The suite saga 80

Everyone sits down to dinner. Blue is feeling a bit better having talked to Spence, Gervais is feeling pretty lonely realizing without Blue he’s stuck with two couples, neither of which he wants to hang out with much.

“My mom went to see some more houses. I have pictures if anyone wants to see.” Robin says.

“This house plan while really generous does not work for me.” Spence says.

“Why not?” Robin asks.

“You’re looking at places that are going to be ready for august. I need somewhere for May. I won’t be at camp this summer, I’ll be coaching at the day camps the gyms run. I don’t want the hassle of a sublet and then moving again.” Spence says.

“But you want us to live together.” Andy says.

“Sure I’d love a place just us. Just the solution you guys have come up with isn’t one that works for me. It doesn’t work for Blue either and to be honest I don’t see how it works for Gervais.” Spence says.

“Why not?” Gervais asks.

“Uh I know you and Blue live in the same dorm but that was decided when you were best friends. I can’t see Chris too happy that you’re choosing to live with Blue.” Spence says and Bea snorts.

“Yeah there is no way Kit will go for you living with your ex or anyone you have ever kissed ever. Jealousy is my brothers middle name.” Bea says.

“And you’d not be jealous?” Andy asks.

“No.” Bea says.

“That’s pretty cool of you. I’d not be happy if Andy was sharing with Deke and Elliot or something. But I guess we’ve been together longer.” Spence says.

“It’s totally different.” Bea says.

“Why? Because Blue and Gervais are guys?” Spence asks curious.

“Robin is straight I don’t need to worry about him with any guys.” Bea laughs.

“Robin is straight but we’ve fooled around.” Gervais says.

“That’s disgusting.” Bea says.

“You have 2 gay brothers how is Robin experimenting with men disgusting?” Clara asks.

“I didn’t think Blue and Gervais were the predatory type.” Bea says shaken.

“They’re not.” Robin says finding Bea’s reaction strange.

“So do you find all homosexual acts disgusting?” Clara asks.

“No its just Robin is straight so these guys should leave him alone.” Bea says surprised at her own reaction.

“Robin is straight but he has wanted to make sure. He chose friends he trusted to experiment with in a very sensible way. Though I’m sure the circumstances were less calculated.” Clara says.

“Thanks Clara, that’s exactly it. I’ve been called gay since I was 8 years old and I had to make sure that I wasn’t burying something deep down. Spence, Blue and Gervais have all helped me out. And it was a lot of fun.” Robin grins he has found peace with his sexploits with his friends and no longer needs to dive at the nearest girl after. It’s funny he’s been a little unhappy at his impending breakup but now it’s clear he’s doing the right thing for himself and for Blue.

“But you knew you didn’t like men. I’m sorry I just don’t get it.” Bea says.

“So the housing situation works for no one.” Blue says with a snigger.

“You boys don’t deserve a nice house.” Clara says but her eyes are bright.

“We need more straight friends.” Gervais says.

“Hey I love being the only straight guy.” Robin says.

“Yeah no competition for the women you bring home.” Spence laughs.

“So what do you all propose? I do think you’re outgrowing the dorm.” Clara says.

“What’s the timescale?” Blue asks.

“Not long. And if we’re looking for rentals we need to get on it soon.” Gervais says.

“If I got a dorm room I could get the full year, pretend I’m doing summer school then you could use it Spence and Gervais can live with Robin and you two together.” Blue says.

“That sounds good.” Clara says before anyone can reply.

“Why would you buy a place and not have Blue live there? Why should he be alone?” Spence asks.

“I’ll be okay.” Blue says.

Spence looks at Blue and like the others wonders what the fuck is going on. He’s been biting back but now seems squashed down again.

“We won’t be okay without you. I need my roomie.” Robin says.

“I’m sorry I thought I could do it but I can’t. And it’s me causing the problem.” Blue says.

“But the whole point was our moms bought us somewhere to live that they approved of.” Robin says.

“Originally we hoped the 5 of us would go in on a place, then the mothers took over. If we were all sharing it would have diluted the issues between me and Blue.” Gervais says.

“You’d still have Chris over and I’d never be able to relax. He’s a fucking psycho and it would be like making me live with Miles.” Blue shouts.

“Go and cool off.” Clara says and Blue doesn’t argue and heads back to the retreat.

“I should be the one to stay in the dorm.” Gervais says.

“He needs to talk to Kit to understand what really happened. Blue has the totally wrong idea. Once they clear the air you’ll be fine. Blue has to win his trust back.” Beas says.

“Exactly.” Clara says.

“No way. Blue knows exactly what Chris said and what he tried to do.” Spence says.

“They just need to work out how to exist around each other.” Clara says.

“Why should they? They don’t like each other. They happen to be biologically related but that means nothing. You were happy for Blue to not know he existed and if it wasn’t for Bea he still wouldn’t. Why do they need to get on?” Robin asks.

“I would have told him when he was ready. I don’t want them to hate each other.” Clara says.

“Well its too late.” Robin says.

“Bea and Blue have found common ground. Once Blue and Chris spend some time together they will work things out.” Clara says.

Robin shakes his head and shares a look with Spence. He wishes he’d never agreed to the house suggestion. Why did he try and talk Blue into it? He knew it was a bad idea, he just likes them both and wanted to live with them, plus it pleased his mom. Fuck.

“So you and Blue talked today.” Andy says to Spence when they get to their room.

“Yeah I found him upset. Poor kid is falling apart.” Spence says.

“Did you ask how he feels about me?” Andy asks.

“He is really mad at you. But he’s coming out with us and Katelyn tomorrow.” Spence says.

“I feel bad, maybe he could live with us as a three.” Andy says.

“I don’t think that will work. I don’t think we work.” Spence says slowly.

“What do you mean?” Andy asks.

“You were right. When things were going wrong with us you were right we don’t have a future. You brought me up here not to spend the holidays with your family but because you wanted me to fall in love with the place the way you did. I bet you had some fantasy of you being a farmer and me being the househusband who tries to coach sports at a school with no teams. But it didn’t happen. I thought it was all Blue’s fault that we were growing apart at the end of the summer. I thought his hippie ways were what you wanted but it wasn’t him it was here. You love it here, It’s your home and your future and I don’t fit.” Spence says.

“You love coaching. You found your home in a gym full of kids. I love you so much and I thought we were through the worst once you found your way back to me but its not enough.” Andy says.

“We owe it to ourselves to find the right man.” Spence says.

“Well we solved the housing issue. One of us lives with Blue the other with Robin and Gervais.” Andy says.

“I need a clean break. I’ll get myself an apartment. I want to live somewhere upscale with space and light and secure parking. Put my trust fund to use you know. I’m never going to need it that much.” Spence says.

“Are you sure about this?” Andy asks.

“Yes. You don’t seem to be fighting for us.” Spence says.

“We did that too many times. Sex isn’t enough, It is really great sex but it’s not enough.” Andy says.

“No one comes close to you. No one ever will. I love you and I am so proud of you, you’re going to grow great things.” Spence says.

“I love you too.” Andy smiles.

“You need to work on making up with Blue. You need him and he really needs someone right now.” Spence says.

“I think its too late and he’ll just think I want to be friends because we broke up.” Andy says.

“Just try. He’s in a really, really bad place.” Spence says and Andy nods.

“Do you want me to stay? I can go in with Gervais.” Andy says.

“I’ll go spend the night with Blue. Give us both some space.” Spence says.

“Thanks. I’m sorry Spence.” Andy says.

“Me too. We’re going to be okay.” Spence says.

“Yes we are.” Andy smiles and they hug for the longest time.

Blue isn’t at all surprised to hear Spence at the door and lets him in with a smile.

“You and Andy over?” Blue asks.

“How did you know?” Spence asks.

“I figured he called me to talk about you when I was with Robin. You’re a fish out of water here and he is at home. Hid orchard idea was good but his heart wasn’t fully in it.” Blue says.

“Yeah I finally got what he meant about not having a future together. I loved supporting him up here, I’ve been so proud but it smashed the cracks we’ve papered over wide open.” Spence says.

“You’ve been really brave.” Blue says.

“It was easy in the end. Just felt like I was setting us both free.” Spence says.

“So you want to go home?” Blue asks.

“I was thinking we should go home. Have our planned brunch tomorrow with Katelyn and then drive back after.” Spence says.

“Sounds good. My momma had no intention of talking to me. That she has not said one word to me about meeting my dad was the last straw.” Blue says.

“I agree. I don’t know why she’s making a big show of being so great to Andy and Gervais and hanging you out to dry. It’s fucking mad.” Spence says.

“Want to be roommates? I mean you are so busy at the gym that you’re not going to be having randoms back as much as Andy will and you can’t stay in a room together.” Blue says.

“I’d love that.” Spence says.

“Me too. I love Robin but when he breaks up with Bea next week he’ll be fucking everyone in sight and it’ll be awkward to be around her.” Blue says.

“True. Its so weird. I’m single.” Spence says.

“You are. You survived before and it isn’t so bad.” Blue says.

“Oh please you are terrible at being single.” Spence laughs.

“We can be each other’s wingmen. Hey we’re in the same league we can actually go after hot guys together.” Blue says.

“We so can. We are tens and we will fuck tens.” Spence laughs.

“Even though they’re not our type.” Blue laughs.

“Totally we can shark for fours together. They’ll think we’re scamming them.” Spence laughs.

“Nah they’ll be like George and think it is what they deserve.” Blue smiles.

“You have an amazing body.” Gervais says as they get undressed.

“You too.” Spence says.

“I can see why Andy always came back to you, your ass is perfect. Want to fuck?” Blue asks.

“Oh yes. I was all ready for Andy. You have to top though.” Spence says.

“I want to.” Blue says stepping forward.

“You really do have a massive uncut dick.” Spence says as Blue steps out of his underwear.

“Let me at that ass.” Blue says.

They have a lot of fun together, admiring each other’s athletic bodies, Spence loves sucking Blue’s dick and as usual Blue cannot eat enough ass. Blue rolls off Spence and they both lie back panting.

“That was so much fun.” Blue says.

“So much fun.” Spence says.

“I thought you only liked being tied up and stuff.” Blue says.

“Fucking another athlete is always great fun.” Spence says.

“We have stamina. I can’t believe that I keep doing the wrong thing by my friends. Gervais and I had sex when he was dating Chris, before I knew who he was and Robin and I messed around over Christmas. And if Andy knew about this he’s be so hurt.” Blue says.

“Like anyone ever does right by you. You always back off or apologise or accept lame apologies. I’ve been kind of proud of you for not letting Andy straight back in.” Spence says.

“Fuck em all. I am going to have fun. I just don’t care any more about any of them. I am going to get laid and laid and laid.” Blue says.

“Me too. Tonight was fun.” Spence says.

“And neither of us wants more.” Blue says.

“Well I won’t say no to a morning fuck before we go back to the house.” Spence says.

“What? I have to wait for morning for round 2?” Blue asks and they wrestle on the bedroom floor until Spence has Blue pinned. Spence never dominates but with Blue it’s fun. Andy had one hell of a sexual hold over Spence and it always made him go weak and want to be on his knees begging. But this is just fun, easy fun with someone he has always found attractive.


The next morning they pack Blue’s things into Spence’s car and drive both cars back to the house. Blue helps prepare the meal while Spence pack his things up.

“So Andy and I have broken up and Blue and I will be driving back to school.” Spence says once Katelyn and Roe arrive.

“That leaves 5 of us in the car for the drive back. We’ll be pretty squashed.” Bea says.

“Well any of you are welcome to come with us. Just not Andy or Gervais or Deke.” Spence says.

“Clara make them see sense.” Bea says.

“You’re on your own for this one. I imagine Blue and Spence will take bags if you ask them.” Clara says.

“You never had any intention of talking to me did you?” Blue asks.

“Of course I did I planned to before Bea came. But that didn’t work out.” Clara says.

“If you really wanted to you’d have come seen me or you’d ask me to stay today. You have Bea now and you’ll have Chris soon and so you don’t need me anymore. The last 2 and a half years you have changed towards me. As soon as they came to you to ask for college money you changed. That’s when you started treating me so harshly. That’s when our projects stopped. You knew you’d have them back in your life and you wanted me gone. What I don’t get is why you were happy to add Gervais and Andy to the family. If you were getting ready to push me out for them, why fill the house with my friends?” Blue rants.

“You have a ridiculous imagination.” Clara says.

“That’s it? It’s all me? You lie to me for my whole life and its my own fault?” Blue asks incredulous.

“Come on lets go.” Spence says.

“Shit I didn’t want to do that. I just couldn’t hold it in and she still gives me nothing.” Blue says.

“She’s not worth it. Come on I’ll drive but you need to give me directions.” Spence says.

“Just go towards the café. I need to use the wifi there to change my bank passwords incase she empties my accounts.” Blue says.

“She wouldn’t do that.” Spence says.

“She might.” Blue says. He hurriedly works on his accounts and calls the bank too.

“Won’t she stop your allowance if she can’t see what you’re spending?” Spence asks.

“Possibly but I have my summer money and I can add another yoga class or start doing private sessions. I’m always being offered good money to do that.” Blue says.

“So do it. You could make more than you need with just 2 or 3 regulars. Maybe you should ask her to cut you off.” Spence says.

“I can’t afford tuition without her. She’s have to cosign the loans. It’s so frustrating that she made me be full pay when my scores would have qualified me for free tuition like the others.” Blue says.

“Well I can cover you if it comes to it. You’ve helped out everyone all the time. Gervais and I would cover you.” Spence says.

“Thanks. I’d love to say I don’t think she would but I am not sure. I have savings but not a lot and no trust fund coming. You’re lucky to be old money not new.” Blue laughs.

“It’s nice to have control now for sure. My education was always funded but I never expected more. I had no idea the beach house was mine. I’m lucky but it’s not going to change my career plans.” Spence says.

“You are the most driven person I know.” Blue says.

“Thanks.” Spence says.

“I have missed hanging out with you. We were good friends for a while.” Blue says.

“I’ve been a dick to you up here and you didn’t even know, I was holding you responsible for the place existing. Fuck it is so boring. How the hell did you cope? And you stayed a virgin. Shit without sex I would have died these few weeks.” Spence says.

“You remember how desperate I was.” Blue laughs.

“I do. You got over the anxiety around sex though. Last night was a lot of fun.” Spence says.

“It was. Why did you blame me for everything?” Blue asks.

“You’re an easy puppy to kick.” Spence says.

“I’ll bite back now.” Blue laughs he’s not unhappy with Spence. He never had the highest expectations of him.

“I can see that. I’m really glad you let go a little at the end there. I was all ready to do the same to my parents this summer and they turned out to be happy with me. You’ve had a shitty time with relationships but you have great grades, volunteer and look after all of us in your way. I know we’ll never run out of toilet paper with you around. I don’t get why your mom is so hard on you. I just don’t get why she is so nice to Andy and Gervais who have been jerks to you. I just can’t see the angle.” Spence says.

“They have issues and momma loves to sooth the issues out of people. She is good at it, just not with me. Actually she used to be great with me, we’d set time out to talk through all my worries and she really cared and that stopped. Everything stopped.” Blue says.

“You’ll get through this. Siblings are a huge deal as a kid but less so as adults until they have kids. Just wait until you have nieces and nephews and make relationships with them.” Spence says.

“Good call.” Blue laughs.

36 thoughts on “The suite saga 80

  1. From my crystal ball:
    Clara is a smart lady – more brains than heart. She has always viewed Blue as her sole succesor and has been preparing him to take over her mission. That is why she is a dream killer: no painting; no vineyard… Things have changed now. She has a second chance with her other two children and she will try to bring them into her fold and include them in her projects. She will try to mould them through threats and blackmail, and will endure a lot of frustration. It will also be very costly.
    Clara neglects Blue and after a big row she cuts him off. Blue has been preparing for this eventuality: Spence has loaned him enough funds to pay his tuition until he gets a scholarship and is able to pay him back. Clara reconsiders but Blue never accepts her cash again. Financial independence allows him to further his studies and pursue his dreams. Down the road I see him and his boyfriend / fiance / husband becoming very wealthy with the vineyard and saving Clara and his siblings from bankruptcy.
    I hope he never returns with Gervais. Please give him a new (nobody from the past), beautiful loving boyfriend… Gervais deserves some prolonged heartache.
    I love your stories.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad to see Blue coming back to life again. Now if he will just stay away from his mom and Gervais then maybe he can finally be the guy we all fell in love with. This mopey, whiny, spineless Blue hasn’t been attractive. Let’s go man, sack up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gotta cut him some slack considering the two people who he cared most for hurt him sooo badly. Ie Gervais leaving him completely out of Blue when was at home in summer and then that is compounded when he found out his mother had been lying to him his entire life.


      1. Yea they screwed him big time. That’s why he needs to just totally cut them both out of his. Well maybe his mom not totally cause hell she’s his mom. But Gervais for sure, and if Andy don’t get a clue soon, then cut him out to. He’s gotta get rid of the negative so he can focus on the positive.


  3. Maybe I am reading too much Into it but notice how Bea makes Blue out to be the guilty party and Chris the innocent when she says about Blue earning Chris trust back. Why does Blue have to earn the trust. I guess we are seeing the real Bea now where her getting along with Blue seemed to be an ends to a means 😦


    1. I think she’s trouble just like her snake of a brother. But she’s been better at hiding it til now. But a snakes gonna show its fangs at some point. True nature can’t be hidden for long.


    2. Eh, I think that’s less sinister motive and more protective instincts. She’s trying to protect Chris’s school funding by painting him in the best possible light and protecting her own relationship with Chris and their parents. You know if, at the door of break, Clara pulled funding for Chris everyone would blame Bea even if it wasn’t due to anything she said or did.

      Plus, I’m sure there’s a bit of “I’m the only one that can diss my brother” going on. Sibs may fight like cats and dogs but heaven help anyone else that attacks one of them.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ooh. The extent of Clara’s efforts to keep Blue on a short leash come out even more. That she made him pay full tuition when he qualified for full ride scholarships is just a way for her to maintain control. I’d love for Blue to go talk to the financial aid office and see about qualifying for scholarships for the fall term, or even some sort of emergency funding for the upcoming term. He’s a strong enough student it’s entirely possible /probable that it could happen.

    I wonder if her being so nice to Blue’s friends is another way of exerting control. Give to them to keep him compliant as to not take away from his friends as he has a soft heart and will bend over backwards to help others. Also, if it wins them to Clara’s side they can help her exert pressure on Blue to toe the line.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The more I think about it, the college thing has always been a weird way to keep Blue beholden to her basically forever. I seem to recall Blue wasn’t “allowed” to major in business or really anything useful. He has to hide his chemistry and business classes among arts and history. She basically insisted he take classes that would give him an interesting breadth of education but would not lead to any type of career. Without the education to have a career away from the retreat she’d keep him under her thumb forever.


      1. Absolutely. She will have painted it as we’re rich it would be wrong to take the money as someone who needs it should have it and as that is how they live Blue would never have questioned it. The same with the degree, painting it as getting a well rounded education and ignoring it limiting his life choices after.
        They are wealthy but they are not like Spence who could get a degree in leaf shapes and still get job opportunities through his family contacts.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Woooo Hoooo!! Blue is finally standing on his own! And he didn’t let Gervais keep him from leaving. Could it be that he’s finally done with him???

    Clara needs to wake up. But Beas just like her. I’m glad Robin is going to dump her. She and Chris are bad seeds.

    Now Blue and Spence can fuck around with each other and anyone else and have a good summer. And even if Clara does cut Blue off, Spence can cover his tuition and Blue can work and support himself. Clara is losing her final control over Blue. About damn time!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Any normal parent would have never let him leave in the first place. So who knows what that crazy woman will do ha.

        I know I’m in full conspiracy theory mode now, but….I think Clara is a big ole lesbian. I think the only reason she agreed to carry the babies was to make Beas mom happy because the two of them were lovers. And I think Beas dad knows, and he can’t stand women and doesn’t trust them so that’s why Chris is the favorite child. If that’s the case, then Beas comments about gays might just well have caused her to shit in her own nest with Clara haha. That might put a huge strain on that relationship.

        I think between Robins mom, Gervais, and Kaitlyn they will have plenty of money to buy their own house and leVe Clara totally out of it so she has no control over any of them. So the woman who thought she could control everyone may soon find herself alone and with no control over any of them!

        I noticed you didn’t comment on my comment about Blue finally being over Gervais Hahahaha. :). Ugh haha


      2. That’s it really – she’s a control freak! She’s controlled Blue all his life, now on to the next project – Bea and Chris! Problem is , she’ll lose Blue and realize it maybe when it’s too late.


        1. The way I see it has standing up to Clara really done anything? I mean the whole purpose of the visit was Blue to speak to Clara to make resolve some of the issues which are destroying him. She had no interest in that.

          Sure it was nice he is friends with spence again but there was no progress made on his real issues and problems to be honest 😦

          Liked by 1 person

      3. I just think Gervais has been a safety net for Blue and now that’s he’s getting stronger he’s. It gonna need that safety. I think that alone is gonna help Blue get over him. Once he’s thinking clearly I bet he’s gonna be pissed about Gervais going away with Fergus and for dating Chris and he’s gonna be totally done with him. He don’t need him so he’s gonna see him for the little turd he really is. And I hope blue and spence fuck like bunnies now!


  6. Sad about Spence and Andy. But they had some real issues they never faced. They just used sex as a band aid.

    And I’m SO GLAD Blue left to get away from Gervais and Clara. They can have each other and be a happy little family with Chris and Bea. I’ve never liked Bea and I now see I was right in my perception of her. She’s going to be a bitch just like Clara. I’m just glad it appears that Blue is FINALLY putting Gervais in the past. It’s time he finally got over that bitch.

    Hopefully now that Spence and Blue are gone, Andy can pull his head out of his ass and try to make things right. He has a lot of work to do though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Blue relationship with Bea is also tarnished at this point with her seeming to take Chris over Blue and telling Blue patronising things like it’s his imagination etc


      1. Yeah. Bea has been mean about Chris to Blue when talking about their childhood and Chris being the favourite and so it was a little surprising, especially in the car. When it was in front of Clara it was less surprising as she needs to make sure Chris gets his tuition paid.


        1. I am sure he will get it paid I mean only Blue is expected to jump through hoops.

          Heck she even said the relationship with Gervais and Chris is more stable than with Blue and this is without even observing them together. What is she clairvoyant lol


      2. Bea is as nasty as Chris. She’s just been better at hiding it. But you know she’s a schemer by using Robin to meet blue. She’s just as nasty as mean just hides it all in a smile. But I think everyone’s bout to see just how nasty she can be. Hopefully Clara does! But she’s too stupid I’m afraid.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. aaaaaaaa Please Andy and Spence have to get back together at some point, they are made for each other. And Robin should problebly joined them at some point during this fuckfest period.


    1. I think they’re done, it was a little unplanned and I feel mean that they only just got back on track. But I love the idea of Blue and Spence out looking for sex/guys/whatever together. I expect Robin was enjoying the last of Bea.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i mean i like the character development and for now i think its a good choice but in the long run i think they should end up together. They just need to find themself before they find eachother. :))


  8. Sad to see Spence and Andy over but not too sad. Blue finally stood up to the uppity bitch Clara. Not liking Bea as much now. What blue said was right Clara is basically pushi g him out to make room for Chris and Bea. I hope Andy and Blue could at least be friends. I’ll say it again Clara is a bitch and I wouldn’t put it past her to drain his account sounds like her and Paul should have got together. Cheryl is more of a mom to Blue than Clara. Plus I love Ocean that little dude is cool.


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