7 thoughts on “Who for Blue?

  1. If Blue and Robin were together, Blue wouldn’t have to worry about competing with previous boyfriends, and would help him find his confidence. I love the thought of Andy and Blue, but I don’t think Andy has the ability to remain faithful, and if he cheated it would not only hurt Blue but both of their families. And I think Robin is starting to warm to the thought of switching teams 🙂


    1. I think Blue and Andy could happen a few years down the line but not now. Andy and Spence have been together such a long time it would take some getting over.
      What makes you think Robin is ready to turn?


      1. I think he will always be straight, but could also fall in love with a person. And whether that person happens to be male or female, it won’t matter to him. He’s a very caring and genuine person, so I can see him falling in love with Blue, who just happens to be a guy.


  2. I think Blue needs time right away from them all, as the past has shown they may not miss him and he can learn to grow on his own. So how about him taking up an overseas placement for a term and saying nothing.


  3. Gervais is an idiot. He has turned out to be the stereotype that gay men fight against. Just looking for sex, can’t commit, willing to drop love for adventure, totally shallow and always looking for the next best thing. He needs to keep his paws off of blue. Oh and George is a psycho who needs to get hit by a train or something lol


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