The suite saga 49

George comes out of the bathroom and hesitates, they have a twin room and he isn’t sure if he should get in with Blue or use the empty bed.
“You choose.” Blue says quietly.
George smiles and climbs in with Blue quickly.
“Thanks for today. It really helped having someone to talk to, even if you aren’t entirely neutral.” Blue says.
“You do the same for me. Spence has been great but I missed chatting with you and Gervais.” George says.
“Sorry if we neglected you. Hard when you had access in the day and we did at night.” Blue says.
“Exactly. Do you think Gervais has lost it? Do you think he’s having a breakdown?” George asks.
“I don’t know. I hope not for his sake. I hope that he was so flattered by Fergus showing up that he got swept up in his plans. I want him to be happy, I don’t want him to be sick.” Blue says.
“Me neither.” George says.
“You are amazing.” Spence pants as Andy rolls off him for the third time.
“I really missed you. I didn’t know how much until I got out the car and there you were.” Andy says content.
“Same. I don’t think we were much company at lunch.” Spence says.
“They understood. Though you need to talk to Blue tomorrow.” Andy says.
“I think its Gervais I need to speak to.” Spence sighs.
‘What do you mean?” Andy asks.
“Maggie threw Fergus out and stopped all his credit cards, my parents have frozen Fergus trust fund due to some clause they have about excessive spending or something.” Spence says.
“Can they do that?” Andy asks.
“Apparently until we’re 30 my parents can withdraw access. So now I know I should withdraw the lot and invest myself once I get mine.” Spence says.
“I doubt they’d do that to you if you’re sensible.” Andy says.
“That is what W said. Though he admitted he lied to my parents about how much he spent on a car or apartment and puts the excess away just in case.” Spence says.
“Does Fergus know Gervais has to wait for his inheritance?” Andy asks.
“I may have said something about him being the survivor of that mad doctor and so he knows there’s the settlement from that.” Spence says.


“Fuck shit fuck. Gervais is smart, he won’t lose his money. Is Fergus really that much of a gold digger? Surely he could have found someone else to keep him after Maggie?” Andy asks.

“I guess Gervais is a quick fix and they did get on really well over winter break. I didn’t know they were physically close, I didn’t think Gervais would be with someone’s husband. But I didn’t think he’d drop Blue just like that either.” Spence says.

“I vote we don’t tell Gervais and just let him work it out for himself. If he and Blue were as tight as we all thought he would never have been swayed like that. Blue deserves someone better.” Andy says.

“You think Blue and George are already together?” Spence asks with mixed feelings.

“No. Blue turned Gervais down after he broke-up with Austin. He won’t jump right in however much George wants it. I think George will wait for a good while. His reaction when we arrived it was so cute, he has it so bad.” Andy says.

“I’ve been trying to help him get over Blue.” Spence says quietly.

“I didn’t expect anything else.” Andy says and kisses Spence.

“How about you? Did you do some farm hands? That carpenter again?” Spence asks.

“I thought you didn’t want to know.” Andy says.

“I just told you. Not that we had full sex, just hands and mouths.” Spence says.

“Is he as enthusiastic as I imagine? Maybe he should join us tomorrow night. Give Blue some space.” Andy says.

“I don’t think he’ll do anything with anyone now Blue is single. You’re avoiding my question.” Spence says.

“A kid from Blue’s school called Deke. We’ve been hanging out as a 4 a lot and we had some fun. It was purely fwb.” Andy says.

“I know you still love me, and I you. Seems like we’ve had a similar time. George has been really great company. I didn’t expect it, I thought I’d hang with Dylan more.” Spence says.

“I’m glad George was the one keeping you warm, he’s no threat to us, he would never get overly attached to you.” Andy says.

“Thanks.” Spence says sarcastically.

“Hey I’m just being honest. You did good and I’m okay with it. Jealous as hell but we’re even there I hope.” Andy says.

“I’m just glad you didn’t go for Gervais and Blue. Things would be even more awkward. I thought there were no gay kids at school with Blue.” Spence says.

“So did Blue but Deke had a girlfriend the whole time and is just pushing the closet door open a little.” Andy says.

“Ahh, shame they missed out on helping each other.” Spence says.

“I don’t blame them. The pressure for them to date each other would have been immense and while Clara and her hippy friends would have been fine with it I’m not sure about the farming families. I think Clara and Blue faced a lot of prejudice being newcomers or a single parent family up there. At least early on. They’re the heart of the community now and well-liked and respected but a few things that Gervais would pick at showed it wasn’t quite the amazing hotbed of tolerance that Blue described.” Andy says.

“That makes sense. It was always weird he didn’t talk about friends at home in particular only in general.” Spence says.

“Gervais had that bee in his bonnet all summer. He’s grill Deke about it and dug a lot with Clara. She’s amazing, so strong and supportive but so hard on Blue. You’d never believe she was strict, given how independent he is and how much he went off on his own as a kid but she can cut him down with a whisper.” Andy says.

“Really. I thought she was a free living hippy who let him do anything.” Spence says.

“Yeah to the outside she was. He was off fishing in his boat along under 10. Crazy right? But she dictates what classes he can’t do, only supports hobbies she approves of. She’s strict and yet he has lots of freedom at the same time.” Andy says.

“So Blue can do anything she likes to the fullest but if she doesn’t like it he can’t at all?” Spence asks.

“Yeah. She is kind of on Gervais side over the breakup too which must sting. Roe is pretty upset with her over it.” Andy says.

“And you.” Spence says.

“For sure I was furious. I worry a little as she and Katelyn are so close but she’s different with everyone else, completely supportive of everything whether they’re any good or not.” Andy says.

“Crazy. Wonder what will happen when Blue decides to go his own way. To eat at McDonalds or go into advertising.” Spence laughs.

“Yeah like that will happen.” Andy laughs.

“Your body has changed already. I can see you’re eating well but your shape through your arms and shoulders has really firmed up and become so muscular.” Spence says.

“All the better for holding you down.” Andy grins.

“Oh I noticed. I loved it. Working outdoors agrees with you.” Spence says.

“I know, who knew that lazy me would enjoy gardening? I love the digging and pruning. I was thinking I’d actually do some climbing next semester, now I have some upper body strength. I was thinking I could be a tree surgeon or something.” Andy says.

“That sounds so sexy.” Spence says.

“I know right.” Andy says kissing Spence and making another move. Spence can’t resist.

Blue checks his phone when he wakes up, he has a text from Gervais “Happy Birthday.” Blue figures with the time difference it is worth trying to call him.

“Gervais it me Blue. I got your message.” Blue says tentatively.

“Hey. It’s good to hear your voice. Are you okay?” Gervais asks.


“I miss you. Come home.” Blue says sitting in the desk chair.

“I need to do this. I didn’t know that this was what I needed until Fergus suggested it. I need to go wild, to go to clubs and drink til dawn and meet people who don’t know anything about me.” Gervais says.

“Will you come back to me, when you’re done? Should I wait?” Blue asks full of hope.

“No Blue, I don’t want a safety net. I need to be free.” Gervais says.

“But you’re with Fergus. That’s not free.” Blue says.

“He doesn’t need me like you do and I don’t need him. It’s different Blue. I am so sorry I hurt you; so sorry. I was happy with you, you must know that you didn’t do anything wrong. I had a great time this summer with you and I loved every minute but I’ve moved on.” Gervais says.

“So fast.” Blue says.

“It feels right. I am forever grateful to you for all your help and for giving me somewhere to stay but I can’t be with you just because I’m grateful.” Gervais says.

“I love you, I never asked for gratitude, we were just living our lives, building our future. Why did you throw everything away?” Blue asks getting angry.

“I’m 18 it was too much too soon.” Gervais says.

“You pushed that. You were the one talking kids and jobs and homes.” Blue says.

“I know and I am sorry for leading you on. I have to go. Blue I really hope we can be friends when I get back but for now you need to not call me.” Gervais says.

“When did you stop loving me?” Blue asks hating himself for being so needy.

“’Blue I’m not going to say what you want to hear. Move on.” Gervais says and hangs up.

George who has been watching Blue the whole call wraps himself around Blue and hugs him tight from behind.

“He doesn’t deserve you. You can do so much better.” George says stoking his hair and hoping he can be enough.

“I know. I will be okay.” Blue says finding some courage. He stands up and draws George into a deep hug.

“Thank-you for being here. I’m going to shower and buy you a great breakfast.” Blue says.

“Its your birthday, we should do something fun.” George says.

“Surprise me.” Blue says with a forced grin.

George calls Spence and Andy’s room.

“I think we should go to the fair for the day. I know it’s a couple of hours away but I think it would cheer Blue up and it is his birthday.” George says.

“Great idea. Meet you downstairs in 20minutes, we’ll get breakfast on the way there.” Andy says sounding happy.  “What’s happening?” Spence asks as Andy hangs up.

“George suggested we go to the fair to cheer up Blue.” Andy says.

“Cool. Its quite a drive though.” Spence says.

“You’ll have to drive us.” Andy says.

“That isn’t a problem I was just letting you know as you’ve just spend an age in the car.” Spence says.

“I’ll be with you.” Andy says, he’s feeling almost overwhelmed at being reunited with Spence and doesn’t care how they spend their time together.

The four have a great day out and make the most of all the rides, games and junk food. George sticks to Blue like glue and Blue appreciates not being left with the super couple. Much as he loves Andy and Spence it is hard to be around them when Gervais has punched a hole in his heart.

Spence feels pretty proud of George, the way he’s being a friend to Blue, encouraging him on the games and keeping the mood light. He can see just how much George is into Blue and just how much he is trying to hide it and stick to friendship mode, it is incredibly sweet to watch. Spence again feels a small pang of jealousy, Andy is everything to him but George triggered a different side and Spence feels they were very close to falling into something more.  For the first time Spence really understands what happened with Andy when they first got to school. Spence is not feeling trapped but sees how he might if he and Andy had insisted on staying exclusive over break. He has a small pang of regret that he’ll never know what its like to have a relationship with someone like George, or anyone other than Andy. He knows for him Andy is worth it and he wouldn’t change anything but he still has a little niggle in his heart.

“Thank you for an amazing day.” Blue says to George as they undress that evening.

“I had so much fun, usually I’m not so good in crowds but today I didn’t notice.” George says.

“It was super crowded. Totally different to our harvest fair at home which is more biggest marrow and best preserves than funnel cake and carousels.” Blue says.

“Did you ever win best preserves?” George asks.

“1 won best salsa for my mango and corn concoction once.” Blue laughs.

“That sounds disgusting.” George says.

“It was, but it was the only entry.” Blue laughs.

“Whatever happens I hope we have more fun days like today.” George says.

“Me too. Robin is good for fun dates too, he took me to mini golf in the mall.” Blue says.

“Robin is great. We’ve talked loads this summer. I’m looking forward to living with you two.” George says.

“I think I’ll need you guys more than ever when we’re back, seeing Gervais all the time. Its not so bad with him gone.” Blue says.

“You can keep a blindfold on and I’ll lead you round so you don’t see him.” George says laughing.

“You’re too funny.” Blue laughs and they spend the next hour telling each other silly jokes and stories and laughing until their sides ache.   Early the next morning they go back to camp and have tearful goodbyes. Andy is particularly upset and contemplates not going back.

“Not long left babe and you can’t leave Blue alone.” Spence says.

“He’ll have Robin.” Andy says.

“You need to finish your summer work and get paid and spend time with your family.” Spence says.

“I know. I miss you every minute.” Andy says.

“You’ll be fine. It’s only a couple more weeks.” Spence says.

“I know. I almost wish we hadn’t come. Leaving you is so hard.” Andy says.

“It was amazing and I’m so happy you did. We’re doing okay you know. I know Gervais flitting off has shocked you but he isn’t me.” Spence says.

“Or me. I will never hurt you like that so callously.” Andy says.

“I know. I trust you.” Spence says.

“Love you sexy.” Andy says and stands watching until Spence and George are out of sight.

“Did you and Blue do anything?” Spence asks at dinner that night.

“No but I told him when he was ready to move on from Gervais I was waiting.” George says.

“Wow that’s forward.” Dylan says sitting down.

“Do you think it was too much?” George asks.

“I think it was brave.” Dylan says.

“You really put yourself out there.” Spence says also impressed.

“I told him I wouldn’t push for anything until he was ready. I didn’t even kiss him goodnight.” George says.

“I think he’ll appreciate that. But you need to keep it up, send him pics and stories. Remind him what he’s missing.” Dylan says.

“Yeah I will. Are you okay Spence?” George asks.

“I think he actually missed me more than I did him. He’s having fun but has a bit more downtime than I do. He made me feel really wanted, I think we’re the strongest we’ve ever been.” Spence says.

“That is great. He is crazy for you.” George says.

“It’s stupid we’ve been together nearly 4 years, we’ve obviously had some problems, but Blue and Gervais, who were only together a really short time breaking up has rocked Andy more than anything else we’ve been through.” Spence says.

“If he decides to try with me it’ll never live up to what he had with Gervais will it?” George asks quietly.

“I’ve lost John who I thought would be my partner for life and I don’t think the next guy will be second best.” Dylan says.  “Really?” George asks.

“Yeah, I came out because of him and he changed my whole world and I totally fucked it up, I worked on myself and won him back and boom its over. But I want to try again, I need a break and to mess around for a while, find my feet but I fully expect to fall in love again and have something even better. If what Blue and Gervais had was so good Gervais wouldn’t have just flitted off.” Dylan says.

“He likes you, you are very much his type, and you just have to wait. I can’t believe we’ve gone from telling you to get over him to telling you he’ll be yours soon.” Spence laughs.

“You two have been great. I know we got off to another bad start but you’ve both helped me understand attraction better.” George says.

“Or sheer revulsion in my case. I take it you two are all off again, since you’ve seen your men.” Dylan says.

“We were just a placeholder.” Spence says.

“It was lovely though.” George says looking at Spence with a lot of love, he hadn’t really thought about what the weekend meant for the two of them.

“You two sure you want Andy and Blue and not each other?” Dylan asks seeing the sparks between them.

“We know what we want.” George says and Spence looks at George for a second too long pushing the tiny niggle of doubt out of his mind.

“Well if either of you need some filler I am here.” Dylan says.

“Still no luck?” Spence asks.

“I’ve done okay, a couple of your fellow coaches have proven easy.” Dylan smiles.

“Yeah a few have been very clear they’re up for some.” Spence says.

“Did you?” George asks.

“No.” Spence says quickly and George smiles.

Before they get to Robin’s house Blue and Andy stop off to buy an enormous bouquet of flowers and a massive box of chocolates for Robin’s mom.

They get to the house and Robin lets them in.

“These are for your mom.” Blue says.

“Aww I thought you loved me.” Robin laughs and Blue hugs him close.

They put the flowers in water then hang out in the backyard, tanning and catching up on the summer gossip.

“I need to start on dinner in a minute.” Robin says looking at his watch.

“Nah we’ll take you all out. Do we need to book?” Blue asks.

“Its Monday it’ll be fine.” Andy says.  “I forgot you lived round here too.” Blue says.

“Not to be rude but I’ll stay at Spence’s tonight. He asked me to.” Andy says.

“That makes things easier. No one needs to sleep on the floor.” Robin says.

“You two can have sexy time.” Andy says and Blue blushes.

“Lots of time for that back at school as we’ll be roomies again.” Robin says with a grin.

“I’m sorry. I know you were looking forward to a single.” Blue says.

“Unless you and George? What happened last night?” Andy asks.

“It’s too soon for me to process any thoughts about George. He said he’ll wait for me to be ready.” Blue says.

“So no magic last night?” Andy asks.

“No, we talked a lot but nothing else.” Blue says with a smile.

“You are doing better than I expected. I thought you’d be a puddle of tears.” Robin says.

“I was for a couple of days and now I’m just angry and worried.” Blue says.


“Mom is terrified he’s going through some sort of breakdown. She tried calling him but he didn’t answer.” Robin says.

“He’s fine, he just needs this adventure or some bullshit.” Blue says.

“Honestly Robin they were totally loved up then boom he was gone.” Andy says.

“I’m not waiting for him. I waited almost all year for him to be mine and all I get is a few lousy weeks and part of that is being his secretary.” Blue grumbles.

“Enjoy the rest of the summer, a few more weeks work then the beach house. It will be awesome.” Andy says with a big grin.

10 thoughts on “The suite saga 49

  1. Gervais is starting to remind me of jay from your Alexander stories. Seriously I know his dad just died but what the hell is wrong with him. For someone to supposedly love someone and drops them at the drop of a dime hurts like hell. I know I’ve been through it. Blue is doing it right though he should wait I didn’t and it turned out horribly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I wonder if Clara had a hand in all this as she appears to like having some control over Blue and his life. In the meantime lets hope he can get some comfort from his other friends. But when does the mystery man make an appearance?


  3. Wow. Interesting twist there about Fergus and his motives. I have a feeling this is going to blow up in a spectacular fashion.

    With his friends having a better understanding of Blue’s upbringing and family dynamic I wonder how their interactions with Blue will change in the coming year(s). I imagine it’s been eye opening for them and will affect their perceptions of his actions and behavior, especially his always taking the blame when things go south and low self esteem.

    I’m already hooked on the series, but now I’ll be on pins and needles waiting to see how this all plays out.


    1. Fergus we already knew to be sneaky and selfish and nothing changed.
      Things will change for Blue in the group, they’re all on Blue’s side over the breakup and having George in the suite will help.


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