The suite saga 55


“Is that your locked room?” Blue asks.


“We had no idea there was an extra room. Jesse is going to be pissed.” Gervais says.


“Sorry, we’re so rude, I’m Blue. This is George and Gervais.” Blue says.


They all shake hands.


“You guys are gorgeous.” DeShawn says.


“You too.” Gervais says looking at the ultra-tall dark man before him.


“We should warn you we’re all friends moving in. Will you be okay with that?” Blue asks.


“Yeah if you’re all friendly.” DeShawn smiles.


“We don’t bite but we growl.” Gervais says.


“How did you get here before us? We were right here on opening.” George asks.


“I’m an athlete, I got in a week ago. I wanted to be in the gay housing not athlete housing like last year. This particular room was designed for me and it wasn’t on the housing list. I get my own bathroom, an extra-long bed and a weights area. Come see.” DeShawn says.


“I thought this was everyone housing not LGBT.” Gervais says.


“This is a safe floor or whatever they call it. I guess you guys were all on one last year.” DeShawn says.


“Yeah we were. Not so safe, pretty hostile at least at the start. We are all friends so we didn’t think we needed it this year.” Gervais says.


“You are those guys? I am sorry you went through that. I’ve been pretty lucky not to meet too many issues here on my team but some of the other teams and clubs are less friendly and I was getting up crazy early to go to the team gym rather than using the one in my dorm as it was uncomfortable. Plus I want to meet some dudes you know? Are you all single?” DeShawn asks.


“George and I are dating. Gervais is single. The others moving in Robin is straight and single, he’ll be my roommate. Spence and Andy are a couple, they’ll be in the other double and Elliot is dating Jesse who isn’t living in here but will be here most the time if you don’t object.” Blue says.


“So do you at least know some single guys? You’re all so pretty you must have a few hangers on.” DeShawn asks.

“A friend of mine from high school, Deke, he’s a freshman and just out.” Blue says.

“He’s a nice guy but not hot.” Gervais says.

“Dylan is a senior, you have probably seen him around. He’s super-hot but can be a nightmare too.” George says.

“What’s your type?” Blue asks.


“All kinds of guys, I just want someone who makes me laugh and is a demon in bed.” DeShawn laughs.


“We’ll keep an eye out. Elliot used to hook up with lots of guys he’ll know someone.” Gervais says happy he’s not the only single one.


“You can take my car if you don’t want to be here when Fergus is here.” Blue says.


“It’ll be fine. If he gets annoying I’ll go admire the pool.” Gervais says.


“Who is Fergus?” DeShawn asks.


“Spence’s middle brother, he and Gervais had a thing this summer.” George says.


“Awkward. But also what I’m hearing is all you guys do okay for dating.” DeShawn says.


“I’ve had a bunch of disasters, just hoping George will be different.” Blue says.


“We weren’t a disaster.” Gervais says.


“No? I gave all I had and you left me for a gold digger. A married gold digger. It was a disaster and a waste of a year for me.” Blue says.


“So much for us being friends.” Gervais says shaking his head.


Before Blue can reply and make things even more awkward Spence’s parents arrive with Maggie, AB and Tommy.


Gervais quickly makes introductions.


“This one has been asking for you ever since Spence arrived. We thought we’d come and help you setup. We have kitchen things in the car can you help bring them in?” AB asks.


“We don’t have chairs yet but you can use my room to sit down.” Blue says looking at AB who looks exhausted.


“Thank-you.” AB says with a smile.


“Gervais you best stay up here too with Tommy as he is clearly not letting you go anywhere. I’ll take the guys to the car we can manage.” Maggie says.


“I take it Spence and his parents have made up.” Blue says to Maggie on the way down.


“They had no idea there was a rift or it had been so long since they’d seen him. I think because W and Fergus were so useless at keeping in touch when in college they didn’t think they needed to call Spence. All one big misunderstanding, they’re very proud of him and are spoiling him rotten now.” Maggie laughs.


“Oh I’m so happy for him.” George says.


“You’re George right? Who Spence spent the summer with? He talked about you a lot.” Maggie says and Blue bristles a little.


“How long are you here for? Gervais said you’d been in Europe for the summer too.” Blue asks.


“For a couple of months, I just ended things with my girlfriend and Fergus and I need to be seen together to put rumours to rest.” Maggie says matter of factly.


“I hope you’re not mad at Gervais.” Blue says.


“Of course not. I’m mad as hell at Fergus for praying on him when he was so vulnerable. I hope you have forgiven him too.” Maggie says.

“It hurts.” Blue says honestly with a shrug and George deflates a little.


They put away all the things Spence’s mom has given them. Blue is delighted that he has good quality baking tools to work with.


“I’m so glad you picked us, having a real stove is going to make all the difference to me.” Blue says to DeShawn.


“You’re welcome. I can’t eat too much of that stuff but I’m looking forward to the baking smells. George tells me you guys are all pretty clean and the place won’t smell like a locker room.” DeShawn says.


“I hope not. We managed pretty well last year even though we had people over all the time.” Blue says.


“Because other than Robin none of us had anyone to pick up after us at home.” Gervais says.


“Hey guys.” Elliot says dragging in his bags.


“Hey. Is Jesse checking out his room?” Blue asks.


“Yeah. He’ll be over soon. Who are you?” Elliot asks DeShawn.


“Hey I’m DeShawn, I’m living here too.” DeShawn says.


“Fuck there was an extra room?” Elliot grimaces.


“I’m an athlete and it was designed for me as I wanted to be in this block. It was kind of secret so I swear I’ve not taken a bed from your boyfriend.” DeShawn says.


“Will you be okay with him being here most the time? We’ll probably sleep here and study at his.” Elliot says.


“No problem as long as h’s respectful.” DeShawn says.


“So George and Gervais get no say?” Blue asks.


“Oh come on things have changed since we signed up for this place, even if Jesse and I weren’t together it wouldn’t be fair to leave one guy out.” Elliot says.


“But he’s living with his suite mates from last year. He’s not being left out, he didn’t want to live with George as much as George needed space from him.” Blue says.


“Blue it’s fine. I’m not in a room with him and if he starts to be a slob here then we’ll all be on his case.” George says.


“It’s fine with me too. It’s you who has had the biggest issues with Jesse in the past.” Gervais says.


“And none of that is an issue now you two have broken up and Jesse is with me anyway.” Elliot says and Blue shrugs.


“I’m taking Tommy outside to play for a bit. Go and get your ball from mommy.” Gervais says to Tommy.


Blue smiles at the pair and has a few pangs for the family they won’t now have. Gervais is great with kids despite his own lack of parenting.

“You okay babe?” George asks.


“Yeah. Sorry, I know I have you now and I want to be with you but it is hard to not have a few regrets.” Blue says.


“I know, it’s a big adjustment you were focused on him for so long.” George says and Blue nods and checks his phone.


“Spence has asked if we can move the beds out of his room. W is going to store them for him.” Blue says.


“Wait my room is pretty huge, can I take one?” Elliot asks.


“Sure come on.” Blue says and they move one bed through to Elliot’s room.


“Cool, that works. We should see if we can keep the mattress too for guests.” Elliot suggests.


“Good idea, I think we have room to put the whole bed against that wall as an extra sofa, if we get some more pillows.” George says.


“Perfect.” Elliot says.


“Sounds like they’re here with the storage stuff, we best go help.” Blue says.


Another round of introductions are made and before they are over Robin arrives with his parents and they get everything inside pretty quickly.


“Man all this stuff is sweeeet.” DeShawn says as they set up the TV.


“We need a table and chairs or some stools to eat at the counter. I can’t believe how big this place is.” Blue says.


“We have both at home your welcome to have. We’ll bring them up in a few days.” Spence’s mom says.


“But you’ve done so much already.” Blue says.


“We have my parents furnishings we’ll take out of storage for W and don’t need much from our house, saves us from selling or dumping them.” Spence’s dad says.


“Okay well George and I are going to the store. Everyone write down what you need.” Blue says getting out a pad and pen.


“Can I come?” DeShawn asks.


“Sure.” George says with a smile, he wants to get to know the handsome new guy.


“We are taking Gervais car shopping. See you guys later.” Robin says.


Tommy sticks out his lip and begins bawling as he’s handed over to his grandmother.


“We’ll return the u-haul and be off for lunch.” Spence says.


“Elliot do you want to come with us or are you going to wait for Jesse?” Blue asks.


“I’ll stay and unpack my stuff. Thanks again for inviting me to room with you guys, this place is awesome.” Elliot says.


“It is so cool.” George says.


“Gervais let me walk with you a sec.” Maggie says.


“I’m sorry for what I did. I didn’t mean to cause any hassle for you.” Gervais says.


“You didn’t. I am so sorry for your loss. If there is anything I can do just call. If you ever need somewhere to stay or anything.” Maggie says.


“Thank-you. I never would have gone with him if I knew you were staying married. Whatever the validity of your marriage.” Gervais says.


“Fergus is free to be with whoever he wants to as long as he’s discreet. Showing his younger brother’s friend round Europe was a good plan. Don’t feel bad.” Maggie says and they hug before going their separate ways.


“So I know I’m prying but I feel like I’m a bit behind with you guys. It seems pretty unresolved between Blue and Gervais. Are you two okay?” DeShawn asks George as they shop for groceries.


“We’re taking it slow, we’re just starting and Gervais is only just back. He left Blue with like no warning, they were in love in the morning and in the afternoon Fergus showed up and Gervais left with him. It’s been really, really hard for Blue to deal with, Gervais spent all of last year saying no to Blue even though they were clearly perfect together and just after they finally got together Gervais dad died.” George explains.


“Holy shit. Gervais turned that beautiful man down all year and then left him? Has Blue got some hidden personality defect? Because he is so fine.” DeShawn asks.


“No, he’s amazing and I wasn’t going to let someone else get to him. I know it won’t be easy but I think he’s worth it.” George says.


“You’re a smart guy.” DeShawn says.


“I’m lucky he said yes.” George grins.


“Talking about me?” Blue asks catching them up.


“Yes.” George says.


“You guys have a complicated history.” DeShawn says.


“George telling you how he turned me down?” Blue asks.


“You turned him down too? Shit.” DeShawn says.


“I was giving him the history of you and Gervais.” George says.


“That’s all over now, what’s your guy history?” Blue asks.


“Never had a boyfriend. A fair number of hookups. I was popular in high school and lots of guys and girls offered to suck my dick and I took full advantage. Last year I really wanted to focus on making the team here at school and making the transition to student athlete my priority, I had a little fun but not much and I didn’t meet anyone I connected with and I got kind of lonely. Coach suggested I move in with similar guys, not just because I was having some hassle but so I had someone to talk to outside of sports.” DeShawn says.


“I get the feeling the dean made sure we were rooming together. We’re all regular guys, we have diverse interests, we’re good students, we are all in the honors school, we happen to be gay, except Robin.” Blue says.


“Yeah I guess. I feel bad that it was all sprung on you guys.” DeShawn says.


“We’d all have gone for it no problem if we’d been asked.” George says.


“Yeah please don’t feel like you’ll be an outsider because you’re not.” Blue says.


“And Spence is super into sports, he wants to coach and he will be on you for your training program and all the coaches you’ve known.” George laughs.


“Does he compete in anything?” DeShawn asks happy to hear that he’ll have things in common with his roommates.


“He used to wrestle but the team were real jerks to him and Robin so he quit.” Blue says.


“That blows. You work out, do you do any sports?” DeShawn asks.


“Just yoga. I worked out some last year for the first time but mostly my lifestyle at home keeps me in shape. My high school was too small for team sports.” Blue says.


“Have you tried since you started school?” DeShawn asks.


“No, we all did climbing last year. Maybe I should try. It’s one of those things I’ve missed out on.” Blue says.


“I’d come watch.” George says.


“Maybe you can teach me.” Blue says.


“I want what you have. You two are so cute.” DeShawn says.


“Thanks.” Blue says blushing a little.


They get back and Spence and Andy are not long behind them. As predicted Spence is straight away grilling DeShawn about his training.


“Need some help setting up your room?” Blue asks George.


“I think so.” George give Blue a huge smile.


“I need some time out.” Blue says collapsing onto George’s bed.


“It’s been people and people and people.” George says.


“I need to find Deke later and introduce you.” Blue says.


“I need some Blue time first.” George says.


The cuddle up together and kiss a little, both are pretty tired and they fall asleep together.


Gervais and Robin get back. Gervais gets to pick his car up in a week. Like Blue he’s feeling a bit overwhelmed and retreats to his room.


“Deke is here want to go see him and give a tour?” Robin asks Andy.


“Yeah these two are going to be talking for hours.” Andy laughs.


“I want to look round here properly too.” Robin says.


“How is Gervais doing?” Andy asks once they’re outside.


“He’s lost. Totally lost and I don’t know what to say. He should be with Blue. But Blue is with George and we can’t interfere but they are breaking my heart.” Robin says.


“Agreed. I catch them looking at each other and they are still so in love. Spence is totally against Gervais and Blue getting together. He had a massive talk with Gervais when he first got to the beach house and told him that he had to let Blue and George be happy and we’d all cut him off if he tried to get Blue back.” Andy says.


“Fuck.” Robin says.


“Yeah if it wasn’t for all our family stuff Spence and I would be taking a break right now. We went to see my mom yesterday.” Andy says.


“How is she? Was she okay seeing you?” Robin asks.


“She was, she apologized and we talked a long time. She wanted to know how Katelyn is doing. It felt real but I’m on edge wondering if she was being nice before asking for money.” Andy says.


“Are you seeing her again?” Robin asks.


“Yeah. I want to have a parent you know? I see how Gervais is and how Spence was before he made up with his parents and I don’t want to be that way.” Andy says.


“She has never treated you well and she might not ever put you first but you have Roe and Katelyn and Blue and Clara who all put you first and love you. You don’t need your mom to have a proper loving family.” Robin says.


“I know and I appreciate those guys, I just want my mom to love me too.” Andy says.


“It’s not too much to ask but she’s twice put your life at serious risk.” Robin says.


“I know and maybe I should be sensible like Katelyn and stay away.” Andy says.


“I’m here for you if it works out or not.” Robin says.


“Thanks.  Do appreciate it, I do. You and Blue kept me sane this summer.” Andy says.


“And Deke kept you satisfied.” Robin laughs as they knock on the door.


“Hey come see my room.” Deke says opening the door expecting them.


“What’s your roommate like?” Robin asks.


“I have a single, how cool is that?” Deke asks.


“I kinda liked snuggling with Blue and chatting.” Robin says.


“Well I want to get laid without it being awkward.” Deke grins showing them his room like an excited puppy.


“Its cute. I missed you at the beach.” Andy says without thinking.


“You did?” Deke asks hopefully.


“Sure. Would have been nice to have you around.” Andy says.


“Want to come over for dinner? Blue will be cooking as our dining hall isn’t open yet.” Robin asks.


“No I’m having first dinner with the roomies.” Deke says.


“Okay well you have to come over some time, our place is amazing.” Andy says.


“When are you having a pool party?” Deke asks.


“Soon, real soon.” Andy says.


“I’ll come by real soon. Thanks for coming over, its pretty overwhelming being here.” Deke says.


“You look pretty happy and excited. But if you want a tour or some advice just ask.” Robin says.


“I’ll cope, Blue coped.” Deke says.


“At least you like pizza.” Andy laughs and kisses Deke briefly as they hug goodbye.


Deke sits on his bed after they’ve gone and exhales. He has missed Andy like crazy and seeing him, only for a couple of minutes was amazing. He is in no hurry to meet Spence however much he wants to go over and spend more time with Andy and talk with Blue he is going to stay away.


When Andy and Robin get back Blue and George are baking which puts Andy in an instant good mood.


“I have something for you.” Andy says.


“What?” Blue asks.


Andy comes back with 2 big jars of honey.


“Is that a hint?” Blue asks.


“Just a gift to start off the semester right.” Andy says.


“Well we made cookies which are cooling and biscotti are having their second bake. Once they’re done we’ll start on dinner.” Blue says.


“I love you so much.” Andy says and kisses Blue’s cheek.


“You’re pretty free with that lovin.” DeShawn says.


“Sugar for sugar.” Andy laughs.


“The peanut butter cookies are high protein ones for DeShawn so no stealing all of those.” Blue says.


“You made me cookies? George you better watch out.” DeShawn says.


“Oh I know I need to work to keep him.” George says as Gervais comes out his room.


“Something smells good.” Gervais says.


“Cookies. I’ll start on dinner in a minute.” Blue says.


Gervais smiles across at him. Being back at school and seeing the reality of Blue and George doing the things that they used to do is killing Gervais. He knows he’s going to have to get out there and start dating.


Dinner is fun, Jesse and Elliot arrive back just in time to eat and most of the meal is DeShawn getting to know the others and them getting to know him.


Blue heads to his room as the others clean up he’s pretty tired from an intense day and really wants to go to bed and have a long chat with Robin but he feels he needs to put in more time with George.


“You okay?” Gervais asks standing next to Blue as he looks out the window.


“Just tired. I napped earlier but the whole summer is catching up with me. I had a lot of fun but it was full on.” Blue says.


“I didn’t help.” Gervais says.


“We had a lot of fun before you left. I don’t regret it.” Blue says.


“I’m going to start dating. I’ll keep it away from here but I wanted to let you know.” Gervais says.


“Please don’t feel you can’t bring anyone here. I mean George is here all the time.” Blue says.


“I don’t feel I can’t. I just don’t think my best shot with anyone is going to work with you around.” Gervais says.


“I hope you find someone who makes you feel good.” Blue says.


“Me too.” Gervais says and rejoins the others.





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