The suite saga 83


“You look happy.” Gervais says as Blue comes in.

“I made a friend today. Where’s Chris?” Blue asks.

“He went back to his dorm to unpack and hang out with the other guy who is back. Boys night of whiskey and horror films.” Gervais says.

“Two things you love very much.” Blue laughs.

“You have done a total 180 on me. Are you sure about this?” Gervais asks.

“Yeah, I need to try and get to know Chris. His parents are nice and I don’t believe everything from today but it all makes a lot more sense. I really want to the 6 of us in a room and hash out the whole thing.” Blue says.

“I don’t get the adoption thing. Why not do it later? Should have just been a formality.” Gervais says.

“I guess different states have different rules. Remember everything we has to do when your dad died and how it took 3 of us and a lawyer to deal with everything. Imagine if you had 2 tiny babies at home and you and your wife are grieving for the third and you are both sleep deprived and barely hanging on. That paperwork would have felt like a mountain to climb. Their family was their family and they didn’t see the need for legalities.” Blue says.

“I guess I could never have managed without you and we didn’t have babies to look after.” Gervais says.

“You’d have coped if you had to.” Blue says.

“I know Clara is hard on you. Much, much too hard this break, she was mean. But I still feel protective of her and worry that Bea and Chris see her as money and nothing else. Their parents, seem nice but they lied to them most their lives too. Or never keep their story straight. All three of you are messed up and they all seem to be justifying all their actions but none of them are apologizing.” Gervais says.

“Momma did the best she could with me but things have changed. I don’t know why and right now I don’t care to find out. Chris and Bea’s parents are nice and I’m glad they answered the questions but I don’t need a relationship with them.” Blue says.

“Are you going to call Clara and try and get things straightened out?” Gervais asks.

“No. I don’t need her either. If I have to drop out then I drop out. I have yoga and cooking skills I can get a job and support myself. Many jobs if I have to. I don’t need to be in college to do what I want to do.” Blue says.

“That makes it sound like you only see Clara as money.” Gervais says.

“Right now she is nothing in the way of emotional support for me. She didn’t ask me anything about my grades or classes or meeting Paul or what happened with George. Maybe I didn’t ask her what was going on in her life either but she made it very clear that she doesn’t love me, doesn’t like me or want to spend time with me. I might have gained 2 siblings and a bio dad this year but I have lost the only family that mattered. And I know saying this to you, who has actually lost all his family might sound ridiculous but it is how I feel. Your dad brought misery to your life and if he had lived you’d have cut him off in time.” Blue say tears flying from his eyes.

“Hey come on it’s not that bad.” Gervais says trying to placate Blue.

“It is that bad. I’ve been replaced by you and Andy and Bea. I’m not welcome in my home any more. There was no space for me. I wasn’t welcome.” Blue shouts and goes to his room slamming the door.

Gervais sits for a moment not sure what to do. Blue was so happy when he got home but all this hate has clearly been close to the surface. He’s losing it so often now. Gervais shakes his head and makes some tea and carries it through to Blue.

“Milky chai, lots of honey.” Gervais says.

“Thank-you. I’ve got no choice but to let you back in do l? You’re the one who knows me. Who will let me say all those things.” Blue says.

“You have listened to me rant about my dad and my poor mother who did nothing wrong. Your momma, my dad, they have got things wrong. I’m not going to push you to reconcile. In your shoes I’d be doing the same or worse. Take all the time you need.” Gervais says.

Spence pushes the door open.

“Everything okay?” Spence asks.

“Oh I’m just throwing another massive strop and Gervais caught the brunt of it.” Blue says.

“Get it all out babe. You’ve been having a shit time. It’s amazing you’ve kept it together so well.” Spence says with a smile and sits the other side of Blue and hugs him.

“Thank-you, both of you. Gervais I’m sorry for pushing you away one day and pulling you back the next. Spence you’ve been amazing since you found me in the snow. And you exposed my sister for who she is. I’m sorry, I just don’t feel myself.” Blue says.

“Why the hell should you? Your world was totally turned upside down. Nothing is what you thought. I don’t know how you kept it together last semester. If its only all flying out now then its long overdue.” Spence says.

Blue leans forward to put his cup down and looks at the men on either side of him and smiles.

“I’m feeling pretty lucky again. I met a girl today and we had dinner and it was so nice to just chat with someone that doesn’t know any of this shit.” Blue says.

“You’re not switching teams.” Spence laughs.

“She was gay too.” Blue says.

“That’s good, you won’t lose another female friend to Robin’s libido.” Gervais laughs and the others join in.

“How’s it going with George?” Blue asks curiously.

“Good. Really good. Don’t worry we’re just friends like before. I am so not ready for anything but it is nice to have a friendly face on my pillow in the morning.” Spence says.

“Let’s go out tomorrow night.” Blue says.

“Sure thing. I’m back to work at the weekend.” Spence says.

“Can I come?” Gervais asks.

“Sure, bring Chris, lets start operation being friends with my twin.” Blue says.

“Best not have Gervais stay the night if you want to be friends with his boyfriend.” Spence says.

“I have yoga at stupid o’clock tomorrow.” Blue says.

“We best let you sleep then.” Spence says kissing Blue deeply.

“Tease.” Blue says and hugs Spence close before he and Gervais get up and leave.

Blue heads to clean his teeth then goes straight into Gervais room.

“Can you set your alarm for me?” Blue asks as he gets into bed.

“I thought Spence would never leave.” Gervais says handing Blue a small alarm clock.

“I had a massive dinner.” Blue says.

“I have a boyfriend.” Gervais says.

“But you still want me, not him in your bed,” Blue says.

“I know.” Gervais says.

“Thanks for the tea.” Blue says.

“I wanted to hug you from the inside.” Gervais says.

“Hug me from the outside.” Blue says and Gervais complies.

The alarm comes on too soon and Blue smashes it off and rubs his eyes. Gervais sits up and kisses Blue gently.

“Can I come too?” Gervais asks.

“Sure thing, it’ll be fun.” Blue says and goes to get ready in his room.

Gervais stares at himself in the mirror. He’s a cheat and he knows it. No excuses. He wishes he was brave enough to end it with Chris and just go for it with Blue but he knows that can’t happen. Blue isn’t in the right place. Gervais needs to be on hand to comfort him and be a punch bag and whatever else he needs but last night needs to be the last time.

“Hey Willow, is it okay my friend Gervais comes too?” Blue asks as they get to her car.

“Of course. Hop in” Willow says and Blue makes quick introductions.

The class is hard work and a lot of fun. Gervais and Blue love it. A couple of people who have been to Blue’s classes are there and stop to chat with him and Gervais afterwards.

“Thanks so much for including me. That was great fun.” Gervais says.

“You two were so good, your first week and you both automatically go for the most advance options.” Willow says shaking her head.

“Didn’t see you struggling. You have an amazing body.” Blue says.

“Beats being on the roof this time of year.” Gervais says.

“I am meeting my brother for breakfast if you want to come. ” Willow says.

“I’d love to.” Blue says.

“I’m meeting my boyfriend for food so I’ll pass. But I really want to go to class again.” Gervais says.

“Blue can give you my number. We have time to go back and shower, he isn’t as in to early starts as I am.” Willow says.

They all go back shower and change and feeling really on top of the world Blue heads down to meet Willow again.

“Is your brother at school here?” Blue asks.

“He is at the art school across town. It’s nice we’re close to each other but separate.” Willow says.

She drives them to a diner close to her brother’s school.

“I’ve never been here is it good?” Blue asks.

“Yeah. My bro called me about a year after he started here and made me drive straight over and order the eggs. A cheap diner that uses good eggs its been our place ever since.” Willow laughs.

“I would totally drive across town for good eggs. You should come to mine for Sunday dinner. I should have a new supply from home and am planning a big frittata.” Blue says.

“You’re on. Can my brother come?” Willow asks.

“If we get along.” Blue says.

“You will.” Willow says.

“Hey I’m Birch.” Birch holds his hand out to shake.

“I’m Blue. Tree names for your family. I like that.” Blue says shaking Birch’s hand and drinking him in. He’s very, very cute, with sandy hair and a mass of freckles and super deep dimples Blue cannot help but smile at him.

“He’s actually Water Birch.” Willow says.

“Hey!” Birch objects.

“You are really cute.” Blue says unable to stop himself.

“And you are super-hot like my sister described. Wow.” Birch says.

“Is this a setup?” Blue asks.

“No, I am never dating again. I’m just getting over a monumental breakup and my sister thought we had that in common. I just didn’t expect you to look you know, like you.” Birch laughs.

“Same.” Blue grins.

“Awww Blue Sky and Water Birch making my eyes rain.” Willow says with a sneaky grin.

Birch is as easy going as his sister and the three have a lovely time. Blue relishes every minute.

Despite the ups and downs he loves his college friends but these two are the people he dreamed of meeting. People who understand him without needing massive explanations. It had been nice having Deke around but he’s a farm boy and these are hippies and they really get him.

“What are you grinning at?” Birch asks.

“I love you two already. You’re fun to be around.” Blue says.

“Can I come to your class Thursday? I cannot get up for Willow’s early morning ones but I miss it.” Birch asks.

“If you’re just starting back best to come to the family class rather than the advance one. And you are both more than welcome to help in the kids class. We can always use more help.” Blue says.

“Are you kidding? That would be perfect. My school is an art school but it’s the satellite campus for a pretty religious school and even though I’m doing a BFA I still have to do volunteer hours to graduate. An extra hour a week would see me clear them that bit faster.” Birch says.

“Great. I’ll text you the details.” Blue says.

“Smooth way of getting his number.” Willow laughs and Blue grins without denying it.

“I’m going to a club tonight if either of you want to come? And Birch I already asked Willow to our Sunday dinner, I’ll be cooking and it will be awesome, you have to come.” Blue laughs.

“Yes and yes.” Birch says with a gleam in his eye. He has been hurt so badly and seeing his sister has been the only thing to make him smile for the last few weeks. Blue has cheered him up no end, he loves that Blue gets him. Gets the art and his background without too much explaining.

“I can’t make it tonight. But I will see you both on Sunday.” Willow says.

“Willow thinks herself far too old to party and have fun.” Birch says.

“Or I love my brother but do not need to see him dancing in his underwear.” Willow says.

“Puleeeeeze how many girls nights have you subjected me to while wearing a bra and booty shorts. No eye candy for me and you crying into your drink that every girl there is straight.” Birch laughs.

“My brother was happily bribed by me tossing shots of vodka into his coke.” Willow laughs.

“Ah yes I do love drinking. Booze, weed and muscular men in jocks is my heaven.” Birch smiles.

“And a paintbrush?” Blue asks.

“Art is my life not my afterlife.” Birch grins.

“My brother doesn’t normally let people in so easily.” Willow says in the car.

“I like both of you so much. You skip the boring questions.” Blue says.

“So do you. I feel like I’ve known you forever.” Willow says.

“I am so glad I stepped into that empty studio.” Blue says.

“I am glad I stopped to watch.” Willow says.

“See you Sunday.” Blue says.

“See you Sunday.” Willow replies. Willow is delighted to have made a friend she has so much in common with. Willow is pretty popular in class and has friends at yoga but Blue looks like he’s finally the crossover friend she needs. Blue steps inside thinking the same thing.

That night DeShawn, Dylan, Blue, Gervais, Chris and Spence head to the club with George staying back happy to have a night in gaming, he is far less obsessed with Spence and isn’t bothered by him going out.

“Hey Dylan if you are back where are Elliot and Jesse?” Blue asks.

“My mom gave them a hotel gift certificate for Christmas and they’re using it now. They’ll be back tomorrow.” Dylan says.

“Wow that was a nice gift.” Blue says.

“My mom gets loads of free stuff through work. She was happy to find someone grateful to give it to. Our family has more than had its fill of hotels and spa days. We all clamor for the gadgets still but the other stuff meh.” Dylan says.

“How did your interviews go?” Spence asks.

“I have a job offer for after graduation. I am off to Boston and I will miss this guy but I am ecstatic.” Dylan says.

“So pleased for you.” Gervais says.

“We’re having Sunday dinner this week. You can name your dessert.” Blue says.

“Can you make a baked Alaska?” Dylan asks never shy at going for what he wants.

“For sure. I promised my new friend Willow a cheesecake so there will be both. What flavor ice-cream?” Blue asks.

“Surprise me.” Dylan grins shocked that Blue didn’t balk at his request.

“You okay?” Blue asks DeShawn.

“Yeah I knew Dylan was only around for a year and we’re going to last all year, Then no hassle about what we do for summer.” DeShawn says.

“And Deke?” Blue asks.

“We’re through with him. I don’t want a guy who can disrespect a friend the way he did to you and Dylan agrees. Just keep it quiet for tonight yeah?” DeShawn says.

“You didn’t need to do that for me.” Blue says.

“No I needed to do it for me.” DeShawn says.

“Birch over here!” Blue calls out as Birch rounds the corner.

“He’s cute.” Spence says.

“Yes he is.” Blue says with a big grin on his face.

“Really cute.” Spence says.

“He is off limits. Back off.” Blue says and Spence laughs.

They have a fun night. Birch likes to dance as much as Blue and they all sweat the night away not really paying attention to the men around them. Spence and Blue want to get themselves out there but for tonight they are content to have fun with their friends.

“See you Sunday.” Birch says as the finally tumble out into the cold air.

“You can come over if you want. We have spare rooms.” Blue says.

“Nah I’m good. I want to catch the early morning light in the studio.” Birch says and hugs Blue goodbye.

“Oh my days. Did Blue just strike out?” Deshawn teases as Birch climbs into a cab alone.

“We are just friends.” Blue says.

“So are we and I have sampled that fine ass of yours.” DeShawn says slapping as Blue’s butt.

Blue looks at Dylan terrified waiting for the onslaught.

“It’s fine man. I know you were both just being horny runts. DeShawn and I know where we are. But next time please let me join in.” Dylan says.

“Blue has been quite the entertainer this week.” Gervais says.

“I like sex and for ages I was terrified of it and then I thought I was shit at it. Now I know I’m not I’m going to get it. Lots of it.” Blue says.

“Go Blue.” Spence says with a big grin.

“We are going to get it Spence. Two hot guys on the loose. Tonight was just a warm up.” Blue says.

“Oh yeah.” Spence smiles.

They sit round the table together eating leftovers and drinking some of Spence’s wine, shooting the shit. George comes out to join them and for a few minutes it’s weird and then it isn’t. Blue and George are over each other and while they are not friends they are not so far from being friends as they expected.

Blue stands up to get some water and as he does Andy bursts through the door.

“Your fucking sister. Your fucking sister.” Andy shouts at Blue and then Chris. For once a genuine moment passes between Blue and Chris and they laugh.

“Wait George is back? Shit where will I sleep?” Andy asks.

“We totally forgot about you.” Blue says grinning.

“You fucking fuck.” Andy shouts and runs at Blue jumping up on him wrapping his legs round Blue’s waist and kissing his face all over.

“What the fuck is going on?” DeShawn asks.

“Blue has just got revenge on Andy and they are making up.” Spence says.

“That’s it. No big drama they’re making up?” Chris asks.

“Yeah. They hated not being friends and now Blue has stolen Andy’s room and fucked Spence they are even, no hard feelings.” Gervais says smiling.

“Seriously? I thought Andy was a shit to Blue all break.” Chris says.

“He was but you were a shit to Blue and he has called a truce so shut up.” Gervais says.

“Are they going to fuck right there?” Dylan asks as Blue and Andy are rolling round the floor.

“No, Blue prefers to get caught rather than put on a show.” Gervais says.

“You can never talk about sex with my twin.” Chris says.

“Hey where is Robin?” Spence asks.

“I’m fucking here. Your fucking sister.” Robin shouts dropping his bag and gesturing at Chris.

“She is so popular tonight.” Chris says.

“She is such a fucking dumbass. She thinks Clara is controlling asking her to prove she’s not a homophobic cunt. Seriously how is a few hours a week doing something nice worse than student loans.” Robin rants.

“My sister is stupid. Ha I actually was happy you didn’t say that to my parents and now I cannot wait to tell them. For once I am smarter than my sister.” Chris says.

“So its over?” Blue asks getting off the floor.

“Yeah, so, so over. Andy nearly drove the car off a cliff to get her to stop.” Robin says shaking his head.

“I am sleeping with Blue tonight. But we need to sort shit out. When is Elliot back?” Andy asks.

“Tomorrow.” Dylan says.

“Right no offence Dylan, Chris, we need a meeting only the people who live here tomorrow.” Andy says.

“No problem. I’m not taking anyone’s bed.” Dylan says.

“Or bathroom as I have my own. Deke won’t be back.” DeShawn says.

“No he cried most the way here. Between him and fucking Bea I wanted to scream.” Andy says.

“Look I know Gervais and Blue and George have found this place too crowded this semester. I am barely here so it doesn’t affect me but if you guys need Jesse to go I’ll back you.” Spence says.

“It feels mean. I mean if they go back to sharing a single what do we care?” George asks.

“But because they don’t go out they dominate the TV and we haven’t had game nights or anything.” Gervais says.

“What Gervais said. If they kept to their room like most of us do when we’re entertaining it would be fine.” Robin says.

“Right we all want to meet who everyone is fucking but we also sometimes want to stretch out on the sofa.” DeShawn says.

“So who is going to take the other twin?” Blue asks.

“You’ve done your share. Its fair you keep your single.” Gervais says.

“Please don’t offer to share babe.” Chris says.

“It’ll be me and Andy I guess.” Robin shrugs.

“Fine with me. Gervais can have us when one of us needs the room.” Andy says.

“Uh who says there will be space in my bed? I am planning on getting a lot of cock and you have a lot more fucking groveling to do.” Blue laughs.

“We need to so with when Elliot is back. This feels wrong.” George says.

“He’s right.” Blue says.

“Tomorrow when we’re sober.” Gervais says yawning.

“Sunday dinners are back too. We’re celebrating Dylan’s job.” Blue says.

“And Blue has invited his new man.” DeShawn says.

“He is super cute.” Spence says and Gervais bristles.

“You met someone?” Andy asks happy for Blue but really wanting his ass first.

“We are friends. I made some friends. Hands off.” Blue says with a grin.





56 thoughts on “The suite saga 83

      1. Ohhhh I love British and Aussie guys! Totally in love with the accents. Throw in the dimples and my clothes fall off haha. Never been to Oz yet, but have been to England several times. And yes, my clothes came off many, many times each trip lol

        Liked by 2 people

    1. I think will be different to when he broke up with Andy last time as this time it was more a realisation they had grown apart so each is free to find someone to compliment them now 🙂

      I think George will play a similar role to Spence as Robin does for Blue ie someone to snuggle with for affection when needed 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I think he will enjoy it for a while. He’s been tied to Andy for so many years that a little bit of freedom will be nice. But he’s a relationship guy. Not sure it will be George, but I think Spence will eventually want one man.

      I think Blue will be the same. Have a great time but still long for that one true love.


      1. George might not be okay with that. I’m wondering if the volume of guys interested (and Spence being hot, rich and arrogant is going to attract guys, maybe not the right ones but now is the time for wrong uns) will go to Spence’s head and he’ll act douchy.


      1. Or maybe he will understand Blue was not in a good place and was like a coping mechanism?

        Sure they fought a lot over winter but even Andy could not be that oblivious to the rejection that Blue hot from Clara over winter break.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right lol. Little bitch is going to finally see what he’s put Blue through. Both with leaving him for Fergus and now dating his twin. He is going to feel those pangs of guilt and jealousy that he’s so freely caused for Blue. I can’t stand him for what he did to Blue, so I’m going to enjoy watching him suffer. And then hopefully realize that Blue is the one he should have been with all along. I hate Gervais, but I can see where he and Blue really share something quite unique and special. But for now, I hope he suffers hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah George was never a threat, Gervais knew he wouldn’t stick around but Birch is a whole different ballgame already and I’m not saying Blue and Birch will get together soon but it is already in the air.


      2. At least Gervais is there as a punching bag for Blue over the hurt Clara has caused him over her indifference and coldness.

        Blue bottling those emotions of rejection have nit been healthy so about time he got some release.


      3. I don’t think Gercais is gonna be able to hide his jealous when Blue is out fucking around. So I’m betting Chris is gonna see it and get pissed. But Chris is a douchebag and he shouldn’t be dating Blues ex. Just weird to me. But Blue deserves to have fun and make the, all jealous!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. It’s funny…as much as everyone is dissing Blue and Gervais, they weren’t ‘together’ at the right time in their lives. I met my husband after I sowed my wild oats as they say. We’ve talked about the fact that if we had met earlier in life, we may not have ended up together.

      Timing is everything….I am of the personal opinion, that they are soul mates (don’t hate!), but time will tell if they will end up as each others ‘forever loves’ or if Gervais lost his chance with Blue forever.

      I think he’s beginning to realize it…..


      1. Well I’m not one to say regarding forever loves. I missed my chance with my forever love, so I can only say that Gervais was an idiot for leaving Blue for something “better”. When in fact, he had forever in his grasp. And coming back later to him may be too late. It’s a hard lesson and Gervais may be learning it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think if Gervais hadn’t fucked it up Blue would have been content for them to be forever. But now he has the chance to fuck around and he’s feeling far more confident about himself sexually he’s going to forget forever and have fun.
        Gervais, I think he’s too messed up for forever.


        1. Yet Clara is concerned about Gervais leaving Chris with a broken heart yet it was merely a trivial matter when he did it to Blue.

          She is not very good at hiding obvious favouritism is she lol


            1. Well she has impossible lofty standards for Blue so why not have same with his dating life also.

              Yet that was the part of his life that was always a mess even when he had confidence in everything else.


  1. YES!!!!!! This made me smile so much. Blue is so back!!! And I’m already in love with Birch and his dimples lol. Now if only Blue and Andy can finally fuck as friends just to get it done I will be loving it. And Gervais the little bitch is finally starting to see what he gave up. Revenge is sweeeeeet! Great chapter Sam!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. They are sooooo cool. I love them already. Birch is a hippie, an artist, and a good guy. Wow he couldn’t be more perfect if you tried! And dimples always make my clothes fall off haha. I’m also really glad Andy and Blue are fine. I know they have some things to talk through, but you showed just how much their friendship means to both of them by them reconciling so easily. There is a strong bond and love there like two brothers. Well hopefully two brothers that finally play hide the weinie haha


        1. Good to know if I’m ever in your part of the world, I have dimples (and green eyes of it helps). Oh Andy and Blue will bang, it’s like they finally have permission. I hoped people wouldn’t be too mad at the straightforward reunion. Andy has missed Blue like crazy. I promise we’ll catch up on all Andy’s thoughts soon.

          Liked by 1 person

      2. No I loved it. Friendship means so much and you’ve now proven it with those two. And I would totally pay to be third wheel when Blue and Andy fuck ha.

        and seriously, dimples are beyond sexy. I’m looking at you Sam. 😉


  2. You’re spoiling us two chapters today. Dylan is growing on me. Poor little Deke is all alone Boohoo. That Bea is a piece of work. I think I like blue being slutty he deserves it I know I wasn’t a fan of it at first. I like Chris just a little bit. Gervais might actually have the right idea for now. I’m glad he knows he needs to be there for him but I think we all know that was not the last time he is gonna be in Blue’s bed.


      1. Well Deke is a dick so good riddance haha.

        Honestly, I was smiling through tears when Andy and Blue got back together. Andy was such a prick, but like someone else said, they really do love each other and care about each other. They’ve developed a deep bond at the commune and their lives are so intermingled. It’s good to see them being friends again.

        I want to marry Birch and have Willow as my side ho haha. I love those two!! You’ve made them an instant part of the inner circle. And they make Blue happy so I love them already.

        Liked by 2 people

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