The suite saga 61

Gervais drives Deke to Cheryl’s place for the kid’s yoga class while Blue teaches his earlier class. They walk in to the café and Ocean runs at Gervais and starts pummelling him in the stomach.

“Hey, hey. Buddy!” Gervais says pushing him back, Ocean is a lot stronger than he realizes.

Deke picks Ocean up and pulls him away shocked at the kid’s fury.

“Calm down kid.” Deke says.

“You promised to take me fishing and you left me. You didn’t say goodbye. You’re a mean smelly shit.” Ocean shouts.

“1 get that you’re angry. I’m sorry for not saying goodbye, I had to go in a hurry.” Gervais says shocked at Oceans language and fury

“You promised.” Ocean says sticking out his lip.

“I did and I will make that up to you. We’ll ask your mom and we’ll have a day out, you and me. Okay?” Gervais asks.

“Can we go to the adventure park?” Ocean asks.

“If your mom says its okay.” Gervais says and Ocean skips off happily to ask.

Gervais and Deke stay for the general class and join Blue, Cheryl and Ocean for food after.

“Me and Gervais are going to the adventure park. Will you come too?” Ocean asks Blue.

“No, maybe we can go swimming some time.” Blue says.

“But it has big tree swings and zip lines and its going to be really fun.” Ocean says.

“That sounds really great. You better tell me all about it when you get back.” Blue says.

“Its okay if you want to come.” Gervais says, Blue doesn’t reply.

“See you have to come too. Please Blue.” Oceans whines.

“I’m sorry buddy.” Blue says annoyed that Gervais has put him in the position of disappointing Ocean.

“The class was really busy. More kids than at the retreat.” Deke says changing the subject.

‘Yeah it was more than I expected. My early class was full too.” Blue says.

“They all missed you this summer. Will you add an extra day again?” Gervais asks.

“Are you coming to dinner on Sunday?” Blue asks Deke ignoring Gervais.

“Yeah I’m going to cook with Andy and Robin. Though we hope you’ll make dessert.” Deke says.

“For sure, just tell me what you want.” Blue says with a smile.

“Are you bringing Chris? We’re all curious to meet him.” Deke asks Gervais.

“No its too soon for meet the family. We’re not all Blue.” Gervais says.

“Who is Chris?” Ocean asks.

“He’s my boyfriend.” Gervais says.

“Why do you have a boyfriend?” Ocean asks.

“It’s nice to have a boyfriend, to have someone to talk to and to cuddle at night.” Gervais says.

“Not that, I know about boyfriends being special friends. Why do you have a boyfriend when you’re going to marry Blue?” Ocean asks.

“I’m not going to marry Blue.” Gervais says.

“Why not?” Ocean asks looking from one to the other confused.

“We broke up. We’re not together anymore.” Gervais says.

“But you have to get married so you can be dads together.” Ocean says.

“We don’t have to marry each other.” Gervais says.

“Why don’t you want to marry Blue? He’s kind and he’s a really good teacher and he can fish and bake cakes. Blue is the best boy in the whole world.” Ocean says.

“Hey stop being so pushy. Gervais and Blue are not going to be together just to make you happy.” Cheryl says.

“Thanks. I don’t need to hear him explain how inadequate I am again.” Blue says quietly.

“Stop being bitter you have George. I am the single one with no hope of being with the one I love because he loves a Greek god who I cannot compete with.” Deke laughs.

“Well I’m glad you two were able to let this tension go for class but it is difficult seeing you like this. Blue I’m surprised at you, Gervais still needs your support.” Cheryl says.

“It’s hard to be friends when I’m not allowed to speak to him, touch him or text him. I was good enough to help him practically and emotionally when his dad died, I was useful in helping with arrangements and remembering what the lawyer said when Gervais was in a fog and couldn’t hear but now his life is back on track I’m not even good enough to say good morning to him.” Blue says angrily.

“I feel sorry for George, stuck with a boyfriend who can’t let go of his ex and uses all his energy on hating me.” Gervais says.

“I don’t understand how you two can’t be friends, you were so close even before you dated.” Cheryl says.

“It’s just too hard right now. Blue wants a lot more than friendship and I don’t. He’s pushy and over familiar and I had to be firm with him. If he could behave like a normal friend then it would be fine but he can’t.” Gervais says.

“Thanks for dinner. I’ll see you next week.” Blue says getting up and leaving.

“You are mean to Blue. I don’t want to go to the adventure park with you.” Ocean says and gets up too.

“Sorry for ruining things. I just don’t know how to deal with him.” Gervais says.

“Stop having a go at him all the time. Have you any idea what a mess he was when you left? You keep making it all about you, how hard it is for you, how his pain and his feelings are inconvenient tor you. He made a huge effort when you got back, we’d have all happily never spoken to you again but we took his lead and you just throw everything back in his face.” Deke says.

“Ugh, he’s not the perfect golden boy. He wanted you all to stay friends with me so he could be around me.” Gervais says.

“I have no idea why. Ocean is right, you’re mean.” Deke says.

“You two can’t fight as well. I need some positive happy men as role models for Ocean.” Cheryl says trying to lighten the mood.

“I’m sorry, you’ve been so good to me, I hate that you’ve been dragged in to this. Thanks for the therapist details I’m seeing them next week.” Gervais says.

“Maybe you need to talk about Blue as well as your dad.” Cheryl says.

“Maybe I will. I don’t think I can come here anymore. I’m more than happy to take Ocean on some days out when he’s calmed down. Deke is more than capable of helping out and maybe Robin would like to as well.” Gervais says.

“Come by any time. Take care and stop taking Blue for granted, you know you risk him not coming back when you keep pushing him away like this. You’re trying to prove that everyone leaves you.” Cheryl says giving Gervais something to think about.

“Thanks for the food.” Deke says as they leave.

“Have you been mad at me for a while?” Gervais asks Deke in the car.

“No, I just feel protective of Blue when he’s having a hard time. get that being his ex you see him differently and I know he isn’t perfect but he’s damn close.” Deke says.

“I know, it’s hard to live up to his perception of me.” Gervais says.

“Is that why you don’t want to try again?” Deke asks.

“I don’t want to mess up again. It’s too much pressure. Once we’ve moved on we’ll be fine, it is this interim time that is so difficult. And I really like Chris, he’s totally different from Blue and he makes me laugh, it is so much less intense.” Gervais says.

“Has he a brother for me?” Deke laughs.

“You sure as hell don’t want his sister.” Gervais laughs.

“She terrifies me. Has Chris said what the fascination with my life is?” Deke asks.

“No, I think she sees herself as some sort of anthropologist. I think she was just rude.” Gervais says.

“I’m a farm kid, most kids my age at home are farm kids, any kid who isn’t is from a hippy artsy family or an off gridder. As different as the these groups are our lives are similar, we all have chores and family responsibilities and we all spend most of our leisure time outdoors. To me we’re just not that interesting.” Deke says.

“You’re all similar up there but so different to down here, to us urban and suburban kids you’re aliens and most the country kids that end up this way are pretty religious and your community doesn’t even have a church.” Gervais says.


“God never made It to our community. Still its not polite to interrogate aliens the way she was. Fine ask about the farm and our little high school but the rest is way too much for a first meeting.” Deke says.

“Everyone thought I was the reserved one but it took a long time to get the info out of Blue the basics of his home life, even now I don’t feel like I know him all that well, he’s so selective with what he lets out. Last year none of us took his homesickness seriously or his pickiness with food. Then we spent time in your community and we got it. It’s just so different, food, sounds, air.” Gervais says.

“It’s home to me. I’m less fish out of water than Blue, we visited relatives more, my brothers already gone to college. But it is hard.” Deke says.

“How are you coping with the Andy situation? You were so determined not to fall for him. Gervais asks.

“Oh I don’t think any of you believed that I’d manage not to. I’m giving myself a few week in the unfairness and get used to college before I start chasing guys.” Deke says.

“Sounds good. I thought you were already looking.” Gervais says.

“I tell Blue and Andy I am so they keep off my back. It is like having my brothers around.” Deke laughs.

“See you know exactly what it’s like to have expectations from blue and how hard it is to live up to them.” Gervais says as they get out.

“Nah if I was lucky enough to date someone like Blue, pleasing him would be the easiest thing in the world.” Deke says.

Gervais ponders Deke’s words as he heads back to his room. Could it have been easier? If hadn’t died would they still be together? Instead of going to his room he goes in search of pounding his as will get the frustrations out and stop him thinking about Blue.

Deke heads up to the suite to check on Blue. He’s finding college hard and his initial resolve to make his own friends is ebbing away already. He likes Blue, Robin, Andy and Gervais and is pretty sure he’ll like George too if he gets a chance to know him. That would be more than enough friends

“Hey you okay?” Deke asks Blue.

“Yeah I just didn’t need to hear that stuff from Gervais, especially as I can’t defend myself.” Blue says.

“Just checking. I brought your food up from Cheryl.” Deke says.

“Thanks so much. I want to cook more but don’t have time to do what I want to and the dining hall is easy, this will be nice. Thanks for helping tonight and for staying for general class.” Blue smiles.

“Thanks, its been a while, it felt good. I’ll come each week, Gervais won’t. Tonight was pretty intense. I like him a lot but I don’t know how you can be in the same room after what he did.” Deke says.

“l miss him, loads, I always do when we’re fighting. He just gets me and I want to be around him. I know that makes me a total schmuck but its how I am.” Blue says.

“How are things with George?” Deke asks.

“He’s swapping rooms with Robin this weekend, we’re moving things along.” Blue says.

“Is that a good idea?” Deke asks.

“I think so, we’ll either work out or implode. I think we’ll work out.” Blue says.

“I think you will, he seems nice.” Deke says.

‘”He is, he’s smart too.” Blue says.

“And if someone as nerdy looking as him can get someone like you theres hope for me.” Deke laughs.

“You’re cute in your way. I bet you’ll get handsome as you get older, like your dad, your oldest brother has really filled out in the last year.” Blue says.

“I can hope. At least I don’t have an inflated view of myself or super high expectations. I think we’re lucky coming from our small community, no choice meant none of us could be snobby about who we liked. Well maybe you were.” Deke laughs.

“Nah I was just too immature to date, even if there had been someone.” Blue says.

“Yeah it’s weird to think about Spence and Andy being together at 15.” Deke says.

“Uh you had a girlfriend for years.” Blue says.

“I suppose. We were just best friends really, or that’s how I saw it.” Deke says.

“You shouldn’t feel that you can’t hang out here anytime. I’m always happy to have you about.” Blue says.

“I was thinking on the way over it is so much easier with you guys because everyone knows you and our community background.” Deke says.

“I did the hard bit for you. Sorry if you’re finding it hard.” Blue says.

“The food is weird, I was sorta prepared for that from what you and my brothers said so I eat a lot of sandwiches and that’s okay, but it’s the being asked on a late night mcdonalds run or whatever. I don’t want to spend the money or eat that shit and they look at me like I’m from mars when I say I never had burger king or whatever.” Deke says.

“Like I go to the coffee places on our meal card but I wince when we go out at the cost of a drink and I’m rich.” Blue says.

“Those places scare me. I make coffee in my room.” Deke says.

“We are so sheltered.” Blue laughs.

“Yeah, well not so much when it comes to farming.” Deke laughs.

“So we’ll hang out more?” Blue asks.

“Yeah. You think we could go hiking this weekend?” Deke asks.

“Yes we can. I’ll ask the others.” Blue says and they hug goodbye.


“How’s Deke doing?” Robin asks coming in.

“Good. We’re going for a hike this weekend. Want to come?” Blue asks.

“Yeah if we can move my stuff first.” Robin says.

“Sounds good. We should have a proper sleepover tomorrow, if you don’t have a date. Games and movies and popcorn.” Blue says.

“I want my own room but hate losing you.” Robin says.

“You were meant to have your own room until Gervais fucked it up.” Blue says.

“You still mad at him?” Robin asks.

“It got messy tonight. Will you be able to help run the kids class with me and Deke?” Blue asks.

“Oh I would love to. I need to do some volunteering and that’s a small commitment.” Robin says.

“You not enjoy the robot thing?” Blue asks.

“No, George loved it and was right in the thick of things but it’s not for me.” Robin says.

“Is he back?” Blue asks.

“No, they went out after but I went to see Lucie for a bit.” Robin says.

“Not Bea?” Blue asks.

“I like both.” Robin shrugs.

“Good for you.” Blue smiles.

“I’m not making either of them any promises. I like Bea she challenges me. I like Lucie because she’s really cute and we have loads in common but she’s one of Jenna’s best friends.” Robin says.

“You can be her friend and not her lover.” Blue says.

“A bit late, she really wanted me.” Robin says.

“I’m glad you’ve bounced back from Emilie, I was kind of worried about you this summer.” Blue says.

“And I you.” Robin says.

“We’ll be okay, we have each other.” Blue says.

“Yup the more girls I date, the more endings I’ll have and I’ll need you.” Robin says.

“Can I come in?” George asks.

“I’ll come to your room in a minute.” Blue says.

“Okay.” George says with a smile.

“You are ready to dive in I can see it. You’re starting to pay more attention to him.” Robin says.

“I am. I have to give it a good shot. Gervais will never be mine and facing that is so hard. George makes it a little easier.” Blue says.

“Go have fun.” Robin says.

“Thank you for everything.” Blue says and he hugs and kisses Robin deeply.


“Did you have a fun night?” Blue asks George as they get into bed.

“I did, lots of fun. Made me miss you less.” George says and kisses Blue gently.

“My classes went well but I fought with Gervais again. I’ll be steering clear from now on. Do you want to come hiking with Deke and Robin at the weekend?” Blue asks.

“I’d love that. Blue back to nature is always so fun and relaxed.” George says.

They make out for a good while before George pushes into Blue and fucks him good.



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