The suite saga 84

Andy cannot quite believe how shit he’s been recently. He is utterly devastated that he could treat Blue so badly and that has played on his mind far more than his breakup with Spence. Blue slips away to the bathroom and Andy smiles. He is so happy they made up so easily. He doesn’t take Blue’s forgiveness for granted, he knows that Blue is very forgiving but he also knows this is the last time he’ll be forgiven so easily.

He can’t wait for tonight. He’s going to treat Blue like a king. His first post Spence fuck is going to be loving and magical and despite being exhausted from the long drive he knows it will be perfect.

Andy is pretty surprised that Spence has had Blue but now has George in his bed. He is pretty scared for Spence but knows he has to keep back. He will always love Spence and is actually proud of him for instigating the breakup. Andy knew it was a mistake to take Spence home the second they arrived. Spence tried and tried but it was clear that he was trying and wasn’t happy and he couldn’t hide it.

So much family stuff to deal with was taking up all his headspace and he just couldn’t make Spence feel more at ease he just got more and more irritated and Spence needing more attention gave him no time for Blue.

Now all he has is time for Blue. He gives Blue a huge smile as he comes out and they both go to Blue’s room.

“Don’t you want to shower after all that time in the car?” Blue asks.

“You don’t want me all natural?” Andy asks.

“At least brush your teeth.” Blue says.

“Making me wait.” Andy says.

“You should be doing everything I ask before I finish the sentence.” Blue says.

“I know, I am lucky you haven’t killed me. That you let me live after leaving you behind. Well you know I love you and I care so much. I just don’t know how to say what I need to.” Andy says.

“You want to talk or fuck tonight? Because the longer you leave cleaning up the more likely I am to fall asleep while you’re doing it.” Blue says.

“I’m gone.” Andy shouts running out the door.

Blue lies back and smiles. He needs this. He and Andy need to bang it out. It’s the only way to get back on track.

“I’m back and smelling all fresh and cute and to be fair I feel more awake.” Andy says.

“You sure about this?” Blue asks.

“Fuck yeah.” Andy says diving at Blue and kissing him.

Blue pulls his clothes off quickly, Andy had already discarded his towel.

“I can’t believe that I finally get my hands on this booty.” Andy says with a growl.

“I want you so much.” Blue sighs.

They fly back at each other hands and mouths everywhere. Andy is in heaven he loves Blue’s body and it just doesn’t feel like their first time together they communicate without words their moans and grunts letting the other know they can do no wrong.

Blue moves his mouth to Andy’s ass for his favorite treat.

“You don’t need to. I’m fucking you.” Andy says.

“Do you not like it?” Blue asks.

“Feels amazing.” Andy groans.

“So shut up and enjoy, I am.” Blue laughs.

“Fuck babe go for it.” Andy moans and settles back to enjoy.

When Blue takes a breath for air Andy rolls out the way.

“I need to be in you.” Andy says and Blue smiles and nods a little shyly.

They fuck missionary, lips locks, riding a huge wave together.

“I have wanted that for ages.” Andy says waking up.

“Me too. Wanted to know what kept Spence going back.” Blue laughs.

“I want to spend the whole day in bed with you.” Andy says squeezing Blue tights

“Get up, my mom is 15 minutes away.” Robin shouts banging on the door.

“Shit.” Andy says.

10 minutes later the guys are all vaguely showered and guzzling coffee.

Robin buzzes her in and they wait, half asleep, all at varying degrees of grumpiness.

“I totally forgot. You did say she wanted to take us to see the houses. I just thought it was all off after my tantrum.” Blue says.

“What houses?” Chris asks.

“For next semester.” Gervais says.

“You should come, if you want. I mean momma might get a place for you and your friends too.” Blue says. Andy slips his arm round Blue and kisses his shoulder knowing just how much his friend is hurting. Spence stood the other side squeezes Blue’s hand.

“I’m okay.” Blue says and immediately wants to take it back as Momma walks through the door with Robin’s mom.

“Sorry to ambush you. I flew down and Beth got me from the airport. Roe has been staying with her sister and we’ll all drive back together.” Clara says.

“What about Katelyn?” Andy asks.

“Staying with school friends. She’s fine.” Clara says and Andy nods.

Gervais looks at Chris who is stood next to him in shock.

“Chris, this is Clara.” Gervais says taking him over to her.

Clara throws her arms around him and gives him a big hug.

“I didn’t expect you to be here. I’m sorry to spring myself on you.” Clara says.

“Right I know Clara you need to talk with Chris and with Blue but we need to see the houses first. George and Spence come and see them at least. I know you guys are all in flux at the moment with the breakups but if we can make sure there are enough rooms for you all you can decide who lives where later.” Beth says.

“And me?” Chris asks.

“If you want to. Did you already have plans with your friends?” Clara asks.

“No, I was waiting on Gervais.” Chris says.

“Come with us and we can work it out. They might not be suitable. How many are we?” Clara asks.

“Nine.” Robin says.

“What about Bea?” Chris asks.

“Bea has declined any further help with her college expenses.” Clara says abruptly.

“I don’t think she and Robin should live in close proximity.” Beth says.

“I think 3 cars will be most comfortable.” Clara says and the go down and head to the first site.

Blue hangs back as the others head into the model home. It isn’t too far from campus really and it will be nice when the landscaping is done. They are on the edge of the city and he can see woods not too far away.

“You look much calmer and you’ve made up with Andy.” Clara says.

Blue looks at her and says nothing.

“Gervais said you met with your other parents again.” Clara tries again gently.

“Momma you can’t pretend like nothing happened.” Blue says.

“No but I can make it up to you. I’d like to have lunch with Chris and Gervais, you are welcome to join us and then we can spend the afternoon together and tomorrow too.” Clara says.

“I have Sunday dinner tomorrow. I want to be home to cook.” Blue says.

“Can Roe and I come? I’d love to help you.” Clara asks.

“I have someone coming and its too soon for you to meet them.” Blue says.

“Oh it’ll be a big group thing. It won’t be meet the parents.” Clara says.

“I’ll ask Cheryl and Ocean too.” Blue says.

“What are you planning to cook?” Clara asks.

“You loaded the guys up with eggs. I thought a big frittata and maybe some quiche too. Then a big pot of lentil soup and soda bread. Something warming but not too heavy as everyone is just waiting on dessert.” Blue says.

“Which is?” Clara asks.

“Cheesecake and Baked Alaska. Dylan got a job for after graduation and we’re celebrating.” Blue says.

“Very ambitious.” Clara says.

“Which is why I’m not free.” Blue says.

“Noted. Look I have booked a suite for tonight and I would love you to stay over so we can talk I know we need more than a night but it would be a start. In the morning you can drop me to Cheryl’s place and get on with your cooking and I can come over with them.” Clara suggests.

“We’re supposed to be having a suite meeting today to sort out rooms. Andy is sharing my single at the moment.” Blue says not wanting to give an inch.

“Stop being difficult.” Clara says.

“If I miss it I’ll end up homeless. I am very forgettable.” Blue says.

“I’ve come all this way. You can fit me in.” Clara says trying to keep her cool.

“You didn’t manage to fit me in over break. Hurts doesn’t it.” Blue says and walks into the house.

“You okay?” Gervais whispers.

“Stop feeding my mother information about me.” Blue says and steps away. Spence swiftly steps in and links his arm through Blues and leads him into the back yard.

“I prefer my idea of a serviced apartment but these places are sweet and George has pointed out I can afford to get a housekeeper a couple of days a week who cleans and does my laundry.” Spence says.

“Whatever.” Blue says.

“Blue I am saying I want to live out here, with you.” Spence says.

“I don’t want to live with George.” Blue says.

“You’re over him already. Look if Clara buys a place for Chris I figured I might as well buy one too. I love this city and am likely to stay and coach here at least initially after graduation.” Spence says.

“So I wouldn’t be under momma’s control.” Blue says.

“Exactly. George is easy to live with and you know it. I won’t let his arrogant friends bully you if that is what you’re worried about. He told me what happened.” Spence says.

“What’s the kitchen like in the model you want?” Blue asks.

“Lets go talk to the sales people. I’ll be choosing most the fixtures but the kitchen is your domain.” Spence says.

“What about the summer?” Blue asks.

“I can sublet somewhere or get a hotel suite, spend some of my cash. I was being difficult to help you out.” Spence says.

“You’re the best.” Blue says.

“I basically get a live in chef, we can get a grill for me to make my steaks on and you can keep the kitchen meat free.” Spence says.

“Ha, like George will give up bacon.” Blue laughs.

“So you’re in?” George asks tentatively.

“I don’t know. We ended badly. Will you be okay?” Blue asks.

“Yeah. I was always waiting for you to change your mind. It was almost a relief when we split. I missed being friends with you. Being with Spence has reminded me how good things were when we were just snuggle buddies.” George says.

“You never wanted to just snuggle. I hated that you always wanted more and I couldn’t just hold you and read or whatever.” Blue says frustrated.

“We just did not work as boyfriends. Getting together was too contrived, it was all a mess. We got it wrong, I hope by August we’ll have both let it all go and we’ll be able to be friends.” George says.

“Me too. I miss you as a friend and you used to be a great cuddle buddy.” Blue smiles. Breaking up with George was the best thing for them both and Blue is happy that the friend he though he lost is in there still.

“Momma can we have a late lunch? I really want to get things sorted with my friends first before I start to deal with the family stuff.” Blue says.

“I‘ll do one of those self-guided tours of campus. Are you okay with me getting a place for Chris up here with you guys?” Clara asks.

“Yes. Spence is buying one also so you only need one, it would be cool if after we graduate there was a house for other people from home to be able to use. There are so many schools here.” Blue says.

“Agreed. Beth knows there will be a steady stream of kids from her area for her place too. Is Spence sure because we can get two.” Clara says.

“We need to cut the ties a bit more. I think I’ll be happier in Spence’s place and if the worst happened I know there’s a sofa I can sleep on up the street.” Blue says.

“We need to renegotiate terms for you being here. Meeting Bea was interesting. Those two have been spoilt in ways you wouldn’t believe. I love that within your friendship group you all know the value of money and expect to have to work hard. Spence is incredibly impressive considering his brothers and the freedom he has had.” Clara says.

“I thought you thought he was a spoiled brat, and I was for that matter.” Blue laughs.

“Beth has convinced me otherwise.” Clara says.

“We’ve never fought like this before.” Blue says.

“No, we have a lot to work on.” Clara says.

“Come on Blue we need your input.” George says and Blue follows.

“I’m sorry but are you sure you want these options, they put the price up considerably.” The salesman says once Blue and Spence have finished with their preferences.

“Yeah we want the best and we can afford it. Better for us to get it all fitted and ready rather than need work later.” Spence says.

“We can get a cheaper stove if you want. I can manage with anything.” Blue says.

“Are you kidding? You deserve the best. Can you walk us through the plot options again?” Spence asks and they are walked over to the available lots.

“We have other places to see.” Beth says.

“I think we all love this one mom.” Robin says.

“These have the best features but one of the others might be faster to school.” Beth says.

“Stop stressing, unless you don’t want to buy here.” Robin says.

“This is my preferred option. I like that it feels open despite it being gated. I spoke to Spence’s mom this week and she was very concerned about security for Spence. She loved the idea of a password at the gate for visitors.” Beth says.

“And they are okay with us not being single families?” Andy asks.

“Yes basically there was supposed to be an elementary built nearby and the funding fell through and I think there is just a lack of accessible schools, public or private. Hence they are so well priced and they’re okay with mixed groups living here. You will need to mind the noise.” Beth says.

“We’re not that loud, we party in the clubs and have people round for food more than music.” Andy says.

“Doesn’t hurt for you to keep it in mind.” Clara says coming over.

“This is so cool of you.” Andy says hugging Clara.

“Save Roe and I a lot of worry.” Clara says.

“Is my mom really going back with you? Is Katelyn okay about it?” Andy asks.

“Yes and not really. Your mom will have a cottage at the retreat initially and I’m looking out for somewhere else for her. Your mom is not doing well living alone and money won’t help she needs support and she needs to feel useful.” Clara says.

“I guess I best go see her before you leave.” Andy says.

“Yes, Roe is there, you’ll be safe.” Clara says and Andy nods.

“Dylan texted and said Elliot was back so lets go get everything sorted out.” Blue says to Andy.

“Yeah, all sorted here?” Andy asks.

“I think the moms and Spence have got the ball rolling.” Robin says.

They get back to campus and Beth and Clara head off on their tour and the guys go upstairs.

“I’ll call when I’m done. Are you okay to lunch with Clara?” Gervais checks with Blue.

“I am, she seems great, didn’t hassle me at all. And she’s basically just bought me a house, so we can be neighbors, no pressure for us to stay together, though I really hope we do. Bea will spit and claim favoritism no doubt.” Chris says.

“She brought it on herself.” Gervais says.

“Sure but that won’t make family time any easier.” Chris says.

“You are usually happy to get things that she doesn’t.” Gervais says.

“Oh I so am.” Chris grins, kisses Gervais and heads back to his room.

“Where is Jesse?” Blue asks as they all sit down.

“We’re done.” Elliot says.

“Man really? I thought you were on a romantic getaway!’ DeShawn asks.

“Just kidding. Andy told me you guys didn’t want him here for this so I sent him to do laundry, as it’s his turn.” Elliot grins.

“So he doesn’t know we’re talking behind his back?” George asks.

“Not yet.” Elliot says.

“Right so last semester was great and everything but it just got too much.” Andy says.

“And now we’re 2 couples down we need to sort the rooms.” George says.

“It’s too cramped for me and Jesse in a single I am sorry but we won’t do it again. We’re not moving. George said he’d swap so he has to go.” Elliot says.

“I said I would see how it went and if it was okay I would officially swap. It sucked and I’m back, I’m sharing with Spence making it easier for everyone.” George says.

“Basically I am moving in to your room and I expect my own bed.” Andy says surprising everyone.

“Come on man, can’t someone move out?” Elliot asks.

“Are you serious?” Blue asks.

“Can’t you take Dylan’s room again?” Elliot asks.

“Dylan needs his own space, he isn’t taking up the whole place like you two do. He keeps to my room unless we’re doing a group thing. Being honest, I have felt like I can’t come out here at times and haven’t got to know you all as well as I might have.” DeShawn says.

“Yeah if we chat we do it in your room which is great but we’re supposed to be a support system for you, that is why we wound up in this great room with all we needed and more.” Spence says. Blue smiles at him, when he cares about you Spence will take the bullet.

“And you’re all deserting me.” DeShawn pouts.

“I am buying a 4 bedroom, there is room for you and we can fit a gym in.” Spence says.

“We never thought you’d want to be off campus.” Blue says feeling really bad.

“I expected to stay here as they designed it for me but I’d consider it.” DeShawn says.

“But no room for me and Jesse.” Elliot says.

“To be fair it was just going to be the 5 of them. I literally happened to be standing here and got swept along. It wasn’t a deliberate thing.” George says.

“They all hated you a month ago.” Elliot says.

“Right and I’m not moving in with Andy or Gervais. Spence is buying a house and has asked me to move in.” George says.

“My parents are buying a place for me, Gervais and Andy. It is smaller than Spence’s place. It was always going to be for 3. I’ve known Andy my whole life and my mom adores Gervais.” Robin says.

“You don’t have to justify it.” Spence says.

“Can we get back to the here and now?” Blue asks agitated.

“I’d offer to go but I don’t want to leave Blue and I won’t let Blue leave.” Gervais says.

“You back on or something?” Elliot asks.

“No but I owe him big time and part of that is looking out for each other. We can’t do that in separate dorms.” Gervais says.

“So you’re kicking Jesse out?” Elliot asks frustrated.

“I’ve dropped Deke.” DeShawn shrugs.

“I’m happy to share with the two of you. You won’t have any privacy and I will be bringing guys back. But it’s a huge room.” Andy says.

“Let me talk to him. I’ll be back in 5.” Elliot says and heads to the laundry room.

“Why did you never say you were uncomfortable out here?” Blue asks DeShawn.

“I didn’t know it wasn’t just me until you mentioned them dominating the TV yesterday. I mean you take over the kitchen sometimes but you always share what you make, and if I need to make something you make space or knock me up an omelet yourself. I never feel like I can’t ask you to move and if I wanted to cook something elaborate I don’t feel like you’d stare me down til I leave.” DeShawn says.

“You’ve got half way through a movie and given up too?” George asks.

“Or I’ve put the game on ready for Spence to come join and they talk loudly and be obnoxious so we watch in my room.” DeShawn says.

“Speak up man. We might not all be in to sports but we want to watch with you.” Andy says.

“That is true. I am clueless but I love hearing you and Spence talk sports.” Blue says.

“Me too. It is so hot.” Gervais smiles.

“It was cute for a while them having their dates at home, movie nights and all that but then it started to feel like we were all meant to give them the room on a Saturday night.” Andy says.

“I’m still happy to share with you if they take the single.” Robin says.

“Cool. But we’re all agreed that we need to change how we socialize and be more inclusive?” Andy says.

“Agreed.” They all say.

“Did you mean it that I could live with you?” DeShawn asks Spence.

“Yes. I think George and Blue are on board.” Spence says.

“Sure. I mean I can take the small room as I’ll probably be in with you a lot. Which leave the other 2 good rooms for Blue and DeShawn.” George says.

“The issue is it won’t be ready til August so if you need to be in earlier for training camp or whatever you’ll need somewhere else.” Spence says.

“I’m staying up almost all summer, I’m doing summer school to get ahead. I’m sure they’Il let me stay here until the last minute.” DeShawn says.

“We feel totally unwelcome, we’re going to move down to Jesse’s dorm, one of the guys dropped out and the guys are happy for us to take the double, ecstatic to have singles more like.” Elliot says.

“Sorry you feel that way. It sounds like the best solution for you. So you’re officially leaving the room?” Blue says.

“Yes. We’ll take our stuff now.” Elliot says.

“Man none of you are begging us to stay?” Jesse pouts.

“Come to dinner tomorrow.” Blue says lamely.

“Fuck you.” Jesse says.

“Blue we best get going.” Gervais says.

“Yeah. I am so hungry. You call Chris, I’ll call Momma.” Blue says.

“I’Il come down and collect my own mother.” Robin says.

“Thanks for leaving us with the awkward.” Spence laughs.

“I need to go see Roe and momma. Can I take the car? Gervais can drive you.” Andy asks.

“Do you need me to come?” Blue asks.

“I’ll drive you in my car babe. I don’t want you driving back alone.” Spence says.

“Thanks.” Andy smiles gratefully at Spence.

“I think we should take both cars in case it goes wrong.” Gervais says on the way down.

“I thought you were working today Spence.” Blue says.

“Tomorrow.” Spence says.

“Good job, I’d be homeless if you’d been at work.” Blue laughs

“Do you think they’ll reassign Elliot’s room?” Andy asks.

“Want that double all to yourself?” Blue laughs.

“I don’t mind sharing. Elliot was officially in that room right?” Andy asks.

“Yes. You, Spence, Robin and Elliot.” Blue says.

“Are you really okay living with George next semester?” Gervais asks once they’re alone waiting for Clara and Chris.

“Yeah, especially with DeShawn too. I’m so happy he wants to.” Blue says.

“Me too I felt so bad because I like him but didn’t feel any remorse losing Jesse and Elliot once everyone was honest.” Gervais says.

“We didn’t want to live with Jesse anyway.” Blue says.

“I hope they’re not too nasty to George while they pack.” Gervais says.

“DeShawn will protect him. Those two get on pretty well due to sports. I bet they are enjoying TV together right now, just kicking back.” Blue smiles.

“Here they come.” Gervais says as both Clara and Chris come into view from opposite directions.

Blue suggests the diner he went to with Willow and Birch and everyone agrees.

“Chris I hope you don’t mind Blue being here too. I just know that not having him around when I spent time with Bea was wrong and I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot.” Clara says.

“It’s fine. We all had lunch with my parents this week.” Chris says.

“Lets get the college formalities done first, so we get them done before anyone gets too emotional.” Clara says looking at Blue who grins and rolls his eyes.

“You’re going to pay for school, right?” Chris asks.

“Yes you have to keep up your volunteering. Gervais says you’ve walked dogs from shelters since you were small and he showed me pictures of the work you did last year.” Clara says.

“I always wanted to work with animals. I accept I’m not smart enough to be a vet so I’m going to work in finance and have awesome vacations.” Chris says.

“You are not dumb. You got great grades last semester.” Gervais says.

“Is it that whole not being as smart as Bea thing? You have passion and motivation. I bet you could be a vet.” Blue says.

“You must come up this summer. I can get you proper experience with livestock. That will help you decide. I expect you could shadow one of the local vets, one I know would love having a driver for the summer. But you if not you could at least visit the farms with animals. We don’t have large cattle ranches, mostly small herds of traditional breeds.” Clara says and for the first time Chris looks at Clara as something other than an atm.

“You could do that? Proper large animal experience would be unreal. I’ve done all I can for my age at zoos and wildlife parks and with small animal vets.” Chris says and Gervais grins like crazy.

“I hated that you just wanted to chase money. I love you a whole lot more showing this passion.” Gervais says and kisses Chris.

“It’s not exactly a given. I have a long way to go. And it would be expensive.” Chris says.

“In general I’m against studying towards a specific career as an undergrad as Blue will no doubt have told you but I make a few exceptions. I have no problem paying for your education until it is complete as long as you don’t take a deliberate slow road and you contribute to your community. I’m not saying you should only visit to spend time with the vet. I’d love you to visit unconditionally.” Clara says.

“I wanted to, to be with Gervais but I hadn’t had the heart to tell my parents yet. But if I have what you describe lined up that would be amazing and they would support me.” Chris says.

“Will they be okay with the house?” Clara asks.

“They are not happy with the inequality with Bea. I spoke to them already. But they love the idea that I’d be living near Blue and near to but not with Gervais. I told them I’m an adult and unless they pay for it they can’t decide where I live which I know is harsh but they have to get real.” Chris says.

“I am offering you and Bea the same deal. Okay I made a strong suggestion as to where she could volunteer, but I do that with Blue, Andy and Gervais too.” Clara says.

“Right I tried explaining that and they understood but they know that Bea wont. She will see it as me getting what I want and her not. I was the same when I thought I’d have to pay for school and take out bigger loans than Bea would need and she just went on about how I could have worked harder.” Chris says.

“Did you work your hardest?” Blue asks.

“Maybe I could have dropped things and focused solely on academics. Bea loves to study and things come easy to her so it was no big deal for her to ace her tests. I would have had to work non-stop only focused on academics to get close to her scores. I didn’t think that was my priority, our parents had given us a budget for school and then they yanked it away. I get why I do but the goalposts moved.” Chris says bitterly.

“That money should have been protected. I gave them more than enough to be able to feed, clothe and save for college, which was the agreement.” Clara says.

“Explain,” Chris says coldly.

“The agreement was that they would put away a third of what I paid them towards your college, I expected it to be in a proper 529plan but I checked later and it wasn’t actually specified. They should have been putting 500 a month away for each of you. Over 14 years that was more than eighty thousand each, before interest. Now I admit college costs have sky rocketed but it would still have covered your tuition here.” Clara says.

“You gave three k a month?” Chris asks.

“Yes. Blue didn’t cost a fraction of that so really I expected them to save a lot more for you.” Clara says.

“I had no idea. No idea. I thought it was a few hundred. I thought you owed us. I really thought you owed us for not taking us when you were rich and we were poor. We should have had the best clothes and phones and everything we wanted. So where did it go? WHERE DID IT GO?” Chris shouts.

“On your mom’s pills. Chris you never had meningitis. Your parents lied to my face. I remembered after talking to Bea a while back about how mom and I struggled to get my vaccinations sorted and She said about you two getting yours and how you had to get a few million extra due to travelling on your gap year.” Blue says.

“There are different strains.” Gervais says.

“Right but I know that Bea and Chris have had chicken pox and Bea had mumps and had to be kept separate from Chris until it was gone and that was it. They barely had a cold between them.” Blue says and Clara watches interested.

“But they might not remember.” Gervais says.

“Nah a big illness like that, where its life and death becomes family legend.” Blue says.

“It was the first I’d heard of it.” Chris says.

“Momma knew. She had a private detective on you guys as soon as she had money. She also knew how much Lana spent on hormone therapy and the like and she knew that there would be antidepressants too. She knew your dad couldn’t hold a job and so insurance would be hard. Momma wanted Lana to be okay and you guys to be okay.” Blue says.

“So she made sure there was college money available for you when your folks came knocking. She knew they could never save themselves.” Gervais says.

“So why tell me now?” Chris asks.

“I wanted Blue to know he wasn’t the only one who had parents who lied.” Clara says simply, not at all surprised that Blue and Gervais saw through Lana and Paul so quickly.

“But it was our money and they stole it. Mom could have got a job. They owe me that money.” Chris says confirming everyone’s view that the guy is a prick.

Blue relaxes for a second. He realizes he’s been tense ever since Gervais mentioned how much more he loved Chris for wanting to be a vet. He was worried Chris was the better guy. Ugh Blue shakes himself, he has to stop thinking of Gervais as the future, of his relationship with Chris as just another thing to wait on. He’s Blue fucking Sky and he can have any other guy he wants and he has proved it this week. Gervais isn’t worth it if he thinks Chris is worth staying with.

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      1. I liked it. I thought it gave a lot of room for you to advance the story. Yes, it means change, but in the end if it doesn’t change it grows stagnant. Just my opinion.


      2. I never got to finish readin the new chapter. Had to quit for a while then went back to finish and it was gone. I feel left out now ;). But what I seen in it it was dang good to me. Blue don’t know how much everyone loves hi, it’s kinda cool to see them have his back.


  1. Whilst Blue is single, I wonder if he and Robin will continue to explore one another. Currently, Robin is the only suite mate that Blue hasn’t had proper sex with. Maybe Robin uses this opportunity to take that final step and explore with Blue just to know once and for all what it’s all about 😉


    1. I don’t like getting people’s hopes up over Robin. But I do like them fooling around now and then. I think whilst Blue has willing partners in the other gay suite mates he won’t turn to robin but maybe robin would turn to him….,


      1. I think Blue would be the perfect one for Robin to take that final step with. Whereas the sex with Andy and Spence is carnal and unbridled, and with Gervais it was soul to soul, I think with Robin it would be sweet and gentle and full of passion. Would be a great way for Robin to once and for all see what he’s missing out on haha. I don’t expect them to be boyfriends because ultimately Robin is a breeder. But, it would be so hot for him to experience proper sex with someone like Blue who is so passionate and giving. You’re the omnipotent one, so I know it’s your decision, but wanted to throw it out there as fodder for us horny readers 🙂


      2. I can’t remember if Blue has ever had a real romantic, intimate experience. I know he’s had some great sex that was passionate and fun and exciting, but I can’t remember reading if he’s ever had a guy focus totally on him and his pleasure. I think Robin would be the one guy so far who could, and would, be that type of experience for Blue. With the others, it’s always been to fill a need he has, but never to fill a want. Even if it’s not Robin, I hope Blue gets to experience that type of romantic, intimate, toe curling, mouth gaping, mind dumbing, ball busting experience with someone. Finally to feel what it’s like to be the total center of attention and feel so wanted and loved. He deserves it!


  2. Woot so glad to see Blue has a spine again. And is feeling like he is what he is a 10. He needs to get out and have some fun. Clara is still shit in my book at the moment but it looks like maybe someone finally got thru to her. I hope things work as she is Blue’s mother. They never really fought before although this could have all been building up because Blue just always yielded to her wants.

    I too really liked Andy and Spence they both have issues of their own they are dealing with but maybe in the future we will see them together again but if not its probably for the best for both of them.

    Gervais just never learns LOL He knows hes dating Chris because its Blues brother and he knows its hurting Blue but he can’t get rid of him and Chris is such a shallow money hungry bastard. Oh well they deserve each other and hopefully they cause each other as much pain as Blue has gone thru. Karma YO.

    And yes the rooming discussion was really wow just wow I was lost I think I am still kinda LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right on! I hope Gervais and Chris are miserable together! They deserve one another.

      And I hope Gervis is so jealous of Blue and his new guy that he feels like crap every day knowing that he let the best man slip through his fingers. And that he’s left with the twin from the dark side haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jealous Gervais is not a good thing he has this knack of sabotaging Blue’s relationships.

        Although that was when he still loved Blue maybe things will be different this time.


      1. But does Gervais care enough about Blue to have a proper think? I’m not convinced he does. He’s been a total fool in the way he treats Blue. I think he’s caught up in buggering the Blue Lookalike and he’s getting what he needs so he doesn’t need Blue now. Just my opinion of course, but I don’t believe there are many good qualities within Gervais.


  3. Not that I think there is an ounce of human decency within Chris, but one has to wonder if he will now start to see Blue in a different light. He now knows Blue didn’t grow up in luxury, and that he’s a solid, hard working, genuine person.

    And, he also now knows that his parents lied to him, and that Clara paid more than enough for he and Bea to have a comfortable childhood. Seems as though all of the anger and resentment he’s had for Blue and Clara really should be aimed at his parents.

    Still doesn’t excuse him from dating Blues ex though. He and Gervais have totally freaked me out over their relationship. It’s like living in Bizzaro world.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Blue seems to have an uncanny ability to forgive, and to see the best in people. He’s still friends with Gervais who broke his whole being. I thought it was a show of weakness on his part. But I’m beginning to think maybe he forgives so freely because of his strength, not from weakness. I mean who knows, but I wish Blue would shut Gervais and Chris both out of his life completely.


      2. I think Blue was already being understanding, knowing that Lana’s medical conditions would have been costly given Paul couldn’t keep a job. He knows his mom wasn’t fooled and helped anyway.
        It’s Gervais who was always offended that they took money from Clara, I don’t see him seeing his boyfriends family again.


      1. The way she went about exposing Chris parents as lying to Chris and Bea and she gave the reason it’s was to prove to Blue she is not the only one who lies to the kids it’s like she still won’t accept responsibility what she has done to Blue do employs these red herring tactics.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Yep I wonder when he will come out from his delusions that Clara is an ATM. as much freedom as Blue has with money aspect it does not come for free lol


  4. Chris is such a total wanker. All he can see is money and feels like everyone owes him. Total rubbish. Get out and work and make your own way. I can’t with him anymore. He’s too much. And Gervais is a bloody fool for being with him!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Go BLUE! I love Chris showed his true money grubbing colors!! Gervais is crazy if he doesn’t see it and he just lost Blue!


    1. I think Gervais just put a major nail in the coffin regarding his relationship with Blue. Finally Blue realizes he deserves someone much better than Gervais. And after seeing Chris’ true colors, I would think it painfully obvious to Gervais that he chose the wrong twin.

      And if everyone at the table doesn’t walk away knowing what a total bitch Chris is, then they must be stupid. He’s so money hungry it’s sickening.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! He is Blue fucking Sky and he is on his way back!! And I am LOVING that he’s seeing Gervais in a different light! About freaking time!!! Go Blue!!

    And ok so Clara isn’t as bad as I had thought, but she’s still on my shit list. And Chris….what a complete and total douchebag. and the fact Gervais “loves him even more” makes me want puke. Total psycho couple.

    Great chapter Sam!!!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m really proud of spence and how he’s treating Blue. I really never paid a lot of attention to him as he seemed so flaky and self absorbed. But I’m really liking the Spence of late!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. To be fair…even though Chris is a total douche, Chris’ outburst happened after he was thinking what he did….


      1. You’re right, but do you think Gervais is smart enough to see Chris for what he truly is? Gervais is so selfish and self absorbed, he and Chris make a pretty good couple lol.


        1. Be interesting to see how things go when Chris learns that Gervais is loaded. At this stage the only people who know are the people who are not money focused.

          Will Gervais be expected to provide Chris with a lavish lifestyle?


            1. Now that you mention it he could be another Fergus only with Gervais for a meal ticket and is simply a gold digger.

              Guess was being naive in thinking he may not know as Gervais has not hold him yet lol

              Considering he placed himself in a position to observe blue I guess would not put it past him to of done investigations on Gervais financial situation 😦


      2. Great point Sam! It is a bit too coincidental that the love of his brother’s life – ends up as his new boy friend.

        I still get the feeling that Gervais is still hopelessly in love with Blue – a chapter or so back when he was thinking of dumping Chris to be with Blue, but couldn’t trust himself to fuck it up.

        He realizes he’s damaged goods, but maybe through therapy and an apparently upcoming meltdown with Chris…..I hope Blue is in a very happy place by that time! LOL!


  7. Wow a lot going on in this chapter so who all is living with who now? Golddigger Chris makes another appearance I see. Clara loves throwing people under the bus doesn’t she. But seriously I couldn’t keep up with the living arrangements.


    1. Elliot and Jesse are moving out of the suite. Next year Andy robin and Gervais in one house, DeShawn, blue, George and Spence in another and Chris and don’t know in the other. But don’t expect those to be set in stone.


      1. I can’t believe she’s buying Chris a house and then Blue has to just live with Spence. If someone doesn’t run down he and Gervais I’m going to lol. Those two are horrid, horrid people. I hope they make each other miserable as they really do deserve one another. Two pricks in a pack haha.


            1. I loved the touch where They were discussing the kitchen and Blue was trying to settle for less and Spence was like only the best for you. I found it sweet 🙂


              1. Even though he’s always been from a rich family I think Spence might be having a few issues with being rich personally. He knows he can trust the original suite guys, and George not to take advantage but he also knows they won’t take gifts easily. Buying Blue the perfect kitchen was a gift to them both.

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  8. Loved it although I hope that someday in the future Spence and Andy get back together. I fell that from all the guys in this saga, their love is by far the most unconditional.


      1. I don’t see it sticking. Yes, for a while, maybe even quite a while, but I think those two are destined for each other. They have so much history and so many memories. I don’t see either of them being able to let go permanently. But in the meantime, it’s so hot that they are spreading the sex around hahaha.


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