The suite saga 73

Blue hasn’t found it too hard to fake things with George for a few days. They’ve barely been having sex anyway and George is pretty stressed for finals. On Sunday George heads out early for his study group and Blue enjoys a lie in alone.

Since he’s decided it is over with George all George’s little put downs bounce off him and he even bites back. Not trying to make it work is a relief. He’s just sad that he’s losing a friend as he cannot see a way back to friendship from this.

Blue eventually gets up and goes to check on everything in the kitchen. He had so much fun with Gervais and Robin yesterday and realized how much he’s missed the three of them hanging out. He knows Gervais isn’t trying to push him out, George’s crap has made him a bit too paranoid about things.

“Hey Dylan. I was wondering if I could use your room next semester? I can clear out when you need it for study.” Blue asks.

“You can use it from now. I’m sorry if I was a dick about it. Deke is studying back in his dorm with his buddies, DeShawn has so much scheduled study hall and access to tutors in the athletic center that he is rarely here so I can get loads done here and his room is so much nicer than mine. Plus you keep the fridge stocked, I know I owe you for groceries.” Dylan says.

“It’s no problem. George didn’t like me cooking for everyone but my nurturing streak still needs satisfaction and if that means making sure there are apples and milk for everyone then that’s what I do.” Blue smiles.

“It is seriously appreciated. Let me just grab you my key, the room is pretty much empty.” Dylan says.

“Cool I’ll move some of my stuff up now. I don’t have that much.” Blue says with a smile.

“I’ll help, I need to ask John some stuff about one of our classes.” Dylan says.

“Thanks it won’t take long. I’ll leave some stuff so not to give George a shock. Can you keep it quiet? I don’t want everyone knowing before George.” Blue asks.

“Sure I can keep quiet. You seem so okay about it.” Dylan says as he helps Blue pack.

“It’s been brewing since Spence’s birthday.” Blue says.

“I’m sorry, that night cemented things for me and DeShawn and broke you guys up. To be honest I tried with George that night and he turned me down. I think he only wanted Spence and DeShawn, he has super high standards for an average guy.” Dylan says.

“Yeah and I am tired of trying to live up to them.” Blue says.

“I love DeShawn and Deke, neither are what I thought was my type but they are. Since I came out I’ve found I really like all sorts of guys, much more variety than with girls. Even though out pool is smaller I can’t see the need to try and change a guy. Especially not someone like you.” Dylan says.

“I guess if I was the first person George found attractive he thought maybe he wouldn’t find another, then Chris existed and it messed with our heads.” Blue says.

“I cannot imagine what you’re dealing with. I’m so sorry I gave you such a hard time. If I had called some buddies I would have known Kit and Trix were here. I should have after checking those pictures.” Dylan says.

“You couldn’t know. None of us could know, not really. Its just so farfetched.” Blue says.

“But I knew on some level there was something.” Dylan says.

‘And you showed me the pictures so I knew he was out there, I just didn’t know we were for real related.” Blue says.

“You really don’t have much stuff.” Dylan says.

“Well I’ll leave the TV and kitchen stuff.” Blue says.

“You’ll be back all the time to cook.” Dylan says.

“George thinks you guys only like me when I cook.” Blue says.

“That’s not true. Actually that’s a really horrid thing to say, the sort of insult I’d have thrown at you when I thought you were after John. Man your breakup is overdue. Find someone who loves that you cook and take care of us. We’ve all missed you and no one but Andy has mentioned it in relation to food.” Dylan says.

“Thanks. You’re not so bad now you’ve calmed down.” Blue says.

“The love of 2 good men helps. I’m the luckiest guy around right now so I have no reason to be mean. I finally feel myself.” Dylan says.

“Climbing and Clubbing has done so well. You’re leaving a legacy here.” Blue says as they walk over to Dylan’s room.

“You better be standing for president for next year. I like the idea of no formal committee but we still need people to deal with the bookings and admin stuff.” Dylan says.

“I think Andy would be better and one of the girls.” Blue says.

“Andy and Elliot are good for recruitment but for contacting clubs and talking to school you’re the guy, you’re far more organized.” Dylan says.

“I’ll give it some thought.” Blue says.

“Here we are.” Dylan says pushing open the door.

The room is pretty nice and has lots of light.

“I love it.” Blue grins and sets to work unpacking while Dylan talks to John.

Blue looks around the room. It’s a little bare, he’s left his pictures and bedding behind for now. He checks out the shared bathroom and as expected John keeps it really clean and tidy. Blue takes a deep breath and exhales slowly. He actually feels happy.

“John can you keep it quiet that I’m moving in. Just until everything is sorted with George?” Blue asks.

“Of course. You unpacked quickly.” John says.

“Yeah not too much stuff. I love this room. Dylan do you want my entry fob?” Blue asks.

“I have one. So keep it so you can get to the pool without waking us.” Dylan says.

“I can’t believe what you guys get away with.” John says.

“We’ve not seen an RA all year.” Blue says.

“What DeShawn wants he gets and as long as we don’t disturb anyone nothing will be said. He asked for a building fob for his tutors and got them within a day. No one comes on our floor, the other suite is empty, it wasn’t finished in time for the start of the year.” Dylan says.

“Maybe you’ll get some neighbors next semester.” Blue says.

“As long as they don’t realize we’ve extra people we’ll be okay.” Dylan says.

“You can just lie about the number of rooms.” John says.

“We’ll be fine. Today is our first big party and we’ll all be eating too much to run too late, we’ll be in food comas when Blue breaks out the desserts.” Dylan laughs.

“More apple pie?” John asks.

“I saw 2 types of cheesecake and a chocolate cream pie and what looked like fruit pies.” Dylan grins.

“You’re crazy. It must have cost a fortune.” John says.

“I had a whole heap of fun. Momma and I often spend a weekend baking ahead for the café. I love doing it, gives me a bit of normalcy.” Blue says.

“What are you even in college and not culinary school?” John asks.

“Hey come on he’s a guy who can do both.” Dylan smiles.

“I want to be at college and Momma and I have a deal that I’ll get an education not spend all my time studying for a future career. It would be different if I wanted to go into medicine or something but I don’t.” Blue says.

“That’s why you do such a weird combination of courses?” Dylan asks.

“Yeah I need those Swedish lit and art history classes to distract from the chemistry and accounting which I’m taking to help with my vineyard plan.” Blue grins.

“Speaking of the future, how did your interviews go?” John asks Dylan.

“Good, really good. I have 2 second rounds over break.” Dylan says shyly, Blue has never seen him so coy.

“That’s so awesome. Knew you’d be snapped up.” John smiles.

“When did you two make up?” Blue asks.

“Pretty recently really. I called John and we totally cleared the air. I was worried that the atmosphere would mean we wouldn’t be able to study here together.” Dylan says.

“Turns out Dylan is far more forgiving when he’s happy.” John says.

Blue heads back to the suite alone leaving the other two to study and chat. Blue starts heating up some of the food and rearranges the furniture. Andy and Spence come through to help and the three talk excitedly about winter break and the evening they have planned.

Just as people start to show up and Blue is making drinks he gets a message from George.

“Friends heard it was veggie food, not keen so we’re going for steak.”

Blue laughs and vows to end things tonight.

“What’s funny?” Andy asks and Blue flashes his phone at Andy and shrugs.

“Lets have a toast.” Blue says.

“The re-launch of Sunday dinners.” Andy says and Spence laughs and kisses Andy.

“I am so glad you got through your bad patch.” Blue says.

“I hope you and George can work through yours.” Spence says kindly and Blue shrugs.

The guys split up to entertain, lots of people are arriving, happy to have a break from cafeteria food and catch up with friends.

“Whatever the plans are to fuck with Blue and George I’m in.” Andy says to Gervais.

“What happened now?” Gervais asks.

“George and his friends have gone out for steak instead.” Andy says.

“Shame, after they called Blue dumb I was hoping to set them straight.” Robin says listening in.

“Dickwads.” Andy says shaking his head.

The party is going really well. Blue puts out the desserts when most the food has gone and it gets pretty crowded round the table. Blue spots Gervais out the corner of his eye not looking good. The suite is so full there isn’t much room to move. Somehow Blue slips through the crowd, picks Gervais up and takes him into his and George’s room.

Blue sits Gervais down and rubs his back and strokes his hair trying to sooth him. It’s been a long time since he has seen Gervais this bad, he’s been so good at knowing the signs and dealing with it himself.

Gervais clings to Blue as his breathing regulates and as usual feels exhausted as the attack passes.

Blue lies them both down and Gervais snuggles up close. Neither of them has said a word. Gervais kisses Blue’s neck as a thank-you and falls asleep on his chest.

Blue lies there holding him for a while and drifts off to be woken by George coming in.

“What the fuck is going on?” George bellows.

Gervais and Blue look up bleary eyed.

“Go to your room.” Blue whispers to Gervais who scrambles out the door.

“What’s going on? Why is he in my bed?” George asks.

“We’re over George. It’s not because of Gervais, he was sick and I was helping him. We’re fully clothed as you can see. But I don’t need to justify myself any more. We’re done. You are rude and mean and I deserve better, I can have better.” Blue says.

“We were working things out. What happened to giving me time to change?” George asks.

“I’m over it. I don’t need someone picking at me all the time. I am good enough as I am and if not for you then someone else.” Blue says, grabbing his bedding and walking out the door.

George sits on the bed in shock. He thought things were okay. He thought Blue was committed to changing. Fuck.

“Hey did you save me some pie?” Chris asks coming in to Gervais room.

“It’s in Robin’s room. Want some now?” Gervais asks.

“Sure. Are you okay? The party is still going on.” Chris says.

“I wasn’t feeling so good.” Gervais says still feeling a bit spacey.

“Did I miss anything but the food? Damn my brother can bake.” Chris says tucking into the plate Gervais has brought in.

“It’s over with him and George. All done.” Gervais says.

“Seriously? So your plan worked. Here taste this.” Chris says and with a mouth full of pie Gervais can’t correct him.

Chris and Gervais make out for a little while but it’s clear Gervais isn’t up for more so Chris makes to leave.

“Call me tomorrow.” Gervais says sleepily not getting up to see Chris out.

In the main room the party is over and Spence is comforting George on the couch while the others tidy up.

“So what happened?” Spence asks.

“I came in and they were in my bed together.” George says and Chris stops and smiles to himself. His plan totally worked, he walks over to Blue’s room but sees its empty.

“Where is Blue?” Chris asks Andy.

“He’s taken my room for a bit.” Dylan pipes up, now George knows he can’t see it needs to be secret.

“Which block is it? I’ll go and check he’s okay.” Chris says.

“I’ll walk you over.” John says with a smile. It’s the first time he’s seen Chris and he’s super curious about him.

“Thanks.” Chris says and they head off together.

“It’s kind of weird seeing you for the first time.” John says.

“I’m used to people looking twice at me but sometimes people look so confused when they see me here. It’s amusing, I never let on.” Chris says.

“I can’t believe Gervais didn’t realize.” John says.

“I am thankful he didn’t. It would have been too weird if he had.” Chris says.

“It’s pretty weird any way.” John says.

“Maybe. Its more weird that you fake dated my brother.” Chris counters.

“It was a weird time.” John replies not sure what to make of the guy. He lets him in and heads for a shower.

“Hey, whats up?” Blue asks as Chris comes in, surprised to see him.

“Robin and Gervais plan worked which means my plan worked. I never bought the good guy act. I knew given the chance you’d try to fuck me over, I knew you’d go for Gervais given the chance and here you are waiting for my boyfriend to turn up.

He’s not coming. He’s not waiting for exams to be over to dump me. I knew about the plan all along and he was never going to be with you.

He only told you he wanted you back to get you to break up with George, and I let him to prove myself right. I’ll not forgive you for this, I will take everything you have.” Chris says and leaves before an utterly confused Blue can reply.

So his friends were planning to screw with him in the worst way if he didn’t break up with George.

He can’t believe that Gervais would ever have gone through with it, Gervais knows he wouldn’t have survived that. He would have lost Chris and Gervais and everyone else. Chris said Robin and Gervais plan. Last time Robin tried a plan it went to shit, oh it worked out eventually but it was a nightmare first.

And now he’ll never get to know his brother and he’s probably lost Bea. Why couldn’t Gervais butt out? Blue gets angrier and angrier. He wants to confront them all but he knows he needs to sleep on it and work out what it all means.

7 thoughts on “The suite saga 73

  1. Well fuck! Poor Blue. He finally gets strong enough to stand on his own, but now it’s all blown to shit. Chris needs to be exposed for the slimeball he is! I’m depressed now.


  2. You just love to leave us hanging, don’t you? Please don’t make us wait too long!

    Chris is a major dick. My hope is Blue sleeps on it and is able to calmly talk to Robin and Gervais. I also want Blue to let Gervais and Bea know exactly what Chris said to him. Bea so she can try to talk some sense into Chris or get him some help to get over his bitter resentment of Blue, Gervais so he sees how much of an ass Chris really is. I don’t, however, want Blue and Gervais back together … just best friends.


    1. The next part is written, just have a few bits to change so it’ll probably be up later or tomorrow.
      Blue will be single for a while I think. He needs to sort out everything with Clara about Chris and Bea and I don’t think he can juggle a relationship with sorting all his feelings out.


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