The suite saga 67

Sunday morning Gervais joins George and Blue for yoga on the roof, Blue is aware it’ll be too cold for them all soon and is happy to enjoy it while he can. It feels normal, the day feels normal if only for an hour.

Blue is avoiding thinking about anything and has decided to let whatever happens happens. He isn’t responsible for Chris or Bea and where he usually takes on far more of his friend’s issues than he needs to he has decided they are neither friends nor family and as such can deal with their own future.

Gervais is still totally confused about what to do for the best, for Blue, for himself. He hasn’t seen Chris since the big reveal, they’ve spoken a few times but not about anything of consequence.

“What time do you need us for cooking duty?” Gervais asks.

“4 or 5 is fine, I can manage on my own but could do with either prep help or putting it all together. Just put in some time when you can.” Blue says.

“Okay. You’re amazing cooking for so many.” George says.

“Is there somewhere I can get my hair cut this morning?” Blue asks.

“I like your hair.” George says.

“I know somewhere, I’ll text you the address.” Gervais says.

“Thanks.” Blue says.

“I’ll come with you.” George says.

“Okay. We can go for a walk after.” Blue says.

“Yeah get some air before you chain me to the stove.” George says.

“You don’t need to be there, I said I can manage.” Blue says.

“I was kidding, I want to spend time with you.” George says.

Blue smiles and relaxes.

“That is extreme.” George says as Blue comes out of the barbers.

“You hate it.” Blue says not disappointed but a little surprised, it’s just hair.

“It’ll grow.” George says.

“Are you trying to change me?” Blue asks.

“Stop trying to pick a fight. I know you’re nervous and scared about later.” George says.

“I’m not, I don’t care what they think of me at all.” Blue says.

“Then what is it?” George asks.

“I’m not trying to pick a fight. I feel like you’re judging me and its pissing me off.” Blue says.

“Because I don’t like your haircut?” George asks.

“Yeah and all the looks you keep giving me like I’m going to break.” Blue says.

“You’ve just gone full Britney on your hair. I’m your boyfriend of course I’m concerned.” George says.

“I needed a haircut. This will be easy to maintain.” Blue shrugs.

“Drop me back at school, you clearly don’t want to hang out.” George says.

“Okay.” Blue says curtly.

“Just because your life has turned upside down you don’t get to treat me like shit.” George says as they get back to campus.

“I’m the one who has been getting insulted all morning.” Blue says quietly.

“You’re being a brat.” George says.

“Fuck off.” Blue says getting out of his car and walking away.

Blue has no clue what is going on, just that he really doesn’t need shit from George right now. There is no way he could know what he did with Gervais, it can’t be that but its something. How can he be such a little bitch right now?

George has no idea how to handle things with Blue, he’s just getting it wrong.

“Do you have a minute?” George asks Gervais.

“Sure, I thought you were off on a date.” Gervais says.

“We had a fight.” George says.

“What the fuck did you do?” Gervais asks.

“Why do you think it was me?” George asks annoyed.

“Because Blue is a wreck and can barely function right now. He needs a lot of propping up. If you had a fight it was because you dropped him.” Gervais says.

“I was coming to you for advice not judgement.” George says.

“It’s not hard, support him, he needs you. If you can’t then let him go.He might as well go through everything at once.” Gervais says.

“Are you trying to get him back?” George asks.

“No, I am trying to stop him falling apart. I owe him, he did everything for me when my dad died and I want to be there for him, as a friend.” Gervais says exasperated.

“How do I get it right? I get everything wrong.” George asks.

“Just give him a fucking break and don’t take anything personally.” Gervais says.

“So I don’t comment when he shaves his fucking head? Even though he looks ugly?” George asks.

“Blue could never look ugly and if you think he does then you’re just a dumb cunt and should leave him alone.” Gervais says.

“You do want him back.” George says.

“Just fuck off George.” Gervais says shaking his head.

Blue comes back when he’s calmed down and gets on with the cooking. George keeps out the way not wanting to make things worse. Robin and Gervais help and the three get along like old times.

“This is sexy.” Andy says rubbing Blue’s head. The smells as ever draw him to the kitchen to see what he can eat ahead of dinner.

“Taste this.” Blue holds up a spoon.

“Perfection.” Andy says.

“George hates my hair.” Blue says.

Robin and Gervais share a pained look.

“It’s really hot.” Andy says hugging Blue from behind again and trying to steal some veggies.

“It is very sexy, you have super cute ears.” Robin says.

“If I knew a haircut would finally turn you I’d have cut it off a year ago.” Blue laughs.

“Where is George? I thought he was helping.” Andy asks.

“We’re in a fight. He thinks I’m ugly now and so all my faults are amplified and he can’t stand to be around me.” Blue says.

“Blue don’t be absurd. His eyes pop out his head every time he sees you.” Andy says.

“Turns out he only liked my hair and I’ve taken that away from him. If anyone has space in their bed tonight I’d appreciate it before I find somewhere else to live.” Blue says.

“Stop being so dramatic. You are not losing George over a haircut. Especially one that makes you look so damn hot.” Gervais says.

“Blue are you saying you have broken up?” Robin asks gently.

“Maybe. He was a real dick to me earlier.” Blue says.

“Is this about Spence’s party? I thought you might get mad about what we did but I was so caught up in the moment.” Andy says feeling bad, he hadn’t thought about Blue at all at the party.

“What did you do?” Blue asks.

“He didn’t tell you?” Andy asks.

“I asked him not too.” Blue says.

“So what is this about?” Andy asks.

“What happened?” Blue asks.

“Hey man I’m not going to add to your issues. Why are you mad at George? Is it really your hair?” Andy asks.

“Did you fuck George?” Blue asks mad.

“He fucked me, after we fucked Spence together.” Andy says quietly.

“And you thought it was a good idea to pile that on to Blue tonight? What the fuck is everyone thinking today?” Gervais shouts.

“I’m sorry. I had no idea he didn’t know. It was too late to hide it.” Andy says.

“Why are we doing this? Why did you invite them?” Robin asks.

“It’s time everyone met Chris. He and Gervais are getting serious.” Blue says.

“And you want to know more about your siblings.” Gervais says.

“I want to be seen to be open to it.” Blue says.

“So why are you fighting with George?” Robin asks.

“He hates my haircut.” Blue shouts exasperated.

“Blue its us. You were not fighting over a haircut or rather if he is fighting with you over how you look now of all times he isn’t worth it. He really isn’t.” Robin says.

“Why are you all making it such a big deal? We had a fight about my hair. That’s it just a fight. We’re not going to break up over a haircut.” Blue says shaking his head.

“Okay. But if you need to you can always come in with me.” Robin says.

“Where’s dessert?” Andy asks.

“I am not letting you loose on dessert before dinner.” Blue laughs.

“One dish is here to go on while we’re eating.” Gervais says.

“That looks weird and grey.” Andy says turning up his nose.

“Apple dumplings. You will love them.” Blue says with a smile.

“That sounds way too healthy for dessert.” Andy smiles and tries to open the fridge, Robin bangs it shut before Andy can get the door half way.

“Go leave us in peace or make yourself useful slicing those tomatoes for the salad.” Blue says shaking his head and Andy happily grabs a knife.

“I cannot believe you have my boy cooking.” Spence says coming in and watching.

“We don’t let him cook, just chop.” Gervais says.

“Well make sure he doesn’t lose a finger.” Spence laughs.

Andy looks round and smiles. Whatever the shift is with Spence he loves it.

“Spence I’m sorry we didn’t include you Friday night.” Robin says.

“Hey it’s fine, I totally understand why you asked Andy to go, Clara and Blue are as much his family as Roe and Katelyn. It just took me a while to figure all that out. I can’t wait for winter break when I get to meet everyone and see Andy’s home.” Spence says.

“I’m excited for the holidays too. I know Blue and Clara don’t celebrate but I think it’ll still be like a holiday movie with family dinners, board games and feeding the less fortunate or whatever Clara makes us do.” Gervais says.

“You’re still going?” Robin asks.

“Blue and I have totally cleared the air and we’re close again. I know I’m welcome at your house but it would be a squeeze and you have a lot of family stuff to do. Also Blue will need me there as it’ll be the first time being with Clara since finding out.” Gervais says.

“You’re back to yourself.” Andy says with a grin.

“Maybe I am. I’ve done a lot of work dealing with my family issues. I need to stop pushing away the family that wants me. Blue was the first person who ever liked me unconditionally and I treated him like shit but apparently that was me testing him and he passed and passed and passed.” Gervais says.

“I knew you were worth it.” Blue says quietly.

“But you’re just friends?” Spence asks.

“Finally we’re just friends, no lingering feelings. We want the best for each other.” Blue says.

“And we know that that includes being good friends.” Gervais says with a smile.

“I can’t say I’m not a little disappointed. I’ve been rooting for you guys. I love you both and want you to be happy.” Andy says.

“We are, or will be when we get through this drama.” Blue says.

“Are you sure George makes you happy? I know I pushed the two of you together but I’d have been mad as hell if I were you last weekend.” Spence says.

“What do you mean? You said for anyone who would be jealous or upset to stay away, so I did.” Blue says confused.

“If Andy had stayed away I’d have cancelled. If Jesse had stayed away and Elliot still turned up they’d be over. I had a lot of fun with your boyfriend but I felt so guilty when I sobered up.” Spence says.

“So I should have stopped him going? We fought about it and I gave in because I didn’t want to be controlling. I can’t stop him from doing anything he wants to do and I shouldn’t.” Blue says.

“But if he had any respect for you he wouldn’t have gone.” Spence says.

“Back off. Blue has enough to process right now without this.” Gervais says.

“Sorry. I know he does. I guess we’re all feeling super protective and wondering why the one person who should be here isn’t. I mean I know I’ve been crap with Andy and I dropped the ball and let you three pick up the slack. I hope you guys were telling him to get rid of me as he didn’t need the hassle while trying to deal with everything else.” Spence says shocking everyone.

Blue blushes and Robin grins.

“l just want Blue to know we all have his back and want to make things easier for him and if his relationship is adding to his issues then he should end it.” Spence says.

“We just had a little fight. Last week had nothing to do it with. It was my fault, he didn’t want me to get my hair cut and I did and I was nasty to him when he didn’t like it. The stress is getting to me and I took it out on him. He’s not out here because I told him to fuck off and I haven’t apologized yet. So stop demonising George.” Blue says firmly having had enough of everyone’s opinions, his head is spinning.

“You’re not the one who is sounding controlling.” Robin says quietly.

“I’d tell anyone who did that to fuck off too. How hard is it to tell your boyfriend he looks hot?” Andy says.

Gervais shakes his head. Any residual guilt he has about George for fucking Blue last weekend is gone. That George did what he did at Spence’s party and calling Blue ugly earlier is way worse.

“You are all forgetting how stubborn Blue can be. He won’t dump George because we all think he should, he’ll dig in his heels and try harder to make it work.” Gervais says and Blue smiles.

“Ah yes months of bad sex with Austin.” Andy laughs.

“I’m backing off right now.” Spence laughs.

“Thanks. It’s lovely to know you all care. Now do you want bruschetta to start or just bread or garlic bread with the meal?” Blue asks.

“The salad with the bread is fine with the meal, then we can assemble ourselves.” Spence says.

“I’ve a tray here that you’ll need to bake later or tomorrow for your dinners. Cheryl gave me some disposable trays which really helped with today.” Blue smiles.

“You’ve all done a great job.” Spence says jumping up and starting to lay the table.

“It’s all ready to put out when everyone is here. I’m going to change my top and speak to George.” Blue says.

“Chris and Bea are two minutes away.” Gervais says.

“And Elliot says 5 minutes.” Spence says checking his phone.

“Hey guys.” Deke and Dylan say walking in.

“I’m sorry for being rude to you earlier.” Blue says to George as he cleans up and changes.

“Why did you do it when you know how much I love your hair?” George asks.

“Why did you have sex with Spence when you knew it would hurt me so much?” Blue asks knowing he shouldn’t be putting this in George’s face when what he did with Gervais was way worse but he is so mad that George can’t just accept his apology and move on.

“I wanted to dp, it was hot.” George says bluntly.

“My hair looks hot, it’s just you that hates it.” Blue says.

“It is ugly and you know it. They are all just being nice because you’re going through it. I’m the one treating you normally.” George says.

Blue walks out in silence. He had no idea George had so much venom in him. He joins the others in serving up and finds he’s crazy hungry.

“Oh my god. It was you, Trix and Kit. Why did you say you didn’t know me?” Dylan asks Bea.

“I’ve gone as Bea since I was 14. I didn’t remember you. I still don’t.” Bea says.

“Oh please you had a crush on him for 2 summers. Yes it’s us. I go by Chris now.” Chris says.

“So weird, you’re actually Blue’s siblings. I said you looked alike but this is so strange.” Dylan says.

“Hope you two are okay with it being vegetarian. I guess that might be the biggest difference in how we were raised.” Blue says trying to make things less awkward.

“It’s so good.” Bea says.

“Blue had never had fast food and he used to just pretend to eat the fries or salad when we’d go. Now he’s comfortable enough to just get water and watch us eat.” Robin says.

“Did you not just want to rebel and eat a cheeseburger when you got here?” Chris asks.

“No, I know some people get sick eating meat for the first time as adults and I just never smelled anything I wanted.” Blue laughs.

“My family had fast food sometimes on vacation or visiting relatives but only a handful of times. Its not something I sought out when I got here, mostly as I find it so expensive.” Deke says.

“So not everyone where you live is rich?” Chris asks, he’s really curious about how Blue lives now he’s calmed down, not about Blue himself but the lifestyle he feels he missed out on.

“No, mostly no one is.” Deke says.

“I guess asset wise some of the farming families are rich on paper. But I don’t think anyone in the community lives a wealthy lifestyle if that makes sense.” Blue says.

“Except you. I mean I know you have that no limit credit card, you must have been able to have whatever you wanted any time.” Chris says.

“I got the card when I turned 18 for school I pay most of it myself from my allowance and I run big purchases by momma. Yes she usually says yes to what I ask for and did when I was younger too but I knew not to ask for something unless it was important.” Blue says.

“Yeah right I see you with your expensive clothes. I bet no one ever laughed at you for wearing off brand.” Chris says and Deke bursts out laughing.

“I took Blue clothes shopping when he got to school because he had nothing to wear. Yes I made him get good branded stuff but he had zero clue what any of it was. How often did you get new clothes when you were a kid?” Robin asks.

“I don’t know. We never got the expensive stuff though, not for school.” Chris says.

“Was it more than twice a year?” Spence asks.

“Who only gets clothes twice a year?” Chris asks.

“That would be me. Unless something my size showed up in the local store as a cast off but that didn’t happen much unless it was a jacket or shoes.” Blue says.

“You wore second hand stuff. No way.” Bea says.

“We all did. I’d get a call from the store when Clara dropped a bag off. It was great Blue was an only child and I was one of the only boys of a similar age in the area. It was like new stuff for me, unlike third hand things from my brothers. It sucked when Blue stopped growing so fast and would wear shorts and tshirts until they wore out.” Deke says with a smile.

“Except he wasn’t an only child.” Bea says.

“Well he was until Friday.” Deke says, Andy filled him in earlier.

“Did you ever try and track him down?” Jesse asks.

“I did but I never got anywhere. I’d steal papers from dad’s office and look for clues.” Bea says.

“So you lived in a comfortable home?” Elliot asks, his large family could never have the luxury of a home office.

“It was okay, normal suburban home.” Chris says.

“That Clara paid for.” Elliot says.

“Why are you all so hung up on the child support? She legally had to.” Chris says.

“Because your dad conned her. Clara has been good to me, to Gervais. We all know if we’re in trouble that there is somewhere we can go. The thought of someone taking advantage of her hurts. We’re all taking it personally.” Andy says.

“It’s not like we took the money from anyone else. She can still afford to help you out, to own massive amounts of land and multiple businesses. She could afford it and not miss it.” Chris says.

“That isn’t the point and you know it. Your mom never worked, not when you started school not even now you’re in college. She could work and help pay for your tuition and board but she would rather Clara did it. She ruined Clara’s life and taking money is just an extra insult.” Gervais says.

“She didn’t ruin momma’s life.” Blue says.

“No? Your momma lost her chance of happiness. She didn’t find someone else to have more kids with, she never got to share having a baby with someone who loved her. I’m not saying she regrets having you but she gave up her career for you. She didn’t get to do the travel she wanted because she had you with no husband and no family back up. Things might have worked out but she gave up her dreams so Lana could have hers and Lana shit on her for it.” Gervais says.

“Don’t blame my mom for it. It wasn’t her fault.” Chris says.

“Yes it was. She made all this happen. She was so selfish in her pursuit of having children that she didn’t care who got run over. She could have waited and saved up enough money to do things properly. Hired someone officially to carry the kids and paid thie medical bills or waited until Clara was ready, her own family complete and not emotionally blackmailing her when she was vulnerable. I know you paint your mom as the victim in all this but she wasn’t.” Gervais says.

“Well if you had a mother maybe you’d understand what loyalty is.” Chris says.

“Shut up. We all have opinions on what has happened but we can’t undo any of it. Blaming people doesn’t help. None of us have been in their shoes, not our moms or your dad. None of us know. We shouldn’t judge any of them.” Blue says his voice like steel.

“But Blue…” Gervais begins.

“No I don’t want to hear it. You are pushing Chris away by ranting about his mom, whom you’ve never even met. Stop it. He isn’t me and he might not forgive you the way I would.” Blue says. Gervais deflates knowing Blue is right but sure he is right too.

“Why do you care if he pushes me away? Seems you’d be ready to swoop in and claim him if I leave him.” Chris says taunting Blue.

“I don’t get why Gervais didn’t dump your ass the minute he found out.” Dylan says.

“Surely the trust is gone.” Spence says.

“Stop it. We’re supposed to be getting to know Gervais boyfriend and his sister. I didn’t spend all that time planning a meal and cooking for you to all fight all through it. It’s no wonder Gervais didn’t introduce Chris earlier.” Blue says.

“Its so good. I cannot believe after everything you found the time to bake bread as well as the rest of this.” Elliot says pushing things back on more neutral territory.

“It was fun. What do you two do for hobbies?” Blue asks, not that curious but wanting himself out of the conversation. George has stayed in the room and not come out to dinner and Blue is finding it more upsetting than all the arguing round the table. It’s too much to deal with.

The conversation continues and Blue tunes out.

DeShawn arrives back just as Blue is about to serve dessert.

“There’s some left if you are hungry or you can start with dessert.” Blue says as he’s hugged hello.

“Smells good and I am starving we were delayed and delayed and coach was barking at anyone who put so much as gum in their mouths.” DeShawn says grabbing one of the pans and a fork and sitting down with it.

“Good games?” Deke asks.

“I did great. How come there is this much left, it’s good. Andy what happened?” DeShawn laughs.

“I knew to save space for dessert. Plus we were one less for dinner.” Andy says.

“Who? And who are you?” DeShawn asks Chris.

“I’m Chris, Gervais boyfriend, Blue and Bea’s brother.” Chris says with a straight face.

“No, no, no, no, no. How did I miss all this? Damn.” DeShawn laughs.

“This is amazing. I am actually mad at Gervais for not bringing me before. Where did you get it?” Chris asks after taking a mouthful of cheesecake.

“Blue made everything.” Jesse says.

“Gervais and Robin helped a lot.” Blue says quietly.

“And I did the salad.” Andy says.

“You made this too?” Chris asks looking at Blue as if for the first time, with some real respect.

“It is better than moms.” Bea says.

“It’s better than anything.” Chris says.

“I can show you sometime. We share dna maybe you’re a good baker and don’t know it yet.” Blue says. He still doesn’t know if he wants to know Chris as his brother but he does want to get to know Gervais boyfriend.

“Blue’s cheesecake cures arguments and builds bonds.” Andy laughs.

“Speaking of don’t get seconds yet, let me take a piece and a dumpling through to George.” Blue says getting up and making up a dish for his boyfriend.

Andy and Gervais look at each other shaking their heads, they are both beyond mad at George.

“Is George sick?” Bea asks.

“In the head.” Andy snorts.

“He and Blue are in a fight over Blue’s hair.” Spence shrugs.

“But it looks so hot.” DeShawn says.

Blue comes back out looking defeated.

“He still won’t join us?” Elliot asks and Blue shrugs.

“I’ll go talk to him.” Jesse says.

‘Don’t bother. I apologized earlier and I’ve taken in dessert. I can’t do anything else.” Blue says quietly.

“Ahh man I can’t believe I’ll be off the market when you come back on.” DeShawn says.

“Thanks babe.” Deke laughs.

“Hey you know I only want you two. You are the glue in this trio.” DeShawn says.

“You’re a trio?” Bea asks fascinated.

“Kinda. Dylan and I were a friends with benefits thing then last weekend at Spence’s birthday Deke and I got it on with a little help from Dylan and we kept going all night long. I am going to be away a lot for games and hate the idea of Deke home alone and he and Dylan have a spark too. It suits us.” DeShawn says with a shy smile. Its clear he is utterly smitten with Deke and has far more feelings for Dylan that he let on before.

“We’re trying it out.” Dylan says.

“And having a whole lot of fun.” Deke smiles.

“I am so happy for you. How have your roommates taken it?” Robin asks.

“I have not told them. I doubt they’d believe I was with DeShawn.” Deke says.

“I cannot deny I loved having Deke over all weekend. John and Miles were pissy and bitchy about it and it felt good to shove it in their faces.” Dylan says.

“And it felt good to have someone as hot as Dylan parade me like a prize. I don’t care that he was doing it for John’s benefit and not mine. It stroked my ego and I felt good.” Deke beams and the others laugh.

“Aww that is lovely. You are too great to be anyone’s secret.” Blue says.

“He’s right. I am really, really happy for you all. We all know Dylan happy and getting lots is far easier to live with and Deke and DeShawn should not be single if they don’t want to be.” Andy says.

“Thanks. I’m glad you and Spence are doing better too.” Deke says, he’s noticed all the small intimacies between Spence and Andy tonight and finally understands their relationship a bit better. It was hard not to feel truly rejected when things were not going so well.


“I hope you two will keep coming to these, we don’t always cook sometimes we just go to the dining hall or order pizza or make sandwiches.” Blue says.

“Thanks. I know I was full on before but I just wanted to know everything and didn’t know how long Robin would keep me around.” Bea says.

“As boyfriends come to these I should have been here all along.” Chris says.

“I was not going to subject you to this lot for a grilling. Now they’re too scared to ask much.” Gervais says.


The guys make moves to clean up, slowly, they’re all sleepy after the big meal.

“Can we meet this week sometime? I have so many questions about our mom. I really want to meet her. I’ve not had the same relationship with my own as Chris did, I guess that’s why I’ve been more curious, or maybe my curiosity ruined the relationship.” Bea says.

“Sure. Let’s swap numbers.” Blue says and Bea smiles.

“Thanks.” Bea says.

“Chris have you a minute?” Blue asks.

“Okay.” Chris shrugs and comes over.

“Gervais can we use your room?” Blue asks.

“Sure, shall I come too?” Gervais asks.

“Yes and Bea.” Blue says.

“Is this about your mom? What did you decide?” Chris asks all his hostility returned.

“I told her already. We met with a friend yesterday who is a good friend of momma and she said that momma wouldn’t stop tuition but would likely attach new conditions.” Blue says.

“Like what?” Bea asks.

“You’ll probably need to show you’ve done some volunteering. Good works, not signing up for some club at school but personal stuff. That’s my guess.” Gervais says.

“She didn’t give anything away really just told Cheryl to answer our questions. She wasn’t mad that I knew.” Blue says.

“Would we have to go up there for the summer and do stuff like you and Andy do?” Bea asks.

“I don’t know. I hope you’re not mad. My momma and I are close and I had to confirm it was true.” Blue says.

“I guess you had no reason to believe us. Other than our looks.” Chris says.

“You gave the warts and all story from your side. You could have said my momma seduced your dad and dumped you two on him and ran off.” Blue laughs.

“We so should have then no one would be mad about the money.” Chris laughs.

Gervais blinks twice, Chris and Blue have so many similarities in manner and humor. He had thought they were entirely different but together they are more alike than he can believe.


“You two react the same. You get mad and then get mad at others for being mad.” Bea says.

“You’re totally the same and totally different.” Gervais says.

“We have the same taste in guys.” Blue says.

“You used to have a crush on Robin, right?” Chris asks and Blue nods.

“He did, it was so cute.” Gervais says.

“When Bea showed me a picture of him I didn’t believe he was straight and wondered why he was with Bea and not me.” Chris admits.

“Are you staying over?” Blue asks Chris.

“Yeah I can barely move after dinner.” Chris says and Gervais smiles.

“Bea I’ll walk you home when you’re ready. I need to sort something first.” Says Blue.

“Thanks, we can sort out going for coffee.” Bea says and follows him out to talk to Robin.

“Tonight was intense but not as bad as I expected.” Chris says.

“Sorry for being hard on you.” Gervais says.

“It all needs saying. We have our view of Blue’s life and he hasn’t had time to form one on ours, you have and you’re probably saying what he will later.” Chris says.

“So we’re okay?” Gervais asks.

“Yeah. What’s the deal with George and Blue? I can’t believe he didn’t come out to meet us. Is Blue a doormat?” Chris asks.

“In relationships he can be. Blue will do anything for anyone. He is the best guy to have around when you’re feeling down or unsettled or sick or injured. He will fight anyone’s corner for them and he does. So my theory is he doesn’t have anything left to fight for himself. I love him and it hurts to see him putting himself last so often.” Gervais says.

“But you’re not in love with him anymore?” Chris asks feeling a little insecurity.

“Blue and I are amazing together but we’re too intense when we’re boyfriends. I love him as a friend.” Gervais says.

“Are you freaked out that I’m his twin?” Chris asks.

“No. I am in a total conundrum about everything though. I feel like if I end it with you now you’ll blame Blue and won’t ever have a real relationship with him. If we stay together that is closing the door forever on a relationship with him and I know I just said we’re no good as boyfriends but I did spend a long time imagining my future with him and to slam that door shut is hard.” Gervais says.

“If you end it now it would be because you don’t trust me.” Chris says.

“Right, I do have massive mixed feelings. We’ve been slowly getting to know each other and I have held a lot back too. You’re great, you don’t pry because you have your own secrets.” Gervais says.

“You make it sound like our relationship is superficial when it isn’t.” Chris says, he has fallen for Gervais despite knowing who he was all along and hates that he has feelings on any level for Blue.

“No, I don’t mean that. Maybe I do, no we’re just not there yet, we both want to be and it’ll be easier now.” Gervais says.

“I love you and I won’t lose you to him. I want to punch George and I never met him.” Chris says.


“I love you too and I wouldn’t stop you. He came in here earlier asking for help with how to deal with Blue and then went on about him being ugly. George was no one before Blue noticed him.” Gervais says.

“Wow you are mad.” Chris says.

“I am. Ugh lets change the subject.” Gervais says and kisses Chris.

“Are you sure about this? I can talk to George.” Jesse asks.

“Just for a few days, can you keep it quiet? I don’t want Andy and Gervais on my back over it.” Blue asks.

“Okay but I won’t lie if they ask me outright.” Jesse says.

“I’m pretty certain you’re the last person they’d ask.” Blue says.

“Agreed. George is a fool you know. Whatever you said to him today doesn’t warrant him not coming to support you at dinner.” Jesse says.

“He’s hurt but I just can’t deal right now.” Blue shrugs and the two hug.

“Take care.” Jesse says and Blue smiles.

“Ready?” Blue asks Bea.

“Yes lets go.” Bea replies.

“You were pretty quiet tonight.” Blue says.

“I just wanted to observe everyone. You have great friends. They all have your back. That Gervais went against Chris like he did to support your momma was amazing.” Bea says.

“I am really lucky. When do I get to meet your friends?” Blue asks.

“I don’t know. You can’t expect such a fancy dinner though.” Bea laughs.

‘My favorite food is ice-cream. We could go out for sundaes.” Blue says with a grin.

“I love ice-cream. Let’s do that just us this week and then maybe with my friends another time. That way we can try more places.” Bea says.

“That sounds perfect.” Blue says.

“Can you bring pictures of your momma? We get our height from my dad but not coloring or anything. I have the picture Robin saw from when they were in college but I’d love to see something more recent.” Bea asks.

“Sure I will. Dylan had pictures of you guys at camp, because he was convinced I was Kit and they were eerie. I’d like to see more.” Blue says.

“See you in a few days.” Bea says and Blue watches her go indoors before turning and walking not back to the suite but to Jesse’s block.

He lets himself in to Jesse’s room, locks the door, throws himself on the bed and again cries himself to sleep.

George takes his bowl through to rinse and is met with silence from the guys.

“All on Blue’s side despite him being in the wrong.” George says.

“He apologized to you and you threw it back in his face and he brought you cheesecake as a peace offering. Whatever he did, he tried to make it right.” Spence says.

“Why did you tell him about what happened last weekend?” George asks curious as to why Spence is now on Blue’s side.

“Why didn’t you?” Andy asks barely controlling his anger.

“Let’s go for a walk baby.” Spence says and Andy nods knowing he can’t stay around George another second.

“Which one of you has taken him in?” George asks.

“He’s walking Bea home.” Gervais says.

“Sure he’s not in your bed again?” George taunts trying to stir trouble. Gervais blood runs cold then he realizes George doesn’t know about last weekend he means Friday.

“No he’s not crying himself to sleep in my bed because his boyfriend is useless.” Gervais says.

“He wasn’t crying over me.” George says shaking his head.

“No, but you weren’t there. Just like you weren’t there for him tonight, even though you knew what a big deal this was for him and how stressed he was. You had to keep a petty argument going. If you’re not attracted to him anymore because he cut his hair then you really, really should end it. Who are you to judge anyone on their looks?” Gervais asks and George rolls his eyes.

“Chris this piece of shit is George.” Elliot says.

“Do you like him George? Blue was the first person of either sex that George found attractive.” Jesse asks.

“No, ew that would be weird. I am not Gervais, going after a direct replacement.” George says.

“You wouldn’t stand a chance.” Chris sneers.

George looks at him properly for the first time and can’t stop staring.

“You look the same, just not quite.” George breathes totally unnerved.


14 thoughts on “The suite saga 67

  1. I’d like to see Blue with someone older, a
    young professor perhaps? Or one of the other gym coaches working with Spence? Or Brad from 1st year? Let Blue have some stable time and let George go all slutty – kind of liked the orgy so George can be the vessel for more.

    Thanks again for the great story 🙂
    Just 3 more sleeps to Rio 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. please just let robin nail him, and after that blue can go all wild and sluty and still casualy get nailed by robin and few more. M


    2. Just watched the us men podium training hoping some vids of gb pop up soon.

      I like the idea of Blue with an athlete or coach, he’s athletic but doesn’t know sports and I think someone who wanted to teach him would be cute, a lesson in a batting cage in exchange for a cooking lesson and lots of sex as thank you…


  2. Now I’ve never been a fan of George or Gervais with Blue so I’m very happy that George is being a complete twat and sincerely hope they break up very soon.
    Saying that I am very surprised that George has turned out to be that nasty deep inside and the fact that the fight started over hair is stupid.
    I think that cause George was so focused on getting with Blue he didn’t do the ‘wild’ phase and is trying to get Blue to break up with him so he can be seen as the victim (not that it would work but he’ll try) and after the break up he can go be a complete whore.
    I hope you put in a new character for Blue to fall for cause for me none of your characters deserve him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What sort of guy do you think would be right for Blue? Someone else from the country or maybe someone older who has his shit together? Both Blue and George are so new to everything and really need to properly explore. But I don’t know if either are fully ready.


      1. I have no clue to be honest. He just needs a guy who deserves and appreciates Blue but wont take advantage of his innocence.
        When the story first started and Andy cheated and lost Spence I was hoping that Blue and Spence would get together but now I’m all for Andy/Spence.


        1. There needs to find a balance between someone who appreciates Blue but doesn’t put him on a pedestal. I’ve not created him yet that’s for sure. I like the idea of someone a bit older, who knows guys like Blue don’t come along everyday and is secure in himself to know he deserves a good guy.


  3. Loving the story more and more. I’m vback to liking Gervais but now I am hating George. I believe in honesty in a relationship but damn that was cold. I really love Bea Chris not so much. The 3ds are cute together.


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