The suite saga 52

“Didn’t take you two long.” Gervais says from the sofa.

“You were seeing Fergus before you could be bothered to dump me.” Blue says aggressively.

“I know, I’m sorry. I am happy for you. Both of you, George you don’t need to hide.” Gervais says.

George slides off Blue’s back feeling incredibly uneasy. Blue reaches for his hand and squeezes it.

“You two should talk.” George says.

“Thanks. We should. Come for a walk?” Blue asks.

“Thanks. George I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.” Gervais says.

“I don’t think you can prevent that but I need you two to sort things out so I know where I stand.” George says.

“You don’t need to worry babe.” Blue says to George.

“But I do.” George says and kisses Blue hoping it isn’t the last time.

“So why are you here?” Blue asks Robin as they walk down the beach.

“I ditched Fergus a while ago and was backpacking. I checked facebook and saw the pictures of you guys on road trips to get here and I missed you all and figured I should come home and sort everything out before school starts.” Gervais says.

“George and I, we’re not anything yet, we’ve not…” Blue begins.

“But you will be and I’ll get over you. We had our shot and I blew it.” Gervais says.

“You really did.” Blue says with a giggle.

“I’m sorry for how it happened.” Gervais says.

“You managed travelling on your own once you ditched Fergus.” Blue says.

“I did. I had a major panic the day I left him but after that I did okay.” Gervais says.

“I’m really proud of you.” Blue says.

“Thanks. I’ll give you and George some space but I hope we can be friends.” Gervais says.

“I don’t know how to be around you and not in love with you.” Blue says.

“You’ll get there.” Gervais says.

“I said to the others I wouldn’t take you back if you asked but it’s so hard not to beg. I’ve been such a mess without you. My momma took your side, and you’re to know you still have a home for school breaks.” Blue says trying and failing to hold back tears.

“Your momma is much too hard on you. I am grateful not to need to worry about being homeless.” Gervais says.

“Robin and I will room together, so you get a single again.” Blue says.

“With Robin and George to play with you’ll be over me in no time.” Gervais says.

“Did you meet any other guys, after Fergus?” Blue asks.

“No, well not for sex, just to hang out with. We’ll be okay.” Gervais says.

“Yeah. I’m going to sit here for a while. Let George know please.” Blue says.

The former lover hug a little too long and Gervais heads back to the house.

“Did you do it?” Spence asks at the door and Gervais nods following him through to his room.


“I told him I didn’t want him back, that we were too intense.” Gervais says his eyes brimming with tears.


“You know it’s the right thing, it’s not fair to mess with him just as he’s moving on and it’s not right to hurt George either.” Spence says.


“I know. I fucked up and I can’t have him back. I love him so much, I can’t believe I’ve been so stupid.” Gervais says.


“What did my brother offer that was so worth it?” Spence asks.


“An escape from reality. A chance to go wild, to party, to not worry about the future, to forget everything. To be with people who didn’t know about my dad, or what happened at boarding school.” Gervais says.


“Blue would have given you his blessing.” Spence says.


“I know, I realized that when I left Fergus. If I’d told Blue what I needed he’d have sent me off and encouraged me. I didn’t know what I needed and I didn’t think I could do it without Fergus. I didn’t know I needed a change until he arrived, I thought I’d been doing so well.” Gervais says.


“And how are you now, with your grief, not the heartbreak?” Spence asks.


“Not great, I’m back to being so fucking angry with him. Cheryl has a friend who is a grief specialist and I’m going to see her I think. I want to time research what happened to my mom too. Cheryl was thinking I need to grieve for her too as I never have.” Gervais says.


“Shit I feel bad for blocking you with Blue now. You have a lot going on.” Spence says.


“It’ll be the same for you, when your parents die. They’ve barely spoken to you in a year. You’re a great guy, unlike your feckless brother and yet they make the effort to see him and not you. I’m so glad I don’t have siblings.” Gervais says.


“They see Fergus?” Spence asks.


“More than W and AB. Are you going skiing again for winter break?” Gervais asks.


“No I want to go home with Blue. We’re finally going to celebrate the holidays together. What will you do?” Spence says.


“The same. Clara has made it clear I’m welcome and I’m sure Blue and I will be friends by then.” Gervais says.


“You will. It’ll be nice to be all together. I get that Blue’s momma isn’t perfect but it’ll be nice to be around her and Roe, people who want us there.” Spence says.


“She’s great, really great. Honestly it is only Blue she’s hard on.” Gervais says.



George heads down to the beach and sits next to Blue.


“Hey baby, checking I’ve not been swept away?” Blue asks feeling calm now.


“I missed you.” George says.


Blue looks at him and grins and moves so George is sat between his legs and he hugs him tightly.


“I didn’t ask to get back with Gervais but only because he cut me off before I could get the words out, I’m sorry.” Blue says.


“Are you with me because you can’t be with him?” George asks.


“I want to be with you. I liked you before I got with Gervais, you know that. I really like you. I like how brave you are and how straight forward. Plus you’re really cute and you keep it hidden so no one knows just how stunning you are, it’s like it’s just for me.” Blue says.


“You’re so beautiful, way out of my league but you like me. I get that you’re not quite ready to fully be with me, to let go and vulnerable but I can wait. I am really happy to take it slow.” George says.


“When I got to college I wanted to date someone like me, not a hippy country boy but someone inexperienced so we could learn together. I figure we can do that. I’ve been with a few guys now but I’m still learning. I think we can be great together.” Blue says.


“We’ll just pretend we’re virgins and start over.” George says.


“Without the anxiety.” Blue laughs.


“Yeah you know what I look like naked.” George laughs.


“And I loved what I saw.” Blue says pushing his hand up George’s top.


“You love my stomach and my feet.” George says.


“And your ass, is so peachy and tasty. And your cock felt amazing inside me.” Blue whispers sending shivers up George’s back.


“I want yours in me. I wanted it so bad last time but Gervais was so not having it. He was jealous you know, he warned me off after the funeral. He knew you liked me back.” George says.


“I did. That night after the crash was nice wasn’t it, us together getting to know each other? You like to eat a lot even though you’re tiny.” Blue laughs.


“I do. It’s a good job you love to cook.” George says.


“It’s a good job you’re patient. You’re amazing George and I hope you don’t feel second best.” Blue says.


“I told you I wanted you and you didn’t laugh in my face. You’re making me feel pretty fucking special right now. With you holding me like this I know I’m yours.” George says.


“You are mine.” Blue says and kisses his cheek before turning his face and kissing him properly. George curls his toes in the sand and feels so happy he can barely contain it. he wants to sing out loud and scream that he has Blue.


“I’m so happy.” George says when they finally break apart.


“Me too. We best get back and make dinner.” Blue says.


“I’ll help.” George says and they walk back holding hands.



“I know you’re mostly on my side and I really appreciate all the support you have all given me. However Gervais didn’t do anything to the rest of you and I’d hate for him to lose you guys over me.” Blue says as they all sit down to dinner.


“Thanks Blue but I fully understand if I’m iced out for a while.” Gervais says.


“You have been through so much and you need your friends. I’m just letting everyone know it won’t be awkward and I won’t be upset. Unless you all shun me again.” Blue says with a smile.


“Whether Blue cooks or we go out or meet in the dining hall I think we should all have dinner once a week when we get back. You too Dylan and bring a date or whatever. I don’t want there to be a situation like we had with Blue last semester. A lot of shit went down last year for all of us and we need each other.” Andy says and everyone nods.


“To helping each other with shit.” Spence says raising his wine glass.


“Spence this wine is amazing.” Dylan says.


“So good.” Blue agrees.


“I raided the cellar. There’s enough wine to last a couple of nuclear winters. We’re probably drinking my inheritance but fuck em all.” Spence says.


“Fuck em all.” They all say and raise their glasses again.


Gervais tells them all about his travels over dinner, skipping straight to the last few weeks without Fergus.


“What is happening with rooms? I take it Jesse and Elliot are sharing again.” Blue asks. The pair have barely come up for air and are wrapped together utterly oblivious.


“You don’t all have to share, there are loads of rooms, just grab some sheets and make a bed.” Spence says.


“But what about all the laundry that will make?” Blue asks.


“There’s a laundry and cleaning service booked, we used them all the time they will collect and return everything.” Spence says.


“Fuck, you really are proper minted.” Elliot says shaking his head.


“And we’re grateful that you’re so generous.” Jesse says prodding Elliot.


“Yes we are. Sorry I didn’t mean to imply you were spoilt or anything. You work harder than all of us.” Elliot says.


“I used to think it made me someone special but it’s just luck. Why not share the wealth, I don’t intend to do a Fergus and party my life away. I might never make much money coaching but it’s fucking rewarding and I’ll be happy.” Spence says.


“Yes we will.” Andy says and kisses his boyfriend.


“So you’re single, I’m single.” Dylan whispers to Gervais.


“No, just no.” Gervais laughs.


“Come on it’s always good to have a beneficial friendship.” Dylan says.


“We were never friends and ew. You really need to work on your game.” Gervais says.


“Come on even Blue has forgiven me.” Dylan says.


“I’m not Blue and I don’t want to fuck the kind of guy who raped me at school, not even as a revenge fuck.” Gervais says and gets up to pour more wine.


“I’ve never raped any one. What the fuck do you think I am?” Dylan asks angry.


“A self-satisfied bully. Like I said you’re the same type, authentic, wealthy but not stinking rich, chip on their shoulder and closeted as fuck. You might be out now, you might have unleashed your queenie fem side but you were just like those guys.” Gervais says.


George looks at Dylan and Gervais and figures out what’s happening.


“Dylan just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they want to fuck you. Surely you’ve learnt something about mutual attraction by now.” George says.


“Fuck you I just want to get laid not married.” Dylan says.


“So why are you even here with all these couples? Why not go off to a gay resort.” Gervais says shaking his head.


“Those exist?” Dylan asks.


“And cruises.” George says.


“How do you know this, you’ve been out 2 minutes?” Dylan asks and Gervais and George laugh.


“So you two are going to stay friends.” Blue says with a smile.


“Yeah, we’re still working on our project together, with Robin too. We’ll be fine unless he tries to steal you back.” George says.


“Gervais won’t stay single for 5 minutes when we get back to school.” Blue says.


“That’s right. I am Casanova.” Gervais says and leaves the room.


“Are you okay?” Spence asks outside.


“I will be. I’m glad he’s happy but it is so hard to be around them together. They’re really sweet together.” Gervais says.


“They just started, if you wanted him back you should say. You two are so special together.” Andy says and Spence glares at him, Andy looks back in surprise.


“He’s moved on and I will too in time. He’ll just be hard to get over.” Gervais says.


The next day they are all playing volleyball on the beach and having a great time. Even George and Gervais who never expected to spend so much time on the beach are picking up some color and enjoying themselves.


By dinner time they are all starving. Andy fires up the outdoor grill and Blue gets to work on some sides and a meal for himself.


“Can you make something for me too?” Gervais asks.


“Not wanting a burger?” Blue asks.


“I really got used to your diet this summer and felt better for it. Once I left Fergus I switched back and I felt good. I did have lots of fish to be fair and maybe it was that. But I’m going to try it for a while.” Gervais says.


“Cool. I never converted anyone before.” Blue says.


They all eat outside together until Spence goes inside to take a call.


“So Fergus is coming tomorrow.” Spence says sitting back down.


“Shit. Did you tell him I was here?” Gervais asks.


“Yes. What exactly happened with you two?” Spence asks.


Gervais gives them all the story of leaving Fergus at the restaurant on his birthday and checking out the hotel and the guys are all howling with laughter. Spence laughs so much he has tears running down his cheeks.


“Oh man you gave him what he deserved.” Spence chuckles.


“I was worried you’d be mad I dropped him in it.” Gervais says.


“Are you kidding? His red face as your cab pulled away. I love it. Serves him right for treating you and Maggie like ATMs. Can I tell W? We should call him now.” Spence says still laughing.


“You can tell him. Is there a hotel I can go to?” Gervais asks.


“Fuck that. I have dibs on the house this week. He’s coming uninvited.” Spence says.


“I think Gervais is more worried about what Fergus might do to him.” Blue says.


“We could take a drive up the coast. There are some lighthouses I want to see.” George says being helpful.


“I’d like that. Let’s go the 4 of us.” Robin says.


“Thanks. I’d love to if it’s okay with Blue.” Gervais says.


“Yeah for sure.” Blue says and smiles.

4 thoughts on “The suite saga 52

  1. I love how everyone is so grossed out by Dylan. Truthfully he deserves it. Gervais is an asshole sorry plain and simple. Yes he and Blue were great together but anyone that can go off like that doesn’t deserve to be with blue.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No fireworks and so far all too friendly, though Gervais should be truthful about this feelings. But there again he is trying to make it up to Blue by keeping quiet. I guess fun could start when Fergus arrives, though he could be out numbered.
    A good read thanks.


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