The suite saga 78


Blue wakes and extracts himself from Gervais embarrassed that he ended up that way, even if it did feel good, when they’re not even friends right now.

“Are we okay?” Gervais asks.

“Nothing has changed. I’ll be polite to make things easier but I don’t want to hang out. Why weren’t you in your room?” Blue asks.

“I’ve been staying in here, I didn’t think you’d mind.” Gervais says.

“It’s weird.” Blue says.

“We’ve always stayed in each other’s rooms.” Gervais says.

“When we were dating or when it was still a possibility.” Blue says gruffly.

“I hate this. I want us to be how we were.” Gervais says.

“We can’t. It’s not fair, you get to have a relationship and move on but when I try you interfere. You never let me work things out for myself. You have to let me live. I stepped back and you were able to work on your issues and solve your own problems. Let me be. You chose Chris. You chose Fergus. You chose Jesse. Always a better offer than me and yet I’m expected to smile and be okay with it. I’m supposed to not take it personally that the best thing that ever happened to me is nothing to you. I’m supposed to pretend I never felt what I felt because its not convenient for you. It doesn’t fit with what you told Chris or Fergus about me. I’m done.” Blue says.

“l couldn’t sit by and let George ruin your life.” Gervais says.

“You should have let me deal with it. I have never suggested you stop seeing my stalker psycho brother.” Blue says getting dressed not caring that he really needs to shower, he just wants out of here.

“What’s really going on?” Gervais asks unsure why Blue is quite so upset, he thought they’d agreed to be okay while up here.

“I met my dad yesterday but you have to plow back into my life and stop me processing it. I hate how much of my energy you take up. I wish you had died not your dad.” Blue says and leaves. Mad at himself and his loss of control. Mad that he still loves Gervais so deeply and is so affected by everything he does.

Gervais sits back on the bed shocked. He’s not hurt he can see how much pain Blue is in and he knows he was just the one who was there. Oh Blue had a point, he is impatient for them to be friends again. He hoped the time apart would have been enough but clearly not. He gets that Blue can’t handle him being with Chris but he thought maybe up here, just them it would be okay, like thanksgiving.

This morning felt so good. Waking with him is always beautiful and its so hard to let that go. Gervais packs up his things quickly and moves them to the empty bedroom before going to help Clara get brunch ready.

“Where are Spence and Andy?” Gervais asks joining in with the cooking, Robin comes over to help too.

“They are doing the chickens. They’ll be back in a minute. Blue is sorting the dry order.” Clara says.

“Sorry I slept in. I should have done the chickens hours ago.” Gervais says.

“You looked far too peaceful to wake.” Clara smiles. Gervais can see she’s on edge and trying to prepare a perfect meal for Bea.

Robin looks at Clara amazed at how she’s changed her tune from an hour ago.

“Mom showed me the houses they’ve been looking at. What did you think?” Robin asks.

“I love the idea, new housing is not usually to my taste but the options your mom has come up with all look like they’ll be warm and safe and hold their value. You guys need to check the commute and if it’s a go then we’ll get the ball rolling so they can be ready for august.” Clara says.

“I think they all look amazing. I’m excited.” Gervais says.

“Mom is coming up to meet me before school starts to show me the site so we can check if the drive is okay. You should come.” Robin says.

“That would be cool.” Gervais smiles happy Robin hasn’t turned against him.

“Sorry I snapped earlier. Mine and Blue’s world has turned on its head since he started college, not just him finding out about his siblings but having you people in his life too. We’ve been just us for so long we’re not used to outside views.” Clara says.

“I get that things are stressful right now. You’re about to see Bea for the first time since she was a baby but I’ve rarely seen you take Blue’s side, long before he found out about Chris and Bea. Blue deserves better than you always thinking the worst and always making out he’s to blame. Gervais is the reason they were in bed this morning and Gervais is the one in a relationship not Blue.” Robin says.

“It’s true, I thought Blue would want me waiting for him. I didn’t think about what Chris would have thought and I didn’t respect that Blue needs space from me right now. I’ve moved down the hall and it won’t happen again. Blue and Robin were far too tired to argue about me being there when they arrived. It was all me.” Gervais says.

“Be more careful.” Clara says gently and goes back to the cooking.

Bea, Roe and Katelyn arrive and they all sit down to breakfast.

“Waffles my favorite. Thanks Blue.” Bea says sitting down.

“I didn’t cook today, it was Momma and the guys.” Blue says.

“I know you must have a lot of questions but lets just enjoy a normal meal. After we’ll take a drive together and I’ll show you around my world up here.” Clara says.

“That sounds good. I can come on pretty strong so just driving and talking would be nice.” Bea says.

“Blue and Andy I’ve scheduled some jobs for you this week. There is a list of which days where in the kitchen.” Clara says.

“Robin can help me. Andy can’t leave Spence alone all day and he needs to see more of Katelyn.” Blue says emotionless.

Andy looks at Blue not sure if he should be grateful that Blue is thinking of him or upset that he clearly doesn’t want him around.

“Robin and Gervais can help you with the jobs at the retreats but Andy needs to go with you on the gardening jobs these are people he needs to meet and he enjoys the work. He’s had 2 weeks to spend with Spence and Katelyn.” Clara says.

“I am here and can speak for myself. I want to do the work.” Andy says.

“Well you do the gardening and I’ll do the retreat.” Blue says.

“Blue you must be at all the jobs people are expecting you. You’ve had two weeks to relax and slack off.” Clara says.

“For goodness sake stop pushing it. I am trying to avoid a row on Bea’s first day. I am not trying to get out of the work. I am happy to do all the jobs but I will not spend one minute working with Andy.” Blue says firmly.

“You don’t have a choice.” Clara says.

“I can leave right now and go back to school.” Blue says.

“Not if you expect me to carry on paying for it.” Clara says.

“Either I do all the jobs, alone or with Robin or we split them.” Blue says defiant.

“It is time you two got over this spat, working together will heal your rift.” Clara says.

“I’ve apologized.” Andy says.

“Liar.” Blue says.

“Enough.” Roe says.

“I’m sorry Bea, I really didn’t want things to be like this. I’ll go to the retreat and get started. You guys can start brunch over.” Blue says grabbing his jacket and leaving.

Clara and Bea head out soon after.

“I’m sorry Blue is just tired from the drive.” Clara says as they get in the car.

“It’s fine, it was real family life. Anyway I don’t blame Blue, there’s no way I’d want to be around Andy right now if I were him. At least Robin and Gervais apologized straight away. Andy let it fester and then fucks up Blue’s plans for break.” Bea says.

“Blue should have been the bigger person. He knows Andy is having a hard time right now.” Clara says and shuts down any further discussion by starting up a monologue about the area.


“Why are you being so nasty? Couldn’t you have said Spence would help you with the jobs and let Blue off the hook?” Robin asks when Clara and Bea leave.

“I’m not going to do someone’s gardening.” Spence says.

“I’d never ask you to, you’ve done enough for me already. Blue is just being awkward.” Andy says.

“You need to give a little. You’ve hurt Blue badly and you should have supported his compromise and helped him avoid a scene. His relationship with Clara is teetering on the edge and we all need to support them both.” Roe says.

“I’m happy to come on any jobs with you. We don’t need to tell Clara that Blue isn’t doing them.” Gervais says.

“That’s more like it.” Roe says.

“She’ll find out.” Andy says.

“Not until after we’re gone.” Gervais says and Andy shrugs.

“Why don’t you just make up?” Katelyn asks.

“I tried and he hung up on me.” Andy says.

“That’s not really true is it? He called you on your shit and when you said you would go he hung up.” Robin says.

“I hate all this fighting. I don’t understand why everything is different.” Katelyn says.

“Blue is having a tough time right now and he can’t handle helping everyone at the moment. He’s focusing on himself for a bit and so he’s asked Gervais to stop being friends because too hurt by Gervais dating his brother and he is unhappy with Andy for forgetting him again. For some reason everyone seems to think that Blue is in the wrong but because we’re still friends no one has told me why.” Robin says trying to find out what is going on. He still doesn’t understand why they left Blue

“No more drama. Come on Katelyn you wanted to have a movie day in your room. Gervais, Spence lets go.” Andy says.


“What is going on with him?” Robin asks.

“I have no idea. Andy has been a total bitch since he got back. Spence hasn’t been much better. They go off for hours together which is fine, Andy is meeting with farmers and getting tours and sorting his summer jobs all of which is wonderful and it is lovely to see Spence supporting him for a change. However they have blown Katelyn off repeatedly, won’t give me any explanation for their treatment of Blue. Why they thought it was okay to stay with Clara and not bring Blue back I’ll never know. If you had left earlier I don’t know what he’d have done.” Roe says.

“Has Deke said anything?” Robin asks.

“Katelyn said he’s mad at Andy and Spence for ratting on him to his mom. Though it was Clara who told her. I just don’t understand it. Andy and Blue were the best of friends this summer and they were always calling together telling us about things the/ d done together, those Sunday dinners and then they both stopped calling.” Roe says.

“Once Spence and Andy were back on an even keel Andy dropped Blue. There was the George side of things too that he didn’t like Blue seeing Andy but I think Andy actually stopped making the effort first. I get it, I disappear into relationships too sometimes.” Robin says.

“But what Blue is going through is so extreme he should have made more effort. Especially given how much Clara and Blue have done for us.” Roe says.

“My mom has given me and Gervais the same lecture and we get it, we’re both here for him. But he won’t face any of it until Clara talks to him and I don’t think that is going to happen now Bea is here. Maybe I should have stayed away to give them space but I am so worried about him.” Robin says.

“Clara refuses to accept that she’s losing him. I offered to drive down with her to see him and she wouldn’t hear of it. When I heard that she let Cheryl fill Blue in, well we’re really only just talking. But she is a great parent to Katelyn, pushes her in a way I can’t and is super supportive.” Roe says.

“I hope she doesn’t turn on Katelyn the way she has Blue and suddenly stop supporting her hobbies.” Robin says.

“I’m keeping a close eye and Katelyn has lot of friends.” Roe says.

“Do you think Andy is finding managing Katelyn’s money too much? I know Clara is doing most the actual work for him but maybe the responsibility is too much. Especially with his mom back.” Robin says.

“It’s entirely likely. Thank-you for saying it out loud. It isn’t a good enough reason to leave Blue behind but maybe he’s trying to be irresponsible so we stop trusting him. Could you do something to occupy Spence this week so I can have a proper talk with Andy?” Roe asks.

“Of course.” Robin smiles happy that there might be some reason Andy is being such a dick.




59 thoughts on “The suite saga 78

  1. If nothing improves the house sharing will be a mitigated disaster. I do hope that something gives and soon as the casualty list is starting to grow.


  2. Well Sam, for such a short chapter you sure seem to have created a lot of discussion, thoughts, and opinions haha. I guess you can tell you have a devoted fan base for this series. It’s sooooo good! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I know this won’t be popular on here but I still believe Blue and Gervais are soul mates. They are both the most happy when they are together. They seem to complete each other, and both need each other. I know, I know, I know…..Gervais broke Blue and I still haven’t forgiven him for that either. But sometimes true love has to be tested in order to find out how strong it really is.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Blue and Gervais actions are both unable to let go of one another.

      I kinda get more dirty on Andy as what he does I think is worse in a way as he is someone that Blue has always been there for and then he goes AWOL when chips are down not to mention he is just making Blue’s relationship with his mother that much more tense.


      1. I agree actually. Andy has shown a side of himself lately that is really unattractive. He’s another who accepts all of the helping emotional support that Blue offers, but has none to give in return. I think Blue just makes his support so understated that they forget it was him and start to believe they pulled themselves through the tough times. Everyone else constantly reminds the others of what they did for them, but Blue never holds it over them so I think they forget just how solid and irreplaceable Blue is.


        1. I am basically at a point where I don’t care if their “friendship” can be salvaged as its always been a one way thing where Blue is expected to make the sacrifice, blue is expected to give the emotional support, blue is expected to make the time etc all Andy has done is take, give emotional blackmail, forget blue exists, cause drama etc

          Depending how Sam writes Andy after this I may soften my stance but that is how I feel about Andy lately.


      2. Hahahahaha Sam, that’s a good question!! What did you do to the poor boy to make him go so far off the rails haha


      3. I think deep down, Andy has feelings for Blue. And when Blue is paying attention to him Andy is fine. But when Blue has another boyfriend, or if he isn’t there for Andy, the fact he has feelings for Blue make Andy want to hurt him. They say you always hurt the one you love the most. I think that’s Andys problem. He may not even be totally aware of it, but his actions sure point to him having some deep feelings Blue that he isn’t ready to deal with.


    2. Noooooooooooooooo lol. I think they are poison for each other. I wish Gervais would just disappear all together. I’m still hoping for RUE haha.


      1. I get that I really do. But there is something between them that is real, and that is irreplaceable, and that is eternal. I just think they won’t ever be content without each other and wil only be whole together.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. They have something. Whether it turns out to be love or friendship or something else there is something and they both know right now it’s too destructive to deal with but its there.


          1. I think friendship is the only option at this point if gets back with Gervais he could lose all his family and I don’t think he trusts Gervais not to flake on him again. Gervais is too spontaneous and Blue is too fragile for it to work at this point really.


      2. I swear I will lose my mind if Gervais and Blue end up back together. I can’t stomach the thought of them together ever again. I don’t even want them to be friends because even that causes pain for Blue. I hope they make a clean and total break from one another, including not living together. Gervais is the worst possible person to be in Blues life, and that includes as boyfriends, friends, or even casual acquaintances. He needs to stay the hell away from Blue.


      3. Wow Marco, you know I never thought of that but it makes sense. He sure is wanting to keep Andy separated from everyone, and that includes Blue. Very good observation!


        1. It’s the reason he did get in on the plan with blue and George I did not mistake his non action as caring or supporting Blue but more not wanting them to break up with fear that Andy may get closer to Blue if he was single.

          I am just musing but it’s a theory lol


      4. Well it’s a really good theory!! Lol. Can’t wait to see how Sam works it all out. Right now, that whole group is just a clusterfuck. Dysfunction running wild haha. I always thought Blue and Andy would be really good together.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. What is with Clara mood changes?

    A few chapters ago she says to Andy she won’t force him to be friends yet here she is here trying to force them to work together.

    When blue blows up at this she tells him to get over his rift I mean seriously.

    Is she seriously that out of touch with reality?


    1. Ahh Andy doesn’t have to be friends with Blue but Blue isn’t allowed to complain that he doesn’t want to work with Andy. She seriously holds Blue to wildly different standards, he has to be perfect and compliant for her but she doesn’t expect anyone else to put up with him.


    2. Bet she would take Chris side over Blue’s when they finally meet also. Blue would be expected to just suck it up and not be a drama queen. He really can’t win can he.

      Yet she would likely cut him off if he refused to come home for holidays after this so its like she has all the cards and he is expected to just grin and bear it.


    1. He’s just seems selfish and he’s been dickslapped by Spence so he can’t concentrate on anything but having sex with him. He and gervis should both have their butts kicked for being so oblivious to blue and how their hurting him


      1. It just seems Andy is a bit of a user. He was good friends while he could extract something from Blue now that Blue is in a position he has nothing to give he gets dropped like a hot potato.


      2. Kind of like Gervais. He was loving it when Blue handled everything for his dad, but now that he doesn’t need him, he flies off to fuck Fergus then dates blues twin. He only wants blue when it’s convenient for him. Andy and Gervais are both selfish bitches


  5. How long is Gervais gonna keep causing trouble for Blue? I’m so sick of him causing trouble then getting treated like the perfect person from clara, who is a queen sized biotch to. She’s as bad as Gervais. And Andy is acting like a snotty bitch who thinks Clara’s home is more his than blues. Everyone there ain’t good for blue and then he threatens to leave and his psycho mom threatens to cut him off. Bunch of crazy people.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well it’s the Olympics so guess shitting on blue is the new sport lol. Gervais wins the gold, Andy wins the silver, and Clara gets the bronze lol

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Glad to see Blue release his frustrations and no Surprise Clara does not give a shit how he is feeling. She seems more concerned about Andy and Gervais than her own son 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?!?!? She’s horrible! And what is up with her choosing Gervais the dickhead and Andy the selfish asshole over Blue?? Now she has Bea there and it’s going to be one more person she chooses over Blue. I can’t take this! I’m so mad I want to pinch Clara’s head off!!


    2. The way she is going would not be surprised if the talk does not happen during the winter break since she is too busy putting everyone else above Blue 😦


      1. Oh I hope not. But I had said in another comment, it’s going to be up to Blue push it. He’s finally remembering who he is, so he can’t just do the normal “Blue” thing and drop it for fear of making it uncomfortable. He always lets things go and never forces a resolution. Now is his chance to stand up for himself. I hope he has the balls to do it!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. We are getting a lot of insight into Blue character now tho which helps explain things ie his desire to help people was probably things he did to be liked and appreciated things it seems he never got from Clara then we have things like being put as last choice or last resort which makes us understand his relationship anxiety issues over the course of the series.


    3. Yup. See she has caused Blues issues by lying to him all his life, which she sees as the right thing to do, so he shouldn’t have issues. Where Andy and Gervais issues she sees as real and expected.


  7. Yes blue release that anger let it all out. Robin is the only one of the other core five that I like as much as blue. Gervais is a little asshole its almost like he wants both brothers. Andy is being a giant dick and Spence is Spence a spoiled rich brat.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Great chapter and a great start to Blue finally finding his balls again. Now he just has to see it through! But with Robin there, hopefully he will have support enough to stay with it and not just back down again so he doesn’t upset anyone. His balls are dropping finally……I hope they continue!


      1. I feel exactly the same way. Until Gervais gets rid of his wanker of a boyfriend and apologizes to Blue, I can’t stand him. He still has no idea how much he’s continuing to hurt Blue and he is such an ass he doesn’t seem to care. He’s so caught up in his own life he can’t even see what an idiot he’s been. So until that happens, I’m totally off of Gervais.

        Liked by 2 people

      1. You have more faith in Gervais than I do ha. I think he’s such a dick that he doesn’t care. All he cares about is his own happiness and needs. He’s shown over and over again that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. After Blue stayed him with after his father died, welcomed him into his own home, loved him and treated him like the most important person ever….he leaves for a guy he screwed for a week and a chance to travel. Then comes back and falls for Blues BROTHER and still sees nothing wrong with it. He’s poison for Blue and needs to just go home and leave Blue alone.

        Liked by 1 person

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