The suite saga 48

Andy, Roe and Katelyn arrive at Blue and Clara’s for dinner to find a seemingly empty house and no smell of food.


“Blue, Gervais!” Andy calls out to no reply.


“I’ll go see if they’re doing chores.” Katelyn says.


“Clara said she’d be late. Maybe we should have come later.” Roe says moving into the kitchen.


“I’ll check their room.” Andy says wondering if they’ve fallen asleep after a sexy afternoon. He is not prepared for the utterly distraught Blue he finds sobbing on his bed.


“What’s wrong?” Andy asks sitting beside him and stroking his back.


“He, he, he left me.” Blue hiccups out.


“What do you mean?” Andy asks.


“Gervais left me for Fergus, they’ve gone.” Blue sobs.


“No, it must be a mistake.” Andy says wondering if the world has gone mad, Blue and Gervais were all lovey just this morning.


“They’ve gone, he left me, I was never good enough.” Blue rise looking utterly bewildered.


“Spence’s Fergus?” Andy asks and Blue nods and sobs some more.


Andy tries to wipe Blue’s face, his pillow is sodden.


“Let me call Spence. I’m sure you’re just mixed up.” Andy says.


“They’re going to Europe. Fergus left his wife. I can’t do that. I can’t do anything to match that.” Blue says.


“Why would you need to? Surely Gervais isn’t so easily swayed?” Andy asks in disbelief.


“Everything okay?” Roe asks poking her head round the door.


“Blue isn’t up to dinner. Can Katelyn cook?” Andy asks.


“Oh you’re here for dinner. Let me shower then make something quick. I’m so sorry. Is Momma not home?” Blue asks trying to switch to host mode.


“You shower and we’ll make dinner, I’m sure even Andy can knock up some pasta.” Roe says and Blue nods.


“What has happened?” Roe asks in the kitchen as they chop vegetables.


“Gervais has left with Fergus, Spence’s middle brother.  I don’t know how he found Gervais or why Gervais would go. I thought those two were forever.” Andy says bewildered.


“Gervais left without saying goodbye?” Katelyn asks upset.


“It wasn’t personal, he didn’t say anything to me either. I’m going to call Spence and see what he knows. Can you make some hot tea for Blue?” Andy asks walking to his room.


“Blue must be devastated. They were so close. How can they be in love one day and apart the next?” Katelyn asks Roe.


“Gervais is grieving for his father. I’m sure he isn’t thinking long term right now.” Roe says.


“If he wanted to travel why didn’t he ask Blue to go?” Katelyn asks.


“He made his mind up without thinking of me at all. If I’d not finished early today I think he would have gone without saying goodbye to me either.” Blue says coming in.


Katelyn hugs him quickly and Roe joins her.


“I’m so sorry. I had no idea you were having trouble.” Roe says.


“Neither did I.” Blue sighs and grateful takes the cup Katelyn offers.


“Your momma won’t be long. Andy is trying to talk to Spence.” Roe says and Blue sits down and watches them continue the cooking.


“Sorry for not making dinner. I didn’t realise the time.” Blue says.


“It’s good practice for me and Andy can cope with fruit for dessert for one day.” Katelyn laughs.


“Fruit is never dessert.” Andy says coming back.


“Maybe I can make some crepes after quickly.” Blue says.


“Bro you are allowed a night off. I am sure you have some cookies hidden somewhere.” Andy says opening various tins in the kitchen making them all laugh.


“I will never reveal my hiding places.” Blue says.


“That sounds like Clara, let’s serve up.” Roe says.


“This is delicious.” Blue says pushing the food around his plate.


“You might as well give it to me before it gets cold.” Andy says and Blue hands his plate over.


“I’m glad you’re up. I thought you might be in bed for a while.” Momma says.


“Did you see him?” Blue asks.


“Yes, he apologized for leaving his job without notice. I told him he’s always welcome here. I know it is hard right now to consider being around him but he will need your friendship later.” Clara says.


“He can’t expect that, surely, he dumps Blue completely out of nowhere, he can’t expect to just come back here for vacations and be Blue’s best friend again.” Andy says.


“That is exactly what he can expect. Blue will grieve and he will get over it and he will remember that Gervais is grieving himself and erratic behaviour is to be expected, encouraged even.” Clara says and Blue nods.


“Yeah, I didn’t want to think about what he was pushing down because we were doing so well together and I put my happiness at us being together ahead of what he needed.” Blue says.


“No way. You were his boyfriend and not his therapist. You didn’t stop him getting help or dealing with his grief. You surrounded him with people who can help, you gave him space and you gave him love and he loves you. Dammit you were enough for him, he is crazy about you.” Andy says fiercely.


“I was never good enough and now he’s gone.” Blue says sadly.


“You can take 2 days and then back to work. He told me you were drawing again.” Clara says.


“I’m sorry.” Blue says.


“No it’s good. I knew you’d try again once you had the need to create something.” Clara says.


“You’re not mad?” Blue asks.


“Only that it took you so long.” Clara says an Blue nods.


Andy looks between the two and feels weird, Gervais had mentioned Clara was hard on Blue, different than she was with others. He’s not noticed it be quite so controlling before.


“I’d love to see what you’re working on.” Roe says standing to clear the plates.


“It was him. I’m sorry I’m no company this evening. I’m going to bed.” Blue says.


“It’s Blue’s birthday this weekend and I think he needs a change of scene. Would it be okay if we took a few days and went to see Spence and George?” Andy asks.


“That sounds like an excellent idea. Could you ask Deke if he or his siblings can put in some time at the retreat? To cover for Gervais.” Clara asks.


“For sure. Are you really supportive of what Gervais is doing?” Andy asks.


“I think he needs to get something out his system and if he needs to do that without Blue we need to support him. I don’t like that Blue is so upset but he will find someone new, I don’t think my son will ever have too much trouble that way.” Clara says.


“But Blue and Gervais were amazing together. Amazing.” Andy says.


“They’re 18 and will grow and change in a million ways in the next few years.” Clara says.


“Do you think Spence and I won’t make it either?” Andy asks curious.


“I hope you do.” Clara says diplomatically.


“I don’t think we’re as well suited as Blue and Gervais. I know what mood Spence is in but I can’t anticipate everything the way Blue did with Gervais.” Andy says.


“But Blue can do that with anyone. His strongest gift is reading people. It’s his biggest downfall too as he never trusts himself when people lie about what they’re thinking and feeling.” Clara says.


“Yeah he always blames himself for everything.” Andy says.


“He is usually at fault in some way. Nothing is black and white.” Clara says shutting the conversation down.


“Clara was hard on Blue tonight.” Katelyn says in the car.


“Yes she was. We don’t need to take her lead, I think we can help rebuild his confidence.” Roe says.


“People at school said he was stuck up but he isn’t at all. I think he’s be a great husband for Andy.” Katelyn says.


“I think Blue is already your big bother, you don’t need him to marry Andy to think of him as family.” Roe says.


“But Andy already wants to run a vineyard with Blue, they could be married and run it together.” Katelyn says simply.


“And what about poor Spence?” Roe laughs.


“I don’t know.” Katelyn says.



“Want me to come in with you tonight?” Andy asks Blue from his bedroom doorway.


“Only if you want to. Sorry for making the summer shit.” Blue says.


“Uh I am team Blue all the way. Gervais fucked up the summer.” Andy says.


A call comes through on Blue’s laptop as they’re talking.


“Blue I am so sorry. He must be insane.” Robin says.


“I’m still in shock. Want a roommate in august?” Blue asks.


“I’d be delighted. How about sooner? I am bored as fuck here, could I come up and fill in Gervais job?” Robin asks.


“That would be so cool.” Andy says excitedly.


“Will your mom be okay with it?” Blue asks.


“I don’t know, I know I’ve had my fill of family time.” Robin says.


“I’m taking Blue to see Spence and George for his birthday. We’ll pick you up on our way back.” Andy says.


“We’ll come see you on the way back if you’re allowed to come or not. I’d love to see you.” Blue says.


“I’ll work on my mom. I can’t see why she wouldn’t want me to come to your aid.” Robin laughs.


“Give her some hugs from me.” Blue says.



The guys drive straight through to camp, Blue wanting to put distance between himself and happy memories of Gervais and Andy just wants to be with Spence to make sure they’re okay. He’s regretting everything with Deke, and worried he could lose Spence as easily as Blue lost Gervais.


As they get out the car George runs superspeed to jump on Blue. Spence watches and feels a pang for a second but then he sees Andy and finds himself running too.


Blue takes a step back as George lands on him and the tumble to the floor laughing.


“Sorry I was excited to see you.” George says.


“It’s just so you. I missed you.” Blue says.


“Gervais is an idiot. He has no idea what he lost.” George says.


“Oh I’m sure he is having more fun without me. I’m just a small town boy, not very exciting.” Blue says.


“Silly.” George says they get up.


“I missed you so much baby.” Andy says clinging to Spence.


“You look so tanned, so sexy. Oh baby I missed you.” Spence says kissing him.


Dylan walks up slowly, hanging back a little.


“Dylan wants to join us for lunch. Is that okay?” Spence asks.


“I owe you an apology Blue.” Dylan says shocking Blue.


“Thanks.” Blue says confused.


“I need to show you these pictures over lunch.” Dylan says.


“Sure, is there somewhere we can go?” Blue asks.


“Yeah theres a sweet little Italian place that will work for you.” Spence says.


“Does it sell steak? I swear this one has converted Roe and Katelyn, I am dying from lack of cow.” Andy says.


“Except he’s had burgers most weeks.” Blue laughs.


“Shhh I need my man to treat me to meat and more meat.” Andy says.


“I am certain he’ll give you his meat later.” Blue says.


“Oh he won’t be able to walk tomorrow.” Andy smiles.


They sit together and order and Dylan gets his photo album out.


“Look, this kid Kit, he was a few years younger than me, I’d guess your age and he looks so like you.” Dylan says.


“Wow that could have been Blue a few years ago. I mean its near identical to pictures I’ve seen.” Andy says.


“Yeah it really looks like me.” Blue says surprised.


“Maybe he’s your brother, biologically.” George says.


“Yeah, I mean it isn’t me and no reason someone else wouldn’t have got the same donor sperm.” Blue says.


“Bet it’s a relief for your mom that you’re gay. No worry about accidental incest babies.” Dylan says.


“Ewwww. I don’t know that it ever crossed her mind.” Blue laughs.


Blue is happy that his friends haven’t deserted him. He is feeing empty inside, he can’t quite believe Gervais has thrown what they had away so suddenly. He is second guessing everything, every kiss, fuck and conversation but he’s also worried that he isn’t there for Gervais and whatever he is going through. The urge to reach out to him is so strong and being with his friends is distracting him.


“I best get back. I have a couple of kids in my cabin this weekend.” Dylan says as they leave.


“We’ll drop you back.” Spence says.


“Thanks for showing me the pictures. It was kind of freaky but I’m glad to say they are not me.” Blue says.


“Sorry for everything. I can’t believe that Gervais has run off like John did. It sucks.” Dylan says.


“Yeah it does. I’m just as surprised about John as Gervais. I thought you two had finally worked everything out.” Blue says.


“I guess his family decided differently.” Dylan sighs.


“Are you keeping me company tonight then?” Blue asks George as they drive towards the hotel.


“You need looking after and those two are going to disappear any minute.” George laughs.


“Want to show me round town, so we don’t have to listen to them two?” Blue asks once they’ve checked in.


“We can put some music on and talk if you want.” George says not caring what they do just wanting to look at Blue. He’s enjoyed getting close to Spence but his heart is pounding every time he looks at Blue.


“Lets get out of here. I still feel cooped up from the ride here.” Blue says.


“Are you not sleepy?” George asks.


“No we had a shit tonne of energy drinks, I’m still pretty wired.” Blue says.


“I don’t think of you drinking that stuff, you’re a tea or juice guy.” George says.


“And beer.” Blue says.


“True, but not for a long drive.” George says.


“No, I’d need to pee too often.” Blue says and George laughs.


They walk round the town and talk about their summers so far.


“I had an email from Gervais yesterday. I wanted to tell you when we were alone.” George says.


“What did he say?” Blue asks a little scared.


“It was all business about the game and apologizing for not being able to do any work on it for the next few weeks. Nothing personal at all.” George says.


“I’m glad he’s okay.” Blue says.


“I know you still love him and this is too soon but I will be here when you’re ready.” George says.


“You’re so sweet. I’d never want to use you as a rebound. I like you too much.” Blue says.


“I know it makes me sound desperate but I wouldn’t care. I’m not going to pressure you or even bring it up again. I just can’t not say it at least once.” George says.


“I thought maybe you’d make the most of your summer and play around a lot.” Blue says.


“Maybe I should have. Awkward when staying in the cabin with a bunch of kids though.” George says.


“You look good. You’ve been out in the sun, I thought you’d be in the computer room all the time.” Blue says.


“Thanks. I’ve been out on the water whenever I can.” George says feeling good that Blue has noticed how he’s looking. He knows that it is too soon but he also knows he is not going to let anyone else have Blue if there is any chance for the two of them.


“It suits you. What do you usually do with your free time? Hang out with Dylan?” Blue asks.


“Ugh no way. He came on to me pretty strong at the beginning of the summer and we fell out. Its better now but I don’t like him. Spence and I hang out a lot. We both like getting away from camp and chilling quietly. I now that doesn’t sound like Spence but he works pretty full on here and needs down time.” George says.


“I’m glad you get along. Have you been more than just friends?” Blue asks and George blushes.


“It doesn’t mean anything. We’ve fooled around a little but not had sex. Will Andy kill me if he finds out?” George asks.


“No Andy’s been having some fun of his own.” Blue says.


“I would hate it if you did that to me.” George says.


“I won’t.” Blue says “I mean I wouldn’t.”


“I’d take you back I think. I was so stupid to turn you down. Fuck Gervais we could have been together and he fucking throws you away like you’re nothing. I hate him.” George says.


“He’s had a tough year, tough life. I’m not mad at him for taking a shot at happiness. He has so many regrets about his dad he can’t want any more.” Blue says.


“But he’ll regret losing you. You won’t take him back, will you?” George asks.


“No, we’re done. If he’s called when he arrived and apologized and asked me to wait I would but he doesn’t give a shit about me. I understand why he might do this but it fucking hurts.” Blue says trying not to cry.


“We’re all on your side this time. It’ll be awkward at school.” George says.


“I really appreciate all the support but back at school you’ll all be friends, he hasn’t done wrong by you. You and I would never have lasted before, I had to have my shot with Gervais.” Blue says.


“I know. I still like my little fantasy of us. I really do really like you.” George says.


“You’re so sweet and cute. But you’re so like him.” Blue says.


“Maybe when you’re better you should go and fuck some bears and then come to me.” George laughs.


“Maybe you should. Go get me out your system.” Blue says.


“Maybe I will.” George says searching Blue’s face for any sign of jealousy.

6 thoughts on “The suite saga 48

  1. clara is right and wrong. they are 18 and will grow a million ways, but people do not change. gervais is a self centered narcisist and always will be. there is a lesson to be learned here…love does not conquer all, and your actions matter, greatly, for your actions show who you really are and who you always will be.


  2. I’ve always thought that parents that try so hard to control their children’s path and future do more harm than anything else. They’re raising sheeple rather than individuals that think and stand up for themselves.


    1. Yeah, Blue has certainly been molded in his mothers vision, he’s a great guy with strong values and work ethic so it’s not all bad. He’s had a year getting used to college and being out. Sophomore year he’ll start to push against his upbringing more.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I look forward to seeing their story unfold as they grow and mature. I always enjoy your stories. The way you write the characters gets your readers emotionally invested in their lives. I love you for it even as I curse you for a story taking I turn I don’t like or for leaving me with tears in my eyes.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s clear where Blue’s self esteem issues originate. His mom’s certainly not shy about tearing him down. And for her to just be so blasé about how Gervais treated Blue is horrible. I’m really not liking her at all after these last couple of chapters. It’s almost like she resents him for some reason. It makes me wonder if the sperm donor thing is crap. Some sort of twins separated at both and both parents taking one of the babies kind of thing. ….Things that make you go hmmmm.


    1. His momma has been very hard on him, it’s clear he’s always done things her way for an easier life, maybe without realizing. She wanted him to go away to college and grow but hates not controlling the direction.


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