A few things

Gervais will not be written out. He’s one of the core 5 and a big part of the story. Gervais might not be good for Blue or the right guy but he’s in there under his skin, if we all only fell for good guys the world would be so different and Gervais is 19 lots of time to change and grow.

I am trying to bring things back to the 5, hence the proposed living arrangements.

Blue and Robin, not going to happen other than the occasional fooling around. They are good friends and need each other.

Next chapter probably tomorrow. Not sure. It’s the last of the gymnastics tonight but I need to go out and enjoy the weather once it’s done, so not sure when the one after will be.

Planning to work on married 2 over the bank holiday. It’s been hard because my head has been so full of the suite saga and I’ve been wanting to get it all written.
Thanks so much for all the views and comments it’s interesting to hear how you see things. Shows me where I’ve left too many gaps.
July was a bumper month and August even more so. Super motivated to get a lot more written.

Thanks for reading



PS 7!!!! 7 gymnastics medals for GB. I’m so happy right now.

14 thoughts on “A few things

  1. I believe you are correct about Gervais as well as the friendship Blue has with Robin. The way you are returning to the core group is, to me, a logical step and so easily fits into the story as just another aspect growth as they learn more about life and their place in the world.


  2. Well it’s your story so you will determine the course of events. I know I enjoy hearing from the other readers about how they see the characters, who they are posed at, and who they see as potential love matches. It’s like a little family discussion round the dinner table haha.

    The roller coaster we all joined is yours. We’re just along to enjoy the ride and scream at some of the twists and turns 🙂

    Really disappointed about RUE though. I’m still secretly rooting for them haha


  3. I completely agree with your comment Sam. Gervais, while a pain – is an integral part of the story. Just my commentary here – it’s time he felt some of the pain he’s caused though….else a friend is not really a friend.


      1. Thanks. I used to get quite het up about the negative feedback on Alexander and worried about how to please everyone with the couples. It got better when I thought stuff it.
        With the suite saga I’ve known the main story points and though the approach sometimes changed and some plans changed I had enough confidence to go ahead with the majority of what I wanted to do.
        To be fair I’ve only had a couple of really harsh emails, all the comments here whether people like the story or not have been mostly anticipated.
        Other than the Rue love, never anticipated that, forgot how much guys like straight boys.


  4. Just curious the inconsistincies with some of the characters saying one thing to someone and something else to someone else is that a case of editing issue or the characters themselves being liars and devious?

    i.e at end of chapter of chapter 74 blue and Gervaid agree to put their friendship on hold while Gervais sorts out his feelings but in chapter 75 he says Blue said they could not be friends

    basically I am trying to understand the characters better and who I should be hating and be more sympathetic to at moment lol


    1. Blue was the one to put the friendship on hold this time. And while Gervais agreed to it he sees it as Blues decision. Gervais knows if he dumped Chris he and Blue could be friends again but he’s putting his relationship first.

      Just as right now Andy is feeling one thing about leaving Blue behind but saying another and pushing the blame.

      Don’t hate on anyone 😜


        1. Hee. There are no doubt a bunch of inconsistencies about and while they’re totally my fault I am blaming teens for being fickle and unfocused. Ha. Do shout if things are super bad though. Not that I’ll bother to rework things but I might think about it….


      1. All good was wondering how to interpret them 🙂

        As I have said before love your work so did not want to appear to be unappreciative and badgering 🙂


    2. Well I’m not going to lie, I’m disappointed about Blue and Robin. But my motive is pure in wanting Blue to finally have the chance to experience true love from someone who can be trusted. So far all of his relationships have been shit, and he deserves a good guy.

      That said, I’m totally addicted to this story, just as I am the Alexander series. So I trust you to keep us all guessing and wondering what will happen. You’ve done a great job so far!! Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. But Gervais will have a LONG road ahead of him to redeem himself and be a character I can relate to 🙂

      Keep up the great work!!!


  5. but then leaving gaps is not entirely a bad thing it allows our imaginations to run wild with theories to fill in gaps.

    Thanks for the thoughts Sam (btw I may of only been commenting last few days but was reading it on nifty on a weekly basis since January and only just realised that you had a secondary site where the content is more up to date)

    Btw about Gervais I don’t entirely hate him just think he is having a difficult time and guess disappointed how he has left Blue High and dry so to speak and for someone who supposedly cared about him a lot I guess I found that aspect hard to accept lol


    1. Gervais was an absolute arse for dropping Blue the way he did and for not handling the Chris situation better. He has a lot of work to do with Blue but I think he’s close to being ready to do it.


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