The suite saga 60

“Your room is amazing, mini suite within the suite.” Dylan says to DeShawn.

“Yeah I’m lucky. Lucked out with great roommates and a great room.” DeShawn says as he shows Dylan around.

“You are lucky lots of guys would be pissed at you at the unfairness of you getting all this. These guys will be happy for you and it won’t cross their minds that it’s unfair.” Dylan says.

“l thought maybe Spence would be like that but he’s just happy I let him use my weights.” DeShawn says.

“I’m mega jealous, I’m a senior and this room is as big as our suite.” Dylan says.

“Sounds very small, why don’t you live off campus?” DeShawn asks.

“Me and my ex got a 2 person suite, 2 singles and a small sitting room. We planned to use one as a bedroom and one as a study. It was way, way cheaper than living out and we’re both too busy to cook much. Then he left me this summer and its hell.” Dylan says.

“I’m sorry. What happened?” DeShawn asks.

“I think his parents hate me and so sent him travelling as a bribe to drop me. We were best friends for years and I never thought he’d be so cruel. We broke up before but that was all my fault I was a mess, a jealous mess. I thought things were going great when we got back together but no. I came out for him and I changed my life for him but it was never enough.” Dylan says bitterly.

“But you’re happy to be out?” DeShawn asks.

“So happy but it was so hard to change my own perception of who I am. My parents took it so well and I feel like I wasted so much time. Spence and Andy helped me so much last semester, just being themselves. Meeting guys like you and Spence who are so damn comfortable with who they are and fit into that straight guy, jock world are so inspiring, help me remember I’m not losing anything.” Dylan says.

“Thanks. I love how Blue can look like Indiana jones, all rugged and ready for adventure and yet loves to bake and does yoga and is so caring. He’s a mass of contradictions but nothing is surprising because he just is that way.” DeShawn says.

“l hated him for the longest time last year, he dated my ex, fake dated to get me jealous, which worked and I had him mixed up with a kid I used to know. I got to know him a little and he’s pretty great. Whoever he ends up with will be 5001bs though.” Dylan laughs.

“Funny he goes for those tiny guys when he’s such a feeder.” DeShawn laughs.

“I wouldn’t say no though.” Dylan says.

“Me either. That George pulled a fast one nailing him down before he was ready.” DeShawn says.

“It won’t last.” Dylan says.

“Are you over your ex?” DeShawn asks.

“No. I am not boyfriend material right now. Can you handle that?” Dylan asks.

“If you can handle that I am and will be looking and dating.” DeShawn says.

The chemistry overtakes them both and they lunge at each other, lips and hands everywhere.


“Your sister is fucking nosy.” Gervais texts Chris lying on his bed.

“She is dead.” Chris replies.

“She seems more interested in my ex than in Robin.” Gervais texts.

“Want me to come over? Make you forget it all?” Chris asks.

“I’m in a food coma. Too much pie.” Gervais says.

“Tomorrow then?” Chris asks.

“Lunch date?” Gervais asks, he’s trying to get to know Chris outside the bedroom as much as he can.

“Okay. 1?” Chris suggests.

“1 is good.” Gervais replies and smiles. Chris is pretty attentive but not too demanding. He like it.

Days like today make it hardest to move on. Blue showing him exactly what he’s missing, not the food exactly but the large dinner with friends, the life they could have had together if he hadn’t fucked it up. Maybe he and Chris could have the same. Blue isn’t the only guy who can entertain and enjoys having friends over and one on one time. Gervais pulls himself together and gets up to get a drink.

Blue is doing the same.

“Thanks for a great dinner. You’ve set the bar way too high for the rest of us.” Gervais says.

“I loved doing it and you know it. I enjoy having the chance to show off my cooking.” Blue says.

“And we all appreciate it. Dylan and DeShawn are hitting it.” Gervais smiles as they hear the sounds of a good fuck seeping out from DeShawn’s room.

“Can we hang out this week sometime? Just us?” Blue asks.

“I don’t think so. I think I need some time away from you.” Gervais says quietly.

“Will you come to my class on Thursday? I could do with the help in the kid’s class.” Blue asks.

“I would love to. I guess I owe Ocean some serious spoiling for disappearing.” Gervais says.

“He may have called you a smelly poo.” Blue says with a glint in his eye.

“I have some candy from Germany for him, hopefully that’s a start.” Gervais smiles.

In a moment of rashness Blue pulls his ex to him in a deep hug. Gervais doesn’t resist but leans his head on Blue’s chest for a moment.

“I wish you’d taken me with you.” Blue says quietly into Gervais hair.

“Me too.” Gervais mouths into Blue’s chest before pulling away.

“Your new guy treating you well?” Blue asks wanting just a few more minutes.

“Yeah, it’s too early to say if he’s my new guy. I like him.” Gervais says.

“Good. If he treats you badly he better watch out.” Blue says.

“You’re happy with George?” Gervais asks.

“He’s really sweet.” Blue says.

“I’ll see you Thursday, I think I’ll do my morning session in my room.” Gervais says.

“The roof is better, while it’s warm. I’ll get up earlier if you want to avoid me.” Blue says.

“Stop putting yourself second.” Gervais says.

“I miss you telling me off.” Blue says.

“I can’t do this Blue. I’m sorry. I’m not right for you. I’m not someone you should be waiting for. You must move on and leave me alone. I’ll help at class on Thursday because of the kids and Sunday dinners for our friends, but that’s it. Don’t talk to me, don’t touch me, don’t text me.” Gervais says and runs back to his room.

Blue goes to the shower strips off and cries himself out under the spray. He knows he should be the one telling Gervais to stay away but he can’t. However badly Gervais treats him, however much he pushes him away he wants to be back in his arms and holding him. Blue can’t understand why Gervais doesn’t see that he’s the right one for him.

Exhausted he climbs into bed still damp unable to spare the energy to dry himself.

George again comes in to the room in the night, this time Blue is awake unable to sleep.

“Not tonight George.” Blue says.

“I just want to be near you. I missed you.” George says quietly.

“Please just not tonight.” Blue says firmly.

“What’s wrong?” George asks.

“If I wanted to be in bed with you I’d be in your bed, or at least I’d ask you if I could. You can’t just come in here.” Blue says more sternly than he meant.

“Why don’t you want me here?” George asks.

“It’s not fair on Robin.” Blue says.

“Then come to my room. I don’t get why you want to be apart.” George pushes.

“I need some space.” Blue says.

“Are you breaking up with me?” George asks utterly confused.

“No. Its hot and I just want the bed to myself.” Blue says and George reluctantly leaves.

“You’ve had me in your bed on hotter nights than this. What’s up?” Robin asks.

“Sorry to wake you. I don’t want him to just come in all the time. We’re supposed to be taking it slow.” Blue says.

“Right but you spent the day together cooking like a real couple, a sleepover must have been expected.” Robin says.

“Why is everyone trying to rush us? Why is the pace I’m comfortable with unimportant?” Blue asks frustrated.

“Because you and Gervais just fit and we all looked up to you as a couple and we’re finding it hard to adjust, however much we like you with George, and like how good he is for you.” Robin says.

“Gervais told me to fuck off out his life tonight.” Blue says.

“He isn’t worth the effort. Go sort things out with George.” Robin says.

“Maybe I best go apologise. See you tomorrow.” Blue says.

“He’s crazy about you. Go enjoy it.” Robin says.

“Yeah I can’t let a mad moment spoil what I have.” Blue says and goes to see George.

Robin watches him go, wondering when he’ll snap out of his Gervais obsession and move on with his life. He knows from his mom that Gervais is struggling with so much right now and that he’s pushing Blue away is bad sign.


“Gervais, you awake?” Robin asks knocking at his door.

“Come on in.” Gervais says.

Robin goes in to find Gervais playing a game. Gervais points to his spare controller and Robin sits down and they start the game over together.

“What happened with Blue tonight?” Robin asks.

“Is he okay? I was pretty rough on him.” Gervais asks.

“He is pretty mixed up.” Robin says.

“He was pushing it earlier and I probably encouraged him a bit too much before coming to my senses.” Gervais says.

“I don’t think Blue should be put through any more of your shit, but if he wants you why turn him away?” Robin asks.

“Because he doesn’t deserve any more of my shit.” Gervais laughs.

“If Emilie came back and said she’d changed I’d give it a go.” Robin says.

“Really? Even after she cheated with Mles?” Gervais asks.

“No of course not and I have Bea.” Robin laughs.

“She was full on. Did you know I was dating her brother?” Gervais asks.

“No idea. Did he not say anything?” Robin asks.

“I knew she existed but I’ve not told him about you guys yet. Trying to keep my worlds separate.” Gervais says.

“Maybe if Blue met him it would make it more real for him that you’re done.” Robin says.

“Nah, Blue didn’t let me dating Jesse dampen his conviction that we should be together and I don’t want Chris to have to deal. Plus it’s too soon.” Gervais says.

“I get you being hard on him, I do but be careful, he’s not as strong as you think right now.” Robin says.

“I don’t want him broken but he always thinks he can wear me down.” Gervais says.


“Can I come in?” Blue asks George.

“Yes.” George says with a smile, he’s not mad at Blue at all, just happy he’s here.

“I’m sorry for being so grumpy. It was nothing to do with you. I messed up earlier with Gervais, I’m really not over him. I’m not sure I can do this.” Blue says.

“I knew what I was getting in to with you and I think you’re worth it.” George says.

“You are way too good for me.” Blue says stretching out next to George and pulling him onto his chest.

“I’m just right.” George says.

“Sorry for sending you away. It was stupid. I am so dumb sometimes.” Blue says.

‘Nothing will happen with Gervais will it? I mean he’s moving on.” George says.

‘He is and I am. Just sometimes I wonder why. That isn’t about you, just about what I had with him.” Blue says.

“I think we need to move forward. I think I should swap rooms with Robin.” George says.

“It’s too fast, we’re just dating.” Blue says reflexively.

“No we are not. Not anymore. We’re boyfriends and you know it. Stop pretending. I think you’re clinging to Gervais to hold me off. But you know you like having me around. I am the one you want to tell about your day and you want to have me in your arms at night.” George says risking everything.

“I don’t know.” Blue says.

“It doesn’t mean the romance stops. We will still have dates and we will have some time doing separate things. You have your yoga classes and I’m going to robot wars club and you and Robin are going to be on your sports mission and I have my game project.” George says.

“That sounds like a lot of time apart.” Blue says.

“Right we’re going to be busy so we should share a room to make sure we have some quality time every day.” George says.

“And you want to be my boyfriend?” Blue asks quietly.

“I already am.” George says kissing Blue who grins and kisses him back.

“You’re pretty bossy when you want to be.” Blue says.

“You need some direction sometimes. Plus I really don’t like the thought of you trying to study in your room when Robin has his new girlfriend over.” George says.

“Ugh me either. I can see that Robin likes her but I can’t stand her.” Blue says.

“She was rude.” George says.

“She wasn’t so bad on our double date but today was waaay too much.” Blue says.

“I wanted to tape her mouth shut. Poor Deke being interrogated.” George says.

“He’s doing okay. Settling in I mean. He is so in to Andy still which is a shame.” Blue says.

“He’ll find someone. He’s so lovely and friendly.” George says.

Blue cuddles George tightly and kisses him goodnight. He feels okay about George moving things forward. No point holding back when Gervais has moved on.


On Wednesday Robin and Blue go to soccer together. They have fun and do okay with the drills but neither is any good with the game.

“Time for froyo?” Robin asks when they finish.

“Sounds good.” Blue smiles.

“Did you have fun?” Robin asks on the way.

“Kinda, but its not for me.” Blue says.

“Me either, we can try other things.” Robin says.

“Are you okay to move this weekend?” Blue asks.

“I’ll miss you. We’re a good team and I like knowing you’re around but having my own room will be great. Are you okay with it?” Robin asks.

“Yes I’m looking forward to it. I’ll miss you but I can invade your room when you’re alone.” Blue says.

“You can. And I’ll come in to yours when you’re not fucking.” Robin says.

“Hows it going with Bea?” Blue asks.

“Okay when she’s not around you lot. She’s fun.” Robin says.

“Is she coming on Sunday?” Blue asks.

“Nah she’s busy.  Think Sundays should be guy time.” Robin says.

“Cool, she made me feel pretty uncomfortable. I’d rather not see her much.” Blue says.

“I get it and she’s not my only option. Theres a girl from my high school Lucie who just started here and we’re texting some.” Robin says.

“Good. I’m glad you’re happy.” Blue says.

“I am. It’s all pretty chill here now with Andy and Spence doing okay. Dylan and DeShawn are an odd pair but I don’t think it’ll last.” Robin says.

“It’s just sex. DeShawn is still looking for someone. We’re going out Friday night if you want to come.” Blue says.

Time passes, Robin continues to date several girls, Gervais and Chris start to see more and more of each other but keep themselves separate from the group, Blue and George navigate sharing a room and find they really like it, they’re happy to do their own thing and come together at night.

For once all is peaceful in the suite.

6 thoughts on “The suite saga 60

      1. I mean they can be friends AND still enjoy a casual hook up. I think they have an incredible chemistry, for sure more then blue and George. Don’t get me wrong I like George but I think blue needs a some crazy wild time without all the love drama. Blue and robin should just go a little crazy, party and have some fun college time.
        Btw. Love your writing 🙂


        1. Thanks. I agree Blue needs some wilder times. Spence’s birthday is coming which I think needs a party. You know Blue doesn’t give up easily so he’ll work on George a while yet.


  1. I didn’t like this chapter that much. Still hoping on Blue and Gervais to get back together. Bea and Chris are kinda weird to me I don’t know something seems off about them. George is sweet but so not right for Blue. Hate to say it but I wish Blue or Gervais gets in an accident so they’ll end back up together. Robin needs to find a nice girl. Glad Andy and Spence are doing well


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