The suite saga 53

George and Blue make up a room and get ready for bed.

“Sharing a room is pretty okay sometimes.” Blue says looking at George in his underwear.

“You’re telling me.” George grins looking back at Blue.

Blue sweeps George up and throws him onto the bed, dives on top of him and starts kissing him with enthusiasm.

“I like this lots.” George says.

“Good to know.” Blue says.

“You want to know what I like.” George says putting his hands behind Blue’s neck and pulling him into another kiss.

“I do, I want to make you so happy.” Blue says.

“I am happy.” George says.

“More kissing.” Blue says and George moans in delight.

“I really, really like the kissing.” George says when the break for air.

“But do you like this, or this, or this best?” Blue as he kisses George’s lips, neck and stomach.

“I’m not sure, do it again.” George says with a cheeky smile. Blue kisses him from his eyelids to his toes and George doesn’t think it is possible to be happier.

“Again?” Blue asks.

“My turn.” George says pushing Blue onto his back.

George looks at Blue as if he’s his last meal. He slowly traces his fingers over Blue’s torso then lowers his lips and begins to kiss him, exploring everywhere, kissing and checking for Blue’s reaction. George can’t believe he has free reign on Blue’s body.

“You got more muscles.” George says stroking softly.

“I like you doing that.” Blue says with a smile.

“I like doing it but we have a problem.” George says.

“We do?” Blue asks.

“I don’t know if I like you kissing me all over more or less than I like kissing you all over.” George says.

“I don’t think I ever met anyone as adorable as you.” Blue says.

“Do you find me sexy too?” George asks.

“You can clearly see that I do.” Blue says.

George tentatively reaches out to touch Blue’s dick through his underwear.

“Very, very sexy.” Blue says pulling them off.

“It’s more than I remembered and I spent a lot of this summer remembering.” George says biting his lip.

“I need a reminder.” Blue says tugging George’s underwear off too.

“Not much to remember.” George says.

“Oh I remember it was perfectly formed. I’m pretty sure it tasted wonderful. Can I double check?” Blue asks.

“Which do you like better, sucking my cock or eating my ass?” George asks.

“You want me to eat your ass because you really never, ever have to ask me twice. Or at all, just point it at me any time.” Blue says.

“I feel silly asking.” George says.

“Why?” Blue asks.

“It’s weird.” George says.

“You like it, I love it. What is weird?” Blue asks.

“I guess I need to stop being shy about all this.” George says.

“Maybe I’m going too fast. Back to kissing?” Blue asks.

“No way, you got me all excited in anticipation, get to work.” George laughs.

“You are going to be trouble.” Blue smiles.

“You can handle me.” George smiles.

“Looking forward to it, now let me at that ass.” Blue says.


“Want some company?” Robin asks Gervais.


“That would be great. Thank-you.” Gervais says and Robin strips off and climbs into Gervais bed.


“He still loves you. It’s not too late.” Robin says.


“He is happy with George. He deserves to be happy.” Gervais says.


“He was happier with you. It’s a lot to give up, are you sure you don’t want to fight for it?” Robin asks.


“I don’t want to mess up his life. If I got him back and mess up again he’ll resent me for stopping him from being happy with George and our friendship would never recover. I need him in my life and this is the best way to keep him.” Gervais says.


“So if he and George hadn’t been together when you got here you would have asked to get back with him?” Robin asks.


“I don’t know.” Gervais lies.


“You do, you came here for him. Why else would you be here?” Robin asks.


“He’s happy. We should support that.” Gervais says.


“Oh I do. I just want you to be happy too and I’m not quite sure why you’ve given up so easily.” Robin says.

“After everything he did to me I dumped him out the blue. I don’t deserve him, I really don’t.” Gervais says.

“You are crazy. But I get it. Jenna and I came close to getting back together this summer but I knew she deserved better and I’d regret it once back at school.” Robin says.

“Have you heard from Emilie at all?” Gervais asks.

‘No, nor Miles. Not that I expected to.” Robin says.

“We met some weird people this year. Why is Dylan still hanging around?” Gervais asks.

“I guess he and Spence are friends, no idea why. It’s good Elliot and Jesse are back together.” Robin says.

“Did they break up?” Gervais asks feeling out the loop.

“Took a break or something but I think the reality of you being single and therefore an option for Jesse propelled Elliot to mend things.” Robin says.

“Jesse and me feels like a lifetime ago. I can’t believe he and Elliot have stayed together, they seem so settled now you’d never know Elliot was a total whore.” Gervais says.

“Those two are together and you and Blue are not.” Robin says.

“Leave it Robin.” Gervais says.

“Okay. I’m sorry. What did you think of Clara?” Robin asks.

“She was amazing to me. Supportive, pushed me and amazing to talk to, she helped me so much with my grief. But with Blue she’s someone else. If he doesn’t go with her choices she is so mean.” Gervais says.

“Same, she was great with me and Andy and she has been so amazing with Katelyn but Blue does everything to please her and knows he’s always coming up short. He made this amazing blueberry cheesecake, so, so good, best I have ever tasted but she declared it was not as tasty as his cherry one and he shouldn’t make it again. If he can’t be perfect at something she makes him stop. I mean she disciplines Katelyn and doesn’t let her get away with stuff but its all positive the way she deals with her, guides her and gives choices but you can tell that isn’t how she was with Blue.” Robin says.

“That’s it. I don’t understand why she is so different with him and why he takes it.” Gervais says climbing out of bed and opening his suitcase.

“What are you doing?” Robin asks.

“Look at these.” Gervais says handing Robin Blue’s artwork.

“Wow, these are beautiful.” Robin says.

“Blue said I could have them when I said how much I liked them. I probably shouldn’t have taken them when I left, but I want them for my room. Clara said he was no good as an artist and could only copy things not create and so broke all his pencils.” Gervais says.

“Are you kidding?” Robin asks.

“No. I asked why he didn’t draw any more and he said it wasn’t his thing, he wasn’t any good at it. He’s just swallowed his momma’s line and believes it. I bet if you went to the store and brought the ingredients for that blueberry cheesecake he would refuse to make it and tell you it was gross.” Gervais says carefully putting the pictures away.

“How is you giving up on him going to help his confidence?” Robin asks.

“George worships him and I am pretty hard on him and can’t always stop. I don’t mean to but I know I sometimes make him more insecure. Another reason for me to stay away. George will boost his confidence in the same way Andy does.” Gervais says.

“So you’re telling me I need to be on team George.” Robin says.

“I am. It hurts like hell but I have to be.” Gervais says.

The next day is a little cooler George, Blue, Gervais and Robin get up early and sort out a picnic lunch. They swing by the store for drinks and then get on the road. They have a great day out, despite everything nothing is awkward.

Blue is happy to be with his favorite people. He has missed having Gervais as a friend as much as everything else. He loves how well Robin and George get on and is feeling pretty optimistic that he finally has a group of true close friends, along with Andy who is more family than friend.

“Are you worried about Fergus?” Blue asks as they sit down for lunch.

“Not really. He had friends in Paris he could have stayed with. I wasn’t abandoning him in the desert or anything.” Gervais says.

“It was so dramatic of you. You’re usually so quiet.” George says.

“It’s one hell of a story. You’ll be fine on first dates in the next few months.” Robin says.

“Yes, though they might worry if they set a foot wrong he’ll run out leaving them with the check.” Blue laughs.

“Oh boy, I will have to be careful not to get a reputation.” Gervais says.

“Is everything sorted now with your inheritance?” Robin asks.

“Yes, well almost, 2 weeks but the lawyer thinks it’ll all be fine. Your mom needs to submit her bill. I know she’ll say she did it out of love but she had expenses.” Gervais says.

“I gave her some gifts when we collected Robin. From us both.” Blue says.

“Thank-you. I always meant to get some flowers but it went clean out my head.” Gervais says softly genuinely touched that Blue thought to do something on his behalf when they weren’t even speaking.

“’Blue brought flowers and homemade shortbread and gave her a nice gift card to a restaurant she loves and she thought that was too much. Honestly there is no way she will ever charge you for her time.” Robin says.

“I’ll have to spoil her on Christmas and you better make sure to tell me when her birthday is.” Gervais says.

“l will. Any plans to buy anything big straight away?” Robin asks.

“I’ll get a car. But other than that no. I want to keep the money from my mom for after college and I’ll add the house money to that. It’s silly I still really want to invest in Blue’s vineyard when we graduate. Don’t worry George I’m not going to steal him away but I still believe that Blue would be an excellent winemaker.” Gervais says.

“I don’t think I would. It was a stupid pipedream. I’ll probably just teach yoga and work at the retreat. Maybe extend the offering to children and families who have been through trauma and I could train in those areas, be a therapist.” Blue says quietly.

“That is not your dream.” George says the first of the three to recover their anger and be able to form a sentence.

“It sure isn’t. Brewery, vineyard, bakery. Actually there could be some synergy between a microbrewery and a baker.” Robin laughs.

“You are great with people but you need to create things and be outdoors to be happy. You know yourself and the vineyard idea was a good one. I mean it when I say I’d back you in it, maybe not straight out of school, sure go and get some experience but don’t give up without trying.” Gervais says.

“I’m sure I’ll have a thousand dreams before we graduate.” Blue says trying to shut down the conversation.


“We just know we’ll be tied to our computers and want a friend who has an unusual job so we have something to talk about and somewhere to visit on weekends.” Robin says.

“He’s right we need you to save us and remind us there is more to conversation than POW, take that, grab the potion, duck, fuck, fuck, I’m dead.” George laughs.

“I miss gaming. First week back we’re on a quest.” Gervais says.

“I guess I’ll be working out a lot. Seriously we’re about to move in to a place with a rooftop pool and you three are going to be indoors, headsets on, glued to the screen.” Blue sighs.

“Bliss.” George laughs.

“And we’ll be eating all your treats and getting fat without stinking of doritos.” Robin says.

“Who says I’m making any treats?” Blue says with a grin.

“Uh you better get going in the kitchen. I want a freezer full of cookies and brownies and buns.” Robin says.

“Did he make you cinnamon buns?” Gervais asks.

“No, Katelyn traded a heap of her melons for honey so that he’d have no choice but to make honey cakes.” Robin laughs.

“Aww spoiling her big brother. That’s so sweet.” Gervais says.

“Sorry we’re boring you with domestic talk.” Blue says to George.

“No way! I love hearing about it. I saw the pictures of your cheesecake and drooled for an hour.” George says.

“You tiny guys sure eat a lot.” Blue grumbles.

“You love baking and looking after us.” Robin says.

“I do. I am glad you all let me.” Blue says.

“What we really need is for you to let us take care of you.” Gervais says.

“Operation get Blue confident again. No more cloudy day.” George says.

“Blue Sky Sunny Day.” Robin says.

“I like that.” George says.

Gervais looks at his ex and worries. Something has shifted and he isn’t sure how much is his fault and how much harder Clara was on him after he left.

At the final lighthouse Gervais, George and Robin are chattering away together about a game they all want to buy. Blue hangs back a little watching them, happy that they’re all getting along, that they accept him with George and Gervais will get the support he needs.

They stop for dinner on the way home, giving Blue the night off and delaying their arrival back some more.

Robin opens the door and Blue and George each take one of Gervais hands as they go into the house.


“’My bodyguards.” Gervais laughs.

Blue looks at his ex with longing for a second, imagining guarding his body a lot more closely. He snaps out of it but feels a little shaken.

“Don’t know that I’d be any use at fighting anyone off.” George laughs.

“Don’t look at me, I’ve never been in a fight.” Blue laughs.

Gervais happily grips both hands and they go straight outside where the others are waiting.

“You’re alive then. I thought you’d died on the john in Paris, I was terrified.” Fergus says. Blue’s mouth starts to twitch and George lets out a snort and Gervais looks from one to the other and the three burst into laughter.

“’Oh poor you left all alone with a bottle of champagne. So worried about Gervais that you called all his friends to find out if they had heard from him.” Blue says.

Gervais looks up at Blue, always his protector no matter what they’ve been through.

Spence looks at the trio and glares, he’s not at all happy about how close Gervais and Blue look right now. Gervais catches the look and kisses Blue’s cheek as a thank you and moves to sit down with Andy.

“It isn’t funny, it was embarrassing I was lucky I had my wallet at all.” Fergus says.

“So chivalrous to take a man out for his birthday and expecting him to pay.” Robin says shaking his head.

Blue sits on an armchair and George sits across him happily snuggling up.

“’Why are you here Fergus?” Gervais asks.

“To win you back. I saw you were here and I had to see you. I love you, I can’t live without you.” Fergus says.

“That is not true. Why are you really here?” Gervais asks.

“I left my wife for you. Of course it’s true.” Fergus exclaims grabbing Gervais hand.

“She asked you to go once your parents cut you off. She got tired of carrying you just like I did.” Gervais says shaking him off.

“No it wasn’t like that. Gervais please be mine, I am crazy about you.” Fergus says.

Gervais looks at him utterly confused. The situation is totally comical, he has no feelings for Fergus at all and is certain Fergus has none for him.

“Oh give it a rest bro. Gervais doesn’t want to be with you, he never did, he needed a tour guide. You fit the bill until you became too expensive. Why not go and see Mom and Dad and beg them to reconsider.” Spence says exasperated.

“That’s my next port of call.” Fergus says with a shrug.

“Where are they?” Spence asks.

“They’re at home. Have they not called you? W and I have been summoned to a family dinner.” Fergus says.


“I guess they lost my number.” Spence shrugs.

“We can go. Robin is going home before school anyway and so is George. We can leave here a couple of days early. I’m sure I can stay with Robin if I need to.” Andy says gently.

“You both can if you need to.” Robin says.

“We can always get some hotel rooms near school, Jesse, Elliot don’t stress it’s on me. That way we can get to the storage place first thing on move in day and get set up before you arrive. What about you Dylan what are your plans?” Blue asks.

“I need to go home. My parents are actually collecting me Friday so I can get my things for school and my car. They dropped me at camp and I came straight here after so my sister could use the car this summer.” Dylan says.

“Gervais maybe you could come too. I know you want to talk to Robin’s mom.” Spence says.

“Actually I could do with seeing my lawyer. George could we stay with you? You’re not that far and then Blue can meet the parents.” Gervais says.

“For sure they would love that. Though you’ll be on the sofa.” George says.

“That’s good with me.” Gervais says.

“What about us?” Elliot asks.

“I’ll give you the money for the hotel. You two look ready for some romance. And you can still get started with an early move in at school.” Blue says.

“Or you can stay here. I trust you.” Spence says.

“Anyone would think you owned the place. Oh you do.” Fergus laughs.

“I’ll be lucky if I get a keychain when Mom and Dad go.” Spence laughs.

“This is yours. Bonny baby Bertram was Grandpa’s favorite. Left you this place, in trust until you’re 25 along with the rest of your money of course. Why do you think out parents keep the family house that they hate? You got this place I got the ski lodge and W the big house upstate. Our father was skipped entirely. Oh he got some investments, jewelry, watches and the like but the real money, the real estate that’s ours. That is why I’m always broke in summer that damned lodge brings in nothing and still costs me.” Fergus says.

“So sell it.” Jesse says.

“It’s complicated, the rules of the complex limit who you can sell it to and for how much, it’s not worth a lot and the winter income is nice. No more letting the family use it in peak season.” Fergus says.

“Is why they froze your trust? For ruining their future vacations?” Spence asks.

“Could be. I think it was more because Maggie doesn’t like them and doesn’t invite them to her family homes. And she really didn’t throw me out over money, her current girlfriend can’t stand me and as they’re out of sight of prying society eyes I had to get lost for the summer.” Fergus says.

“Why send you off with no money, why not pay you to keep quiet?” Elliot asks.


“Oh I still have a card for her account but I don’t like to use it. I seriously thought Gervais was okay treating me. It’s not like he has to watch every penny.” Fergus shrugs.

“So why hit me up and not some rich divorcée?” Gervais asks.

“You are far better company and I could hardly have done what we did in Berlin with a woman.” Fergus says with a big grin.

“No but you didn’t need me there. I had a lot of fun but you really were bleeding me dry.” Gervais says.

“Your mother died in childbirth due to malpractice. The pay-out must have been huge, no way your dad used it up in school fees and nannies. The interest alone would have more than covered that.” Fergus says.

“Is that true?” Jesse asks sad that he and Gervais are no longer close.

“I didn’t hide it from you, I only found out after my dad passed.” Gervais says.

“So you are some sort of miser who doesn’t even share with his friends. What was wrong with paying for another meal? It would barely make a dent.” Fergus says and the room turns sour.

“You have a family, parents, brothers, an adorable nephew and a wife. Gervais has no one. That money can’t make up for that but it is all he has. What right do you have to spend it for him? It isn’t like he won the lotto. His parents are dead and he’s 19 and all alone. You are disgusting for preying on him when he was so vulnerable and now trying to guilt him further. You’re fucking vile.” Blue says moving George aside and leaving the room.

“Your jilted lover is full of sour grapes.” Fergus says.

“No. He cares about Gervais. Just like we all do. You should leave.” Dylan says surprising the others.

“Little Bro are you really letting them do this?” Fergus asks.

“You’re too drunk to drive. George you’ve not had a drink, can you drive him up to the B&B near the store? He can walk back and get his car tomorrow.” Spence says and George nods.

“I’ll come with you.” Dylan says.


“Thanks Blue. Always looking out for me.” Gervais says walking outside to where Blue is sat on the edge of the pool, his feet in the water.

“I wish I could make everything better for you.” Blue says.

“You did for a while and I’ll always love you for that.” Gervais says slipping off his shoes and sitting next to Blue.

“You’re so strong now, you can handle yourself. He just made me so mad, talking about your mom as if she was a blank check.” Blue says.

“George is driving him to a hotel.” Gervais says.

“Good, I might have done something I regretted if he’d stayed.” Blue says.

“Thanks for being you. For not letting what I did stop you from being a good guy. The best guy.” Gervais says reaching for Blue’s hand and squeezing it.


“I’m still me and maybe I should still be angry at you or cut you off but I can’t. You’re my best friend and I can’t lose my best friend and my boyfriend the same summer. And I don’t get mad all that often but I do when someone takes advantage of my friends. He took you from me and I hate him. I hate him even more for being what you needed when I wasn’t. But I don’t hate you. I tried. I just don’t want to and as long as I don’t do anything more than hold your hand like this or kiss your cheek then George will be okay. And I need George to help me be okay.” Blue blurts out.

“I know. I need you too and I’m okay with you being with George, more than okay, I am really happy for you. He will treat you right. I hated Austin for not treating you right. You should know when your best friend hates your boyfriend it won’t work out.” Gervais says with a smile.

“Well your next boyfriend better treat you right too then.” Blue says.

“I will seek your approval on the third date.” Gervais says.

“You two are looking a little cozy.” Spence says sitting next to them.

“We’re sorting things out. New boundaries.” Blue says.

“If either of you hurt George I will never speak to you again.” Spence says.

“Right says the guy who cheated on his boyfriend with George. You risked him falling for you and hurting him when you went back to Andy just like Andy did with Deke. You knew George was inexperience and only just out and you still fooled around with him. Used him to get off all summer.” Blue says angrily and stomps indoors.

“Wait, you and George had a thing at camp? That is why you warned me off trying to get back with Blue? So George wouldn’t be upset? Shit Spence, you forgave Andy and got your second chance but you think I should be miserable to protect George?” Gervais says.

“George is a good guy and so is Blue. Neither of them deserve the sort of shit you bring.” Spence says.

“So you can forgive Andy and accept he changed, even though he still fucks around but I make one mistake while grieving and I don’t even deserve consideration? Stop pretending to be my friend and offering me advice when it you’re so biased. Fuck Spence I wish I’d never listened to you.” Gervais says and heads to bed.

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