Blue moans as Gervais mounts him.

“You like that.” Gervais whispers in Blue’s ear as he slowly plunges in deep. Blue can only groan in response.

Gervais pumps long and slow enjoying the way his man is reacting. Blue lies on his front raising his ass grateful for every moment.

Gervais ups the rhythm and Blue bites his pillow to keep quiet, aware they are not alone in the house. This turns Gervais on further, and he pounds Blue until he shoots deep inside and collapses forward.

“Baby you’re the best.” Blue sighs.

“You wear me out, looking all sexy and feeling so good.” Gervais says once he catches his breath.

“I love you.” Blue says rolling over as Gervais rolls off him.

“And I am super lucky. This is going to be my best ever summer.” Gervais says.

“Mine too.” Blue says and kisses him.


As Gervais is massaging Blue, Spence is getting the same treatment from George, in a far more chaste manner.
“That feels good, my shoulders are dead.” Spence moans.
“Hard day in the gym?” George asks.
“In one day I learnt more than I have in a month at home. It was incredible and they were really happy to have me there spotting. But it was relentless.” Spence says.
“I thought you’d be around for the afternoon. What happened?” George asks.
“They had two practices. These are higher level kids and will have less free time I guess.” Spence says.
“I think a few came in to us after, too exhausted or beat up to swim.” George says.
“How was your day?” Spence asks.
“Real good, a good mix of kids came in for different sessions and a core group stayed all day and will take a lot of persuading to do anything outdoors.” George laughs.
“Maybe we’ll get a few others together and take them on a pre-breakfast splash about.” Spence says.
“Yeah I think they’d love that.” George says.
“Did Dylan leave you alone today?” Spence asks.
“Yeah, it looked like he’d made some new friends at lunch.” George says.
“And have you made any friends?” Spence asks.
“There are 3 others running computer club and they’re great. You don’t need to watch out for me.” George says.
“I care is all.” Spence says snuggling up to George.
“Should I get back in my bed in case someone comes in?” George asks.
“In a minute.” Spence says not wanting to sleep alone. George enjoys the cuddles for a few minutes but Spence is soon asleep and so he slips back into his own bed just in case.

“Are you done?” Andy asks poking his head round the door.
“Were we loud?” Blue asks.
“No, don’t worry. Though I’d have enjoyed it if you were.” Andy says.
“Lonely?” Gervais asks, Andy nods and takes that for an invitation and climbs in bed with them.
“Missing Spence?” Blue asks.
“Loads. You’ve kept me so busy which helps a lot but we had to talk right after dinner as he’s no service near his room. So we can’t say a proper goodnight and I need him most at bedtime.” Andy sighs.


“Has he settled in? How’s George doing?” Blue asks and Gervais bristles.

“Good I think. Spence was exhausted he was coaching today and they worked him hard.” Andy says.

“Just like Blue did to you.” Gervais says.

“He killed me.” Andy says dramatically.

“You enjoyed it.” Blue says.

“I did. And the dinner Gervais made us. I love all this food though I’ll need a burger soon.” Andy says.

“Its only been a couple of days.” Gervais laughs.

“People will be grilling Friday. You can eat your fill, we will take beer, cookies and potato salad to barter.” Blue says.

“Heaven. I will dream of food.” Andy says.

On Friday Blue drops Gervais off with his bicycle and heads to Roe’s house for the second day, Andy stayed over with them for the last two nights.

“Can we take over the kitchen today a bit? I need to make things for tonight.” Blue asks when Roe brings them out some iced tea mid-morning.

“Sure but Cheryl is coming at 3 so maybe you should do it after lunch, keep you out the midday heat.” Roe says.

“Thanks and thanks for the drink.” Blue says.

“You three are doing a great job, you got it started in the winter and now you’re creating so much for summer and fall. I’m excited.” Roe says.

“I’m exhausted.” Katelyn says.

“Take a rest. You don’t need to do this part. We can take you through maintenance later.” Blue says.

“Its cool I am enjoying it.” Katelyn says.

“Are you and your friends coming to the lake tonight?” Blue asks.

“No she isn’t. She’s hosting her friends here. No parties with alcohol until she’s older.” Roe says sternly.

“I guess I need to make more cookies then.” Blue grins.

“We can hang at the water tomorrow.” Andy says.

“Me and Roe are in the café in the morning and I have a birthday to go to. Maybe Sunday?” Katelyn asks.

“Do you need me in the café?” Andy asks.

“No, you’ll need a break and anyway I think you have some shifts with Gervais next week.” Roe says.

“I was thinking of fishing this weekend. Taking the boat out and camping.” Blue says.

“Sold.” Andy laughs.  Ocean comes barreling in just as they break for lunch with Gervais and Cheryl right behind.

They spend a lovely afternoon cooking, gardening and chatting and trying to keep Ocean occupied.

Cheryl and Roe get on very well and make some plans to paint together the following week with Katelyn offering to join them to keep an eye on Ocean in exchange for more cooking lessons.

“We’ll head back and get ready. Call for you at 7?” Blue asks Andy.

“Okay, I get it, give you some alone time. Actually I’m hoping to catch Spence.” Andy says as they leave.

Gervais and Blue get back to an empty house and Gervais takes Blue hard in the shower. “I love that I get to have you every day.” Gervais says.

“More later? Proper outdoor fucking.” Blue grins.

The guys pick up beer from the store, collect Andy and the food from Roe’s and head out to the lake.

“I’m happy to stay sober and drive later.” Blue says.

“You sure honey?” Gervais asks.

“Yeah I’m good. Promise not to be a killjoy.” Blue says.

There are several grills going and Blue and Gervais take their food over while Andy sorts adding the beer to the crates along the water. There is far too much for the group that has gathered. Blue introduces Andy and Gervais to a bunch of people and gets them set up with some food before catching up with a couple of girls from his class.

“Do you think its weird Blue doesn’t have any close friends here?” Gervais asks Andy as they sit on a log to eat.

“What do you mean?” Andy asks.

“He mentions how his school was small and they did lots of community events but he never mentions anyone in particular. The pictures he had up at school were of him and his momma and the scenery. No one has called round for him, he introduces us to people but we don’t make plans to hang out. We only found out about tonight because Deke mentioned it. Deke didn’t know he was out. He didn’t actually ever tell anyone other than his momma.” Gervais says.

“I’ve not heard a bad word about him. All the adults really love him. You should hear them in the café or store. They all love him up here.” Andy says.

“Adults not anyone our age. I wonder if we all missed just how lonely he’d been because of how he looks.” Gervais says.

“He has all of us now.” Andy says.

“Yeah and he read us all so easily and we all love him which is why I find it weird.” Gervais says.

“I bet if he wasn’t in our suite but we had classes with him we’d never have approached him.” Andy says.

“I probably wouldn’t have even spoken to you. But he’ll have known most these people since long before his looks became intimidating.” Gervais says.


“I don’t think there is any big conspiracy. Maybe he had friends who moved away.” Andy says.

“Hey Deke, want to join us?” Gervais says as Deke passes.

“I’m just getting a beer. Need one?” Deke asks.

“Yes for us both.” Andy smiles.

“Hey Deke we’re fishing for the weekend, be good if you could come too, two boats are better than one.” Blue says joining them as Deke sits down.

“I need to check my brother isn’t using it but sure, are you camping?” Deke asks.

“Yeah we thought we’d head out in the morning first thing and camp, come back late Sunday. We all have to work Monday.” Blue says.

“Did you guys fish together lots before?” Gervais asks wondering suddenly if Blue has just kept his friendships quiet like his artwork.

“Not lots, sometimes.” Blue says.

“I wasn’t allowed out in my boat alone until junior year, Blue has been taking his out since he was about 7.” Deke laughs.

“Was Clara insane?” Andy asks.

“I don’t know if she knew that me going fishing meant going out on my boat alone, I think she thought I did it from the shore.” Blue grins.

“Blue never had the same rules as the rest of us. He always did his own thing.” Deke says.
“I ran wild in my own way.” Blue smiles.

“So is it on or off with the girlfriend?” Gervais asks.

“Off, I’m done with girls.” Deke says.

“Really?” Blue asks.

“I wish I’d known about you before.” Deke says.

“I didn’t want it to be a thing. Same for you?” Blue asks.

“Yeah, kind of. I never met any gay guys before.” Deke says.

“That is what Blue used to say and yet you knew each other all along.” Gervais says.

“So weird.” Deke says.

“Did you never meet Bob? The carpenter guy?” Andy asks.

“Yeah.” Deke says confused.

“He’s flaming bro.” Andy says.

“No way. He’s moved on for a bit, got some big restoration project couple of hours away.” Deke says.

“There go my summer relief plans.” Andy sighs.

“You have a boyfriend.” Deke says.

“I do and I love him and we cannot get through the summer without getting some.” Andy laughs.

“Stop looking at me like that. I am not sharing Blue.” Gervais says.

“I just need someone to throw me a bone.” Andy laughs.

“A peachy ass you mean.” Blue smiles.

“I’ll take what I can get.” Andy says.

“Want to go for a walk?” Deke asks.




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