The suite saga 59

Elliot and Jesse have been keeping a low profile. No one is that bothered about Jesse moving in. George is too happy with Blue to notice and Gervais is happy to have Jesse around. Elliot however is aware that his roommates can be volatile and so they are keeping out the way.


They are happy together again, Elliot is more than happy to be in a relationship and his reputation is fading. Jesse is more and more secure. Seeing Gervais single hasn’t shifted his feelings at all and he feels happy to be with Elliot who never looks out for a better option.


With Elliot being rejected by his family and Jesse never having much money they are happy to hang out in the suite or on the pool deck. Both are working on campus and volunteer for all the extra hours they can get.


Gervais has seen Chris from the club twice more, and had him stay over, sneaking him out before yoga. Chris is a lot more arrogant than his usual type but hot and a lot more material than his previous boyfriends.


Gervais is keeping his money situation quiet, other than Blue and Robin the others don’t really know the full picture. The guys know about his mom and the compensation but since the Fergus incident Gervais has made sure not to talk about any specifics. He trusts Robin and Blue completely to keep quiet.


Gervais wants to complete college while spending as little of his inheritance as possible. He is incredibly grateful that both Blue and Robin’s families will take him in during breaks and if he needs to stay near school Cheryl has offered him space also.


He likes Chris, he finds him kind of glamorous, a bit like Fergus. Chris is a freshman but is the same age as Gervais as he took a gap year travelling through Central and South America and doing turtle conservation in Costa Rica.


So far they seem to be getting on well, they have great chemistry. Gervais can’t believe quite how well it’s all going. How quickly he found someone who is a potential boyfriend.


He’s very reluctant to introduce him to the others yet, half worried that it won’t go anywhere and half worried his friend won’t approve and Gervais knows he cares far more than he should about what his friends think of his boyfriend.


Still it’s nice to have two different worlds to inhabit, keeping Chris to himself gives him an escape from the guys and his past.


On Friday as Spence and Andy were away Blue and George have a double date with Robin and his new women Bea. They do look an odd couple but Bea seems quite smitten with Robin and Robin has never been hung up on his height.


“It’s rare I meet guys who are single and straight and taller than me. Shorter guys tend to try harder too as so many girls reject them.” Bea says breaking the ice as they sit down to dinner.


“I don’t know that that is true for Robin, he’s so cute and fun that he gets a lot of attention from girls and guys.” Blue says smiling happy his friend has a date.


“That’s true on spring break he had girls throwing themselves at him but he had a girlfriend at the time and kept hiding away from them.” George laughs.


“It’s pretty nice to have a wanted commodity on my arm.” Bea grins.


“What’s your stance on drugs?” Blue asks.


“Blue!” Robin exclaims.


“Robin’s last girlfriend was really great unless she was on coke or coming down and then she was a violent nightmare. I’m just trying to find out if I need to get body armor.” Blue says and Bea bursts out laughing.


“You two have the same eyes.” George says looking from Bea to Blue.


“You do. Heh maybe I do secretly fancy you after all.” Robin laughs.


“I had the biggest crush on Robin when we started at school but he never liked me back.” Blue says.


“Now you have me and I am way better.” George says.


“You are, you like me back.” Blue says.


“To answer the question I love to drink but that is about it, I don’t think I’m an obnoxious violent drunk but if I am please let me know.” Bea says with a smile.


“I guess you know all about Robin, I’m an only child and live in the boonies, George is an only child and lives in the suburbs. Tell us all about you.” Blue says.


“I have a twin brother, we live with our parents who met in college and are still sickeningly in love in the city. I am majoring in geology. I don’t play sports. I like to bake. I’ve had a few boyfriends, none particularly serious.” Bea says with a big grin.


“Okay, you’re in.” Blue says with a grin.


Throughout dinner the conversation flows, George and Bea ask a lot about Blue and Robin’s summer and Bea asks a lot of questions about Blue’s upbringing to the point where all three guys get uncomfortable and keep shifting the topics to other things.


“I like Bea but she was pretty nosy.” Blue says when he and Robin are in their room later.


“Agreed. I guess you’re a novelty. I asked you a million questions when we met, I was obsessed with wanting you to try fast food.” Robin laughs.


“I remember, I didn’t mind, I thought it meant you were in to me.” Blue smiles.


“We were such dorks.” Robin laughs.


“I’m surprised you didn’t want the room tonight.” Blue says.


“Trying to be a gentleman. Why are you not with George?” Robin asks.


“Wanted to talk to you about tonight.” Blue says.


“You’re not all consumed by George.” Robin says.


“Taking it slow, we’re still just dating not boyfriends.” Blue says kicking himself knowing what is to come.


“Does George know that?” Robin asks.


“Yes, it’s what we agreed at the beach. We’re dating, exclusively, not living together.” Blue says.


“Are you falling for him?” Robin asks.


“I like him and I get jealous when Spence appears.” Blue says.


“But you don’t look at him in the same way you looked at Gervais, or me for that matter.” Robin says.


“With you we’d been talking all summer and I’d built everything up in my head and with Gervais, well I don’t expect to ever feel that again.” Blue shrugs.


“Would you even let yourself? Is that why you’re holding back?” Robin asks.


“I don’t know George that well yet. Things might grow and they might not, I’m not ruling anything out and I’m not deliberately holding my feelings back. Maybe he is just a rebound. I’d hate to hurt him, I care a lot.” Blue says.


“And he knows exactly where he stands.” Robin says understanding what Blue is doing, he’s at least being honest with himself and George.


“And we’re having a lot of fun.” Blue smiles.


“I like Bea, she is fun and smart but I don’t see it being long term.” Robin says.


“I think we both put too much pressure on you and Emilie being soul mates.” Blue says.


“Yeah, she was so great when she was great. I like that we’re both starting something new at the same time. More group dates, maybe with her friends too. I’m yet to meet her brother.” Robin says.


“If you marry her, I should marry her brother then we’ll be related.” Blue laughs.


“You’re secretly a 12 year old girl in that manly body aren’t you?” Robin laughs and they settle down to sleep, in separate beds.


Sometime in the night George comes in to Blue’s bed and snuggles close. He doesn’t want to sleep alone any more.


On Sunday when Spence and Andy get back Blue serves a group dinner. Dylan, Bea and Deke all join them.


“I’m sure we’ve met before.” Dylan says as he’s introduced to Bea.


“1 don’t think so.” Bea replies.


Deke and Spence eye each other warily. Deke sees instantly that he has no chance, Spence is even more handsome and muscular in person than he is in pictures. He looks at Andy and shrugs. Andy shoots him a look of sympathy he hates hurting Deke but he made no promises and things are better with Spence now.


“I guess we’re the single pair.” DeShawn says sitting next to Dylan.


“Why are you single? You’re beautiful.” Dylan says with a grin.


“Back at ya.” DeShawn says. He’s heard that Dylan is a pain but he’s cute enough to overlook that and he’s pretty sure he can keep anyone in line.


“Which one of you is Gervais?” Bea asks.


“Me, why? What has Robin said?” Gervais asks confused.


“You’re dating my brother. Did he not warrant an invite?” Bea asks.



“It’s way too soon to inflict this lot on him. Robin is very brave inviting you.” Gervais says annoyed that his dating life might now be subject to scrutiny.


Blue immediately picks up on Gervais discomfort and starts in on a story about Robin working at the retreat this summer. Gervais chuckles to himself, he’ll never shake Blue off while they live together, it’s nice to have him back in protective mode.


Gervais stays quiet through the meal, watching the others. Jesse and Elliot are clearly in need of conversation and are talking up a storm. DeShawn and Dylan clearly share some chemistry and Gervais is interested to see what happens, they will clearly bang later but Gervais doesn’t see it becoming more. Or at least he hopes not, he likes DeShawn.


He looks at Deke who has been quiet until Bea found out he was from Blue’s home and has been quizzing him ever since. He’s a little concerned but Deke is too and is clearly holding back. Gervais smiles at him and makes a face towards Bea, Deke laughs.


Andy and Spence are clearly not quite through their fight. Watching Andy grow this summer was pretty amazing. Gervais likes both Andy and Spence, apart and together but can’t help feel that Andy grew because he was away from Spence, not just because of all the responsibility Roe and Clara gave him. He can see they might continue to struggle and hopes they can find a way to get through it.


Finally Gervais gaze rests on George and Blue. George is blossoming, he’s bright with laughter, he’s more confident and he’s clearly head over heels. Blue not so much. Since his first story about Robin he’s been observing just like Gervais. Their eyes meet and Gervais has to look away, he has to move on, he can’t spend a minute daydreaming about what might have been.


Maybe he should introduce Chris to the group. Move things along establish him as a boyfriend. Then he won’t need to worry about Blue. No it’s too soon Gervais sighs to himself. He isn’t sure how he feels yet.


“What’s for dessert?” Andy asks bringing Gervais back to the moment.


“Fruit as we’ve an athlete amongst us.” Blue says gesturing the bowl on the counter.


“And?” Andy asks.


“I just made dinner for 12, you’re really expecting more than fruit?” Blue teases.


“Gimme.” Andy says grinning back.


“Manners man. Fuck, Blue just made us an amazing meal.” DeShawn says knowing they’re kidding but wanting to make sure Blue knows he’s appreciated.


“It was really good. Thanks so much.” Elliot says smiling at Blue, genuinely grateful he gets a meal like this with all his friends without paying for it.


“Yeah, yeah it was great but I know Blue won’t leave me hanging.” Andy says.


“There is some rice left if you’re hungry.” Blue says innocently enjoying the long game.


“You really can’t eat like you did all summer when you’re not doing all that manual work.” Spence says.


“Oh I think you worked me out the last two days.” Andy grins and Spence smiles back, their physical relationship has been thoroughly repaired.


“Put us out of our misery. It’s not just Andy with a sweet tooth.” Robin says with a smile.


“I could use some pie.” DeShawn says.


“I love that coffee cake you used to make for the café.” Deke says.


“Cherry cheesecake.” Gervais says with a smile.


“Stop it, you’re making me starving and we just ate.” Andy says.


Blue and George get up and start clearing the table.


“Chocolate cream pie.” George says returning and putting it on the table.


“And plum tart. There are some stewed plums on their own if anyone doesn’t want pastry and ice-cream.” Blue says putting down the tart and going to get more plates while George gets the rest of the food.


“No one is getting laid tonight.” Jesse laughs.


“Why did you not make this for me this summer?” Andy asks with chocolate round his face.


“You never asked.” Blue says.


“Wait you live with Blue too? I thought it was a tiny community, how did 3 of you end up here?” Bea asks.


“I worked up there with Blue this summer. I lived with Spence, a couple of streets from Robin for high school.” Andy says simply not wanting to get into his family situation with a stranger.


“And I followed Blue here pretty much. There are scholarships available for rural kids like me. Not many from our community go out of state, they offered a great deal and being near Blue felt like a safe option.” Deke says.


“I’m sure happy to have someone from home to talk to.” Blue smiles.


“Doesn’t that hold you back?” Bea asks.


“I was really homesick last year. These guys helped but I really struggled at times. Just knowing Deke is here has made this week easier.” Blue says.


“Yeah we’re not going to hang out all the time and I am trying to make my own friends but knowing Blue, Andy, Robin and Gervais are here is a nice safety net.” Deke says.


“Gervais too, I didn’t realize so many of you spent the summer there.” Bea says.


“It’s my home too now, at least for some breaks.” Gervais says quietly.


“Why?” Bea asks.


“Blue invited me for the summer and even though we broke up Clara has told me I’m always welcome.” Gervais says.


“You broke up because you used to be together?” Bea asks confused.


“For a minute they were the perfect couple.” Andy says.


“Does my brother know?” Bea asks.


“We’re a couple of dates in.” Gervais says shaking his head wishing she’d shut up about Chris.


Jesse notices Blue’s cheek twitch.


“The tart was amazing Blue.” Jesse says realizing Gervais needs more help and Blue can’t step in.


“I thought you’d like fruit more than chocolate.” Blue says shakily.


“I am so glad we’re friends again because this has been amazing. Don’t you dare lift another finger.” Jesse says gathering up the plates and dragging Elliot to help him clean up.


Jesse has been watching Gervais, George and Blue all meal wondering how well their relationships are transitioning. Gervais and Blue are clearly as in tune as they ever were and Jesse is surprised that George is coping with the situation a lot better than he ever did. Jesse can’t wait to meet Gervais new man and see how he copes with Blue.


“What do you think of the GGB triangle?” Jesse asks Elliot as they clean up.


“It’s not a triangle. Not the way it was with you three. Gervais might still love Blue but he’s making a good effort to move on and Blue isn’t faking it with George.” Elliot says.


“Seems stupid for them both to be making so much effort with others instead of being together.” Jesse says.


“I cannot believe you said that, after all that happened you’re finally on the ship after its capsized.” Elliot laughs.


“Just seems like such a waste, all the angst I went through. All that Blue went through.” Jesse says.


“You can’t expect Blue to take him back just like that.” Elliot says.


“He didn’t give Blue the choice. Told him he didn’t want him back and Blue took him at his word.” Jesse says.


“Blue deserves better than that. However he contributed to Gervais treating you badly it was Gervais who was your boyfriend not Blue and he deserves better.” Elliot says.


“Oh I totally agree. I don’t know that George is a step up. He might treat Blue well but he’s hardly the same league is he?” Jesse says bitchily.


“Just because he’s not your type doesn’t mean he isn’t the one for Blue.” Elliot says.


“You’ve been with Blue, you know what he’s got. It’s wasted on George.” Jesse says.


“I’d sure love to jump on it again.” Elliot says without thinking and gets a death-stare from Jesse.


“Babe?” Jesse asks icily.


“Hey you can’t tell me you wouldn’t have given the chance. I bet you kick yourself for not doing a George and having a threeway when you were with Gervais.” Elliot laughs.


“I didn’t want to encourage them. But oh hell yes it would have been good.” Jesse laughs his anger gone. Elliot gives him no reason to be insecure and he’s really happy he gave him a chance.


“Bea is pretty full on.” Gervais says to Robin after Bea leaves.

“I’m sorry. I told her to cool it on the questions, Blue and Deke live in the country, they’re not zoo exhibits.” Robin says.


“Thanks, t wasn’t just that. I’ve had like 2 dates with her brother and I’m certainly not at the, tell him about my exes stage.” Gervais says.


“I understand. It’s pretty soon to include her here at all but we talked about this dinner on Friday and it would have been rude not to include her.” Robin says.

“She’s not your usual type.” Gervais says.

“No but my usual type hasn’t worked out.” Robin laughs.

“True. I talked to your mom earlier she’s been reaching out to people who might have been at school with my mom for me. She’s been so great to me.” Gervais says.

“She loves having a project. At the end you’ll have a book about your mom.” Robin says.

“It’s so weird. Getting to know her after all this time.” Gervais says.

“I hope it helps. Is this new man helping you move on from Blue?” Robin asks.

“I don’t know. A couple of dates and dancing in the club don’t make a relationship. He could ghost me tomorrow. He might after I was hostile to his sister. So weird we’re dating them both. Is it creepy?” Gervais asks.

“A bit. I would not like any of you to date my sisters down the line.” Robin says.

“Good job we’re all gay then. I already did Spence’s brother. Maybe it’s my thing.” Gervais laughs.

10 thoughts on “The suite saga 59

  1. I’m really over the whole Gervais Blue thing…. For Gervais to just walk out on a good thing without even talking to Blue about it…. I wouldn’t take him back he knew Blue was his protector still is actually if he would have been open with Blue they could have worked something out. Not sure what I think about George yet but you all have to remember he just realized he was gay so of course he is going to be a bit on the goody goody train. Plus he is really trying to win Blue.



    1. See I can’t please everyone. I think it would be weird if they were both just over it. George doesn’t bitch/gossip like the others which maybe makes him seem too good. We probably just need to see more of him than just worshiping Blue.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I totally agree with the Blue and Gervais thing- Gervais is lucky that Blue is nice enough to even speak to him any more (i’d personally be pissed if that happened to me.
      And yeah I not sold on Blue being with George, I used to hope he’d get with Spence when Andy was sleeping around but now I don’t want to see a long standing relationship fail. I’m hoping a whole new character comes in and Blue falls for him- and no I don’t want Deshawn with Blue, he’s too much of a player and doesn’t seem to want a relationship at all.


      1. It’s early days with George, it’s for sure a rebound/transitional relationship but it might bloom. DeShawn wants what the relationship guys have but he also loves what he’s offered and nothing wrong with making hay.


  2. So tired of this drama just put blue and Gervais back together. God I can’t stand George he’s seems like a goody two shoes to me. Elliot and Jesse make a good pair. And Deshawn and Dylan might be fun


    1. No drama just some lingering feelings, they are both moving on. Its just everyone else putting pressure on their new relationships.
      I think DeShawn and Dylan might make good fwb until DeShawn finds someone.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Please don’t put Blue and Gervais back together. I think Blue is way too good for Gervais; he never really appriciated all that Blue did for him.
        And the fact that Blue and Bea have the same eyes I’m kinda hoping there’s some relation going on- i know long shot but i can dream.


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