The suite saga 62

The guys settle into the routine of being back at school. They often go out as a group on a Friday, hike on Sunday’s and have a group meal.


Gervais sees more and more of Chris and spend less and less time wth the others. Blue is the only one who misses him. The couples are all doing well, Jesse is so secure of Elliot now that he’s happy for him to go out without him and Elliot feels less smothered , though secretly loves  that Jesse is possessive. Having someone who loves him and cares for him so completely has changed Elliot, he’s content in a way he never was before.


Deke and Spence work to find some common ground for Andy’s sake and he is soon a permanent member of the group, along with DeShawn and Dylan. Dylan is less obnoxious that he was, he wants to be a part of the group and knows they won’t put up with his shit. Sharing a suite with John is near impossible. John and Miles are close again and Dylan just can’t deal. He doesn’t understand why John rejected him and why he’s make the time for Miles after what he did.


One Wednesday Blue wakes horny, he reaches for George’s ass, George wakes and smiles. There is nothing he likes more than Blue inside him. He never really imagined what sex would be like with a man until he was doing it and he fucking loves it. He loves Blue, Blue the man, Blue’s body, Blue’s cock.


Blue enjoys having someone he can focus his attention on, who appreciates it. George can never have enough attention but he doesn’t clamor for it when Blue is busy. Blue worries that things are too easy with George. It’s easier to be a couple with Gervais not around but Blue still really misses him. He can talk to George and Robin, but it isn’t quite the same.


Robin has been seeing Bea and Lucie a fair amount with both girls visiting the suite regularly. Deke and Blue makes themselves scarce when Bea is around, Spence and Andy avoid Lucie as they both know her from high school and really don’t want to accidently say the wrong thing. Robin hasn’t claimed to be exclusive with either girl but as weeks pass the other guys feel less okay with the situation, but know they have to keep out.


That evening the guys are sat around studying or playing games. Blue has been baking and the guys are all staying in the main room so they don’t miss out when he’s finished. Andy has become adept at scooping things into tins and hiding them.


Dylan comes in and flops on the couch next to Jesse.


“What are you doing here? Its Wednesday.” Jesse asks.


“I’m out, impeached, banned. John and Miles have rewritten history and are blaming me for numbers being down and you lot leaving.” Dylan says.


“That sucks. I am sorry if I’ve caused you some issues.” Blue says.


“It’s not you. It sucks but I still have leadership positions for my resume. I’ll miss it though. I fucking love it.” Dylan says.


“So you can use the facility and not be in the club.” Jesse says.


“I miss it too. We could go Friday, I mean and go out later.” Blue says


“I’m in.” Elliot says.


“Me too.” Say George, Jesse and Robin.


“I’ll ask Spence if he wants to. I’m in anyway. Been a while since I’ve seen all your wonderous asses.” Andy laughs.


“Can I come?  I’ve never tried a wall only outdoors.” Deke asks.


“Of course. We can all help.” Dylan says.


“Hell we’re practically a club without them.” Blue says.


“Hmm I don’t see why we couldn’t be the gay climbing club.” Dylan says.


“I’m not gay.” Robin says.


“Not exclusively gay but gay friendly. Let me work on it.” Dylan says.


“Do we need to pay more than before?” Elliot asks.


“This week but if we can become an official club we’ll get the same discount.” Dylan says.


“I’ll cover you. It’s not like you actually climb.” Blue says.


“You can’t do that.” Elliot says.


“Why can’t I treat my fave couple?” Blue asks.


“Because you do too much for us already.” Jesse says grabbing a bun as Blue puts them to cool.


“Hey I’ve not glazed them yet.” Blue protests.


“We’re doing okay, given we use Friday for a night in when you’re all out and you keep us entertained and fed we’ve been able to save the money from our jobs.” Jesse says.


“Okay, I don’t want to make you feel bad, I just don’t want you to miss out.” Blue says.


“We’re good. But thanks for thinking of us.” Elliot says.


“I can’t believe I ever mixed you up with that Kit kid. You are as genuine as all these guys said.” Dylan says.


“You’ve changed so much since we got back to school. Last year you’d have killed Miles and John for pulling this shit, you’d never have walked away.” Blue says gently.


“You guys are a good influence and I’m well aware the spotlight DeShawn is under. If I made a big deal of it and it reflected badly on him, you know.” Dylan tales off.


“You are more than fwb?” Jesse asks.


“No but we’re seen together on campus.” Dylan says.


“You are totally a secret couple. That’s what has mellowed you. Otherwise you’d be plotting revenge.” Robin says.


“I think a rival club is the ultimate revenge.” Dylan says.


“I bet a lot of the girls move over if they hear about it. Can we invite them or do you not want us to actively poach people?” Blue asks.


“What do you mean? Why would the girls want to be around a bunch of gay guys, the climbing club was like a dating service.” Dylan asks.


“They had issues with being felt up. Some guys being overly helpful to grab ass.” Jesse says.


“That’s why Elliot and Andy helped the girls?” Dylan asks.


“Yup. Made us feel useful and less like the pervs we are.” Andy laughs.


“Invite who you like. Not to join a club but say you miss them and are going climbing, do they want to come and go out clubbing after.” Dylan says.


“Already on it.” Elliot says.


On Friday most of the girls show up and are happy to see the guys. They quickly gel as a group again and have a great time. Its nice to have some girls in the club with them later, they’ve been too insular a group and its nice to have some new conversation and get new gossip.


“So what happened with Miles and Emilie?” Blue asks one of the girls as they sit round the suite in the early hours eating takeout they brought back and Blue’s treats and deconstructing the night.


“Emilie ditched Miles over the summer, she found someone better. Miles went after John again pretty hard when he got back and they got together a week or so ago.” Amy says.


“Thanks for coming tonight. I know I’ve not always been the nicest guy so it means so much that you came.” Dylan says.


“Are you kidding? We’ve missed these guys and we have had so much fun. We’re in f this is a regular thing.” Amy says.


“Blue and I have been trying sports out but nothing has stuck yet, we both loved climbing last year and it felt good to be back.” Robin says.


“Basically I suck at soccer, rugby and baseball and Tennis bored the shit out of us both.” Blue laughs.


“We’re delighted and if we can alternate between gay and straight clubs after we’re super in.” Amy says.


“We’ll need more girls to get into normal clubs.” Robin says.


“Not a problem.” Amy laughs.


“What you doing tomorrow?” Andy asks Blue.


“No plans in the day, George and I will probably go to a movie in the evening if you and Spence want to come.” Blue says.


“Can we hang out for a bit? Just us? I miss you we’ve barely managed to grab lunch the last couple of weeks and we seem to be getting busier and busier.” Andy says.


“I’d love to. Is Spence working?” Blue asks.


“Every day but Friday, every spare minute. That’s why he hasn’t come hiking.” Andy says.


“Okay, what do you want to do?” Blue asks.


“Just chill and chat.” Andy says.


“Cool. Let me double check with George but I think he’ll be glad to have some time to nerd out with

Robin.” Blue laughs.


“So cute.” Andy laughs.


Blue, DeShawn and George do their morning routine and Andy joins them for breakfast.


“The movie is 6.45 so make sure you’re back for that.” George says kissing Blue goodbye.


“Sure thing cutie.” Blue says kissing George a few more times before leaving.


“Can I drive? Spence rarely lets me.” Andy says.


“As you always go out in his car. Lets go up to the park, it’s a beautiful day. I’ve a blanket in the back and water in my bag.” Blue says.


“Yes mom. Wow you are super prepared.” Andy laughs.


“On our first date George made me a picnic and we had it by a lake, it was super sweet.” Blue says.


“He really went all out for you.” Andy says.


“Yeah, he wanted to make sure I knew how much he cared and wanted things to work out.” Blue says.


“He’s a really good boyfriend.” Andy says.


“He is. I’m very lucky.” Blue says.


They drive out of the city singing along with the radio and laughing. They get to a country park and walk for a little while before settling for a nice spot in the shade.


“So how are things with Spence since you decided to stay together?” Blue asks.


“l rarely see him and when I do he’s exhausted. I’m trying to be supportive, I am but I still don’t feel like I’m getting anything other than s back.” Andy says quietly, almost ashamed to admit it.


“So why do you stay?” Blue asks.


“I love him and I want to support him. It isn’t like he’s changed at school he always had practice or extra workouts, homework, he has been a non-stop guys since we met.” Andy says.


“Does he ask about your day? Does he ask about your classes? Has he helped with your internship applications?” Blue asks.


“Yes, no, he has no idea about those.” Andy says.


“And we’ve barely seen each other but I know what’s going on in your life.” Blue says.


“Exactly. If none of the internships come off Deke’s dad has said I can work for him this summer part time and he can ask around about other positions on other farms but he also said he thinks I should do what we did this summer on the other days as it is good for making contacts, even if the people we work for are old they will put in good words with their families.” Blue says.


“Yeah we’re never going to get to work at a brewery until we’re 21. This summer learning more from the farmers is a good plan.” Blue says.


“So you’re back on board with our dream?” Andy asks.


“Yeah. I don’t want to work with kids fulltime. I love doing my classes but I couldn’t deal with kids all the time and why not take a risk? We’ll never starve if I can teach a class or two.” Blue says.


“Awesome. You make me so happy.” Andy says.


“How’s chemistry going?” Blue asks.


“l am loving it. And I’m loving my marketing class.” Andy says.


“Classes are better this year, not harder exactly but the teaching is better, more engaging.” Blue says.


“For sure, the contract negotiations must be resolved or something.” Andy says.


“The suite is a bit of a zoo. I have no problem with Dylan and Jesse being over all the time and we’re not short of bathrooms but it’s a bit much at times.” Blue says.


“I think Gervais has the right idea staying away so much. I love being social but it does feel like we need to entertain a lot and not just chill.” Andy says.


“Yeah I’d like to veg out with you and Robin watching tv or playing cards, no in depth discussion of the shows, no complex betting structure.” Blue sighs.


“That’s it. I want to watch some nature show without talking about which animals would win in a fight.” Andy laughs.


“And we can’t just chill in our rooms as you get lonely without Spence and I feel like George has expectations if I go to our room and I’m not studying.” Blue says.


“Your little one is a horny one?” Andy laughs.


“Yeah, he should be with you. I love it, I do, it’s great we took things really slowly getting to know

each other physically and so its pretty magic but sometimes I just want to read or just lie and think.” Blue says.


“You need a chaperone.” Andy says.


“I sometimes hang in Robin’s room whether he’s there or not, not hiding from George, I’d be happy to have George snuggled beside me, I’m just hiding from his expectation.” Blue shrugs.


“Are you having an affair with Gervais?” Andy asks tentatively.


“No, we see each other on Sundays and don’t speak. He hates me.” Blue says.


“I thought I saw the two of you kissing the other day. When I looked again after giving my head a shake you were gone.” Andy says.


“It wasn’t me. Maybe Chris and I look alike. Have you met him?” Blue asks.


“No, I’ve asked Gervais to join us on a date but he says it would be awkward as we’re so close.” Andy says.


“Deke hangs out with him quite often but hasn’t met Chris either.” Blue says.


“It’s weird because Bea is around more and more you’d think Robin would have met him at least.”

Andy says.


“Robin and his girls. He is such a slut.” Blue laughs.


“He is. I was exhausted cheating on Spence, and that was just with randoms, how he can juggle two full relationships I have no idea.” Andy says.


“And randoms too.” Blue says.


“He’s happy though. I love Robin he’s my oldest friend and you two are still super close, he’ll always be in our lives.” Andy says.


“He will. I love him to pieces and he still gets me going some days.” Blue admits.


“And having his own room and getting lots means he’s always in a good mood unlike last year.” Andy says.


“Yeah no more sleeping in the car for me.” Blue says.


“I hate that you did that. You are always welcome in my bed, always.” Andy says.


“I was in a bad place. I think I’ve done pretty well with my latest heartbreak in comparison.” Blue says.


“George helps I guess but its not the same is it. You’re still not in love with George.” Andy says.


“Is this why you wanted us to get away? So you could ask all this without being overheard?” Blue asks.


“Yeah. In part and because I wanted to talk about Spence too. Mostly I just wanted to hang out.”

Andy says.


“Are you seeing much of Deke? Have you two continued being physical?” Blue asks getting revenge for the difficult questions.


“I’ve agreed not to see him alone and no we’re not physical. I wish we were.” Andy sighs.


“Are you not okay with Spence that way either? Why are you together?” Blue asks.


“With Spence we’ve very clear roles in the bedroom with Deke things were a lot more fluid and I miss that. You know its not about what goes where but sometimes I don’t feel like dominating you know?” Andy says.


“Sometimes you want to be taken care of. I think that’s your longing for Spence to take notice out of bed manifesting.” Blue says.


“Probably. You and Robin still do it though. I can have had a long day or get off the phone with home or the lawyer and you’ll hand me a cookie or a drink or give me a hug. Both of you do it, hell George and Elliot do too if you’re not around. It isn’t like my moods are hard to read. But I can finish a tough call with Roe talking about mom and Spence will be there and hear it all and the minute I finish he’ll go on about how tired he is or ask me to rub his feet. He never, ever offers to do anything for me.” Andy says.


“Do you ever ask him?” Blue asks.


“No, it feels wrong when he has already said he’s tired and I don’t want to ask I want him to acknowledge that I need attention and affection too.” Andy says.


“So absolutely nothing has changed since you decided to stay together?” Blue asks angry on Andy’s behalf.


“No.” Andy says ashamed but happy that he has Blue to talk to.


“Why not break up and be with Deke?” Blue asks.


“Deke isn’t the one for me.” Andy says.


“No? You have similar family values, you have a lot of fun together, strong chemistry.” Blue says.


“I’m not going to have another relationship unless I see it going the distance. I’d rather be single and fool around. And Deke’s strong objection to being in any way involved with farming or the land or country living rules him out.” Andy says.


“So be single.” Blue says.


“I do love Spence and I can support him and get what I need elsewhere.” Andy says.


“But how soon will you getting hugs elsewhere turn into cheating?” Blue asks.


“I’ll face that if it happens.” Andy says.


“You need to talk to Spence again. You guys were all always on at me to talk to Austin when we had issues. It didn’t work out but it was better to know it wasn’t going to work out.” Blue says.


“If I was watching you go through this I’d be mad as hell at you.” Andy admits.


“I really don’t think Spence is doing this maliciously. He is so used to you catering his every need.

Probably why you cheated last year, you just thought it was new sex you needed. Maybe it was something else.” Blue says.


“So how do I approach it?” Andy asks snuggling closer to Blue.


“Negotiate. If he asks for a foot rub tell him it’ll cost him 5 hugs.” Blue laughs.


“Or a back rub.” Andy says.


“I’m here for you. I’m sorry we’ve not made more time for each other properly.” Blue says stroking

Andy’s face and feeling mad at himself for letting Andy down again.


“You had to make time to get things up and running with George.” Andy says.


“I made time for Deke and Robin and you slipped through again. Though we’ve had a lot of hugs when I’ve been baking.” Blue smiles.


“Its my fave thing, hug you from behind when you smell of vanilla and chocolate. It’s like three hugs

in one, your warm body, the warmth from the oven and the warmth from the beautiful smells. Andy says picturing it.


“Want a spiced bun?” Blue asks.


“Do you need to ask?” Andy asks sitting up.


Blue rummages in his bag and pulls out a paper bag with the treats in. Andy takes a bite and grins.


“I have no idea about other men but the way to my heart is absolutely through my stomach. You are the best Blue. Your baking always makes me feel good, for real its made with love. Katelyn teases me on facetime sometimes, showing me what she’s made for the café. She seems to be an expert in fruit tarts and pies.” Andy says.


“I adore how you appreciate what I do. It’s a million times more fun knowing how much you and the others enjoy my efforts.” Blue says.


“We’d make a great couple.” Andy says lying back down and nestling on Blue’s shoulder.


“Isn’t that like incest?” Blue laughs cuddling his friend close.


“Yeah, we’d have to get married as our family would not survive a breakup.” Andy says.


“Think we’re a lot better off as friends. Robin wouldn’t be able to cope with us both unloading only on him.” Blue says.


“Very true. I notice you don’t say we can’t be together because of George.” Andy says.


“I never think of George as who I’ll marry. It’ll be a long, long time before I allow myself to imagine that again.” Blue says quietly.


“l don’t want to hurt Spence like Gervais hurt you.” Andy says.


“I’m sure you wouldn’t.” Blue says.


“You have been hiding just how hurt and messed up you are very well. You’re barely letting me and Robin see how much long term impact he had on you.” Andy says.


“I’m okay. I just won’t put so much of myself into someone else so quickly again.” Blue says.


They snuggle together enjoying the warm weather and the break from their friends and relationships. They nap for a while and take a walk before driving back to school.


11 thoughts on “The suite saga 62

  1. Not a fan of Andy and Blue as a couple. Andy is a complete drama queen and has to be pushed into a relationship conversation by others. Grow some balls and talk with your man! Grass is always greener I guess.


    1. Next chapter, up later, Andy will talk with Spence but they are clearly on their last legs. I think Andy and Blue as family is right for now, but could see it changing sometime down the road. But Andy might find someone else, I don’t know yet.


  2. So I have a theory….

    That Chris is the Look a like that Dylan confused Blue with at a summer camp and that Bea , Chris and Blue are actually triplets that Blue was separated at birth that is why Bea was so curious of blue and Deke wanting to know more about the compound cause she knows the secret.

    love the story keep up the good work!


    1. Interesting theory. I definitely agree Chris is “Kit”, as we’ve so far established Blue and Bea have the same eyes, Andy thought Chris was Blue, and Kit can be a nickname for Chris. My working theory is that the three are definitely sibs but Blue is the product of an affair Dad had with Blue’s mom. I’m looking forward to seeing this all unfolds.


  3. I love the thought of Blue and Andy together. They have so much in common with each other. But we’ll see.


  4. OK I think I’m done with Gervais being with Blue. It seems like Andy would be a better match for Blue. So I’m switching from team Glue( Gervais and Blue) to Blandy( Blue and Andy) also kinda thinking maybe Chris might be the guy Dylan met at summer camp keep writing love the stories. Also can’t wait for the next Married chapter


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