The suite saga 47

“Want to go for a walk?” Deke asks.

“How about a swim, or are you too buzzed?” Andy asks stripping off his t-shirt.


“A swim sounds good.” Deke says stripping to his shorts quickly and running to the water with Andy close behind.


“Want to join them?” Blue asks.


“Nah, lets go for a walk.” Gervais says jumping down and taking Blue’s hand.


“You’re looking really cute tonight.” Blue says.


“Thank-you. You’re getting really tanned.” Gervais says.


“You like it?” Blue asks.


“I need to take a closer look.” Gervais says tugging Blue towards the woods.


“I thought you wanted to meet my friends.” Blue says.


“Shut up and kiss me.” Gervais says and Blue does as he’s told.



“Did you think of Blue when fucking your girlfriend?” Andy asks Deke as they sit on a dock away from the party.


“That’s pretty personal.” Deke says.


“You want me, we should get to know each other a bit. You a virgin?” Andy asks.


“I’ve had a lot of sex, not like there is loads to do up here when it rains.” Deke says.


“So why was Blue a virgin when he got to college?” Andy asks.


“He doesn’t like girls.” Deke says.


“Neither do you.” Andy says.


“But there were no boys.” Deke says.


“There was Blue.” Andy counters.


“No, there was never Blue.” Deke says.


“You never thought, oh he doesn’t date girls ever, maybe he likes boys?” Andy asks.


“Just thought he didn’t like any of the girls and we kind of thought maybe he was fucking the yoga lot.” Deke says.


Andy leans in and kisses Deke gently briefly. Deke stares at Andy for a second breathless before moving to kiss him back. Andy cups his neck kisses him long and hard. Deke is terrified of putting his long held feelings into action but is too excited to hold back.


“Good?” Andy asks looking at the bulge in Deke’s shorts.


“I can’t believe it.” Deke says.


“You’re so sweet.” Andy says not sure how much more he should push.


“You’re a great kisser. I love the feel of your stubble.” Deke says stroking Andy’s face.


They resume kissing and Andy slips his hand into Deke’s damp shorts to find a long but not thick dick. Deke groans unable to believe things are going so quickly without any drama.


“You like?” Andy asks biting at Deke’s neck as he strokes his dick.


“Fuck yeah. Fuck.” Deke groans in seconds he’s jazzed and Andy feels a wave of power.


“Don’t be embarrassed.” Andy says kissing him gently.


“Sorry, I was just totally over excited.” Deke says totally unable to believe what happened.


“You’ve all weekend to make it up to me.” Andy says diving back in to the water and swimming back to the party.



“I’m so lucky to have you as my sexy boyfriend.” Gervais says holding Blue tightly.


“I’m so lucky to have you so horny all the time.” Blue says feeling so content.


“We best go find Andy if you want an early start.” Gervais says.


“Just a few more minutes.” Blue says as he runs his hands over Gervais bare ass.


The next morning the guys load up the truck early and head out to the water they meet Deke and load the boats with tents, food and fishing gear.


They have a great weekend, fishing, hiking and camping. The four get on well and Andy almost forgets how much he misses Spence. He and Deke don’t take things much further but they know they will.

“He really loves Spence, he won’t leave him for you.” Blue says as he helps Deke unload his things.

“I know. It’s not like I have options and I won’t go falling for him and being a clingy shit.” Deke says.

“Just remember where you stand is all.” Blue says.

“You’re not judging him for cheating or leading me on?” Deke asks.

“Nah, he and Spence have an understanding and he’ll never make you any promises. I’m just saying don’t look for what isn’t there.” Blue says.

“Got it. Thanks for inviting me. Let me know when you’re going again.” Deke says.

“Sure thing.” Blue says as he leaves.

“That was fun.” Andy says as they drive back.

“You need to be careful with him.” Blue says.

“He knows where he stands and its just a bit of kissing and jerking off.” Andy says.

“Yeah but you’re the first guy doing it. Remember how attached Blue got to Robin.” Gervais says.

“I knew he would never be mine.” Blue says quietly.

“But you fell for him anyway.” Gervais says.

“And then you.” Blue says.

“And you lived happily ever after.” Andy laughs.

Sunday morning the current set of campers leave with the next set arriving Monday George and Spence are enjoying some free time in the local town.
“Feels good to have no responsibilities for a bit.” Spence says.
“For sure. I really need some downtime. Thanks for coming with me and not going with the group.” George says.
“You are so like Gervais aren’t you?” Spence laughs.
“I’m a total introvert and exhausted after this week. It gets easier when we get the longer groups.” George says.
“I’m happy to take a quiet break too. We’ve done pretty well sharing, you’re neat and clean and quite chatty away from the group.” Spence says.
“If the worst happens with Andy we can be roomies no problem, you are so much easier to live with than Jesse.” George says.
He’s not sure if it’s because he’s been away from Andy for a week but Spence is finding himself quite attracted to George. Personality wise he is a million miles from his usual dominant type but George has a light that shines through when he’s talking about things or people he likes and Spence finds that wonderful.
“Want to go for dinner?” Spence asks once they’ve exhausted the local sights.
“Yeah, is it weird I really want vegetables? Loads of vegetables that haven’t been boiled to death.” George asks.
“I hear you. My skin is crying for vitamins.” Spence laughs.
“You have like 1 pimple, your skin is amazing.” George says and Spence suddenly feels all warm at the compliment.
The boys find a fancy looking restaurant and George hesitates at the pricey menu Spence insists it’s his treat.
“One we’re unlikely to run into the others in here giving us another hour of peace, two we can get a decent meal here before we return to another week of tuna surprise.” Spence says.
“Thanks. I have an okay allowance but this would be pushing it and I need to save what I earn for our beach vacation.” George says.
“I’m more than happy to treat you. Don’t make a big deal of it. It’s not like I earned it, I just happened to be born to a wealthy family.” Spence says.
“Thanks. Extra snuggles tonight.” George smiles.
“You can stay and not sneak away leaving me all alone tonight.” Spence says.
“I can.” George blushes a little.
“Andy and Blue are camping and fishing this weekend so I’ve not spoken to him since Friday.” Spence says.


The two enjoy a lovely dinner and find they are far better suited as friends than either of them ever realized. George might not be built for sports but is still a fan of many and he and Spence have several teams in common. Spence realizes how much he has missed talking sports this year since he left wrestling.
They get back to camp and Spence slips his arm round George as they’re walking through the site.
“Hey wait up.” Dylan cries running over.
“Had a good day?” George asks politely still not liking Dylan at all.
“Was okay. We’re playing board games in the rec room as a storm is coming.” Dylan says.
“Sounds good.” Spence says not letting go of George and they follow Dylan indoors.
The storm rages and they have to stay in the main block for safety, the two sit together touching all the time whether playing together or against each other. As the night stretches on both George and Spence are a little impatient to get back to their room, knowing something will happen.
When Spence goes to the bathroom Dylan moves over to George.
“Is this your thing?” Dylan asks.
“What?” George asks confused and annoyed.
“Going after guys who are taken?” Dylan asks.
“I’m not going after Spence. We’re friends.” George says.
“Yeah right.” Dylan says.
“I’m not you. I’m not always looking for the next fuck.” George says.
“Well I am right here when you are.” Dylan says.
Spence narrows his eyes as he watches the conversation from across the room. George is clearly holding his own but he’s not at all comfortable.
Spence moves swiftly across the room and sits overly close to George, wanting to physically protect him. George leans back against Spence and relaxes.
“Not after him? You’re lying to yourself.” Dylan says.
“I’m after him. Just like you are, only my way of being nice is working a heap better than your rudeness and desperation.” Spence says rubbing George’s arm.


“Why do you think you’re better than anyone else? You freshmen, all of you think you’re something special.” Dylan sneers.

“We can’t help it if we’re all so much more attractive than you. Come on George it seems to have died down.” Spence says.

“Thanks. I never know how to get him to back off. You usually get along, how do you do it?” George asks.

“Mostly he’s fine, or he always has been to me. But I’ve never threatened him the way you do. He thought you’d be so grateful he looked your way that you’d dive into his bed but it would never occur to you to do that.” Spence says.

“No, I don’t like him like that and I’ve had sex once in my life, I know I can live without it.” George says.

“I can’t.” Spence says and the two words hang heavy in the air. They strip off and get into Spence’s bed.

George slowly moves his mouth to Spence’s and Spence responds. They make out wildly enjoying each other and feeling wanted.


The summer moves on. Andy and Blue work hard in gardens, on farms and wherever else Clara sends them. Gervais gets into a rhythm at the retreat with the kids and Spence and George settle in to camp life.

George and Spence spend many nights together, never going further than oral but enjoying everything they do. They spend most of their free time together leaving Dylan feeling more and more frustrated and alone.

Blue and Gervais are having a blissful time together, each week they seem to get closer and closer. Gervais also spends time with Clara getting to know his boyfriends mother and trying to work her out a little.

Andy and Deke continue to mess around sporadically. Deke battles to keep his feelings down but sometimes it’s hard. He’ll go a few days without seeing Andy and then be back. Andy isn’t entirely oblivious to the younger boy’s feelings but chooses to ignore them the best he can. He isn’t falling for Deke at all and is happy to keep it friends with benefits.

They go camping and fishing on the weekends, sometimes as a 4, sometimes taking Katelyn and her friends and once taking Ocean who loves it but misses his mom.

One morning Gervais wakes to see Blue is drawing him.

“Hey let me see.” Gervais says.

“It’s nothing, you just looked so beautiful in the morning light.” Blue says handing it over.

“You made me look good. I love it. You should do this more.” Gervais says.

“Nah, it’s not my thing I told you.” Blue says.

“Well it should be.” Gervais says.

“Baking is my thing.” Blue says.

“You’re allowed multiple creative outlets. You should go to Roe and Cheryl’s early morning sessions.” Gervais says.

“I think my Momma would break my pencils again if I did that.” Blue laughs.

“She did what?” Gervais asks shocked.

“It was nothing. I was stupid.” Blue says.

“Your Momma is pretty tough on you at times. Given she’s so encouraging to everyone else.” Gervais says.

“I’m her son and she wants what’s best for me. We are super close and I wouldn’t want that to change. Sometimes I fight back and sometimes I don’t when she wants something for me.” Blue says.

“I wish sometimes you would fight for yourself more.” Gervais says.

“I wish you’d accept when I’m happy.” Blue says.

“I like that.” Gervais says smiling.

“What?” Blue asks.

“You pushing back with me.” Gervais says.

“I know you’ll still love me.” Blue says and kisses Gervais lightly.

“I will. I love you so much.” Gervais says and pulls Blue into the bed.

“You want me all the time up here.” Blue says.

“You seem willing.” Gervais says.

“Love how much you want me.” Blue says giving himself up willingly.

“We’ll be late.” Gervais says when they finish.

“Worth skipping breakfast for.” Blue says.

Blue and Andy finish their latest job by lunchtime and Blue drops Andy with Roe before heading to the retreat to surprise Gervais.

Blue gets out the car and see Gervais not too far away. Something is wrong. Blue feels it straight away. Gervais is flirting with an older guy. No not flirting, he’s captivated by him. Blue stares a moment more and sees his relationship dissolving in front of his eyes.

“Pull yourself together.” Blue mutters under his breath and walks over to Gervais, he feels like it takes 5 hours.

“Hey, you finish early?” Gervais asks.

“Yeah, you too?” Blue asks.

“We’re just about to leave.” Fergus says.

“Leave where? Who are you?” Blue asks.

“This is Fergus. Spence’s brother.” Gervais says and Blue feels even more confused.

“Why are you here?” Blue asks.

“I’ve come to whisk my man away to Europe.” Fergus says and Blue thinks he might faint.

“Your man?” Blue whispers.

“He left his wife for me Blue.” Gervais says.

“And I can’t do that.” Blue says defeated and walking away.

“Blue please wait.” Gervais says.

“You’re going. Leaving me. For him.” Blue says.

“Please Blue I need to take a chance. Please it isn’t you. Fergus has come all this way for me and he’s left his wife, he’s going to finally come out to his family. For me. He’s done all this to win me over and I have to go. I have to go on an adventure.” Gervais says knowing he’s breaking Blue’s heart but after everything he needs to explore, travel like his dad wanted him to. This is a bolt from the blue but Fergus is offering him what he needs and he needs to be selfish and do it.

“I can’t hold you back.” Blue says walking away.

“Come on babe, lets get your things and go.” Fergus says.

“I need to talk to Blue properly.” Gervais says.

“It’s over. You’re coming with me. Come on we need to get going to catch our flight.” Fergus says.

“You were that confident I’d come? I can’t believe you even found this place.” Gervais says.

“I’d go to the ends of the earth for you.” Fergus says and Gervais giggles.




9 thoughts on “The suite saga 47

  1. Okay, so where did this need for an adventure come from? Because we know what’s going to happen with this “adventure.” Did Fergus really leave his wife? Nope. Does Fergus really plan on coming out for him? Nope. Will Gervais expect Blue to take him back at some point after this disaster? Yep.

    Gervais has always been self-centered because it is all about him all the time, everything has to be on his terms regardless of who it hurts or impacts. Hell he’s so flattered that Fergus, who he screwed with on a single trip, that he’s throwing away his relationship and plans all because the attention is completely on him. Blue needs to simply walk away, grieve and move on and hopefully see how lucky he was to escape the clutches of the narcissism so obviously displayed by Gervais’ words and actions.

    Please save us from the constant back and forth between Gervais and Blue. If Gervais leaves let it be a completely clean break without reconciliations and break-ups happening over and over again between the two.


  2. I’m sorry, but I think I have to stop reading this saga. I’ve made it through a lot of twists and turns add and unexpected things, but this is just too much. It came from nowhere, they’d been so happy together, they’d been talking so much about how they’ll never leave each other and planning their life together. This is so out of character for what we’ve seen from Gervais. I’m sorry but this has gone too far.


    1. But it’s not really out of character for Gervais. He’s know to self sabotage. Maybe this’ll open a path for Blue to have a happily ever after with George. George has a lot of characteristics, physical and otherwise, that appeal to Blue. He also as the added bonus of beng nf the few people that haven’t been horrible to Blue.


  3. What just happened?!?! Sam, no this is crazy, this totally out of nowhere, they’ve been talking about how much they love each other and will never leave


  4. Noooo! Please give us the next chapter soon. I have to know how this resolves itself for poor beleaguered Blue. I have to believe his happily ever after is out there after the universe and his so called friend repeatedly shit all over him and his heart.


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