The suite saga 75

Everyone is exhausted during finals and things are pretty low key. Blue enjoys his time living with John, the zoo of the suite had become too much even without his issues with George and the others.

He finishes his last exam, packs up his things and heads to Deke’s room to see if he’s ready to go.

With the freshman dorm empty he heads over to the suite, the first time since his blow up.

“Is Deke around? I want to get going before the weather gets worse.” Blue asks Robin.

“He left with the others first thing.” Robin says.

“Seriously? So nice he let me know. Gervais went too?” Blue asks frustrated.

“Gervais went they all finished yesterday. You cannot drive all that way alone in this weather.” Robin says.

“I wouldn’t want to. I doubt I’ll get a flight part way either. Ugh.” Blue sighs.

“I cannot believe they didn’t think of you, again.” Robin says.

“Of course they would leave me behind again. It’s what they do, out of sight and all that. Fucking fucktards.” Blue complains.

“Come home with me. I’m not leaving you here alone.” Robin says.

“I need to call Momma. Can you wait a bit? Or go ahead and I’ll follow.” Blue says.

“Ha good one. I am not leaving for you to change your mind and stay behind. We can both go in your car.” Robin says and Blue smiles.

“Momma the others have all left without me. The weather isn’t great this end I imagine its worse at home.” Blue says.

“Are you sure Deke has gone? I spoke to his mother and she assured me he would be coming with you, she even gave me gas money for you.” Momma ask s.

“He’s gone, you can give Spence the money. I don’t want to make the drive alone so I’m going to go to Robin’s house and I’ll drive up with Bea when she’s ready.” Blue says.

“I had hoped we’d have a proper talk before Bea arrived. Have you looked for flights? Don’t worry about costs. I really want you home.” Momma says.

“I want to be home but I don’t think it’ll work out. There have been loads of cancelled flights already and I won’t be able to rent a car at the other end. I’d rather be with Robin and his family than stuck in an airport for days.” Blue says.

“I’d come and get you. Please look and if the weather improves consider coming back sooner.” Momma says.

“Okay. I’ll call you tonight. I’m sorry to cause you worry.” Blue says.

“It’s not your fault. You didn’t make the finals schedule or the weather.” Momma laughs.

“I’ll see you soon.” Blue says.

“No chance of flights I’ve tried to get you within a few hours of home but theres nothing.” Robin says.

“Let’s get going.” Blue says.

“It’ll be fun to have you. I’ll call mom on the way, she’ll want to shop for you.” Robin says.

“Tell her not to go out of her way.” Blue says.

“It’s Christmas. She’s going to go out of her way.” Robin laughs.

“I don’t have anything for her.” Blue says.

“Neither do l. We’ll shop together in a few days.” Robin says.

“Let me check the freezer.” Blue says.

“No way have you hidden anything from Andy.” Robin says.

“I have my ways.” Blue says extracting a container.

“What’s that?” Robin asks.

“Brownies.” Blue says.

“No way.” Robin says.

“I put them away to have during finals but I wasn’t here. They’ll do for a hostess gift.” Blue smiles.

“Yes they will and we can bake Christmas cookies with my sisters tonight and you can make the pies oh man I love that you’re coming home with me.” Robin says.

“Momma sounded disappointed. But she’ll have a houseful with Gervais, Spence and Andy.” Blue says.

“Can I come back with you? I don’t want to detract from Bea meeting Clara but I think she might be happy to have someone neutral around.” Robin asks.

“If your mom is okay with it. Break is kind of long, I guess she’ll be back at work long before you go back.” Blue says.

“Exactly.” Robin says.

“My first Christmas.” Blue smiles.

Robin calls home and of course his mom is delighted to have Blue to stay. Privately she’s angry as fuck that Blue has been left out again and is determined for him to have a great time. Immediately she starts to mentally rearrange the Christmas meals and include things that Blue will like.


“Where’s Blue?” Katelyn asks as they sit down to dinner.

“He’s staying with Robin and will bring Bea up later.” Clara says.

“I thought he was coming, we talked 2 days ago.” Katelyn says.

“He sensibly didn’t want to drive all this way alone in the bad weather. For some reason your brother and his friends decided that four and one was the correct split for a group of five bringing two cars in winter weather. Obviously punishing Blue again for something and forgetting that they are punishing me a hundred times over. Perhaps as they are not with their mothers for the holidays they thought Blue should be apart from me. Or maybe they thought I wouldn’t mind as we don’t join in the celebrations.” Clara says clearly incredibly angry and upset.

“He should have said.” Spence says offhand.

“Said what to whom? I don’t believe Deke bothered to tell him he was leaving with you and none of you bothered to ask Blue if he would be okay alone.” Clara says.

“He’s not talking to me or Gervais. I had no idea he was expecting to travel with Deke else I wouldn’t have told Deke to come with us.” Andy says.

“How could you not think? It would have taken him ages on his own. You said you could only drive for short stints each it was so tiring.” Katelyn asks upset.

“Why are you not speaking?” Roe asks concerned.

“It’s too hard for us to be friends while I’m dating Chris. I asked Deke about Blue when he got in the car and he said Blue was okay with it.” Gervais says mad at Deke.

“And Andy why couldn’t you talk to him to even make arrangements?” Roe asks.

“We’re just not friends anymore. He’s moved out, we don’t see him or speak to him.” Andy says.

“Did he kiss Spence?” Katelyn asks.

“No of course not.” Andy says.

“Then what did he do that was so bad that you left him behind?” Katelyn asks.

“He didn’t so anything wrong.” Gervais says.

“Andy?” Katelyn asks.

“You’re my little sister not my mother.” Andy says and leaves the room. Spence follows close behind.

“What’s going on?” Roe asks gently.

“We planned something to make Blue and George break up and Blue found out about it. None of us came out of it too well and Blue was really, really mad at us. Robin and I both made peace with him over it but Andy hasn’t spoken to him and is probably feeling pretty awful that he was the one who persuaded Deke to come with us.” Gervais says.

“I told you to leave the George thing alone.” Clara says.

“I know and you were right. I guess he told you he ended it of his own accord and I like to think that spending the day with me and Robin cooking for the party had a lot to do with it. Okay George coming home to find Blue holding me in his bed might have accelerated it.” Gervais says with a smile.

“He told me. I hope your attack was real and not a plot.” Clara says much softened from before.

“It was real, the first in ages. It was just so crowded and hot and I couldn’t deal.” Gervais shrugs.

“I don’t understand. If he made up with Robin why hasn’t he made up with Andy?” Katelyn asks.

“You’ll have to ask Andy. Blue and I made up but we agreed to not be friends at the same time. I’m not mad at him and I certainly wouldn’t have come up here if I knew he couldn’t make it. I thought he must be flying the way Deke spoke. Clara I am sorry, I really didn’t know we left without telling him.” Gervais says.

“I’m glad you’re here.” Clara says.

“I know you don’t celebrate but I asked Blue what to bring you and he said pictures of Chris and some stories. It might be easier for us to share those before Blue gets here.” Gervais says.

“You have pictures?” Clara asks softly.

“Yes lots. I’ve put them on a flash drive for you.” Gervais says.

“Thank-you.” Clara says.

“I can’t wait for Bea to arrive. She’s sharing my room.” Katelyn smiles.

“You’ll love her. She was difficult to get to know when she was first dating Robin because of all the secrets but now she’s great. She and Blue are really close.” Gervais says.

“I just wish Blue was here already. We had so many plans.” Katelyn sighs.

“You’ll have time when he gets here.” Gervais says.

“But I’ll be back at school.” Katelyn grumbles.

“I’m free to do whatever you want to.” Gervais says.

“Thanks. You might regret that. Can Gervais borrow the truck?” Katelyn asks.

“He can use my car.” Clara says.

Roe and Katelyn head home after dinner. Andy and Spence don’t reappear so Clara and Gervais sit together and go through the pictures. Bea has given him some of Chris when he was younger and Gervais tells some of the stories.

“Thank-you. We’ll save some for tomorrow. What is going on with Blue and Andy?” Clara asks.

“I honestly don’t know. Blue came to see us all and reamed us out over our plotting. Spence was always against it and said so. Andy told him why he went along with it. After Blue left Robin went to see him straight away and I went after, Robin had told me it was safe to go. I don’t know why Andy didn’t reach out. It certainly wasn’t Blue’s job to come to us.” Gervais says.

“Forgive me for prying further but it seems you and Blue were in a very good place. You being the one to call me about George and Blue helping you when you were sick. What happened?” Clara asks.

“We were in a great place and I was hopeful that we were finally back to where we were before we got together. But after the fallout Blue accepted my apology but said we couldn’t be friends. He is finding my relationship with Chris really difficult. They don’t get on at all. I get it I really do. I dropped George as a friend when it was clear he was sticking to Blue.” Gervais explains.

“I suppose he can’t talk to you the way he wants to. Nor Robin either as he’s dating Bea again. With him broken up from George and not talking to Andy has he anyone to talk to?” Clara asks.

“I think he and Robin have talked some. Mostly he’s pushed everyone away, helped by George and his insanity. I bet he talks to Robin’s mom this week. She was so mad at me and Robin for not stepping up enough when everything came out.” Gervais says.

“I thought I’d prepared him enough. He was tough, I made sure he had faced and worked through disappointments and challenges, I made sure he knew I was human, flawed. I tried to make him understand the value of money so he’d not be taken advantage of. I knew it would come out and I tried my best to delay it. To make sure he had a great childhood and would be fully prepared. I didn’t want him to ever feel that rejection, that’s why I had to hide it.” Clara says.

“You’ve been really tough on him. The drawing thing.” Gervais says.

“I’d hate him to waste time on things that he hasn’t a passion for. Yes I was tough on him. Am tough on him. But I balance it out, he’s indulged in other ways.” Clara says.

“He’s great. Man I am so sorry that I messed up and he isn’t here. I should have made us wait for him. I should have called him.” Gervais says.

“It wasn’t your responsibility. I think Andy has been thinking with his cock and was excited to have Deke away from his boyfriends to have fun with him and Spence.” Clara says shocking Gervais who starts to giggle. The two of them laugh for a long time.

“We shouldn’t laugh poor Blue got left behind.” Gervais says.

“Oh Blue will have a lovely time with Robin and his family doing all the things we don’t. I’d bet anything he’s finally found people who will indulge his desire to build a gingerbread house.” Clara says.

“Blue will adore being part of the preparations, cooking and shopping. Maybe we’ve done him a favor, it’s you who is missing out.” Gervais says.

“I will manage and you’re right he will be having a lovely time. And I think you need some one on one time with me. I know I’m not your mother but I’m who you ended up with. The only bright side to Blue not being here is that you truly do see this as your home.” Clara says.

“Robin’s mom is great and I know she loves me and isn’t afraid to pull me up on things but it’s different with you. I’m like the puppy that chose you at the pound. You’re my chosen momma and we both know it.” Gervais says and Clara hugs him.

“And I suppose the stunt you pulled in the summer was you peeing on my carpet.” Clara says with a smile.

“Something like that.” Gervais says quietly.

“And I guess it means you can’t marry either of my sons.” Clara says.

“Okay you are not my momma.” Gervais laughs.

“You seem to be in a much better place than the summer. You’ve a lot more empathy for everyone. How are you dealing with your own family issues? I hope mine haven’t pushed them aside.” Clara asks.

“So much therapy has helped, two styles, two great therapists. Cheryl is amazing at fixing people up that way and she’s helped me. Taking Ocean out and being his big brother really helps some days too.” Gervais says.

“And your exams went well?” Clara asks.

“Really well despite it being an emotional time. Oh Blue and I were wondering how you feel about the 5 of us going in on somewhere to live, buying somewhere? Robin’s parents are very keen and I think Spence would too.” Gervais asks.

“Blue mentioned it and in principle I’m keen, though I thought you had a good setup. Blue loves the roof and pool.” Clara says.

“We both need somewhere smaller. We’re struggling a bit with so many in the suite and I still have days where I can’t face the dining hall or even the coffee place. I think Blue knew. He kept putting food in the fridge from Cheryl or leftovers of his with notes for me. I thought he was doing it as a random way to look after me but maybe he knew I was struggling more than I was letting on.” Gervais says thoughtfully.

“You think Blue is struggling similarly?” Clara asks.

“He’s not developing anxiety don’t worry but he appreciates having somewhere quiet to shut himself away. He said he was swimming in the cold pool because that gave him true alone time. We both think having a place off campus would help us both.” Gervais says.

“Would it be better just the two of you?” Clara asks.

“I don’t know that he’d want that. It would be weird for him if Chris was over a lot. I don’t know if he’ll want to be around me at all. If it was us two and Robin it would work. Do you think 5 is too many?” Gervais asks.

“I think that if it was just you and Blue then it would be straightforward me buying the place. If its Robin too I think that would be slightly more complex but I’d be dealing with adults with the same goal. I trust Robin to take care of the place and his parents would be close enough to help you with teething issues and maintenance. And being honest if it is me and Robin’s mom who have final say on the place we will likely agree. We want safe and comfortable for our children.” Clara says.

“And Spence might be more difficult. I’m happy to buy my share.” Gervais says.

“You will do no such thing. It seems to me that Andy and Spence are ready for a place alone. They wanted to last year and no one is stopping them now.” Clara says.

“Yeah they are in their own world again. Can you write me a list of chores? I was planning to do Blue’s share as part of trying to make things up to him but as he’s not here I guess I need to do them anyway.” Gervais asks.

“I’ll do that but mostly can you spend some time with Katelyn. She’s not having the easiest time right now.” Clara says.

“Her mom?” Gervais asks.

“Yeah she’s talking about moving here and Roe and I think it would be great for her to live here but it isn’t great for Katelyn and she’s more important.” Clara says.

“Katelyn picked you too.” Gervais says.

“She’s a great kid.” Clara says.


Robin and Blue spend the next few days helping shop and prepare for Christmas. They have an open house on Christmas Eve and have fun with Robin’s family and neighbors.


“I can’t believe you’ve turned my son from someone who complained about pouring his own cereal into a gourmet chef. The desserts for tomorrow look amazing.” Robin’s mom says.


“I love making the chocolate pie, normal food not so much.” Robin says.


“But he’ll happily chop and stir and makes a few great dishes.” Blue says.


“Because I know you’ll create something amazing.” Robin says.


“You just need some confidence to do it alone.” Blue says.


“Hey mom we were talking about moving off campus next year. Blue’s momma is in.” Robin says.


“I know, we have talked and I’ve sent her some brochures of places. She has also said that maybe it would be better with just the 3 of you and to let Spence and Andy live alone.” Robin’s mom says.


“I wouldn’t want Robin to be referee all year.” Blue says.


“You two will be fine by August and anyway you’re basically my two best friends.” Robin says.


“I’d love it. I like the Ds and Elliot and Jesse but it’s just too much. I need a lot more time to myself.” Blue says.


“Agreed. I much prefer to go out and be social and to have home as my retreat.” Robin says.


“Clara will talk to the others this week. We’re suggesting at the moment that your father and I buy the smaller place that Andy and Spence will like in and Clara the one you live in. Then by the time your sisters are ready to live off campus there will be a house for them.” Robin’s mom says.


“If they want to go to our school.” Robin says.


“There are half a dozen schools within easy reach. And sure if they get in somewhere better or cheaper further away then we’ll think again but your sisters are much more homebodies than you ever were I don’t see them wanting to be much further away.” Robin’s mom says.


“True, I never expected to be so close. Still it’s working out for me now. Classes are great this semester.” Robin says.


“Last year was such a blip. So it sounds like you have picked places out.” Blue says.


“Yes some new homes, I want you to be safe and warm. I don’t want to worry about rats and damp.” Robin’s mom says.


“Can we see?” Robin asks.


“Sure lets grab some coffee. I think we’re all prepped here.” Robin’s mom says.



Spence is having a great time, once over the initial awkwardness of Blue not being there. He loves seeing how popular Andy is when they’re out and about and he’s happily driving Andy all over the place to talk with various farmers.

Spence is feeling very proud of Andy and is more than happy to support him now he has the chance. Andy is super happy with Spence, happy that their relationship is really going places and that Spence is being so supportive, so positive about what he wants to do even though it will mean another summer apart.

Andy is in a funk over the Blue situation. He can’t believe he was so stupid and left him behind again. He has no idea what he was thinking. Or not thinking. He and Blue haven’t spoken since Blue confronted them about their plotting. He was expecting to be able to talk up here and now he’s responsible for him not being here and he really can’t handle it.

Spence is fed up with the Blue situation. He sat back and didn’t bug Andy to apologize as they had finals and hoped they’d sport things out up here but no chance of that now. He can’t blame Blue for waiting for Andy to go to him but he is mad that he’s compounded the situation by blowing off the trip home. Spence doesn’t believe he couldn’t make the trip alone. After all what would he have done had Andy not moved up here?

It has also stopped any fun threesomes with Deke. Spence is over his jealousy and was looking forward to some fun and hearing about what DeShawn is like in the sack but of course Andy won’t even speak to Deke now.


“I can’t believe your Mom gave us all lobster for Christmas lunch, what a surprise.” Blue says as they lie in bed that night.

“As you’ve said fifty times today. You made my mom’s Christmas with your reaction and thanks.” Robin says.

“It was a fun day.” Blue says and kisses Robin’s cheek.

“We could have some more fun.” Robin says trying to kiss Blue.

“Dude, you’re dating my sister.” Blue says.

“It’s just getting off, it’s not cheating.” Robin says.

“I can give you some alone time.” Blue says making to get out of bed.

“Come on your balls are ready to burst too. Its more fun together.” Robin says.

“Come here.” Blue says pulling Robin on top of him.

They make out and grind together, both ultra hard and in dire need of release.

“Suck me.” Robin moans and Blue moves down to take his dripping cock in his mouth.

Blue looks up at Robin knowing its wrong and feeling just too good. Robin holds Blue’s head and fucks his face until they cum together.

Blue turns away embarrassed and guilty.

“Blue that was great. Don’t feel bad.” Robin says.

“I’m exactly what Chris thinks I am. I was with Gervais when they were together and you while you’re with Bea.” Blue says feeling dreadful, he can’t believe he had no self control.

“You’re not a bad guy. I wanted this. I’ve wanted it for the last week. Bea will never know and it’s not like I’m cheating with a girl.” Robin says.

“So you think its lesser because I’m a guy?” Blue asks.

“No, I don’t. Fuck I know its messed up. I was faithful to Jenna for years, we brought other girls in now and then at cheer camps but nothing Jenna didn’t want then I got to college and I’ve not been able to keep it in my pants. Not for her, not for anyone.” Robin says.

“Had you already cheated on Bea? Since you got back together?” Blue asks.

“You won’t believe me if I say no and if I say yes you’ll tell her. I’m not breaking up with her before she meets Clara.” Robin says.

“Okay, I get it I do. You need to stop pretending you’re ready for monogamy with women when you’re not. I won’t tell Bea.” Blue says.

“I’m really sorry for putting you in this position.” Robin says.

“Oh you know I love being down there.” Blue giggles.

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    1. do we want a Blue and Robin relationship I mean they are suited as good friends, what happens if that relationship went south he would basically be left completely alone with nobody to speak to about his problems and look when they have played together over the course of the series its usually happened at a time when Blue was really vulnerable.


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    It’s like her son doesn’t matter but everyone else has to be happy.

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    8) Seriously, George… window… 10th story… just think about it.


    1. Hahahaha!!! Love the George solution 🙂

      And totally agree bout Gervais. He’s lost his freaking mind and his morals.

      And yea I love Rue – Robin/Blue. They have their own celebrity name now!


  9. I thought Gervais and Blue were destined for each other, but now I’m not so sure. I don’t think Gervais is good for Blue.

    I don’t know that I want Blue to date anyone in the house because none of them seem to really value him. But like others have said, at least Ribin does seem to genuinely love Blue. So if he dates anyone, then I do hope it’s Robin now.


    1. I can’t stand the thought of Blue/Gervais together. They are poison for each other.

      I’m really ready to see Gervais and Andy specifically finally get reamed out for their utter disregard for Blue. They treat him like crap and never suffer any consequences for their actions. Even now, Gervais broke Blues heart, was part of the reason he was left behind, and he’s sitting there in Blues house with Blues mother having a great time. There’s no accountability for him. He’s dating Blues BROTHER for Gods sake! And everyone just treats him like it’s fine to totally break ones heart, then just move on to the next.

      At least Robin has consistently loved Blue and has been there for him. And I think Blue is the first person to make Robin feel loved. It’s not just sex, it’s like they share something so much deeper.


      1. I mean I see your point and agree that Gervais has turned out to be a terrible person who just seems to continually hurt Blue. But they did seem to have something pretty special at one time. Now it’s just gone to shit and Gervais doesn’t deserve him.

        And yea I think Andy and Getvais AND deke all need a come to Jesus meeting where someone holds them accountable and shows them what crappy friends they are.

        But Robin can’t be faithful to a girl. Do you think he could be faithful to a guy? Even one as special as Blue?


      2. What about Spence its like he has forgotten how Blue was there emotionally for him when he and Andy broke up and yet he also deserted Blue when he needed him. 😦


    2. Well I mean who knows, but I think Robin has been looking for something that he’s not been able to find. I think Blue can meet his emotional and sexual needs, and let Robin find a new sense of purpose. He’s been searching for something, and I’m hoping Blue is the answer to his search.


    1. After reason that chapter and what assholes the rest are then I’m all for blue and Robin now! They should just buy a house together and just leave the rest behind. They ain’t worth it and they definitely ain’t no friends of blues. Robin and blue could maybe have a really good thing. The rest are just pathetic dicks


  10. yes, and I’m so glad Robin and Blue have time together, but I won’t forgive Gervais. He’s spending time with Clara prepping her to receive Chris with open arms even though he’s a douchebag. And….Gervais is a prick to not even pick up the phone to text Blue and apologize for leaving him. I can’t stand the selfishness that Gervais shows on a continual basis.


  11. Grrrrrrrr!!!! This chapter just made me hate Gervais even more. He leaves Blue alone to find his own way home, then gets to spend time with Clara telling her how wonderful Chris is!!!

    I seriously cannot stand to even read about Gervais any more. He is such a user and has no decency at all. I think it was intentional on his part to leave Blue alone so he could not only steal his brother, but his mom and all of Andys family for himself. What a bitch!!

    I’m really glad to see Robin and Blue getting closer though. I wish Blue would blow off time at home and just stay with Robin the whole break! Let them see how right they are for each other!


  12. OK. Clara thinks Gervais has ‘more empathy’!?!?!? I’m sorry, but that’s a stretch and Gervais is in denial! LOL!

    Yep, they screwed him again! Not digging the Robin/Blue sexual situation – friends, yes….Blue’s too vulnerable…


  13. What a bunch of assholes! Leaving blue alone like that. Also it seems to me that the old Spence might be coming back. Robin needs to man up and end it with Bea. I don’t really like how Clara and Gervais get along so well. I just hope Gervais realizes Chris is a gold digger


    1. Gervais hasn’t told Chris what money he has. He’s very wary of anyone knowing after fergus. He’s not blind to Chris’s flaws.
      Clara has always liked Gervais, just not for Blue. She’s the one who gets how damaged he is.


    2. I agree, I think Gervais is taking advantage of Clara and her kindness. It’s like totally breaking Blue’s heart wasn’t enough. Now he is stealing his mother away from him all the while telling her how wonderful the evil Chris is. I truly hate Gervais.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. No idea what Deke was thinking, but Spence is thinking with his cock. I don’t think he’s reverting back to asshole Spence, he was just looking forward to Andy and Blue settling things and getting a little Deke in him.

      Even though it’s kinda awkward, I like that Gervais has Clara. I’m also hoping Gervais might help Clara see that some of the stuff she’s done thinking she was making him stronger was really hurting him and tearing him down.


      1. I don’t think Gervais cares enough to try and help her see. He’s too caught up in Chris and his relationship to care about anyone but that. I mean he’s an orphan so it’s cool he gots someone to be a mom but it’s all too fake. He don’t care about nothing but himself and he’s pretty pathetic because of it, and he needs a kick in the butt big time for being such a bad friend to Blue. And deke is a total user just like Chris is. Deke Chris and Gervais all deserve each other. Andy will get his when spence goes back to dick mode again. Just want blue to be loved and Robin really seems to love him so that’s cool.

        Liked by 1 person

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