Update and bits


I’ve been away the last couple of weekends (yay for sunshine) so not written so much, and have delayed writing the more complex story that is coming up, hence the gentler entries.

With the Olympics less than 2 weeks away I’m not sure where I’ll get to before it starts. I really don’t want to leave you hanging during the next big section so I might hold off posting any of it til I’m done, not sure. But if it goes quiet that’s what I’ve done.

I’m super excited for Rio starting, and won’t write much (or anything) while the gym is on (what fool scheduled gymnastics and diving at the same time?) so things will be slowing down.

I doubt I’ll get married 2 finished for a while either. Just imaging P&A enjoying their mansion nude.
Thanks for reading and all the comments, always interesting to hear your views and preferences.

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