The suite saga 57

“You have options.” Andy reiterates.

“I don’t need options. You just want me as your single sidekick.” Blue laughs.

“Maybe. It’s nice hanging out just us again.” Andy says.

“It’s not been so long.” Blue says.

“No but we were hanging out like 8 to 10 hours a day and now we’re snatching time.” Andy says.

“Do you want me to talk to Spence for you? Not about your feelings for him, I would never do that but how you need more support. Have you even talked to him about the pressure of dealing with Katelyn’s stuff and waiting for your mom to make a move?” Blue asks.

“I have some.” Andy shrugs.

“I have to get back to get ready for my date.” Blue says.

“Thanks for today. You know how you used to be homesick? I get it, spending time with you and Deke really helped. I miss Roe and Katelyn and messing about at the lake.” Andy says.

“We just had time at the beach, the ocean is awesome.” Blue laughs.

“Uh maybe I spent a lot of time in bed.” Andy grins.

“And you really think you could end it with Spence?” Blue laughs.

“If I found some who supported me emotionally the way you do and was a joy in bed like Spence for sure.” Andy says.

“If he had been there he would have supported you. Give him the chance, don’t cut him out then complain he’s not supportive.” Blue says.

“You know me too well.” Andy shrugs.

They hug for a long time before Blue goes to get changed.

“You avoiding me?” Spence asks as Andy goes into their room.

“A little.” Andy admits.

“Why?” Spence asks.

“I don’t feel like we’re in a great place right now and I was avoiding confronting that.” Andy says.

“Seriously? We’ve been apart all summer, when have we had time for things to go wrong? You’ve been amazing since we’ve been back together.” Spence says.

“But you haven’t.” Andy says quietly.

“What?” Spence asks.

“I’m done in. I had a lot to deal with this summer and you weren’t there I couldn’t even call you and we get to the beach and you have all your family issues and you lean on me and that’s fine but I need some support too and I feel like I can’t ask you for it. I feel like I’m crumpling and you don’t even notice.” Andy says.

“So you spend all day with your lovers and not me?” Spence spits.

“I can’t fight. I just can’t. I’m telling you I’m at breaking point and you’re piling on the guilt. I can’t deal do you get that?” Andy shouts and walks out.


“Stay away from my boyfriend. Just stay away.” Spence shouts storming in to Blue’s room.

“I don’t want Andy like that.” Blue says shaking his head.

“You always do this. You don’t want anyone to be happy. You broke up Jesse and Gervais this way, pretending to be his friend, the listening ear. You are so fucking fake. That is why everyone leaves you, why no one can stay friends with you. You overstep pretending to be the all understanding guy when you’re just trying to make everyone as miserable as you are.” Spence shouts.

“Let’s go Blue.” George says poking his head round the door, trying to extract Blue from the crazy, Blue smiles at George and makes to leave.

“George you can do so much better than him. I should never have told Gervais to leave you alone, he’d have done you a favor taking Blue off your hands he’s poison.” Spence says and storms back to his room.

“Let’s get out of here. I don’t know what his problem is but I know you’re genuine.” George says.

“You sure you still want to?” Blue asks feeling pretty defeated.

“I do. Come on. Can I borrow your car?” George asks.

“Of course.” Blue laughs and hands over the keys.

Blue takes George’s hand and steps out feeling pretty shaken but happy George wants to take care of him.

“What’s in the bag?” Blue asks motioning George’s backpack.

“You’ll see.” George smiles and squeezes Blue’s hand.

Andy is sat at the top of the steps head in hands. Blue and George look at each other and know they’re not going anywhere yet.

“Go and talk to him.” Blue says as he and George sit down either side of Andy.

“l tried. I told him I was breaking and he went mad at me.” Andy says.

“Do you want me to talk to him? He’s pretty mad at Blue.” George asks.

“No I will when he’s calmed down. I need some space to think.” Andy says.

“Use my bed tonight, I think George will let me stay with him.” Blue says and George grins.

“Thanks.” Andy sighs.

“Robin knows you two a lot better than me. He’ll help you work out what to do and he can mediate more neutrally than I can.” Blue says.

“Good idea. I’ll talk to Robin. Sorry you got dragged in, I heard him shouting.” Andy says.

“It’s okay I know he was just angry.” Blue says.

“You two have fun on your date. You both look really nice.” Andy says looking up for the first time.

“Thanks. I’m so excited.” George says.

“Call me if you need me.” Blue says and hugs Andy before going down to the car with George.

“If you ever have an issue with me talk to me.” George says as they get in the car.

“I will. I’m not saying I won’t ever talk it out with Robin or Andy but I will talk to you.” Blue says.

“Do you think those two will be okay?” George asks.

“Yeah, Spence wouldn’t be so angry if he didn’t care.” Blue says.

“Do you think he really told Gervais to back off?” George asks.

“I don’t know. I don’t see why Gervais would take any notice of Spence if he really wanted me. I want to try this, we could be great together.” Blue says.

‘I hope so. No I think we will be. I keep thinking about the really good times we’ve had just us and I don’t see why it can’t be like that all the time.” George says.

“Agreed. I loved you coming to rescue me before, feels like we’re going to be well matched.” Blue says.

“I think so too.” George grins feeling a lot more secure.

“So where are we going?” Blue asks.

“You’ll see.” George says.

George drives them to parkland well north of the city. They park up and hold hands as they walk through to a small lake. George pulls a blanket from his bag and spreads it on the shore and they sit.

“I know you get homesick and this isn’t the same as your lake at home but it’s a lot closer. I thought it would be nice to have a picnic and walk, take advantage of the summer light.” George says.

“Sounds perfect to me.” Blue grins as George pulls food and soda from his backpack.

Back in the suite Andy lies on Blue’s bed and tries to think about what to do. He hadn’t realized how much everything had got on top of him until talking to Blue earlier. He’d spend most of the summer avoiding thinking about important things unless he had to.

“What’s up? Jesse said there was shouting earlier.” Robin asks coming in.

“I tried to talk to Spence about how I’m struggling and he went mad at me and I left and so he took it out on Blue.” Andy says.

“He wants to be with you but he’s seriously jealous of George and Blue.” Robin says.

“I think he really likes George.” Andy says.

“You don’t sound that bothered.” Robin says.

“I think I want me and Spence to work. But I feel like I can’t ask for anything from him because of how I messed up last year and being with Deke this summer. Maybe it’s an annual thing, get back to school and I contemplate change which includes life without Spence.” Andy says.

“You and Deke were cute together. I love you and Spence but I can see you’ve grown apart this summer. You’ve always followed Spence to an extent and supported him, coming to all his wrestling matches but never asking him for the same, because you didn’t have the same. He came here for you which was a sacrifice he could have afforded anywhere.” Robin says.

“He could, but if he had chosen a fancy school I could have applied to a less prestigious one or even community college in the same city. I didn’t insist he come here it suited him too, we all thought the honors school gave it the boost.” Andy says.

“True, true. Now you have some ambitions and dreams of your own you deserve the same attention and support you give him.” Robin says.

“Yeah, it’s not just that, all the stuff with my family has been hard and the responsibility to Katelyn is a lot of pressure.” Andy says.

“Of course, you’ve had a taxing time and he needs to step up and make you feel good.” Robin says.

“But he won’t and he won’t even talk about it.” Andy says.

“Do you have a crush on Blue?” Robin asks.

“A bit. You know what he’s like, this summer he fed me and organized camping and sent me to work in the café or to visit old people. He knew how to snap me out of my moods or distract me or just cheer me up with cheesecake. I feel like he really gets me and I know, I know it’s not just me and that it’s his gift but Spence isn’t even trying outside of bed. No it’s not that he isn’t trying he isn’t even acknowledging that I’m struggling.” Andy says.

“He’s had a lot going on too and you’ve barely given him a chance.” Robin says.

“Maybe. But how hard would it have been for him to take me for a nice dinner after visiting my mom? Or a mindless movie? Or just a walk in the park?” Andy asks.

“He’s not usually bad at that stuff.” Robin says.

“I know and maybe he’s waiting for me to make the effort with him, maybe we’re both wrung out. But honestly he seems more concerned about George than me.” Andy says.

“I’m going to talk to him. See if he’s ready to talk to you. If not I’m going to let him know he’s losing you and not to Blue or Deke.” Robin says.

“Please don’t, not the last bit. Just see if he’s calm.” Andy says.

“Are you sure?” Robin asks and Andy nods.

Spence is watching tv with DeShawn and Gervais.

“Is he okay?” Spence asks.

“No he’s not.” Robin says honestly.

“I don’t get it, we’ve been apart all summer and he was fine at the beach. What’s changed other than Blue muscling in?” Spence asks.

“Seeing his mom? Being away from his family? Getting ready to take on Katelyn’s money?” Gervais says.

“He’s known about Katelyn’s stuff for months.” Spence says.

“But it’s now a reality. He’s been holding his breath over his mom all summer waiting for her demands and worrying about how to handle it.” Gervais says shaking his head.

“And then her not wanting money when he saw her, having to shift his whole mindset. He’s finding things tough!” Robin says.

“What is this, everyone thinks they know my boyfriend better than me? Its Blue turning you all against me, making Andy look all vulnerable. Just like he did with Jesse and Gervais.” Spence says.

“You deserve to lose him.” Gervais says.

“Wow guys calm down.” DeShawn says fascinated by the dynamic.

“You told me to leave Blue and George be, that they were good together and I’d had my chance. I backed off and you’ve realized that Blue being with George means George isn’t available for you, even as a friend. You’re now trying to make Blue out to be a bad guy so you can go after George and not look like you’re stealing your friend’s man.” Gervais says.

“I don’t want George, I have Andy.” Spence says.

“Are you ready to tell him that? He really wants to talk to you but is terrified.” Robin says.

“You’re so dramatic. You need a girlfriend to take up your attention. Andy and I don’t need anyone’s help. We’re fine.” Spence says.

“Andy is amazing. I know you two have had issues but he is smart and funny and according to you a demon fuck do you want to lose him? He is under so much pressure right now. Anyone can see he’s struggling and you’re adding to it instead of making things easier. Then blowing up at Robin and Blue who are trying to help him out.” Gervais shakes his head.

“We’re fine. It’s Andy, my boyfriend of four years you’re talking about. He never lets anything get him down he’s a happy guy. You guys don’t know him like I do.” Spence says and goes to his room.

“Shit I thought Andy was getting it wrong but Spence is way too defensive about this. Were we too hard on him?” Robin asks.

“You were pretty harsh but I’d want to know if my man was struggling.” DeShawn says.

“I can’t believe the drama level when we’re only just back.” Gervais says.

“What he said about Blue manipulating everyone, was that true?” DeShawn asks.

“Blue wouldn’t dream of it.” Robin says.

“I was worried about my character judgement. I hung out with Blue this morning and he seemed genuine. I guess things were a little intense last year with you all.” DeShawn says.

“Blue and I would go over the line when I was with Jesse, I encouraged it, I loved him and didn’t know how to handle being loved back but he didn’t break us up.” Gervais says.

“Gervais wasn’t in that great a place when we first started here and Blue almost instantly read the situation and helped Gervais every way he could. He does the same with anyone who is struggling, not to get them in bed but because that is who he is.” Robin says.

“He’s the best.” Gervais says.

“I need to get back out there. Let’s go to a bar tomorrow. Wait are you allowed?” Gervais asks.

“Can I come?” Robin asks.

“If you’re not worried about getting hit on.” Gervais laughs.

“Hey it’s been so long I’ll take what I can get.” Robin laughs.

“I’d love to and its fine it if its and over 18 place. Are you pretty fluid Robin?” DeShawn asks.

“No I like girls but I have fooled around with guys a couple of times.” Robin says.

“One day the right guy is going to come along and boom you’ll have a dick in your ass.” Gervais laughs.

“I doubt that.” Robin laughs.

“Hey look at George, thought he was asexual then he met Blue.” Gervais says.

“You guys are all so cute.” DeShawn says.

“I am going to talk to Andy. Gervais you should go and zap some aliens or something and stop waiting up for Blue to get back.” Robin says.

“Guilty.” Gervais smiles.

“Come on I’ll play.” DeShawn says.

Robin goes into his room, Andy is sleeping in his clothes on Blue’s bed.

“Wake up.” Robin says nudging him awake.

“How did it go?” Andy asks.

“Not great he’s super defensive and won’t hear it that anyone but him knows what is going on with you. I’d give him the night to miss you and try tomorrow.” Robin says.

“I don’t even know if I want to try.” Andy says with a shrug.


“I had a really great time tonight.” Blue says to George as they walk into George’s room.

“Good. I knew if we could have some nice time alone we would be okay.” George says.

“You were so thoughtful with the food and finding the place. It was good and I have no idea how to compete when I take you out.” Blue laughs.

“You don’t need to. A coffee downstairs, just us is good for me.” George says.

“You’re so cute and deserve so much more than school coffee.” Blue smiles and sweeps George up into a kiss.

They make out on George’s bed for a long time and slowly undress each other. They enjoy each other kissing and touching and enjoying watching the excitement grow. Blue pulls George on top of him and they grind to a rapid conclusion.

“We are still like virgins coming before we get to sex.” George says.

“Does it bother you?” Blue asks.

“Hell no, I love how turned on you get just running your hands over me.” George smiles feeling on top of the world.

“You’re very touchable, and kissable. You have the softest roundest ass that you keep hidden and it makes me shoot every time I play with it.” Blue smiles content. It is easy to forget the world when it’s just the two of them.

“Thank-you. You make me very happy.” George says and kisses Blue’s nose.


4 thoughts on “The suite saga 57

  1. Spence is an idiot almost as much as gervais is. Spence belongs with Andy just as Blue and Gervais do. Hell put Deke and George together. Honestly the only thing George is is a rebound for Blue


    1. I’m struggling writing the discussion between Spence and Andy right now (hence 58 is not up yet), it keeps going the wrong way. Spence isn’t used to Andy needing day to day support. George is a rebound but he knows it and will be working hard to be more.


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